Oneil Cousins Relocates

August 10th, 2014

Oneil Cousins is on the move.

The veteran Bucs newcomer, playing at right guard during Friday night’s debacle in Jacksonville, has a new job.

Today, Cousins lined up in practice with the first team offense at left guard. Jace Daniels, an undrafted player on the Bucs practice squad last season, was inserted as the No. 1 right guard.

Friday’s starting left guard Jamon Meredith is now working primarily at tackle, Lovie Smith said this afternoon.

Yes, the shakeup came quickly.

Daniels has earned a shot in practice, Lovie said, and Cousins, per Lovie did some good things Friday night. No, it wasn’t all bad on the O-line Friday, Lovie reiterated.

The Bucs’ goal is to have its offensive line stable in 13 days, when the team kicks off its third preseason game in Buffalo. The goal then is to have starters into the second half.

The relocation of Cousins, who made nine starts in six seasons with Cleveland, doesn’t have him phased.

“Not at all. I can play any position the line,” Cousins said.

Cousins went on to say the offensive line must “continue tying up our technique” and improve daily.

31 Responses to “Oneil Cousins Relocates”

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    Cousins did some good things? Well I guess not getting injured can be considered a good thing… depending on who you are. Lol

  2. RastaMon Says:


  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    Desperate men, er, teams do desperate things.

  4. Orca Says:

    OK, let’s say we have our starting RG in Daniels. Young guy with upside. Now, Cousins is on the left until he plays his way out of a job and Edwards or Omameh are ready to start. Expect that to happen, especially the part where Cousins plays his way out of a job.

  5. Pawel Says:

    Bills have a sick Dline, wait til 3rd preseason and you will see a massive overreaction.

  6. Orca Says:

    Damnit Joe, you had me excited with that headline that maybe Cousins was dumped, moving on, relocating to anywhere but here.

  7. DB55 Says:

    “Not at all. I can play any position the line,” Cousins said.
    He must be talking about the KFC line.

  8. micronole Says:

    Cousins may need to relocate to the waiver wire.

  9. Espo Says:

    I clicked on “read more” because I thought he got a new job elsewhere.

  10. Broy3434 Says:

    Orca u took the words right out of my mouth

  11. BamBamBuc Says:

    Maybe he can play any position on the buffet line?

  12. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    I love how all of these bucs fans already hate the guy when he hasn’t played ONE down that matters in a bucs uniform. I love my Bucs to death but we have some of the worst/unloyal fans in the game. Why can’t we support the players wearing our jersey instead of turning on them and trying to run them out of town. Bowers had a good preseason game, is he still a good for nothing fat ass that needs to get cut? People were constantly calling Gerald McCoy a bust when he was injured his first two years, are you happy with his performance or is he a few bad games away from getting harassed? Bucs fan unite and show some love!

  13. Lou. Says:

    Does anyone else see a similarity between Gabe Camarini last year and Cousins this year? At least we didn’t have to give up a draft choice to get this coach’s pet.

  14. NJBucsFan Says:

    Boone please

  15. Joe Says:

    I love how all of these bucs fans already hate the guy when he hasn’t played ONE down that matters in a bucs uniform.

    Wel, thus far, he stunk the joint up in Cleveland and hasn’t really transformed into John Hannah with the Bucs thus far. So, yeah, Joe gets it.

  16. Jason Says:

    Legarrettes Blunt….
    Cousins made “nine starts in six seasons.” You’re right in that we have extremely fickle fans, but this one is easy to call. I personally think we should be devoting more time to working the youngsters rather than giving never has beens like Cousins more playing time.

    6 seasons = 96 games. Cousins had 9 starts, or slightly more than 10% of the games he played he started in. With the same offensive line coach he has now.

    The defense rests.

  17. canadian bucsfan Says:

    I didn’t see anything good from Cousins. I agree with maybe developing some young guys. I watch the STL vs NO game and I though Davin Joesph look quite good. I really wish we would have restructured his contract and gave him another opportunity to play.

  18. bucinnc Says:

    jason!! exactly!!

  19. teacherman777 Says:

    Jace jumpleaped everybody!!!

    In one day!!!


    we suck!!!

    we will be destroyed by bad guard play AGAIN!!



  20. buc4lyfe Says:

    Have Daniels getting some love on Joe buc….. Don’t screw up because bucs fans will be here killing you before the game 2 is over

  21. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's locker Says:

    First, this team has made huge improvements. I spend every preseason complaining about what is obvious, Glaring, game losing problems.
    Last year- it was Slot Wr,TE, Lg, And depth everywhere.

    This year- it’s only the line. Thanks Lovie Luight!

    Buuut, Lovie tells us not to overreact. But he said that every year in Chicago. And every year his line Sucked.
    Ask Cutler, Marshal, ETc. They had talent at the Skill posistions. Line stopped them, more often than the defenses.

    Up to you, Mr.Luight. Save Our Beloved coach from himself- let’s get O-linemen in here. Cousins only did some good things- if you are a Jags fan.
    Our new LT gave up 2 sacks in less than 3 minutes
    Against the Jags!

    Yeah, not what you want to start the season with.
    This should be a good team, with potential to be a great team.
    Gotta fix that O-line
    I like Jace Daniels.
    I like Ritchie Incognito too.
    After that Sissy fest Saturday night- line needs a tough guy.

  22. BUC4LIFE79 Says:

    ANY NFL TEAMS FANS would be lining up to call out a performance like Meredith and Cousins displayed the other night….If Daniels plays the same or worse then get him the hell outta there too^^^as for not playing a single down that matters yet, OBVIOUSLY PRE-SEASON DOWNS DO COUNT or else the shake up wouldn’t have occurred…as for either Meredith or Cousins having done something good Thursday night, I keep watching that game over again waiting to see watch Lovie says was “good.”

  23. Bill Says:

    Let’s not forget, Cousins first failed miserably as a third-round pick tackle for Baltimore. Then failed as a guard for the Ravens. Then the Browns. So let’s not be too surprised or think anyone is jumping the gun on him struggling.

  24. Brian Says:

    “I can play any position on the line”….I think he means he CANT play any position…guy is garbage and needs to be off the field. Give Omameh a chance…I’ve heard mostly good things about him all offseason so why isn’t he getting an opportunity?

  25. meh Says:

    The only good thing Cousins did was sit on the bench.

  26. Discount08 Says:

    Legarrettes Blunt you said it my man. What a bunch of wining babies in here. I mean we played one game and your giving up on people already. I have been a fan since the cream-sickle days and you guys can’t even be loyal fans through a week of preseason. All I can say is one word for you cheap ban wagon and fair weather fans. SAD

  27. 911bucs Says:

    Bet we will be one of the most penalized teams due to the lack of talent on the O-Line.

  28. 1bucfan88 Says:

    You really got my hopes up there for a second with the uhaul, joe.

    Why oh why does this guy Cousins still have a freakin job?! The only conceive able answer I can think of is he’s got Warhop in his corner, which would be even more disappointing from a coaching standpoint. If it were a rookie we’d at least be able to sit here and talk about potential and building depth, but on his best days this guy has struggled to be below average, and we think this is somehow going to change with his scenery?

  29. Orca Says:

    Cousins is just keeping the seat warm for Edwards or Omameh. It’s just a matter of time before he plays his way out of the job.

  30. Owlykat Says:

    Pro Football Focus rated Cousins our worst starting OL player,so moving him to LG is stupid and has Warhol written all over it. Lovie is right to move Daniels to RG, who you all know I have constantly plugged, and he will do wellness! However, Lovie needs to start Omameh at LG and cut Cousins and put Warhol on notice that he better start producing. Dotson needs to be moved to LT because he was our top rated lineman by PFF and Collins moved to RT. Meredith needs to be on IR until his leg is 100%, and then he will be fine as backup Guard along with Edwards who just needs more time in the weight room and will be a future starter.

  31. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jones's locker Says:

    That may not solve everything- but you have a better plan at Guard than I’ve seen outta OneBuc so far

    Think the Tackles will be ok where they are. But Collins play was scary Saturday . Two sacks in 3 minutes.

    Gonna be fun playing QB here. McCown and Glennon will know how Cutler feels