Fourth Preseason Games Are Garbage

August 28th, 2014
Yes, Joe wanted to stick his tongue out last night's fourth preseason game was awful. The vast majority of players who logged time in the second half hope to land a job with Gene Simmons' arena league team next week.

Yes, Joe wanted to stick his tongue out at tonight’s  fourth preseason game. It was awful. The vast majority of players who logged time in the second half hope to land a job with Gene Simmons’ arena league team next week.

It was barely the second quarter and Joe, fighting a very minor sickness and running on about five hours of sleep, found it nearly impossible to focus on the Bucs’ fourth and (thankfully) last preseason game of the season.

(It might surprise you how many locals were watching the Texas A&M-South Carolina game and completely and totally ignored the Bucs. It was as if the Bucs game was background noise or static on the radio to these folks.)

In days leading up to the game, Lovie Smith admitted he pretty much knew who would stock the final 53-man roster. Lovie, perhaps indirectly, underscored what a folly the fourth game of the preseason is when he shrugged his shoulders at Keith Lewis, after he picked off a second-quarter pass in the end zone. Sacks, takeaways and speed is Lovie’s Holy Trinity. But Lovie all but yawned about Lewis’ interception.

“It helps,” Lovie said. “We told the guys to do something to make us put them on the team. Making big plays like that will at least make us take note.”

In other words, that was a nice play, son, but hope you didn’t buy a South Tampa condo. It’s going to be empty next week when you are playing for the Los Angeles KISS.

17 Responses to “Fourth Preseason Games Are Garbage”

  1. KeithInTampa Says:

    (I don’t care who yar are; the “Gene Simmons League” pic and comment is funny! Despite the fact that Joe is not feeling good and that he revealed that he is a “Tree Hugger” this week!) !

  2. Harry Says:

    It was really, truly awful. I was so looking forward the the 1st preseason game – major withdrawls. But this last preseason game is an example of why fans hate them.

  3. whocares92 Says:

    I wish we could have seen more Glennon. Would feel a lot better having more confidence in our back up QB going into the season.

  4. Joe Says:

    I wish we could have seen more Glennon.

    Coaches didn’t want to see him killed.

  5. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    The NFL should make the last preseason game free.

    And they should make starters available for interviews up in the booth, so we have more of a reason to watch.

  6. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Woot, gas prices will be at lowest since 2010!

  7. Capt.Tim, back from Davies Jones's locker Says:

    Joe’s not feeling good? Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better.
    Don’t some of your fellow Tree hungers have some pray beads, medicinal incense, or perhaps a healing Stone to chase away the evil spirits, and change your karmic glow from blue to Green? Or some other such Tree hugger type thing?

    Just teasing Joe, trying ta cheer you up! Don’t ban me!!!
    Or I might have ta talk to Incognito!!

  8. Capt.Tim, back from Davies Jones's locker Says:

    I though having Licht in the booth was really informative! I’m telling you guys- I think we got a great GM this time!

  9. Brandon Says:

    A & M and SC was last night…UGHH!!!

  10. Brandon Says:

    The players on the field weren’t the only 3rd stringers getting playing time… from watching the telecast it seemed if the camera crew went with their entire 3rd string as well. They couldn’t keep up with the action to save their lives.

  11. Pawel Says:

    Well, it shows how garbage our backups are.

  12. RastaMon Says:

    2014 Pre Season….I watched 16 quarters of very worrisome offensive football…..We have NO offensive line…

  13. JMN Says:

    The 4th pre-season games are always un-watchable. bad football. Can’t believe the NFL charges their customers full price for pre-season games. That is ultimate greed.

  14. Jim Says:

    As a season ticket holder for over 30 years, I have been paying full price for these games. The Bucs should be paying me to watch.

  15. BucFanInArkansas Says:

    So what you’re saying is that I can safely delete the NFLN replay off my DVR this morning without feeling like I missed something?

  16. Zam Says:

    One preseason game, that’s all there should be. Cause if they cut it down to 3 games, then it will be the third game that all the starters rest and the scrubs play and we’ll start talking about the worthless third game.

    If a team can’t figure out who to employ from film, training camp and scrimmages, then they have no business coaching in my opinion. Clearly Lovie didn’t need preseason… they were trying to trade for a guard before the first game. They knew where their weaknesses were from training camp.

  17. Joe Says: