“I Wouldn’t Want To Say 100 Percent I’ll Be Playing”

August 19th, 2014

VernerGetting Alterraun Verner on the game field and making his Tampa Bay debut isn’t necessarily in the immediate future.

Verner explained to media today at One Buc Palace that he hasn’t really tested his bum hamstring yet.

“I feel fine. I mean, it’s going to see as we increase my reps during practice and see how I respond, but I wouldn’t want to say, you know, 100 percent I’ll be playing [against Buffalo],” Verner said this afternoon. “We’re going to do what’s best and see how I feel. But if I do play I can’t tell you how long. I’m going to play as long as they need me to play. I look forward to being out there. Hopefully, everything holds up so I can play.”

Verner said he feels good walking but can’t say much about football playing.

“But actually full go having to make a quick reaction, that’s something I can’t tell until I’m actually at practice,” Verner said.

Well, those are hardly encouraging words from the Bucs’ Pro Bowl corner. It sounds like he’s been healing for 3+ weeks versus the Bucs just keeping him off the field as a precautionary measure.

During his four seasons in Tennessee, Verner never missed a game or, as he told Joe, even a training camp practice.

24 Responses to ““I Wouldn’t Want To Say 100 Percent I’ll Be Playing””

  1. Marky D Says:

    Another year another top FA CB not practicing.

  2. robert9 Says:

    it sounds like he’s been hanging out with carl nicks!!!

    seriously, get well man.

    on a side note why is it every time we pay big money FA’s the guy get’s hurt or gets lazy and never lives up to it?

    michael johnson (so we’ve heard so far)
    the hawk…..he missed a lot of games and has not lived up to the hype

    etc, etc

  3. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Joe, the bucs should sell the hat, with “IR” beside the logo, or “PUP” on it.

    famous “IR” floppy hats

    Carl Nicks
    Darrelle Revis

  4. Prince Says:

    Doesn’t sound promising. Guess we’ll see him on opening day like we did Revis. That worked out OK. I don’t see this anywhere else. Good job Joe

  5. Eric Says:

    Let the man heal for opening day.

  6. unbelievable Says:

    Not ideal.

    But it would be much better to let him fully recover, (even if it makes the start of the season a bit rough), than to rush him back and lose him for the season due to a worse injury.

    Hamstrings are a bitch!

  7. Mac Says:

    UH OH… This is not good…Not good at all…Jenkins, Melvin and Verner all appear to be” China dolls”… Please get well soon fellas or its going to be ugly…

  8. Joe Says:

    Joe, the bucs should sell the hat, with “IR” beside the logo, or “PUP” on it.

    In all seriousness, you could make some cash off of this.

  9. SAMCRO Says:

    To early to call it a trend but I hope we’re not dealing with another Arrelious Benn.

    ….and before someone says it,

    I know one is a CB and one is a WR, ty.

  10. BUC4LIFE79 Says:


  11. Joe Says:

    To early to call it a trend but I hope we’re not dealing with another Arrelious Benn.

    Well, Benn’s problem was he kept blowing out a knee. So far, Verner just has a nasty hamstring. Not good, but not career-threatening either.

  12. Joseph Mamma Says:

    Carl Nicks didn’t miss a game until he got here either. Poo poo happens.

  13. Harry Says:

    @The_Buc_Realist Says:
    “…Joe, the bucs should sell the hat, with “IR” beside the logo, or “PUP” on it…”

    I like “Stoker”. Or maybe “Nicks”ed up

  14. robert9 Says:

    theres a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE problem with him not being on the field. cover 2 is an art that takes practice, of which he has none.

    even if he IS ready he should not be starting. Banks and Jenkins will start IMO

  15. Couch Fan Says:

    It seems there is always someone who has never been injured before, come to the Bucs and immediately get injured. Must be the heat.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    Tampa Bay, where high prices free agents are out out to pasture. This is getting a bit ridiculous. Someone in the front office… for going on Tears now isn’t doing their due diligence on player health. It’s a never ending cycle.

  17. BigMacAttack Says:

    Put out to pasture
    Years not tears
    Effing iPhone

  18. Justin Says:

    @ The_Buc_Realist Correct me if i’m wrong but Revis played last year correct? He also was one of Pro Football Focus’s top cover corners. Sooo him being not able to perform in training camp didn’t really matter, especially since he trained on his own in Arizona to get his strength and speed back. It seemed to work out pretty well.

  19. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    same can be true about verner. Its not about when someone is healed or available! It about the FLOPPY Hat!!!

    Exp. So if someone ask you how a player was at training camp? you just reply, He was floppy hat, Meaning he has not done anything in 3 or more days!

    and it a

  20. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    also means if you miss 1 game day, You will be required to “don” the floppy hat on the sidelines!!!

  21. Danati74 Says:

    I thought he was a good CB for the Titans. There was a lot of talk he was up and coming. I’m glad we got him…pretty cheap too. I want a Stocker IR floppy.

  22. Skoorb Says:

    Revis didn’t play in the pre season and he was about 75% himself. This guy is about a 60% equivilant of Revis. But he’s got a bum hamstring so he is actually 30% Revis which makes him ……. Never mind

  23. ruggyup Says:

    100% correct the hat should be sold and marketed with some kind of monogram not designed by Nike.

  24. Jim Walker Says:

    Ban the floppy hats!