Incognito On-Field Record Bad, Too

August 25th, 2014

St. Louis Rams v Arizona CardinalsTampa Bay fans who love names they recognize are jumping with glee and racing down St. Pete’s Central Ave. with drinks in hand because the Bucs have brought in sleazy Richie Incognito for an interview.

And while Incognito brings a ton of baggage both in his private life as well as his professional life, Incognito isn’t just a loser off the field.

No, the eight-year NFL veteran of three NFL teams has never been with a winner.

Here are his clubs and their records:

2006: Rams (8-8)

2007: Rams (3-13)

2008: Rams (2-14)

2009: Rams/Bills (Combined 7-25)

2010: Dolphins (7-9)

2011: Dolphins (6-10)

2012: Dolphins (7-9)

2013 Dolphins (8-8)

During the one season Incognito’s team didn’t have a losing record, he essentially detonated a can of mustard gas in the Dolphins’ locker room.

Joe isn’t sure why Bucs fans think this guy Incognito is some sort of panacea to get the Bucs to the Super Bowl in Phoenix.

112 Responses to “Incognito On-Field Record Bad, Too”

  1. whocares92 Says:

    Football is a team sport.

  2. lightningbuc Says:

    Good God, the majority of our roster could be deemed a “loser” if looking at it through Won-Loss record.

    I’m beginning to wonder if Richie has pics of the Joe(s) in compromising positions, because the vitriol is fascinating.

  3. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Starting to think that Joe doesn’t want Incognito on the team so he doesn’t “bully” his Man crush when the Bucs play the Browns. Rams, Fins, and Bills? Please. Again, when was the last time Donald Penn played on a winning team? Davin Joseph? All 3 Pro bowlers, all on garbage teams. Can’t be helped.

  4. scottbucs Says:

    Man Joe all your trash talking about incognito is getting annoying. He could be a member of our team in a day or two. Just shut up already about him . let it play out

  5. scottbucs Says:

    You sound like a whiny bitch dude and definitely don’t sound like a bucs fan . who cares how u personally feel about him? Its about the team

  6. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    Incognito is overrated around here I agree, but this is a ridiculous assertion Joe, that because he has been playing on bad teams, that automatically makes him a bad player. I remember PFF graded his run blocking positively in 2011 and 2012. So at some point he was somewhat good. If he can even get that element for us he is an upgrade over what we have.

  7. Chaz Says:

    Oh man! Poor Paul gruber

  8. billy buckaroo Says:

    One bad apple ruins the whole barrel.
    We dont need this negative distraction on the team right now.
    This is a whole new team with new players-coaches-system which is hardly a polished unit or well oiled machine.
    Adding un-needed headaches at this point will only slow down the learning curve on other things that should be being addressed.
    PASS on this distraction

  9. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @Joe: How about the best LT in the league Joe Thomas who has only played for one of the worst franchises in Cleveland?

  10. Jeffbuc Says:

    Your reaching joe if you don’t like him that’s good. But 1 gaurd don’t change the record of a team. He played for the rams and dolphins they were bad before him and after him but he still made the pro bowl. So I can match that Lavonte David must be no good he has played on a 7-9 and 4-12 team. So what does that say about him nothing all pro

  11. Soggybottom Says:

    Well, there the proof everybody, Wow joe way to stir it up..

  12. BucFan20 Says:

    Oh hell here we go again. And last years bad season was all Glennons’ fault. Or wait. Can we now put that on Freeman like this tries to put all the bad seasons on Incognito. We had bad players and coach in 2012 went 7-9.

  13. RastaMon Says:

    So is the record of EVERY offensive linemen on the roster…

  14. Capt.Tim,back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Didn’t the players vote Ritchie into the ProBowl?
    The players do have a big voice in voting for ProBowl players- right?
    That was just the year before he had the misfortune of running into the pus Martin? A guy who sends all of his personnel Text to his Mommy- to review.
    That the guy you’re feeling sorry for?? Martin was a first class lil sissy. Every Dolphin Lineman agreed.

    Ya, send me Incognito- and a few more just like him.
    I wouldn’t support this team if they signed Martin. He proved to be a back stabbing coward. He was saying the same things to the other linemen, that they were saying to him. Except behind their backs, he was sending all his personnel text to his mommy, the Lawyer.

    And if you are gonna judge him by the teams records- how did Paul Gruber fair? Worse than Incognito? James Wilder? You don’t wanna go there- not with this franchises history!

    I complement L&L for doing the right thing. No way Ritchie deserved the back list treatment the league/Media tried to put on him. I respect both of our guys for going and Getting one of the Better guards in the league. They improved this team, and took a stand for what’s right- not what is forced on us by an agenda driven Media.

    Good Work L&L, and thank you to the Glazers, for being willing to take a little heat- to treat a man fairly

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    That’s pretty thin, Joe.

  16. Eric Says:

    Under this theory McCoy stinks.

    And Leroy Selmon.

  17. ShiverMETimbers Says:

    Poor article man. Loose connections at best. You’re better than that. Having a meat head and a racist in the locker room is trivial compared to cancers that are drug-popping, girl punching, granny shooting, club poppin, knife wielding, parkin lot jerkin cancers that the Bucs have seen in the past.

    See: Keyshawn, Pittman, Talib, Wright, Winslow, Stevans etc etc etc we could do this all day. Yet somehow the team has always survived. If people like Vick and Ray Lewis can be forgiven for INFINITELY more egregious fouls than so can Incognito.

  18. BuccaneerBonzai Says:


    Cognito was wrong.
    Martin was a sissy.

    Those facts are not in question. This is a judgement call. Plain and simple.

  19. Soggybottom Says:

    I think joe just likes to keep things around here heated up..

  20. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Since when did a team’s record have any bearing on how good or bad an individual player is.
    Joe, I would expect better from you. If you want to declare Incognito a poor OG… some research that prooves that.
    Now, there’s plenty of evidence that he has been a bad character and he can certainly be judged on that basis.
    It is an outright insult to Lovie Smith/Glazers/Licht & others to claim that he isn’t worthy from a talent standpoint.

  21. RealityCheck Says:

    The Bucs record over the same period, 50-78. So, I mean…he fits in well here.

  22. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Wow Joe you are really mad about this. I would like to see sacks he gave up and rushing yards to his side of the line when grading performance. By the way, who were the starting QBs on these teams? How did these teams rank defensively? Overall record is a horrible indication of one mans ability.

  23. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    Still, 3/4 of the seasons played still had a better record than the BUCS last year smh

  24. Orca Says:

    Paul Gruber played on a bunch of crap teams. It doesn’t diminish his accomplishments. Not saying Incognito deserves the comparison, but it’s ludicrous to judge him on the records of the teams he played on. That’s reaching. There’s plenty of other reasons to dislike him that are more fair.

  25. Captain Stagger Says:

    Joe, really……you’re going to lay the blame of losing records on a guard….really??? The Joe Thomas example was perfect, joe you a living breathing joke of a knowledgable sports blogger…..

  26. Patrick in VA Says:

    Well, we all know that a team lives or does by the play of the guards. Peter king said that they would bring incognito in if they recognized they had the makings of a winner and they needed him to shore up the line. Nowhere did he say that they needed him to come be the savoir of the franchise

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    Your judging a guard by his teams wins/loss record? C’mon Joe. Even you must see how silly that is. Lol

  28. johnnytheMOON Says:

    Our Starting QB is 16-22 …so he should fit right in .

  29. Capt.Tim,back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    Christ, Joe! You are ussually on the right side if these arguments?
    What,did Ritchie push you down and take your lunch money?

    I hope he gets here, and bullies some of our lil O-Line flowers in to some aggressive line play. The Offensive line is the ONLY area in modern Football where you can still hit people- and hard!
    Yet somehow we have linemen who curl in to the fetal position the minute they get touched!
    Gawd! Please send us a couple more “Bullies”.
    Meybe we will be able to run and throw the Football!!

    Rishaw Johnson is very much along the Incognito mold. It will be a huge improvement. Now we will be able to run the Ball!

    Lovie! Lovie! Lovie!

  30. ryan Says:

    So Joe has an issue with Incognito but was a huge Blount fanboy.

    Such a dumb article here and now I really hope the Bucs sign Incognito.

  31. 7AllatoonaBucs Says:

    Joe is the same guy who wanted Johnny FB…..How’s that working out? Line needs help….sign him.

  32. Harry Says:

    That is seriously weak Joe. Some kind of personal vendetta against Rickie? As a wise man recently said, most/all players come with baggage. I sure as hell would NOT want you determining if I am allowed past the pearly gates!

  33. BucfaninMO Says:

    What a sorry article.

  34. RastaMon Says:

    I think the missing caption in the headline photo says….JoeBucFan….”get over it”….or I’ll shitt down your throat…or sumthing like that

  35. Chef Paul Says:

    I think the entire local pen and mike club is going to all scurry into their lair tonight, in a panic, to try to figure out how change the towns mind.

  36. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Richie really is a doosh though. Even though we need a player, it might not be worth it.

  37. Andrew 1 Says:

    You know, the more I read from you guys, the more I’m warming up to the idea. If Lovie is good with it, then count me in.

  38. Harry Says:

    Lets see, punch your fiancé and knock her out cold and get a two game suspension. Or be a loud obnoxious bully (with help from team mates who did not get in ANY trouble) and get drummed out of the league (according to Joe’s obvious desires). Yeah, seem fair to me Joe.

    I love 98% of your work. But this was over the top personal biased hate. I guess that is what makes it a “blog” versus news.

  39. Harry Says:

    @BuccaneerBonzai Says:
    “…Richie really is a doosh though. Even though we need a player, it might not be worth it…”

    Yes, he is a douche, no question. But if the bigger douche Ray Rice only gets a 2 game suspension and another chance, why can’t Incognito? I am all in on bringing him in. I promise you, he will be on his VERY BEST BEHAVIOR.

  40. St. Louis Bucs Fan Says:

    Man this turd reminds me of a line from the movie Tommboy, where the kids says “no it was another fat guy with a tiny head”! I Reber when he was here in St.Louis and was not fan friendly but he did give the Rams headaches over his personal foul penalties. Trade for Boone! Send the 2nd round and a 4th in 2016. Problem solved! BUC IT IM OUT!!!!

  41. 77 bassman Says:

    All u guys have me rofl, as i said before
    Political correctness will eventually kill us
    all, martin is a sissy sign incognito now!!
    The vagisil comment was to much LOL,LOL

  42. Louis Friend Says:

    So does win/loss record define a player?

    Does that make Paul Gruber, the greatest LT to ever suit up in Bucs history, a loser?

    What about James Wilder, still the greatest RB in Bucs history? Is he a loser too?

    I got lots of names, and none of them ever saw a winning record in Tampa, or likely anywhere else.

  43. Dougy balls Says:

    Piss pour article. Your better than that joe’s

  44. Barry Says:

    If Incognito was black and bullied a white he would have never been black balled and he would be playing without a peep from the Joe’s of the world. #DoubleStandard Treat Richie like you would a black player, let him play.

  45. T in Orlando Says:

    I’m not an Icognito fan, but this a swing and miss. There are plenty of reasons to not like him, but based on the logic laid out here, you would need to call Paul Gruber a loser on the field as well.

    So if you’re willing to call Richie a loser for these reasons, then must also agree that Paul’s a loser too.

  46. poop Says:

    Because guards have soooo much to do with the win/loss record, right? Not saying they don’t play a part, they obviously do. But there’s so much more important pieces. He’s not going to create a winning team all by himself.

    The guy was a good player. He was a pro bowler. He was on crappy teams, yes.

  47. Destinjohnny Says:

    Archie manning same thing

  48. Capt.Tim,back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    What’s seldom brought up- but the Miami coaching staff admitted that they told Incognito to”toughen Martin Up!”, because he was to much of a crybaby to succeed in The NFL

    Ritchie did what he was told, and got hung out to dry by the equally crybaby media.

    Screw Martin and the Media!
    Welcome Ritchie! Can you go toughen up some of the pansies on our O-line?

  49. buc4lyfe Says:

    Incognito isn’t just a loser off the field. No, the eight-year NFL veteran of three NFL teams has never been with a winner.

    From one average Joe to another I gotta say this article makes your seem pretty pathetic, I don’t like the guy but he’s a loser because of the team and coaches he played with? Are you saying he torpedoed the team like Freeman did us? If he’s such a loser one would think you could have more compelling evidence. No wonder they get paid so much, you get no attention until a team is interested then when you try to earn a living you get blasted with garbage articles like this, I thought your better than this but I’m sure this will be deleted

  50. Gus Says:

    We judging a guard on wins and losses. This plain silly

  51. Joe Says:

    Joe’s really had fun reading all this venom, most of it reading between the lines things Joe didn’t actually write in this post. But that’s typical.

    Carry on. Buy your Incognito jerseys. Joe’s not about to celebrate Incognito arriving on the Bucs. Not going to happen.

  52. Kevin#1 Says:

    Really??? Enough with the Incognito crap already. Honestly If Lovie brings him in I see him flying straight and staying off of the media radar after the first 10 days. If he doesn’t get signed oh well. I personally would like to have a guy like him on our football team as long as he has learned his lesson and can act right. If he’s going to tear the locker room apart then no….but I really don’t give a crap either way…

  53. Barry Says:

    Caucasian Joe’s of the world will never side with his kind on racial situations. In fact they usually sacrifice their own to try and prove their sensitivity and to prove they’re not racist. They dare not take the side of their kind. #PoliticalCorrectness #PussNboots Incognito was black balled. Where’s the outrage? Oh Richie if only you were black I could support you – Joseph

    Or, Incognito is a long-standing idiot who’s been out of football a while and is on the wrong side of 30. Joe’s not convinced the guy is worth the hassle. Let’s remember this Bucs’ scouting department doesn’t have much of a track record evaluating guards. –Joe

  54. CC Says:

    Bucks o line would be better with Richie Incognito.But we really don’t need a guy who sexually assaulted a girl with a golf club at a charity event.

  55. CC Says:

    Bucs. Gotta turn off spell correct

  56. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Nice wordsmanship Joe. “panacea”. #NoSarcasm

  57. Andrew 1 Says:

    Uh oh guys, Joe’s feelings are hurt. Stop it you bullies! lol couldn’t help myself. Comon Joe, dont act like you weren’t trying to insinuate that he was the cause for those terrible records. Nobody is reading between the lines, we’re only ready what you said.

  58. Drew Says:

    Character assassination? Second chance and I’m ok with it.

  59. Orca Says:

    Stuff that’s weak:

    1) Blaming Incognito for his teams’ records.
    2) Blaming political correctness of the media and NFL for keeping Incognito out of work.
    3) Calling Jonathan Martin weak-minded because he didn’t want to put up with Incognito’s crap anymore.
    4) People who like to act tough by calling other people pansies, pu$$ies, phags, and n***ers.
    5) Defending bullies.

  60. SAMCRO Says:

    Joe says,

    “Carry on. Buy your Incognito jerseys. Joe’s not about to celebrate Incognito arriving on the Bucs. Not going to happen.”


    Yeah, not as long as Joe has a soapbox to preach from.

    You sound so scorned and whiney….

    Need a pad?

  61. d-money Says:

    Joe calling people out for reading between the lines.


  62. INDYbucsfan Says:

    HA! So by your logic McCoy sucks. One winning season

  63. Legarrettes Blunt Says:

    This is a team sport! Stupid to point out that he has been on losing teams. Is joe Thomas a bad player? What about Gerald McCoy, he has been on losing teams. I don’t like incognito and don’t think he is that great on the field but that is a horrible point to make by looking at his records for the ultimate team sport.

  64. Macabee Says:

    I’m as self-righteous as the next guy. But this losing thing is getting the best of me. I’m not here to judge Incognito, that has been done retribution has been paid. Goodell says he has met all of the requirements set out by the league and Lovie Smith wants to talk to him. If we were making the playoffs every year, I would say no way do we sign this guy. We haven’t been to the playoffs or fielded a team with a chance to go all the way in so long, I would sign Godzilla and put King Kong on the practice squad. If Lovie signs Incognito, I’m rootin’ for him, no questions asked. Tired of this cellar dwelling! My new Bucs cheer is “gimme a hug, gimme a thug” let’s go all the way! Lol.

  65. gotbbucs Says:

    Wow….just wow. Um, you could literally find hundreds of good players with this lame twist of statistics. He has played for the rams and dolphins. Im sure if you stuck him on the patriots roster or the seahawks roster they would tank this year, right?

  66. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Next up, an article on the terribleness that was Paul Gruber.

    Thanks for the laugh, Joe.

  67. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Well he has been officially cleared for a full return by the NFL. 3-5 teams interested.

  68. Unislookgoodunislookugly Says:

    Wow Joe. You really stretch stuff out lately. This is as ridiculous as comparing how this team will do in the regular season based on preseason games from 1988 (I think). Now to judge one player a guard at that as to why a team has a losing record is just darn right foolish. The only position that really gets judged by wins and loses is the QB and most times it’s not all they’re fault. Now trying to make a guard look bad no matter who he is based on the teams record is just crazy talk.

  69. Jktampa Says:

    Wow, Joe. This is a new low for you. Statistics can say whatever you want them to say but your wouldn’t use that argument against Davin Joseph or Leroy Selmon and they have losing career records. Nope, they aren’t racist dirtbags, but that really wasn’t what you were saying in this article. What an insult to your readers’ intelligence! Why do I waste my time reading this crap?

  70. Dewey Selmon Says:

    The comments you make are tasteless. The man hasn’t broken any laws that i know of. i come to your site to read about my favorite football team, now every article will start with loser this and loser that. The dude is on the verge of becoming a Buccaneer and it sounds like he was a old cba first rd bust that cost us $60 mil and has been cut from the squad. it’s your site and you do what you want, but sometimes your attempt at humor, sarcasm and wit misses the target more often than not.

  71. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ Joe
    I’ve been a loyal reader of yours from the start, and can honestly say that this may be your worst post yet

  72. eric Says:

    Nothing else to say a loser because you are a guard on a bad team that is foolish how many winning teams was Paul Gruber on one of the best Bucs of all time!

    I will love for Joe to take the challenge wait until Incognito is retired I mean the moment he says he is done and call him a sleazy guy to his face and just like the ice bucket challenge it is no good unless you get it on tape!

  73. BK Says:

    Richie is going to be signed whether anybody likes it or not. He is an upgrade over the current OGs on this team.

    I cant wait until the Johnny Manzdork fans have to eat crow. It will be obvious by mid-season.

  74. Zam Says:

    The fact is that some people care about character, and probably the majority of people don’t any more. Plain and simple.

    I for one don’t get paid any more if there’s a Bucs win, so I’d rather have a team with human beings I like. I wouldn’t take a team of murderers, even if they went 16-0 every year.

    Plus these people join the community. I’m so sick of us importing guys who punch cab drivers or rape co-eds. Keep out.

  75. Broy3434 Says:

    If there’s one single position in football where a guy can’t do it himself-it’s guard. An elite tackle, center even goes a long way. Yes no need to explain the importance of guards but c’mon. Look up Pat Willis’ record before harbaugh. If it was him that was released and him to sign for the same reasons what would be said about his W-L

  76. CC Says:

    Do you want this POS in our community?

  77. Jordan Says:

    Lavonte David is a bum too, according to Joe.

    Don’t tell lies. No reason for it. –Joe

  78. Broy3434 Says:

    Best comment I read all day was the guy on here who said we’ll have a banner reading “Richie’s Hookers” whoever you are congrats on that one. That’s brilliant. Everyone including joe needs to realize Lovie knows what he’s doing. Yes I’m skeptical about him with olines but FINALLY we get the best available player at a position week 4 of preseason. It’s brilliant. I’ve been waiting for it for a long time instead we usually grab Ted Larsen. This is a move that I wld turn madden on start a franchise with the Bucs check free agency and sign him immediately. Hell I’ll be doing it in 3 hours. Real life ain’t madden but we have enough characters in this locker room to control him

  79. Capt.Tim,back from Davie Jones's Locker Says:

    This is a section from WikicampanionOn November 5, the (Fort Lauderdale) “Sun-Sentinel reported that “multiple sources” have said Incognito may have taken orders from Dolphins coaches to “toughen up” Martin too far. The Sun-Sentinel reported that the controversial voice mail message that ultimately led to Incognito’s suspension was made after Martin missed two days of the team’s voluntary workout program. The coaches asked Incognito, who by this time was the unquestioned leader of the offensive line, to make a call that would “get him into the fold.”[47] On November 7, reports emerged that Miami GM Jeff Ireland reacted to the allegations by suggesting that Martin punch Incognito[48] – however, rather than take things that far, Martin chose to leave the team.”

    The leader of the Offensive line, and all pro- was directed by his Coach to toughen Martin up. Strange. Incognito is a bully. But coaching staff/ GM aren’t ever blamed as the source

    Might want to read more than Wikipedia. –Joe

  80. dusthy rhothdes Says:

    TURRIBLE bashing of this guy in this article out of nowhere did he give you a noogie back in middle school at some point because this smear piece was out of line against a future buc. As stated above the history of the bucs is loaded w losers if we go with your delusional scorecard. SMH

    Shake your head all you want. Read what’s not here all you want. Has Incognito played for a winner? No. What that has to do with Paul Gruber being an anchor on a bad team for years, or Lavonte David, Joe has no clue. –Joe

  81. Bob858 Says:

    Vick killed dogs
    Lewis supposedly killed a man
    Incognito talked smack like everyone else

    Anyone else see a problem with this?

    You clearly aren’t clued into this guy’s full history. –Joe

  82. Ghost Says:

    According to joe incognito is a duche while while “house party” is a super swell guy.

  83. Cobraboy Says:

    Seriously disappointed in Joe. Yes, it’s his opinion.

    But it sounds like someone was bullied on the playground in 5th grade than an A-1 knowledgeable NFL fan.

    Incognito is the best OL upgrade to the team this year, better than the other two guys…

  84. Chef Paul Says:

    Seems like a lot of people are “Reading between the lines” and “reading what is not there”

    Ive never been to journalism school, but I imagine rule number one is: Make sure people understand what the hell you are saying.

    With this many people “misunderstanding”, maybe its from what is written, and not what is read.

    And the backtracking is nothing more than an insult to the intelligence of your “costumers”

  85. Cobraboy Says:

    If a vet plays for a bad team, he must be a bad player. Or so goes Joe’s logic.

    :rolling my eyes:

  86. snook Says:

    Steven Jackson is horrible too. He’s never played for a team with a winning record either.

  87. Ghost Says:

    The bucs painted themselves in a corner with the Zuttah release know they have to make a controversial decision based on their own incompetence. What harm can a 1 yr deal be @ a league minimum?

  88. Surf Buc Says:

    Keep that racist redneck out of our locker room. Would you want to work with someone like that at the office? Or where ever you work?

    Some people will say ‘Yeah because he gets results’. Well, to those people I say: would you want Incognito around your kids, your daughter? Or your girl friend? Your wife? If the answer is ‘no’ then keep him out of the locker room. ‘But this is football, it’s different. Get over it, man’. Sorry, no different. Each of our players is a husband and/or father to someone.

  89. ChrisCo4Bucs Says:

    Sign him already, if the interview with Lovie and the brass goes well, I think he would be a standup guy this year knowing that this could be his last hoorah…….GOBUCS, see y’all week 2

  90. jr Says:

    I’d rather have the bully than the bitch.

  91. UCF=BCS Says:

    But is joe and big dog ready to admit how wrong they were for giving Bortles nothing but doubt and put downs when the best qb in the draft is a FL boy just 90 miles away, I tried to tell you what time it was with him..; ohh well your looking stupid on that as predicted..:: Go Knights all you usf scrubs

  92. DeezNutz Says:

    Would any of you ever consider the Bucs might be trying to drive down the price of Alex Boone by showing interest elsewhere? Y’all need to chill the f*@k out a bit.

  93. Buchead407 Says:

    Weak joe. Ur reaching. The rams stunk overall so did the bills and dolphins. My god they had who chad henne and Matt Moore before tanehill came along and he’s nothing special either

  94. Buchead407 Says:

    And are you complaining about getting a better guard or are you ok with what we have

  95. passthebuc` Says:

    the game is played on the field

    the rest us just hype

  96. ManzielMadness Says:

    I know someone mentioned this earlier and this might be a bad time to post lol (sorry just got off work) but is there anyway this could be a smokescreen for Boone??

  97. Donkey Says:

    Joe’s Fantasy O-line:
    RT – Mother Teresa
    RG – Tim Tebow
    C – Pope Francis
    LG – Ghandi
    LT – Jesus H. Christ hisself

    C’mon Joe, you are clearly on the wrong side of this one.

  98. ManzielMadness Says:

    Lol I pressed enter and then wrote what DeezNuts said…

  99. ManzielMadness Says:

    Read* god I’m tired

  100. Louis Friend Says:

    Actually I was curious – who is writing this stuff? Steve or Lee – or some lowly intern? C’mon, take credit for your passionate opinions instead of hiding behind some fictitious moniker.

  101. Buc the Haters Says:

    Sure he’s kind of a maniac, but I personally think that offensive linemen should be a little psycho/mean & nasty. It’s definitely an advantageous demeanor for the position. Rage (controlled, hopefully) can actually make a person significantly stronger bcuz of the accompanying adrenaline rush. I say sign the guy if we think he can help us. Our high-character team leaders will police him just fine. Jonathan Martin is soft like a twinkie filling, he needed someone to try to toughen him up…. Virtually any old school tough guy would’ve acted similarly. Incognito & Rishaw Johnson could be our missing pieces that enable it’s to go all the way instead of falling short of our stated goal of winning the Championship this year.

  102. Digger Says:

    [So if Joe is so sh!tty as you suggest, why are you even on this site? Why such hateful attacks? Just guessing Joe’s accomplished more in his professional life than what you’ve dreamed of as you sit in a cubicle all day slaving for the man while Joe runs and has built his own successful business. This site isn’t for everyone, so don’t torture yourself. — Joe]

  103. Buc the Haters Says:

    *Us, not it’s

  104. feelthepewterpower Says:

    We get rid of Davin Joesph, Trueblood, and Penn…sigh…most were hurt last year which is why they had a down year.

  105. Joe Says:


    Nice Tebow blast. 🙂

  106. James Pearls Says:

    We suck, he sucks, our O line sucks…. perfect fit !!!

  107. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    Yeah because football is a one man sport. Jeez Joe your reaching deep for this article. So if Richie could help us win games your not for it?????? If he messes up cut him we lose no money and story over, I mean you honestly cant sit there and say hes not better than what we have now.

  108. Eric Says:

    Everybody knows Jesus can’t play tackle.

    Hilarious list Mr. Donkey.

  109. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Some terribly personal attacks towards some of the posters on this message board is there some prior personal association that incognito and any employee of this site have had? This is sounding more like political pundits picking wood slivers out of one another’s eyes

  110. AF_Buc Says:

    You guys don’t remember all those game winning drives in the playoffs last year led by the Left Guards of those teams?

    Me either.

  111. PanhandleBucGuy28 Says:

    I just cant believe that we can accept men who beat women (Ray Rice,Greg Hardy) which by the way only a true piece of SH!T would do,(I’m a former RB and have always been a Ray Rice fan but he let me down with the rest of his fans) if you have ever been in a locker room the kind of stuff Richie said gets said every freakin day so get off yalls high horse and give the guy a chance. Is he a hot head YES but I would want a guy like that in the trenches with me all day, and they call him a dirty player well what about Suh??? He stomps on people and cheap shots QB’s but I would want him on my team any day of the week…You know why???? BECAUSE FOOTBALL AINT FOR PUSS**S!!! Jonathan Martin is as soft as Charmin and I would NEVER want that guy on my team. Every Dolphin team mate that was asked about Richie had nothing but good things to say. So is he a model citizen maybe not there are plenty of guys in the NFL that are not but he is obviously a good team mate and a upgrade from what we have and that is more important to me. Joe must have been bullied in High School.

  112. Hawk Says:

    Ya’ll might want to read up on ALL of Cognito’s off-field issues, to start with. If you are OK with a guy of his temerment/lack of control, then look at where he’s at physically, and where the Bucs are at.
    Cognito has been out of football long enough that he he will not be physically ready for a few weeks. BUT, he would then have to learn Tedford’s playbook AND ‘gel’ with the other line members (assuming, of course, that he grades out better than a current starter).
    The Bucs, regardless of Lovie and Licht speeches, are in a re-building mode. This year’s team is NOT expected to make a run for the Super Bowl. Another draft and free agency period, and the team ‘could’ look like a contender. Why take a chance on a player, who won’t make a huge impact on the field (most posters, here, have said that a guard can’t carry the whole team to success). It is VERY likely that 100% of the team will not accept him and there starts the trouble under the surface. Those who will not accept him, will they forgive Lovie for bringing him in? The arguments that ‘so and so only got this for doing that’, are specious, at best. The Bucs aren’t looking at those players. And in most, if not all, of those cases, the offending player wasn’t doing things ‘to’ his own teammates.
    BTW, Joe, I am NOT defending your position. Your ‘argument’ was ill-advised. What, exactly was your point about being on losing teams? He’s unlucky?