Your Hardest Working Buccaneer

July 23rd, 2014

LovieCampOh, the pride is oozing.

Nobody works harder than this Buccaneer, says Lovie Smith.

Lovie even told a national audience yesterday.

No surprise to learn Lovie was referencing two-time Pro Bowler Gerald McCoy.

You can listen to Lovie’s chat on Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio via the audio link below. Joe’s already referenced this interview in the scope of Lovie Smith’s take on the Father Dungy drama.

8 Responses to “Your Hardest Working Buccaneer”

  1. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    The ENGINE!

  2. mpmalloy Says:

    God bless the hard working Buccaneers.

  3. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Unrelated note….Alex Boone is refusing to show up at 9ers camp and threatening to sit out the season. He’s one of the top rated Guards in the NFL and is unhappy that he is only scheduled to make $2mil this year and $1.5 next year. The 9ers have less than $2mil in cap space left and they still need to try to lock Vernon Davis up long term. Would a team like the Bucs be willing to send a 3rd or 4th round pick to S.F. for a top prospect (he’s still only 27 years old) like Boone and reward him with a long term contract? I know the Bucs O-line is still cause for worry, but do you think Licht would talk to S.F. and try to gauge their interest in a trade?

  4. panhandle buc Says:


    Great question, I think he is worth a 4th rounder! 49ers are not going to let him go though.

  5. cmurda Says:

    I love Tony Dungy. He didn’t say anything remotely offensive. The media should take the time to report what he actually said. If anyone believes that Sam doesn’t come with distractions and drama for the Rams, they are nuts. Political crapness is ruining the U.S.A

  6. Hawk Says:

    The outcome will be decided by who blinks first. If Davis is REALLY unhappy and SF can’t/won’t give in to his demands, do they (SF) believe they can win without him? If they call his bluff, and he doesn’t fold, are they willing to not have him AND not have any compensation? The only hope that the Bucs (or any other team) have, is the fact that the 9ers are head-butting the salary cap. This could, Jeagan1999, be a most interesting development.

  7. Buccfan37 Says:

    McCoy should be the Bucs MVP this year. On the other note, “political crapness is ruining the U.S.A.” True, but the real ruination is greed and warmongering.

  8. OB Says:


    From what the other players said about GMC how does this compare to the trooper that went to Detroit just ahead of GMC, thank God.