First-Team Stocker Turns Blocking Corner

August 20th, 2014

luke stockerYes, fan-favorite tight end Luke Stocker is still working with the first-team Tampa Bay offense. Joe confirmed that with Stocker today.

And much of that is about blocking. No matter how beastly rookie tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins might be, it takes years to learn how to block consistently at the NFL level.

That’s for tight ends, Stocker explained, in part because the basketball-sized tight ends (he stands 6-6, 267 pounds) have a greater learning curve.

“I think a lot of it has to do with technique and positioning and how to use your power and leverage, especially being taller guys, like most of us tight ends often are now. We have to learn to play low but also with good technique. It just take time and reps to get that down,” Stocker said.

“I think two to three years is kind of where guys really turn that corner and understand how to use their leverage and power and their feet. Almost all tight ends are strong powerful guys, but you see some of those same guys aren’t effective blockers.”

Of course, Stocker believes he can be the Bucs’ top blocking tight end, in addition to being able to catch the ball in his fourth season.

Stocker should get every shot to prove himself against a strong front-7 of the Bills. A good game Saturday should lock up Stocker’s 2014 Bucs future.

21 Responses to “First-Team Stocker Turns Blocking Corner”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Go Luke….I mean…..why not?

  2. ruggyup Says:

    I think Stocker has it right except, if a big guy really has it and is coached up hard, he should be good to go during, not after, his year 2.

  3. Theodore Says:

    As long as Luke doesn’t turn to the dark side, I’m good.

  4. Buddhaboy Says:

    we traded up for this guy

  5. Buccfan37 Says:

    The Bucs need a big dude blocker. He is at that point where it all has to come together. Positive news indeed.

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    Ah!!!! Luke Stocker carrying on the proud tradition of blocking icon Michael Clayton.

  7. Hawk Says:

    With the blocking woes on the O-line, a ‘blocking’ TE is going to be very important. Maybe this is the year Stocker can play a full season.

  8. Buc Neckid Says:

    Tim Wright may be on the outside looking in very soon

  9. gatrbuc17 Says:

    NICE One Theodore

  10. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Never quite thought about it that way Hawk but I believe you may be correct. The answer to the puzzle is right in front of us.

  11. biff barker Says:

    Anthony Becht was a really stout blocking TE came out and said the same thing. The light came on in his third year.

    Not to worry about Wright just yet because he should fit what Tedford wants to do with mismatches. The Bucs are trying to get his head around the blocking assignments sooner than later.

  12. knucknbuc Says:

    Yea bec it’s not like having Luke out on the field doesn’t cream run!!! At all. Trust me no one is scared or worried about covering Luke ” turtle” stocker. Smdh

  13. Harry Says:

    Wright, ASJ and Meyer behind Stocker? How is this possible? Are we entering the twilight zone? Do you recall that Jimmy Graham and Stocker were taken in the same draft? Only ONE round apart; Graham in the 3rd and Stocker in the 4th. Weird. Show us the Force Luke – become Jimmy Graham this season!!

  14. robert9 Says:

    WTF….who cares, he’ll be hurt by opening day. Use what you got and spread the dang offense out man!!!

  15. ander Says:

    Maybe we. Should just try him out at guard since he cant catch or block worth a crap

  16. ander Says:

    Meant run instead of block

  17. Danati74 Says:

    Wow, he is really making a case for himself. He should be right about on the same level as ASJ. I mean he only has about 25 more catches than him in 3-4 seasons. Is he in a contract year too? I guess let him play it out. By that time ASJ should be a better blocker. He looks the part of a TE, but hasn’t done anything. Just like Bowers. I guess only the last time will tell.

  18. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Lovie will most likely come to realize Stocker =’s fool’s gold. He teased Bucs fans for years making us wonder if this will be the season he lives up to the promise we were told he had…and then he gets injured.

  19. Dreambig Says:

    Who knows what Stocker is capable of. Has the man played three games in a row, ever?

  20. Bucfan40 Says:

    Sorry but im not going to get excited about a tight end excelling at blocking. I want one who is going to spread the defense and score touch downs.

  21. Hawk Says:

    @ Bucfan40

    He can ‘spread’ all he wants, but if the O-line can’t block the front four, then there will be no touchdowns coming from a QB who is auditioning for a ‘Tide’ commercial.
    On a well oiled offense, I’d be nice to have a TE who is good at both, so as not to tip their hand at what’s coming. The Buc offense still has a few squeaks.