News And Notes From Training Camp

August 12th, 2014
Joe apologies about the quality of this photo as he took it with his phone camera. S Mark Barron, right, is about to level RB Doug Martin in perhaps the hardest hit of training camp.

Joe apologizes about the quality of this photo as he took it with his phone camera. S Mark Barron, right, is about to level RB Doug Martin in perhaps the hardest hit of training camp.

It was an eventful day at training camp. First, Bucs “Legends” were here; dozens of Bucs alumni were invited for VIP treatment by Team Glazer and the Bucs. The list included such notables as Shaun King, Ian Beckles, Michael Clayton, Reidel Anthony, Stylez White, Chidi Ahanotou and Steve Young (not the quarterback, but the offensive tackle).

Below are interesting happenings on the field for the final padded practice of training camp 2014:

*Josh McCown for Owusu on a crossing pattern. Lavonte David gets hand on ball but tipped it right into Owusu’s hands. Lovie looks at David as he comes back to the huddle and Lovie shrugs his shoulders as if to say, “What happened?”

* A Brandon Myers sighting! Catches pass over middle.

* Tommy Streeter dives to the ground to catch ball underthrown.

* Mark Barron lays the wood to Doug Martin in the backfield. Barron came racing in from the defense’s left untouched. One of hardest hits in training camp.

* Barron’s hit must have PO’ed Martin who blew through the line for a big gain.

* McCown with time to throw (!) hits Mike Evans along left sideline for a 50-plus yard pass.

* Play action pass from Mike Glennon to Robert Herron in space for a nice gain to left side.

* With Gerald McCoy on sidelines, Jamon Meredith and Oneil Cousins still can’t open holes. smh

* Herron skies like an NBA player in traffic to haul in McCown pass. Easily Herron’s best catch.

* Much more physical of a practice today. Pads are popping. Quicker pace.

* Bucs going through walk-throughs now.

* Series of walk-throughs and non-contact drills makes for a boring time at practice for fans.

* Lovie must be getting through to his team. Even on picks, wide receivers trying to strip ball from defenders.

* ASJ with his daily catch over the middle in traffic.

* Evans goes high to pull down McCown pass to the right.

* Herron comes back for McCown pass with defender draped all over him.

* Hey, there’s a Mayor Bob Buckhorn sighting. He told Joe he is a reader. That’s cool!

* Maybe it is the heat but players beginning to look a bit sluggish.

* Vincent Jackson with a sweet basket catch of a McCown offering to the left. Reverses field and runs for six.

* What would have been a coverage sack w/ hitting McCown turns into a short touchdown rolling right.

* Adrian Clayborn slow to get up. Gerald McCoy walks in from sideline to escort him off.

* LB Danny Lansanah had Charles Sims behind the line but whistle blows saving Sims’ neck.

* A rare hole and Jeff Demps finds it for a nice gain.

* McCown runs for his life as pocket collapses. Nice gain up the middle.

* ASJ skies in corner of end zone to haul in McCown pass for six.

9 Responses to “News And Notes From Training Camp”

  1. Doc Says:

    Nice work Joe.

  2. That Guy Says:

    What? No inclusion of Martin Gramatica among the Bucs alums at practice today? Saw him on the local news and he’s still rocking the hair.

  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    “McCown runs for his life as pocket collapses……” sounds like they were replaying the video from last Friday night’s first quarter.

  4. BUC4LIFE79 Says:

    REALLY HATE to say this, because Doug MArtin is one of “those” runners who, ya piss em off and he goes bowling ball on you, but with the depth at rb, if the front office IS SERIOUS about winning this year and makes a trade for a proven offensive lineman, the muscle hamster would be included to seal the deal…just saying. Not “pulling” for it to happen cause I never want to see Martin run against this defense except in practice, but if there’s ANY position on the depth chart where you could tactically look at who you have and admit “yea, for what we’d gain and for who we already have, this guys expendable,” it’s Martin….there’s your draft day thinking with Charles Simms, Big Dog!!

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    Nice recap! The thought of trading Martin gives me the creeps. Too many fans are ready to bail on our excellent RB.

  6. Danati74 Says:

    Martin is a beast. 2 years ago he was providing all the national buzz. Probably more than McCoy and L.David. Now we should trade him for one bad year. I agree, not so fast. Even with a bad year he must be averaging still 1000 yards a season. I like the drafting of Sims, but not so fast to replace Martin, but compliment him.

  7. Oahubuc Says:

    I don’t think anyone is saying trade Martin for performance. They’re saying trade a desire able player for a bigger need.

  8. Oahubuc Says:

    I think Barron is going to have a phenomenal year.

  9. Evan Says:

    I love it when people are bold enough to recommend trades, but don’t even know how to spell the players names.

    Really adds to the credibility.