Jaguars 16, Buccaneers 10

August 8th, 2014


Defense! Defense! Dee-Fence!

“Ugly” is the word of the night for the Bucs’ first-team offense, and the second-team offense. At least the blend of second- and third-teamers was effective.

Life is always dreadful in the NFL when you can’t block. The trenches do matter.  They always will.

Josh McCown tossed a foolish pick-6 and fumbled twice. Those things tend to happen when you’re running for your life and smelling the breath of opponents. Joe won’t dare imagine the Panthers’ nasty-ass defense tonight. That would guarantee a sleepless night.

Hopefully, this is just part of Jeff Tedford’s plan to keep the Bucs’ offense mysterious.

Hat top to wide receiver Tommy Streeter, a training camp standout, for his touchdown grab from Mike Glennon.

Good things were happening on defense, to be sure. Gerald McCoy looked like he did all through training camp: dominant. And the Bucs looked fast and hungry. A dropped pick by Major Wright with the first team was unfortunate, as was a fluke completion for the Jaguars, but that’s nitpicking. The Bucs’ defense looked good. They didn’t let up points.

Nothing too noteworthy on special teams, other than Jeff Demps fans might have learned there’s a lot more to returning kicks than Olympic speed. Coverage teams were sound. Eric Page seemed to draw heated words from coaches.

As for the rookies, Charles Sims was the standout, and Robert Herron made a heck of a catch of a pass thrown behind him.

Stick with Joe for so much more through the night and into tomorrow. Yes, Joe’s in Jacksonville.

16 Responses to “Jaguars 16, Buccaneers 10”

  1. Bob858 Says:

    horrible horrible horrible. our o line sucks

  2. Bobby Says:

    All I know is, the defense will keep us in games but if we don’t find an O-line this could make last year look pretty exciting. Also, anybody who thinks Mike Glennon couldn’t start game one is either blind or in denial.

  3. buc4lyfe Says:

    Well I said I’d wait to reserve judgment, the offensive line is horrendous, guess we’ll be the only team in the league using offensive line as an excuse for bad quarterback play. Just because Glennon ended up 11-19 as usual he wasn’t as accurate as the stat sheet says he was and as usual it’s always padded by dump off passes. Glennon sticks and Mr pick six I mean not even rookies are throwing the ball up hoping his player will be there. Of this is our quarterback and o line it’s gonna be a rough long season

  4. Pawel Says:

    Demps can have all the speed he wants but the important things he lacks is vision, shiftiness, jukes, etc. That one kick off return by Patton looked more promising.

  5. Shawnbucfan Says:

    We are just like the Dixie chicks all we drafted, or signed oh offense was skill postions . Clearly most of us know what happens when you neglect the core , or the offensive line

  6. Mike10 Says:

    O line O line O line
    bad bad bad
    I just hope Lovie doesn’t stand up there and feed us the same BS we got in the past: “The O line is still learning to gel, their defense over there is really good, we’ll be ready for week 1.”

  7. JFat Says:

    Pretty rough. Gonna give it till week 3 of preseason before I head to the skyway though.

  8. Capt.Tim, Back from Davie Jobes's locker Says:

    Everything else was about what you expected.
    But that O-line was so gad awful bad- that they really should fire the O-line coach, and immediately call Ritchie Incognoto, and look for another Tackle and guard.
    Bring back ole Bob- the Our former Oline coach from Wisconsin. To lazy to see what he’s up to right now.
    But our current coach needs to be fired immediately. There is no excuse(NONE!) for March that steaming pile of crap on the field, and telling us it’s an NFL unit. They were as bad as I’ve seen. So bad, that no real coach could possibly have presented that

    But the New Uniforms looked fantastic. Gonna go buy a couple.

  9. 76Buc Says:

    I found out that our first 22 are not very good, but our futuer beer truck drivers are better than Jax’s.

  10. BucTrooper Says:

    That was very “youngry.”

  11. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    Mike Glennon is (wait for it) TERRIBLE!!!!!
    and I hope he rides the pine all the way to the next team.

  12. Deputy Buc Says:

    Fire the o-line coach?!

    I guarantee there is not a coach out there that can turn that group as it sits into a beast of an OL with two weeks of work.

    He’s a coach, not a magician and It’s only two weeks of pads! We knew this group was going to be developmental, at best.

    I wasn’t please by the OL performance, but i was far from surprised by it.

    It was exactly what I was thinking it was going to be with who they started. No need to go all Jimmy Haslam on the coaching staff though. There isn’t much out there for guards this year. And NO, Incognito is not the answer. He was on the down hill before his psychotic antics were publicized. We are better off waiting to see what gets cut and throwing our young bloods in there to develop.

  13. BucsDan Says:

    The obvious is the o-line needing work, The other surprise was the late start by ASJ. Too many play killing penalties (two 10+yd runs by Sims) before he started running down the seam.

    If anything, Tedford’s offense in the first preseason game looked worlds ahead of what we had being called last season. I saw five wide! Motion! Shotgun on 1st and 2nd down! So many different play calls!

    Definitely something to work from.

    Did we mention O-line needs work?

  14. Pawel Says:

    What @newbucsfan? Glennon did good, receivers had drops too. He might of had a bad throw but all the QBs do. Overall, Glennon did great!

  15. buc4lyfe Says:


    No you’re in denial he looked bad and was under less pressure and running with the 2’s, he’s still horrible at sideline throws or should I say sideline hail Mary’s. This team isn’t ready because of the o line and quarterbacks

  16. Bobby Says:

    Glennon looked fine. 3 dropped passes and several called back by penalties. Nice TD drive. QB rating of 89+ he looked fine to me. Several very nice throws. Certainly better than McCown and Glennon looked way more poised in the pocket.