“A Sack Is A Sack”

August 20th, 2014
Gerald McCoy doesn't want to talk about pressures

Gerald McCoy doesn’t want to talk about pressures

Bucs fans have been told that big money defensive end Michael Johnson racking up just 3 1/2 sacks last season doesn’t represent his true performance or ability.

Johnson merely had some bad football luck, was asked to do different things, and he still got pressure and was a sound pass rusher with massive talent.

But it seems Gerald McCoy might not have the same scouting report — if he were asked — on Johnson’s 2013 performance.

McCoy was asked yesterday whether the Bucs only having two sacks this preseason is acceptable because the team has put so much pressure on opposing quarterbacks. No. 93 doesn’t buy that line of thinking. He’s only a fan of results.

“No, a sack is a sack. A pressure sounds good, but a sack is a sack. We can sit and say, ‘We got pressures. We got this. We got that.’ We gotta get him on the ground. And when we get him on the ground, we gotta take the ball away,” McCoy said.

Yes, Joe expects a lot from Johnson. The Bucs do, too. They made him a very rich man — very quickly. They need sacks out of their defensive ends. Failure in that area is a big reason the last regime crumbled.

(You can watch lots of McCoy’s comments via the SportsTalkFlorida.com video below. The sack talk comes at 2:30.)

4 Responses to ““A Sack Is A Sack””

  1. gatrbuc17 Says:

    GMC is The ManBeast!!! Gotta Love this. Get us 21 a game Offense and we may not be watching the Playoffs with little interest this yr.

  2. biff barker Says:

    Pressure and hits work too, the sack number is overrated IMO. But the mentality must be to put the QB on the ground.

    I see the pass rush being most effective with Gholston starting opposite Johnson. Spence, Clayborn and maybe Sutton in rotation.

  3. nate Says:


  4. DallasBuc Says:

    Maybe McCoy can explain this “sack is a sack” concept. If Lovie and his lapdog understood this we wouldn’t have grossly overpaid for this under-productive DE and actually asked him to compete with the entrenched RDE Clayborn for the opportunity to start. For the price tag this guy was terrible value? More quantity over quality FA.