McCown Wants Long Drives Before Opening Day

August 19th, 2014

McCown also shares what’s new to him in the Bucs offense

The Bucs’ offensive line engaged in NFL-caliber blocking on Saturday against Miami. How refreshing. The first-team offense even had a 25-yard touchdown drive.

But Josh McCown is looking for much more on Saturday in Buffalo.

Speaking to media this afternoon before practice at One Buc Palace, McCown talked about a variety of topics, including how maintaining an up tempo offense or series into third down is new territory for him. That’s one thing McCown hopes to get more work on during in Saturday’s “dress rehearsal” game.

Also, McCown says his offense definitely would benefit from stringing together at least one long drive. That’s eluded Bucs first-teamers have not experienced through two preseason games.

Joe’s all for seeing effective offense. You can listen to all of the Buccaneers’ new leader this afternoon, via audio below.

22 Responses to “McCown Wants Long Drives Before Opening Day”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    Wanting and getting are two different things…….

    Joe WANTS that Ferrari driven by Rachel Watson showing up in his driveway tomorrow morning…….

    and….oh yes, McCown wants some long drives as well…..if that’s the case, he better have Rory McIlroy hitting the ball for him.

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Just get the offensive line to gel Old man mcCown and then pass the torch!!!!

    MGM still lives!!!

  3. buctebow Says:

    It is nice to have a goal. I hope you can do it.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Yeah, that would be something new, a long ball control drive for a score. I expect at least one in Buffalo.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    if it hasn’t happened by 6:30 Sat…’ll be waiting ’till this time 2015…Bucs OL has been (without game planning) getting beat straight up MAN for MAN…up and down the OL depth chart..pep talks to the OL by a washed up never been QB ain’t gonna count diddly come Sunday ball….

  6. Kevin#1 Says:

    RastaMon I agree. Tedfrod does not need to show all of his cards, but it would be nice for this to be an actual “dress rehearsal” and them show that they can actually move the chains on a consistent basis. Otherwise it will be a very slow first 8 weeks. I’m hoping for a quick start but also temper my expectations. Regardless if they start off strong or not I FULLY expect them to finish strong and show they have something for the future brewing.

    But Hey at least we don’t have to worry about our QB flipping the bird to the opposing teams defense!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn’t that just be a great headline to have attached to our team after all the B.S this team had swarming around it with the media last season…

    I know one thing if Mike Glennon can come out as a rookie in the situation he was thrown into last season with one NO1 WR and a half injured roster my money says they will be scoring some points. Maybe I’m wrong but I think week one be see playmakers and the complete opposite of what we have seen this preseason.

  7. tickrdr Says:

    Buccfan37 Says:

    August 19th, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    Yeah, that would be something new, a long ball control drive for a score. I expect at least one in Buffalo.
    In the second quarter, MG8 and the 1st string OL et al had a 66 yd drive that should have ended in a TD. Starting at the TB 34, Rainey ran for 6 yds on three first down runs. MG8 went 3 for 3 for 67 yds, but did get sacked for minus 7 as well. (60 net passing yds plus 6 yds rushing = 66yds)


  8. tickrdr Says:

    BTW, that drive was against the Miami starters, in case anyone was wondering.


  9. Boomer33 Says:

    To RastaMon. I am a Bucs fan now, but grew up in Chicago and still watch their games. I saw every game that Josh played last year, and if he’s washed up, it happened over the winter because he played lights out last year, and their offensive line wasn’t anything to brag about.

  10. RastaMon Says:

    Boomer33…I am a Bucs fan…and saw Walter Payton play live..every time he came to town…

  11. Dooley Says:

    Glad to here McCown aims to sustain long productive drives, as they are something every offenses this franchise has fielded since the Gruden days has sucked doing annually

  12. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Me thinks Mr McCown should have Trestman on his Christmas card list. He has 10 million reasons to be thankful to Trestman and his offense scheme, because from what I’ve seen on the field so far I’m still not sold on Josh coming anywhere close to repeating his 5 game 2013 heroics

  13. DallasBuc Says:

    So our starting (backup) QB is setting the bar all the way up at having “one long drive” that does not necessarily include a TD at the end in the course of over 2 full quarters of football with the first team? Wow…if he aims any higher he will hit the stars! The makeup of this new Bucs roster saddens and depresses me by the day. We ousted pro bowl and accomplished vets in lieu of back up caliber players in FA, passed up on proven FA talent and ignored QB/oline high in the draft. At least we can all get excited about the hope and possibility of “one long drive” Saturday night!

  14. BucNERD Says:

    If Josh gets his wish that would mean we are losing the field position battle which would then start everyone second guessing our defenses ability to create turnovers.

  15. Owlykat Says:

    Yes MG8 starts every time like gang busters and then wimps out in the second half as pressure mounts to win. Doesn’t matter whether he has our first string line or not. Compare his first half stats last year to his pitiful lack of production in the second half. Nothing has changed this year. That is a portrait of a loser! Every NFL team has a better 2d string QB than Glennon that I have watched this year! I saw Anderson play for Charlotte on the NFL Network and he was an All Pro QB with the Browns in 2007 and twice as good as our Albatross. Look at Bortles and Miami’s second string QB who exploited our deep middle seam! New England’s second and third QB are both far better than Glennon! Name one NFL second QB who Glennon is superior to. I said last year that Glennon would be no better than a backup QB. I was wrong. He is not even qualified to be a backup QB. PFF rated Glennon the worst QB in the NFL against the blitz last year. He is dragging our Bucs down and deserves the first cut!!!

  16. flmike Says:

    You are failing to take into account the last regimes inability to actually make adjustments at halftime, not even the inability to do, so, but the not even actually trying to, Schit-ano said it many times, they didn’t make halftime adjustments, so when your opponent is out coaching you in every facet of the game, including making halftime adjustments to what you are doing, it makes it hard on your ROOKIE QB to make on field adjustments because he isn’t allowed to.

  17. flmike Says:

    BTW, I have zero confidence in McCown or Lovie, and thats from being forced to watch 9 years of Lovie Smith coached Bears games with my wife who loves her Bears, she actually threw a dinner party when they fired Lovie…

  18. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Wow Owly sounds like your beef with Glennon goes far beyond his play. Either you hate the guy so much that you make stuff up about him or you are seeing what you want to see. As much as the Joe’s antipathy is towards Glennon at least they can acknowledge he’s a capable backup. A lot of us feel he is a better starter than a lot starters on other NFL teams including out very own Bucs

  19. Hawk Says:

    Gotta agree with Dallasbuc. The ‘goal’ should be to score touchdowns, regardless of field position.

  20. Maze Says:

    Newsflash. Bucs don’t have a starting QB on the roster. Have to wait for the draft, again.

  21. Dreambig Says:

    Owlykat said in a post the other day that he thought we should bring in Tebow. I think that about says it all about his judgement.

  22. Hawk Says:

    @ Dreambig
    I’d laugh at that, but the ‘humor police’ will take offense. 🙂