Players Get Taste Of “Meticulous” Lovie

August 11th, 2014

Lovie Smith, Marc AnthonySome may not realize that players are graded by coaches after each game, even after practice.

But a preseason game grade means a lot. And Lovie Smith has a different grading style, one that stands out, even among Super Bowl head coaches.

Starting strongside linebacker Jonathan Casillas spent three years in New Orleans under Sean Peyton and one for alleged “details” nut Greg Schiano. But Lovie’s in a different league when it comes to grading.

“There’s a difference. They’re very meticulous as a staff,” Casillas said. “You know, they grade you for plays you might think you did well on but that’s not how the grade comes out. They’re so meticious and detailed about everything, which is good. It’s only going to make all of us better. You think you played great but you only played good. That’s only going to help us in the long run.

“They’re tough. Some things that players that have been in the league for a while, you might look over, you know, just a simple alignment, or being perfect in your gap. You have to be perfect.”

Casillas said he thought the game grades might have surprised some Buccaneers but less so with the linebackers because their position coach, Bucs icon Hardy Nickerson, has been riding them all spring and summer.

“Hardy’s kind of been like that since Day 1,” Casillas said. “He’s been on us and his standard and demands are so high.”

One of last year’s Super Bowl champion defensive tackles Clinton McDonald says Lovie is setting a standard that won’t accept anything less than greatness.

“It’s very particular,” McDonald said. “They want us to be assignment sound and technique sound. Coach Lovie’s grading system is a little bit different because everything is graded, from your get-off, from your hands, your hand placement, getting a rush on the quarterback, hitting the quarterback, even being on the ground earns a minus.”

“Coach Lovie Smith is coming in with a culture to raise the standard. That grading scale reflects the standard of excellence. I don’t want to compare it directly with Seattle because that was, on the field, the standard for the NFL last year.”

The Bucs may have not looked well coached overall in Friday night’s game, but a proven process of excellence is in place. And Joe suspects that, at least defensively, it will translate on the field.

11 Responses to “Players Get Taste Of “Meticulous” Lovie”

  1. Tom Edrington Says:

    Grading systems should be like the NFL on Sundays…’s a Pass or Fail system

    Win = Pass

    Loss = Fail

    pretty simple

  2. louden Says:

    “different grading system” – is that why Cousins is still on the roster?

    I think more and more that L&L are using a honeymoon season too.
    This would be very good. Entertaining Bucfootball + great position to upgrade/building the roster.

    Look: We got the perfect 2nd string QB Glennon and signed compition in form of another perfect 2nd stringer. McCown even gets paid like that.

    Some Buc fans think Glennon can be more (hahaha) and thats perfect for the honeymoon season. After that, lets see what happens, but finally we got a great journey ahead. Let the past be past.
    Go Bucs!

  3. Jason Says:

    I like the intense grading system, but I do worry a little about not holding the offensive players (coughGUARDcough) to the same standards. I trust Lovie, but I just don’t understand how he could say Cousins did some good things on Friday… he was a human turnstile. The only “good” thing was that he was consistent… in his poor play. 🙁 I’m glad Jace Daniels is getting run with the first team, but what about Patrick Omameh?

    B!tching aside, I’m glad there is a standard being set for greatness in Tampa. I just sincerely hope it’s for the whole TEAM, and not just the defense.

  4. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    This is what I love about our new coaching staff. They have a plan and grading system. They don’t panic. They know this the preseason. These coaches will execute accordingly. This is night and day from last years plan and execution. This will not give us 0-8 for the first half of the season.

    Lets see this week’s ADJUSTMENT in the next game. Lets see what kind of grade Coach WARHOP will get in the next game.

    I just want to see improvement in the next game from the guards. I will like for our QB to have a chance to throw after a 3 step drop.

  5. Brandon Says:

    Tom Edrington Says:
    August 11th, 2014 at 8:52 am
    Grading systems should be like the NFL on Sundays…’s a Pass or Fail system

    Win = Pass

    Loss = Fail

    pretty simple

    That’s ridiculous. Based on your logic, McCoy and David were failures at their positions 75% of the time while Seattle’s backup DT (Jordan Hill) and OLB (Mike Morgan) were successful at their positions over 75% of the time. I’m pretty sure

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Tom Edrington Says
    “Grading systems should be like the NFL on Sundays…’s a Pass or Fail system
    Win = Pass
    Loss = Fail
    pretty simple”

    I disagree. Surely that should play a role, but you won’t get any better that way. Breaking it down finds the reasons for failure so they can be addressed. At least in theory.

  7. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    You all realize the starters this last game were not all the projected starters for the final roster, right? They guys Lovie wanted to get the most action were in backup roles.

    So you can’t assume the starting oline was anywhere near set.

  8. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says
    “Lets see this week’s ADJUSTMENT in the next game.”

    Great point, but I wouldn’t expect much in this weeks game either. The real starters do not usually get a lot of playing time until the third preseason game.

  9. Lou. Says:

    Don Shula used to grade players on a Winner/Loser card. Not the game score, but as a total overall description of each person was listed as W/L.

  10. BUC4LIFE79 Says:

    Wonder what the “grades” were for the guards who started 1st team the other night lmao…even though I was HARDLY laughing at the time.

  11. Teacherman777 Says:

    Anybody else remember how we went into Seattle last season

    And gave them the hardest game of the season!!?

    We are for real.

    If we are clicking.

    We can beat Seattle.

    They are the top dog.

    San Fran is imploding. Harbaugh wants out. He hates his GM.

    Seattle will be a thorn in our side the rest of McCoys career.

    Our team will depend on McCoy and David.

    If they fail, we have no chance.

    Seattle has an openminded approach. A positive approach. A real vibe.

    Seattle is a model. And we played great against them.