Bucs Trade For Chiefs’ Guard

August 21st, 2014
The Bucs traded for Chiefs  guard Rishaw Johnson today.

The Bucs traded for Chiefs guard Rishaw Johnson today.

Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen. Joe has stunning trade news that will knock your socks off. Ready? OK, here goes.

The Bucs traded a safety for a guard. Yes, a trade in the NFL involving real players with a real beating pulse, per Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

Now Joe knows Bucs fans hollering for general manager Jason Licht to do something about the guard position can finally sit down and enjoy a cold beer. Here are the cold, hard facts about Johnson from Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times

Johnson played at Ole Miss before transferring to Division II California University of Pennsylvania.

You may now exhale. The offensive line has been upgraded.

“He played a little bit of center so that gives us some flexiblity,” Bucs coach Lovie Smith said of Johnson. “He’s a big athlete. Looks pretty good on video.”

73 Responses to “Bucs Trade For Chiefs’ Guard”

  1. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    At least he didn’t cost anything. McRay was gone in a few days anyway.

  2. nate Says:

    Hell yeah! Lets go bucs!

  3. Pawel Says:

    Man, he looks old on that pic, whats his age not that it matters?

  4. Joe Says:

    whats his age


  5. Tom Edrington Says:

    Okay, let’s get this straight, the Chiefs traded a buy who wasn’t going to make their team for a guy who wasn’t going to make our team.

    If a third-team KC o-lineman makes the Buccaneer roster, then the o-line may be worse than anyone thinks!

  6. Blight Says:

    Is it upgraded? Hard to Believe he’s much of an upgrade

  7. Prince Says:

    Pretty sure that’s Joe being sarcastic. Technically, it is upgraded since they added another body.

  8. You Go Joe Says:

    We got a third stringer…..Does anyone even know who S Kelcie McCray is? Yay bucks for trading for a player….but we didn’t really get a starter or that I know of.

  9. INDYbucsfan Says:

    He’s an upgrade?

  10. Orca Says:

    Well, they’re bringing in bodies. Can’t expect much out of these 2 moves today. Seems Cousins and Omameh are locked in as the starters and Daniels and Edwards aren’t ready yet. I think, barring acquiring a guard with starting experience, we already have the 4 guards we’re moving into the season with. I don’t see them cutting Edwards even if he is still very green. And Daniels is the backup C also, isn’t he?

  11. Waterboy Says:

    Never heard of Rishaw Johnson.

  12. Orca Says:

    Maybe this new guy is another one they want to give a tryout to as a practice squad candidate.

  13. DallasBuc Says:

    Upgraded? Why is this an upgrade? What the hell are these guys doing?

  14. Orca Says:

    Clearly not an upgrade. Again, these 2 guard moves today make no sense unless they’re looking for some practice squad types to groom. So, I’m going to assume that’s what they’re doing it for.

  15. Orca Says:

    Hmmm, this is interesting…


  16. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    For all the people complaining, exactly who would you bring in at guard? This isn’t Madden, you can’t just have anyone you want. If a team has a really good guard, they’re going to want a lot for him. If we did that, the same people would complain that we gave up too much.

  17. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I like that they are not standing pat. Roll the dice, and maybe something will work. This is what I like about Lovie coming here. he looked at the garbage roster and shook it up. Will it all work, no. But you see what does work and fix as much as you can next off-season.

  18. DallasBuc Says:

    Hawaiian- that’s just it, there are no good answers now, 2 1/2 weeks before the season starts! Do-no-wrong Lovie and his lapdog rookie GM should have been a little more focused on this when they inexplicably dumped the existing vet oline in favor of backups and overpaid, backup players.

  19. BFFL Says:

    Hopefully he’s a better option than that crap they rolled out in the 2nd half of the Miami game.

  20. Macabee Says:

    Now this Rishaw Johnson will probably get past the Tuesday cut down day. But OT Edwan Coughman just released by the Bills is a clear cut case of Lovie and Licht playing CIA! They’re going to waterboard Coughman for the next 2 days and turn him loose next Tuesday somewhere on the outskirts of Tampa with a bag lunch and a bus pass! Coughman will cough (pardon the pun) up the entire Buffalo offensive playbook before the cock crows Friday morning!

  21. nate Says:

    We got great running backs y not trade 1 of them for oline… no matter how great they are if theres no holes theyre going nowhere..

  22. Nick2 Says:

    Division II California University of Pennsylvania??? I had to check the calendar and make sure its not April Fools day. Ok who is this joke on????
    Yes Licht addressed the Guard position SORT OF!!!!!!!!

  23. Architek Says:

    Licht has great rapport and relationship with Andy Reid and his staff. He has the 411 and intel on this kid.

    This is a no risk move that could yield decent to good results at the worse. This also tells me they are committed to young players!

  24. SAMCRO Says:

    This trade gives both teams a player they needed with upside. If they had waited until they were released they may not have gotten them. The Chiefs must have thought Rishaw could help another team, and we all know that Lovie has been raving about all his safeties, including McCray. I’m surprised you don’t see more of this player for player trades before teams have to trim their rosters down. This is borderline collusion, but I guess it’s not scrutinized as much when they are near the same value.

  25. Discount08 Says:

    I am glad we are making moves, it means we are trying to upgrade to the best we have to work with. Joe, what do you think about this move? What do you think about this Chiefs guard?

  26. Celly Says:

    Penn was plucked off the Vikings practice squad, and as much as some of you would like to disagree, he turned out pretty well for what we was acquired for.

  27. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I love Davin Joseph, but he was absolute garbage last year. Problem is, he’s old and he was due a huge salary. You can’t pay a guy that kind of money with the hopes that he will somehow find the fountain of youth and play like an all pro again. Maybe they asked him to take a pay cut and he declined – we have no idea. Guard has become one of the hardest positions to get in today’s NFL. We aren’t the only team with bad guards (although we may currently be the worst of the worst). I’m sure if a team cuts a good guard, we’ll be scooping him up immediately. Problem is, that’s not very likely.

  28. Buccfan37 Says:

    Stop the presses! Bucs swap tit for tat. Cheers all around!

  29. meh Says:

    Joseph has looked excellent for the Rams so far.

  30. Evan Says:

    If it wasn’t for kelcie McCray then we would’ve lost that lions game last year. Anyways best wishes to him it was a big long shot here & hopefully Johnson turns out to be something. Too bad we gave away zuttah

  31. Orca Says:

    Macabee Says:
    August 21st, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    Now this Rishaw Johnson will probably get past the Tuesday cut down day. But OT Edwan Coughman just released by the Bills is a clear cut case of Lovie and Licht playing CIA! They’re going to waterboard Coughman for the next 2 days and turn him loose next Tuesday somewhere on the outskirts of Tampa with a bag lunch and a bus pass! Coughman will cough (pardon the pun) up the entire Buffalo offensive playbook before the cock crows Friday morning!

    For a preseason game??? Highly highly doubtful. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is no way that’s why they did it… To get intel for a glorified practice??? No.

  32. andres Says:

    @Tom Edrington Yes, they are currently THAT BAD.

  33. DallasBuc Says:

    Hawaiian- Joseph was playing on a bum leg all year and gutted it out but it certainly and admittedly by him adversely affected his performance. My guess is that since he was cut and out of work for a while before being signed by STL for a happy meal he probably would have renegotiated his contract but the HC/GM didn’t want him. Just like they didn’t want the other vet leaders on the oline. Guarantee Joseph RG and Zuttah LG beat out tweedle dee and tweedle dum for the guard spots and Penn would beat out Collins at LT. For some reason (fevered egotism I suspect) HC/GM did not want vet leadership on the oline. We don’t have to be here but it is time we recognize that this is a self-inflicted wound.

  34. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Well, I think we can kiss the whole Alex Boone trade with S.F. goodbye. It seems clear now that the strategy will be to bring in lesser known players and raid practice squads and waiver wires for possible “upgrades”. Whether of not Rishaw Johnson is an upgrade remains to be seen….but welcome aboard Rishaw! All you have to do is play better than what we have now and you’ve got yourself a starting job!

  35. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    Oh my god, what are these guys doing? Making moves that in their professional opinion are good for the team? How dare they? They should be taking fan polls before doing anything! Who do they think they are? NFL coaches and executives or something? Don’t they realize that JBF comment posters should be consulted and respected prior to making personnel moves? What the hell is this world coming to?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. BirdDoggers Says:

    The decision to trade Zuttah for a late round pick is looking worse by the day. Lovie likes Johnson’s versatility because he has some experience at center? Again, what about Zuttah? He wasn’t an all world guard/center but he was definitely better than any of the replacement guards. Lovie should get the benefit of the doubt as he builds his team, but his history of bad decisions involving the offensive line is making that difficult.

  37. Tee Says:

    Damn! What yall want them to do a trade for a diva who really wants to stay in San Fran but just wants them to give him more money in Alex Boone… There is no one out there really, so at least they are taking chances to see if any one of these guys wants to step up and make an impact… There are no guards across the league so chill out and let L & L do what they can. Sheesh!

  38. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    You never ever know what’s under a horse’s tail until you lift it up!!!

  39. Buc the Haters Says:

    Dbuc, I wholeheartedly agree with your 2 most recent comments. I’m still very upset about us not trying to re-sign Joseph & also releasing Zuttah. Both moves were highly illogical. SMH

  40. Broy3434 Says:

    You guys are way too negative on here. How bout being happy they’re trying. They’re not giving up draft picks for a holdout guard. We got this guy for nothing. He looks athletic which is nice for our line.

  41. Buc the Haters Says:

    Orca, nice link. Thanks for posting. I suggest that everyone read the article. This guy is actually supposed to be pretty good. He may help us out

  42. biff barker Says:

    Sure beats sitting on the hands just hoping to get better.

  43. Broy3434 Says:

    Flboyindallas- thankyou. Your take is refreshing

  44. Bill Byrne Says:

    Nice move and heading in the right direction. Great comment FL Boy in Dallas!!!


  45. Espo Says:

    I liked McCray. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t he deliver the hit on Megatron to clinch that game last year?

  46. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Can’t get the picture out of my mind of the Asian taxi with the human pulling tourists around. lol

  47. Mac Says:

    Hip Hip hooray… This guy will be as effective as Cousins, Meredith, Daniels,etc…

    Keep trying L&L I’m still not happy nor impressed with how this offensive line mess has been handled… very poor IMO…

    Oh well… let me know when we can start talking about the 2015 draft…

  48. William Says:

    My son asked me “Does Florida State have better guards than the Bucs?”

    It took me two seconds to respond absolutely they do.

    1st Team All American Tre Jackson (projected 1st or 2nd round pick)and Honorable Mention All American Jose Matias(projected 2nd or 3rd round pick).

    Sad thing is we don’t have the third best group of guards in Florida we are maybe fourth best in a tight battle with UCF and Miami.

  49. Bill Says:

    Johnson went to camp as Chiefs’ No. 1 RG after backing up as a rookie (and starting the last game of the season). He was losing battle to rookie fifth-rounder Fulton. Bet he get a long look at RG, with possibility of Omam moving to LG.

  50. The Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    Did Greg Oden grow hair? Dude looks like he’s 50! Screw it we’ll take him, now lets duct tape him to EDS and either Dotson or Collins.

  51. Mitch Says:

    McCray was the safety that laid wood on Calvin Johnson causing him to cough up the ball, gifting Banks an interception, to secure the bucs third victory of the season! Good luck kid!!

  52. unbelievable Says:

    @Espo, yes he won that game for us (I was shocked a flag wasn’t thrown on that play to be honest with todays pussy NFL rules)

  53. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Actually wanna see what happens with the following prospects

    ***(Cheap Trade Targets)


    • 75 Chris Hairston G 25 6-6 330 3 Clemson
    • 67 Josh LeRibeus G 25 6-2 315 3 S.Methodist

    • 64 Matt Tobin OT 24 6-6 303 2 Iowa (Philly)
    • 71 Paul Cornick OT 25 6-6 310 1 NSU (Denver)
    • 78 Jermey Parnell OT 28 6-6 315 5 Miss. (Dallas)

    ***(Possible Roster Releases)

    • 73 Trey Hopkins OG 22 6-3 310 R Texas
    • 63 Ben Garland OG 26 6-5 308 1 Air Force (Denver)
    • 69 Harland Gunn OG 24 6-2 310 2 Miami (Fla.) (ATL)
    • 60 Jeff Baca OG 24 6-3 302 2 UCLA (Minnesota)

    • 66 Seantrel Henderson OT 22 6-7 331 R Miami (Fla.)-(Buff)

  54. STFU Sapp Says:

    Maybe the Bucs can trade some of you doomsdayer fans.

  55. JonBucFan Says:

    We should have never let go of Davin Joseph. Ya he wasn’t the best guard as of late but he is a whole lot better than what we have just picked up. And for those who remember Joseph was a pro bowl guard.

  56. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Tom Edrington Says
    “Okay, let’s get this straight, the Chiefs traded a buy who wasn’t going to make their team for a guy who wasn’t going to make our team.

    If a third-team KC o-lineman makes the Buccaneer roster, then the o-line may be worse than anyone thinks!”

    Look at it this way…they got a 6th string safety in return. 😉

    Seriously, this swap was most likely about taking a look during the next preseason game, at probably camp fodder. Of course, most of our line should be probably camp fodder.

  57. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    nate Says
    “We got great running backs y not trade 1 of them for oline… no matter how great they are if theres no holes theyre going nowhere…”

    Because of injuries. Yes, we have some good RBs. But already the injuries are piling up on them. Imagine if Rainey or James WERE traded and Martin went down.

  58. Architek Says:

    The guy was expected to start or at a minimum compete for a starting job.

  59. Matt B Says:


    Have you ever heard of sarcasm??? Jeez, it was obvious to everyone else (Macabee’s comment).

  60. Nick2 Says:

    Before I say anything else, I am grateful Lovie is here and Licht seems to know what he is doing. I can still question the movement of Davin Joseph as well. The guy was injured and yet has had some pretty good years in the past. We let him go to save on the salary cap that we still are not maxed out on. Why????? Now he will open holes for Rams backs who are not as good as ours and protect Bradford who in my opinion is not as good as McKown. I think it was a bad move. They did not have to trash the entire offensive line for one bad year of subpar play.

  61. passthebuc` Says:

    Why the trade? simple. The Bucs needed to take a chance on a no name guard more than a no name safety/ nothing more, nothing less.

  62. Macabee Says:

    Oh Matt B, You told him. I was enjoying a serious moment with Orca. Now to make him feel better, I feel compelled to say something serious. Here goes! Orca, I enjoy your comments. There’s a lot of them, but I manage to get your point everyday! I would say keep’em comin’, but I know you’re going to do that anyway. lol

  63. Dewey Selmon Says:

    Still trying to get the pic of an asian kid pulling tourists around in a basket out of my head. lol

  64. Capt.Tim,Back from Davie Jones's locker Says:

    Signed Rishaw Johnson and RJ Mattes.
    Two big young Guards, with a little NFL experience, and lots of upside.
    What’s not to like. Both these guys have a good chance.
    Nice to see them addressing the line, with guys they have obviously had their eyes on.
    I feel better

  65. Orca Says:

    Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in written form. Sorry ’bout that.

  66. JoesaBucsFanToo Says:

    Did you guys read the article linked here? It quotes: “he can’t handle a bull rush, and he doesn’t understand blocking angles.” Sounds like he will fit right in with our current OL.

  67. Jim Walker Says:

    “After starting the season opener of his junior season, Johnson was dismissed from the Ole Miss squad for “violating team rules.”


  68. Bogiedr Says:

    GUYS!!!!!!!!! Remember, no one had any idea who Michael Bennet was when we got him … In fact the same comments I am reading here were printed then about Bennet … I am just saying!!!

  69. Thomas Says:

    I really like this trade. We get a guy that could be of some real use and lose a guy that wont hurt us at all. Plus we get to keep our remaining draft picks.

    This being said I would still like us to grab another one. I think we will bring in a couple more after the cuts following preseason game 3.

  70. Stanglassman Says:

    This guy looks like he could be a real steal. Thanks for the article link Orca, re how he played well for the Chiefs playoff game Vs the Chargers. I’m watching that game now and the guy looks better than what we have now.

  71. TinBucToo Says:

    Man, that ain’t no KC Guard. That’s Busta Rhythms.

  72. Danati74 Says:

    I like the trade, and it didn’t cost any picks.

  73. Incognito Says:

    Better than just sitting on your hands.