“Establishing A New Line Of Scrimmage”

August 12th, 2014
Bucs D-line coach Joe Cullen

Bucs D-line coach Joe Cullen

Yes, the Tampa Bay defensive line dominated Jacksonville and has owned its competition in practice.

Even the Bucs on their official website seem to be taking a defense-is-winning stance.

Bucs multimedia guru and “insider” reporter Scott Smith says the D-line shining in Jacksonville reflected what has been going on all summer.

“That’s nothing different from what we’ve been seeing on the practice field here in training camp every day,” Smith said in this video out of yesterday’s practice.

Joe can’t disagree.

One nugget from Smith was a nugget from a conversation he had with DE Will Gholston, Per Smith, Gholston clamed the D-line “met it’s goal on almost every play: establishing a new line of scrimmage.”

Joe’s heard that line before from players. That’s how high expectations are on the D-line.

Joe’s very confident, but Joe is a little concerned by the words of Michael Johnson on SiriusXM NFL Radio earlier this week. Johnson explained how he’s being asked to line up extremely wide, much like Simeon Rice did, and Johnson says he definitely has a learning curve there because he had a nearly opposite alignment with the Bengals.

That’s something Joe was watching in practice yesterday, and will keep his eye on through the next two preseason games.

18 Responses to ““Establishing A New Line Of Scrimmage””

  1. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Maybe that’s why we don’t hear much from Johnson. He is having to line up from Clearwater in every play! He is lucky to get 3 sacks this year…

  2. SAMCRO Says:

    How is this any different from years past? Our team has always been predicated on the defense first philosophy. Just because we drafted mostly offensive players, didn’t mean, we would all of a sudden, be an offensive juggernaut. How is this some giant revelation? This is just common sense when it comes to the history of our franchise.

  3. Tom Edrington Says:

    Yes, defense, defense and more defense but somebody please remember to tell the offense that touchdowns put six points on the scoreboard.

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I love our defense and it needs to score…..the last time I checked……scoring zero points won’t get you a win.

  5. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The problem is opposing defensive lines are creating a “new line of scrimmage” with our o-line too.

  6. BucDan Says:

    I watched the game on Rewind about 3 times now. Our defensive line was definitely making plays. And to mention Johnson in a positive light, he had three distinct plays in the game where he had sack potential (beat his man), but the QB was able to evade by rolling to – DUN! DUN! DUN! – AC’s side. Henne and Bortles both consistently were able to avoid the rush by flowing to the right.


    To end on a positive: McDonald, McCoy, Bowers, Gholston, Johnson and Masifilio were my d-line highlights. Consistent push on the line and also making plays away from themselves. Going until the whistle.

  7. Rob Says:

    I wish there was as much emphasis on holding the offensive line to such lofty standards too.

  8. Broy Says:

    Samcro- nobody is calling this a giant revelation. God people wake up and actually read Joes post before u spew out stupidity like diarrhea after Indian food. And technically it could be a revelation from past years because instead of talking about good defense they’re actually playing it

  9. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    Standing ovation for you my friend! its so nice to hear someone that can watch football and dissect what is really going on. ( there is too few of that these days.)

  10. DB55 Says:


    I’m up to 5, yup I’ve seen this game 5xs while rewinding and slo-motioning each play. It’s pathetic, my wife stopped talking to me on Saturday. Apparently I have way too much time on my hands. With that said, the child beast (gholston) wrech havoc on the line, blowing up a few plays in the backfield. Johnson on the other hand although he got up the field well, he also got manhandled on run plays and got pancaked on one toss sweep play. That’s not a good look!

  11. louden Says:

    @DB55 and bucdan:
    now, even fans can see and understand what is going (wr)on(g).
    Thats why I, cant understand that coaches GM´s and scouting department of the Bucs past (even current) are doing so extremely stupid things sometimes.

    How about Cousins. He is still here “battling” for a roster spot. Like he will suddenly become HULK of NFL-Line play.

    Could you believe those guys in those offices are maybe earning way much more than an average Joe.
    And an average Joe, despite his limited time, can make better evaluations than them?!
    God riddance!
    How about, everyone should know by now, you start building a team up-front, still, the Bucs, while there were VERY GOOD O-Liner LEFT IN DRAFT OPT TO GET AN RB WHO HAS GOOD HANDS… I AM FREAKING OUT.
    EVERYONE KNOWS RB´s can be have in later rounds. Plus even good veterans could be had for cheap.
    Pretty much every RB in the league is able to catch the damn football…

  12. ATLBucsFan Says:

    @FLBoyInDallas – couldn’t agree more. Sounds like a good mantra for our O-(No)-line too!

  13. Bucnjim Says:


    Offensive play makers are much harder to find than lineman. Simms if you watch him at all has similar qualities to a Marshal Faulk when receiving the ball out of the backfield. Still young and a little raw, but there is no doubting his smooth, fluid receiving skills. The draft & free agency had very little to offer in the way of Guards. We did go out and sign the best available Center as well as a pretty good left tackle. The puzzle can only be put together one piece at a time.

  14. Sneedy16 Says:


    Well if they had a 4th round pick it would have help with the draft. I’m pretty sure they would have drafted Simms in the 4th instead of the 3rd had they have all their draft picks. Oh and the first round from last year we could have used that to pick up a guard last year too.

  15. pick6 Says:

    too much is being expected of michael johnson. he has one standout season lining up next to one of the best DTs in the business, he has the lovie seal of approval, and beyond that not much to hang your hat on besides hope. i think we will be in the market for DE upgrades next offseason once again.

  16. BoJim Says:

    Hey all you coach’s. Put me in!!

  17. DB55 Says:

    @ louden

    Points for this


  18. Brandon Says:

    Michael Johnson will post double digit sacks. I don’t care about the learning curve, he’ll be fine. He was a wide 9 rusher for the most part at Georgia Tech.