Little Sleep For Lovie

August 4th, 2014
"Jimminy Christmas, Lovie knows sleep is overrated."

“Jiminy Christmas, Lovie knows sleep is overrated.”

Yes, Bucs fans all know about Chucky’s wacko sleep habits as Tampa Bay head coach. He got up each morning shortly after 3 a.m. and within minutes, found himself at One Buc Palace going through film to seek any morsel of information he could turn into a win.

Chucky, so he liked to brag, stayed until well after sunset, working non-stop because he just loved football so much.

Joe has since learned from credible folks who work within the walls at One Buc Palace that Chucky’s story of working near-round the clock was just that, a story.

Joe heard Bucs suits would often knock on Chucky’s door in the middle of the afternoon with a football-related issue but were met without an answer. Upon prying open the door, there was Chucky, sawing logs, dead to the world with sweet dreams of Rob Johnson leading the Bucs to a Super Bowl win dancing in his cranium.

(No, Joe didn’t mean to type “Brad.”)

Joe brings this up because it seemed Bucs coach Lovie Smith seemed to have pulled a Chucky over the weekend, sans the nap at his desk and the  Rob Johnson dreams. Joe learned when the Team Glazer plane landed in Tampa about 4 a.m. yesterday after bringing a large party to and from Canton for Derrick Brooks’ induction ceremony into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Lovie made a direct race to One Buc Palace to resume working on turning around the franchise.

Lovie didn’t deny this after practice yesterday — though he wondered aloud what Chucky had to do with not sleeping — and brushed it off as par for the course for an NFL head coach.

“I’m a football coach,” Lovie said. “We had work to do. We set up our schedule. We knew it would be a quick turnaround. We had plenty of sleep. Slept on the plane all the way back. It was definitely worth it. Got in today and got right back at it.”

Joe can’t imagine how exhausted Lovie must have been. Normal people would have been drinking coffee like water, and maybe like Joe, chugging Diet Mountain Dew chasers. Instead, Lovie spend the latter part of the afternoon, when his body likely wanted to pass out, in the oppressively soupy heat.

While Lovie shrugged off a glorified nap he had on Team Glazer’s plane, he did admit he was sure looking forward to his head hitting the pillow when he got home last night.

You’ve heard the Vince Lombardi phrase, “Fatigue makes cowards of us all?” Well, this proves Lovie is a warrior.

10 Responses to “Little Sleep For Lovie”

  1. biff barker Says:

    The quiet hours before sunrise are often the most productive. Hell, that’s what got me through USF all those years back. The habit remains today. Power naps are underrated.
    Chucks dreams were jet smoke blue on 3.

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Wow, I guess we all know now, why Joe won’t say 1 bad word against the “rockstar” . Opps, did i let the cat out of the bag???

  3. Jim Walker Says:

    I have heard rumors that Chuckie was doing more than drinking coffee.

  4. dusthy rhothdes Says:

    Why w the rumors????

    whats up w the redirects to download games all the time?

  5. Eric Says:

    Wow, Joe had to go all Sherlock Holmes for this Chucky cheap shot.

    Too bad he couldn’t apply his Sleuth techniques to figure out the rock star sucked……


  6. Joe Says:

    whats up w the redirects to download games all the time?

    If you can figure that riddle out, you will be a rich man.

  7. OB Says:


    All I know is that Lovie has them hitting, catching, wanting to play, so I can’t wait until they are turned loose against someone else and we see what we have.

    I want to see that forest of WRs and TEs on the prowl, and the entire Defense having at it.

  8. Joe Says:

    I want to see that forest of WRs and TEs on the prowl,

    Joe is starting to inhale the ASJ hype. Joe has to temper himself with the fact he’s a rookie.

  9. sho-nuff Says:

    sorry i have little respect for people that need to one up everyone by putting in hollow hours…all that tells me is that YOU have no life and need the extra time that others can do in half…NOT impressed

  10. Owlykat Says:

    I just want Lovie to keep doing what he is doing! He is a breath of fresh air to this franchise! All his Coaches he brought with him are very impressive as well, and Licht is amazing. Just look at the quality of the little known players he has added to this team, as well as how quickly he recruited the best haul of free agents the Bucs have ever had on their roster. This team is going to be able to be competitive against any NFL competition. Thanks Lovie!!!