New Buccaneer Was “Visibly Shaken”

August 27th, 2014

logan mankins 0827b

Mike Giardi, Phil Perry and Patriots beat man Tom Curran, of, discussed the Logan Mankins deal to the Bucs at length yesterday.

The trio described how Mankins was “visibly shaken” by the news, and told stories about how important Mankins was in the locker room and to rookies of all positions.

It sounds as if Mankins was the Patriots glue. Hear the stories and more in this CSNNE video.

34 Responses to “New Buccaneer Was “Visibly Shaken””

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Shaken….not stirred!!!

  2. Orca Says:

    Well, I hope the locker room in Tampa will welcome him and make him feel at home quickly. They need this guy to be a rock.

  3. OB Says:


    I am guessing he was visibly shaken because his agent also told him that his pay in Tampa is not taxed by the state which just gave him a big raise however if his wife finds out, I am sure she will take care of it plus they will have to travel for snow for Christmas.

  4. DailyRich Says:

    So should we be a little worried about Mankins’ commitment to us? If he was “visibly shaken” about leaving New England, you have to wonder how on board he is with being here.

  5. DHutch Says:

    I just hope he doesn’t lose the will to play. There’s not many people who desire to play in Florida; especially when coming from a perennial Super Bowl contender like the patriots.

  6. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Mankins is a real pro….he will likely try to do his best to proove NE wrong….
    I’m glad we have EDS & GMC…..and don’t forget his relationship with Licht…..all players seem to love playing for Lovie.
    A couple of trips to Mons Venus before the family comes down should solidify the attitude!!!

  7. Jordan Says:

    Mankins will make at least $150,000 more this year by playing half of his games in Florida. I’d be shaken by that too.

  8. Thunder Sack Says:

    Of course he was shaken. He has to uproot his family suddenly. Not to mention leave his job with a winning franchise and firendship circle.

    He will be fine when he gets here and gets to work.

    Welcome to the team and town, Logan!

  9. Orca Says:

    ^^ When you make 10 million, 150K doesn’t mean much.

  10. Orca Says:

    It might take him awhile to adjust to the culture shock of moving from Boston to Tampa. Boston is a real city, whereas Tampa is very suburban, much quieter, lotsa strip malls and chain restaurants. If you’re not into the beach or hot weather, Tampa is not all that exciting… But he’s a California guy I think, so he might appreciate more sunshine and warmer weather… Hope so.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    $150K means something regardless of income….and…FYI…the Mass state income tax is 5.25%…….on $10mil that will compute to $525,000……now that will mean something going foward

  12. KSV Says:

    I’m sure the Bucs and the Tampa Bay area will welcome Mankins and his family with open arms! I’d go ahead and add him to the list of Team Captains immediately to show him that we recognize what kind of leader and player he is! Sometimes a change of scenery and a new challenge are the best things that can happen in life. WELCOME LOGAN!!!!!

  13. Orca Says:

    If you make 10 million dollars per year, and you worry about that 5.25%, you’re officially an a$$h0le.

  14. SAMCRO Says:

    What if he decides to retire now? Get Incognito in here.

  15. lightningbuc Says:

    I love when people say that Boston, or New York, or Philly is a real town and Tampa isn’t. So old. It’s so bad here, that’s why all those people from Boston, or New York, or Philly move here in droves. If it’s so damn great in those cities, then why the hell do they all end up here eventually!

  16. Orca Says:

    ^^ Because they’re old and they’ve given up on life.

  17. Orca Says:

    Life in Tampa is much easier and cheaper… I’ll say that’s a plus.

  18. M. Amigo Says:

    Orca, you forgot to mention the strip clubs and Asian spas!

  19. bigpoppabuc Says:

    This is my big worry about this trade. Mankins has to want to be here.

  20. Oahubuc Says:

    Really, Orca? If you’re concerned about a significant portion of the money you earn you’re an a$$h0le? Okee doke.

  21. Orca Says:

    ^^ When you make 10mil, yup.

  22. pick6 Says:

    he wouldn’t be the guy we are hoping for if leaving the patriots didn’t bother him. he was all in on his team and teammates, so a trade is going to hurt. it won’t take him long to make the same commitment to his coach and team in tampa, but asking him to throw those years and feelings aside is like asking lynch to forget he was a buc when he moved to denver

  23. pick6 Says:

    Orca, what’s the threshold? what percentage of one’s $10 million income is one permitted to care about without being dubbed an a hole by haters like you? seems to me the a holes are the ones who spend their money like it will never run out, not the ones who are observing responsible financial concepts like savings and capital preservation

  24. Espo Says:

    Being in Boston long enough makes you an A hole.

  25. kh Says:

    Reality check for Orca – people that are rich like to stay rich and you don’t get that way by treating $500k like its nothing.

  26. lightningbuc Says:

    I would argue $150K DOES matter to those making $10 million. Why else do they do commercials, have sponsor endorsements with Nike., get paid for autographs, etc. if they are happy making $10 million less taxes?

  27. White Tiger Says:

    C’mon, you guys think he was shaken because it would uproot his family? He thought he was a star on a very hard working offensive line, for a very productive and succesful team. They are the elite, and he was one of the reasons for that status. Our Bucs have had some success, primarily on defense – we’ve never really been known for our offense. We may be building something, but we haven’t done anything near what he’s seen accomplished.

    He probably thought he’d retire a Patriot – he’s 32 and he has to start over. It’s daunting.

    …but he’s a PRO – he’ll adjust and we will get better and others will learn from him and they’ll get better – MUCH better than Richie Icognito.

    Shocking move – and I love the commitment from the Glazers – great job!

  28. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Tampabaybucfan and Orca

    We’re about to enter the 9th month of the tax year. So only 3 months will not have state tx.

    And you two are arguing over nothing.

  29. Boomer33 Says:

    BucaneerBonzai. Doesn’t he have 2 more years on his contract?

  30. Lou. Says:

    @BucBonzai & Orca–

    Salary and roster bonuses are paid when earned, not prorated over the year. No player or agent ignores taxes, especially of this size. Or any spouse. It would be irresponsible.

    Besides, do you see the Hlazers — or any owners– ignoring loose change? He’ll, the NFL wants singers to pay the League for Super Bowl halftime performances.

    Chances are Orca oz not earning in the seven figures. Just sayin’.

  31. Lou. Says:

    Damn spell check —

  32. Tomcin Says:

    Just hope he doesn’t say, the hell with it and retires. If that would happen is the deal null & void? Just wondering.

  33. Capt.Tim,Back from Davie Jones's locker Says:

    I think he’s ok with coming here. He probably still wants to win a SuperBowl.

    Never won one with “Elite” New England

  34. Bawlmerbucfan Says:

    Espo….Masshole, my favorite insult I learned in college.