Lovie Talks Richie Incognito

August 25th, 2014
Physical scheduled as well.

A report says a physical is scheduled

Today, Lovie Smith, in maybe one of the more testy press conferences a Bucs head coach has had in recent memory, was on the defensive about the team’s decision to bring in shady offensive guard Richie Incognito.

Lovie, over and over, stated bringing in Incognito is just an interview to gather information, despite CBSSports.com’s Jason LaCanfora’s report that a physical is scheduled.

“As I said all along, if there is an available free agent we need more information on, we will look at them all and compare them to current roster,” Lovie said. “Nothing more than a visit.

“I think we are jumping the gun a little bit on bringing someone in. He is coming in for a visit. It’s no more than that. We haven’t signed anyone. We owe it to ourselves to compare our roster to what is out there and Richie is part of that.

“I’ve heard what happened down there [in Miami] but to me, it doesn’t hurt to talk to someone face-to-face with anybody that is available.”

Despite Incognito being unemployed since the debacle in Miami last fall, Lovie said the last time he saw Incognito play a game, he thought Incognito was “a pretty good football player.”

Despite the charred remains of a locker room Incognito left behind in the wake of his antics last year in South Florida, Lovie insisted if he didn’t think Incognito would mesh with his team, then he wouldn’t bring him in.

“Would I have a player on our football that would mess up our team chemistry? No, simple as that,” Lovie said. “I can’t assume [Incognito would be] the case. And to me, as you go through the process you look and you talk, face-to-face. I think you guys know me well enough to know that would I bring someone in here who would hurt what we have in our locker room? The answer is no. I can’t go on hearsay. I have to see that for myself. For every decision I make, it’s not just me. It’s everyone. If you look at our final-53, everyone is on board.”

Lovie also implied that if Incognito was as bad as some suggest, he would be behind bars serving a sentence.

Team leaders would be consulted, Lovie said, before any potential signing of Incognito.

37 Responses to “Lovie Talks Richie Incognito”

  1. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Sounding more and more like a signing is going to occur.

  2. Harry Says:

    “…Despite the charred remains of a locker room Incognito left behind in the wake of his antics last year in South Florida…”

    I followed this situation pretty closely and I think you are putting way too much on Incognito. I don’t at all think what he did was ok, but it wasn’t “his” antics; there were several involved with him as the leader. Pouncy was just about as bad. And Pouncy has done some pretty crappy things in addition to the locker room bullying, but he is still with the Dolphins, Joe.

    Besides, the Dolphins did/do not have a coach as strong as Lovie, They did not have good leadership in the locker room – the Bucs do. I am all for bringing Incognito in. He is a good G and he would be cheap.

  3. Name Required Says:

    So you have a loudmouth blocker with no arrest record. Sounds like a football player to me.

  4. Buccfan37 Says:

    Will they or won’t they sign Incognito? I’m going to guess yes. After reading up on him per Realist’s advice, he sounds mentally unstable or he gets mad as hell when competing. I’m not sure this behavior can be stopped. Desperate needs dictate desperate moves. It should be a riot if he is added to the team, as in funny.

  5. Kevin422 Says:

    No arrest and Goodell went on record to saying Richie did everything they asked him to do. Current Buc players even said that if Richie made it right and was a better person for it, they would welcome him. If Vick can come back and play, surely Incognito can… right?

  6. WalkdaPlank Says:

    I say sign him. Lovie will not put up with his B.S. if he brings it here and that is clear. But then again, this is the same man who traded away a good WR because he had the nerve to go and get himself stabbed. But after all, there are Buccaneers on this team with DUI’s, arrest records, and potheads soooo. ….

  7. Anthony Liga Says:

    Wow! After reading Lovie’s responses to questions, the coach makes a lot of sense. Much more so than the over reaction of Joe and many writers. Incognito made many bad judgements…he didn’t beat anyone, shoot anyone, or rob anyone as many of the active players presently have done and been allowed to play. Get real media…everyone deserves a second chance and if Lovie and the players on the Bucs are OK with Ritchie, than leave it be.

  8. whocares92 Says:

    I’ve read the whole report on Incognito and do believe he aggressively harassed and bullied Martin. I do not endorse his behavior in the slightest but also recognize the failure of the staff and front office of the Dolphins to prevent or stop it. Members of the coaching staff, mainly the OL coach were apart of the inappropriate behavior as well or were on the receiving end of this harassment i.e. an Asian trainer who had racial slurs directed his way. With all this said I believe Incognito has been taking counseling for probably the first time in his life and is facing the source of his personal issues. I believe our staff along with our players and the NFL itself can closely monitor Incognito and keep him in line. Our locker room for the first time in a while has strong leadership and a professional atmosphere and won’t be compromised by one player. Lovie and the rest of the team won’t allow it. He’s worth the look, as I believe the O-line is the only thing keeping us separated from good and elite potential.

  9. Pelbuc Says:

    Harry Says took the words right out of my mouth. I live in Miami and what most people don’t know it that the majority of Dolphin players supported Incognito. Bucs have stronger leadership, both coaches and players and the benifit of hindsight. I believe and trust Lovie that he has the best interest of the franchise at hand. All the “PC Police” media that wants to throw the first stone should look around the league first and stop trashing Lovie and the Bucs. In my book, beating your wife unconscious is worse than so called bullying or using a racial slur in a locker room.

  10. Buchead407 Says:

    Add some Nasty to the offense

  11. That Guy Says:

    GMC said it all when he said that Incognito would have to make changes if he wants to fit on Gerald’s team.

    And if there is any doubt that this is GMC’s team, check Pro Football Focus’ grades by position for the pre-season. GMC rates out as the highest rated DT in the league with a score more than twice as high as the next player. And the fifth highest rated DT was Clinton McDonald.

  12. MR. T Says:

    Lovies remarks do make sense. They are doing a full due diligence on this guy and after all is said and done if they feel he would not be a good fit he won’t get signed. But it makes perfect sense to check out all options to make the team better.

  13. BoJim Says:

    Might as well sign him and get it over with. Just let the rest of the team slap the dog-sh!t out of him first.

  14. Bucs Fan #237 Says:

    Even though I agree with Lovie… I find this comment he said to be amusing.

    “Would I have a player on our football that would mess up our team chemistry? No, simple as that,” Lovie said. “I can’t assume [Incognito would be] the case.” -Lovie Smith

    What I find amusing is that he states that he can’t assume that a player who was outed as a mega bully would not mess up team chemistry. Um, huh? That is exactly what Richie did do. LOL!

  15. whocares92 Says:

    @That Guy
    Offensive lines won’t be able to handle the McDouble

  16. Andrew 1 Says:

    If there’s a physical scheduled, then its probably a done deal. Not to happy about it but think about it, if they’re desperate enough to turn to Incognito then maybe we really do need him. Just make sure EDS watches him like a hawk.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think we know how Doug Martin would vote……he would probably say….”If the guy can open up some holes for me, I don’t care what he did somewhere else.”

    And, Josh McCown would rather have a bully protecting him than a bully rushing him.

    I don’t like it, but I like losing less…..

  18. MR. T Says:


    Good post.

  19. Ptwalk Says:

    Sign him, I do believe Lovie and GMC will keep him in ck.

  20. Boomer33 Says:

    I was somewhat surprised this afternoon when I heard Anthony Becht say that he thought it would be a bad idea to bring him onto the team. Becht played with him at St. Louis. He claimed that Richie was not a team player and it never bothered him that his personal fouls hurt the team. Anthony’s issues were that Richie would be a bad influence on the players that hung with him during the week when there were no coaches around to monitor him. That being said, if Lovie is convinced he will fit after talking to the core players, and they give him their blessing, then bring the lunatic to Tampa and make sure he stays on his meds. Go Bucs!

  21. Soggybottom Says:

    I think our locker room has enough good guys to stomp out any one persons antics if it should happen, I really think richie see’s the errors of his ways and has learned and should know it will not stand here for one second on lovies team. He could even turn into a role model on how to be a changed man = happens all the time = happened to me…

  22. Horice Says:

    I saw the press conference with Lovie. How many times was he suppose to answer the SAME QUESTION? It’s as if the MEDIA wants to stop a serviceable player from joining a team that needs improvement at the position. I’m an African American and I say bring the guy in. He needs a Coach like Lovie to rejuvenate his career. Whatever happened in Miami, no one in Tampa knows! He said something’s that were off base, but I DO NOT BELIEVE he is a racist! And if he was, I have worked with MANY upfront and closet racist, and the betterment of the job still prevailed. GMAC said it best in his comments. Joe please don’t adhere to the “WITCH HUNT” that I heard on the teams website. A many of people have said things to, and about people that if it got to the media your life would be destroyed! We need a guard, and he is good and serviceable at best! I say SIGN HIM TODAY!

  23. Jim Walker Says:

    He is an a-hole. He is a degenerate. He is obnoxious, and a racist (but I think that everyone is to some extent). He is also a pro-bowl guard, and it seems those are hard to come by. Worst thing that happens is he makes the league minimum and is tossed off the team after an incident. The best thing is that he realizes that he isn’t going to make $4 million a year ever again unless he cleans his act up and plays his butt off.

  24. Soggybottom Says:

    @ Horice, Well said.. Lets win Tampa

  25. Bob858 Says:

    Everyone needs to sit back and relax. Everyone seems to forget about VICK the animal killer. Everyone also forgot about Ray Lewis -Charged with MURDER.

    Everyone jokes around all the time. One guy snapped and made a big deal. We all joke w our friends family etc. it’s the same way in football. You have to have thick skin.

    Richie’s crime is not even close to those two. Take a step back people. We need this guy!!!!

  26. bucinnc Says:

    joe do you know when the physical is scheduled for? and what is the process from then on out?

  27. Broy3434 Says:

    Anyone that thinks we shouldn’t have him is speaking as a citizen of society and not as a fan. Because personally “I don’t care if you’re black green blue white or orange” if he’s the best guard on our roster after signing him, sign him. Like someone stated earlier we have a lot of great role models and this locker room will be fine with him. Philbin didn’t command nearly the respect that lovie will. Players feel bad if they disappoint lovie. That’s the coach we have now.

  28. Capt.Tim,back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    And, let us not forget. The Miami Coaches Told Ritchie to”toughen Martin up!”
    He was following his coaches direction, and trying to help save that damn Sissy Martin’s career.

    Because like it or not- you can’t be a big crybaby, and play O-line in the NFL.
    Hell, just look at some of our linemen! See what I mean?

    Let’s get Ritchie signed
    Lovie! Lovie! Lovie!

  29. maleko Says:

    We don’t need chior boys.- its football for crying out loud! Tanard Jackson, and the 6’7″ tight end were criminals. This guy commited no crimes. He ran afoul of the PC club and the liberal, left-wing media that overhyped the situation. He is accussed of bullying Martin, a documented head case and football player, that is 6’5″ and weighs 315 lbs! Do you know how ridiculous that sounds. His black teammates rallied around him including Mike Pouncie. I never had a problem with Conrad Dobler or Bill Romanowski for the same reason. We need tough, hardnosed players that bring attitude, but that are not criminals. We need toughness on that line!! Just win now baby!!

  30. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    I hate racism and don’t tolerate at all in my life, but Ryley Cooper is still playing great ball for the Eagles… Second chances happen

  31. Bucs fan in Chicago Says:

    Seems to me that Richie became a media punching bag, he doesn’t fit their politically correct worldview. His actions were way overblown. If he is a substantial upgrade, then sign him.

  32. Zam Says:

    Like he’s going to be anything in an interview besides a choir boy. Interviews are what you do when you don’t have access to all the dirt we already know about him for a fact.

  33. Tnews Says:

    What is most amazing to me is that kill a few dogs, you have paid your dues. Cheat on your wife, that’s a private matter. Hit your fiancé, just a moment of indescretion. Rape a girl in a bath room while your teammates stand guard at the door (worst this side of Hernandez) and you might have a substance problem. But use the “n” word and you are such an awful human that you should never be forgiven….ever. Give me a break.

    The guys no angel, but neither was more than a few from our roster. Stevens, Blount, talib, et al. I loved Sapp as a player but the Bay Area is littered with horror stories about the guy.

    Second chances are allowed, with short leashes

  34. bigpoppabuc Says:

    I think it’s a bluff to make the 49ers bend on their asking price for Boone. If San Fran really wants to ship him, and the Bucs believe their the only team still in play for Boone it could work.

  35. Dreambig Says:

    The simple fact is, our oline is week and needs help. That help needs to come from somewhere. Sap was a jerk too but I’m glad we had him. I did a lot of reading tonight and watched jay glaziers interview with Ritchie and I think he’s a cocky jerk who went to far with being a jerk. At the end of the day, he was appropriately punished for his behavior. It’s a shame we need to bring someone like him in but McCown has shown he is capable with time to throw, unfortunately he has shown he will fumble or throw INTs when he is rushed. If Incognito can help us, Lovie doesn’t have much choice. If the oline is horrible this year we will crucify Lovie/Licth by the end of the year. Being a jerk is not illegal so I say do it if we must!

  36. Jimbo Says:

    We don’t need him to be a saint, just not a complete maniac. A little maniac, sure, but just not a complete maniac

  37. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    You have to remember the entire media has never said or did anything bad in there entire lives. Bunch of hypocritical high horse riding individuals let me tell ya. I stand to the point that one of the Joes got bullied in High School is why there is so much hostility towards this guy. @ Legarrettes Blunt is right, Riley Cooper got caught on tape saying the N word and he was accepted back by his teammates so god forbid we give this guy a chance to repair his image. I truly hope we sign him and he dominates this year. I really would like to hear what Joe would say then.