Was Schiano “Too Into It?”

July 9th, 2014

greg schiano 1005A national television audience listened tonight to the leader of the New Schiano Order get painted as a maniac who many Buccaneers couldn’t deal with.

Adding to the intrigue was that the comment came from a Tampa Bay player not named Freeman who was a strong supporter of Schiano.

You can catch the Jim Rome show video below of Dashon “Hawk” Goldson on CBS Sports Network. Goldson suggests Schiano was a strong coach who was “too into it” and some Buccaneers couldn’t handle how the head coach wore “his heart on his sleeve.” (Translation: ripped them a new one repeatedly.)

Goldson said the current Buccaneers are enjoying a more “professional” environment. He also notes the irony of Drew Brees calling him out for being a headhunter while Brees was the leader of Team Bountygate.

44 Responses to “Was Schiano “Too Into It?””

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    More Schiano seal-clubbing!

    I’m sure it’s Schiano’s fault that Goldson still doesn’t know how to tackle without incurring 15 yard penalties, fines, and suspensions! Seems if anyone’s a little “too into it”, it’s Goldson.

  2. Danati74 Says:

    Rehire him as Head of Scouting.

  3. Cody Says:

    In my heart I believe Schiano genuinely loved this team, no doubt…he probably has a tattoo of the buccaneer flag on his ass…lol…

    In all seriousness, everything Schiano did for this team wasn’t all bad…our season could’ve easy been a lot different had Conner Barth been available and the NFL and it’s officials had not declared war on Desean Goldson…Imho, those 2 factors alone cost us atleast 6 games last season…

    With that said, all things happen for a reason…those things had to happen to get proven NFL coach Lovie Smith & Co. in town…I don’t think Schiano was a bad coach per say, just better suited for the College level…as far as coaching in General goes, this Job in Tampa Bay may have seriously damaged Schianos coaching career…only time will tell…

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I wouldn’t put it all on Schiano, but Schiano himself tolerated the illegal hits. mean, we were tops (or close to tops) in the league with personal fouls. Schiano never once called it out, or pointed to it as a problem. In fact,he said on several occasions it wasn’t a problem. Like everything else, he just kept saying “we’ll get it fixed”. Schiano would clearly take penalties to instill fear in the opponents. I can guarantee you Lovie won’t tolerate it.

  5. Couch Fan Says:

    Schiano did what he thought was best for the team and he did it his own way. Yes he sucked but I wont knock him because he tried to win. He didn’t quit on the team like… someone else.

  6. JBuc Says:

    While I would agree that Schiano was not yet ready for prime time as a NFL head coach, I do think he had a tough job to do with respect to dealing with a lot of the dead beats on this roster over the past two years. Hard to win when you have a guy at QB who was clearly never a leader and decided to give up on his team. Couple that with dopes like Winslow and Mike Williams and he had a lot to overcome. With that being said, he clearly lost this team at some point and had to go himself.

  7. lightningbuc Says:



  8. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    There is no job as an NFL coach that is easy. None. Every team and coach has its challenges. Do you think it’s easy to coach in New York with that media? They’re constantly after Coughlin and he has 2 rings! You don’t think Fox is going to catch some more heat if they don’t win it next year? Schiano’s job isn’t any tougher than any other coaches. I would argue it was easier because expectations were so low. Most of us (myself included) were loving him after a 7 win season, even with a late season choke job!!! That won’t fly in most cities. You don’t think every team has dead beats on it? These guys are choir boys, and I would argue that we weren’t much worse than the average NFL team, even with the dreaded rap music being played in practice (imagine the horror!!!).

  9. Ryan Says:

    Joe, I think you described the Schiano portion of the interview a bit stronger than what seemed to come across, although it did definitely seem like he was holding back and resisting Rome’s egging. I will admit though that it was quite refreshing to hear someone in the national media comment on the irony of the Drew Brees comments from 10 months ago; I felt almost as relieved/acknowledged as Goldson appeared to be when Rome brought that up.

  10. Mumbles Says:

    No more than usual. He is, was, who he is. If you think he has changed, you’re wrong. If he gets another chance, he’ll do the same thing again. When he looks in the mirror, he sees Lombardi. It’s the great man complex. He’s right and we’re wrong. If he was still here, we’d get the same stunts, same game plan, same QB, same results!

  11. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I suggest you #1 check the date of the article (12 games in. A little late, no?). #2 read his comments closer. He is for the most part excusing the personal fouls. He’s talking about the penalties overall are driving him crazy. Read this:

    “They’re not the disrespect. They’re playing-physical personal fouls. We just have to play a little smarter because we’ve given 73 points off of personal fouls. Not that they necessarily were the only factor in those drives, but in those drives where we’ve had personal fouls, we’ve given up a lot of points defensively. So we definitely have to get it under control.”

    Does that sound like a guy that is really pissed off about the personal fouls to you? It sure as hell doesn’t to me. To me, it sounds like a guy that likes the hits, but just doesn’t want the refs to call it. Does it say anywhere that he is not going to tolerate the personal fouls? Didn’t think so.

  12. kevin Says:

    I dont think anyone ever thought Schiano was a bad guy. He just miserably failed in his first two seasons. I like they guy for the most part….just not as my teams head coach thats all

  13. knucknbuc Says:

    Amazing schiano still has people sticking up for him. Dude sucked as a coach what did goldson say that wasn’t already known? His players didn’t like him all that much his schemes were trash and he wasn’t fit for the nfl. What’s the problem all those things are true. Get a grip schiano lovers he sucked he deserves his @ss kicking out the door. hes no different then any other unqualified coach that has gotten fired, most have players criticize them. Maybe if schiano treated men like men and had better schemes he’d be here. I didn’t see many of u schiano lovers come to Mike Williams defense or Michael bennet when they were released and they were actually good at their jobs unlike schi schi.

  14. JBuc Says:

    @Hawaiian Buc

    Not really sure what your point is. The impact of the media in whatever market is completely overblown. I don’t think Schiano, Coughlin, or any NFL head coach cares or has the time to truly concern themselves with what the media writes and says about them. In that respect, it does not matter if you coach in NY, Philly or Tampa. If you concern yourself with that then the game is already lost.

    My point was mainly about the fact that he did takeover a team that had a loser at QB. I would pose this question to you: If any coach took over the Carolina Panthers with the expectation that Cam Newton was to be your QB and the leader of your team and he then simply quit on his team. Would you not think that coach had been handed a tough hand to play? Rosters are too thin in this league to absorb that type of hit with little time to prepare.

  15. lightningbuc Says:


    Won’t argue over semantics, but you initially said Schiano NEVER ONCE called it out, which is just not true. Those of you that hate Schiano will continue to club the seal even though it is already dead.

  16. Harry Says:

    Joe, really annoying that when you play the video of the Hawk that you cannot hear it due to one of the JBF advertiser’s audios

  17. Joe Says:

    Joe, really annoying that when you play the video of the Hawk that you cannot hear it due to one of the JBF advertiser’s audios

    ???? Nothing like that is happening on any of Joe’s devices (PC, Droid, iPad). Not sure what to tell you.

    Guessing if you are getting an ad audio at the same time as the video plays, you can always stop/x-out the ad audio.

  18. Harry Says:

    If you can’t put it on Schiano about Goldson’s illegal hits, do you also not put the responsibility on Schiano for letting Bennett go and naming Cheesburger Bowers as a starter??? I mean how can you defend this guy?

  19. Harry Says:

    Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, they were talking at the same volume, so impossible to hear one over the other. I guess I can try to figure out which ad it is and maybe turn it off. I will let you know if I am not successful. Again, always great work. Thanks for getting us thru these next 2 weeks!

  20. Joe Says:


    Smells like a Google ad or from a national feed (as always, which Joe has no control over).

    Whatever ad that may be, it is on the same page as the video if both are playing at the same time. You can always pause the CBS video until the ad audio quits playing.

  21. Harry Says:

    The facial expressions are interesting for what he DOESN’T say, lol

  22. Harry Says:

    It is the Fabsugar ad on this page. It starts playing almost as soon as you go onto your page. But I found that once I cilcked on it, it stopped without taking me away for the great JBF website! Go Bucs, Go JBF!

  23. SteveK Says:

    Preach it, Couch Fan.

  24. Joe Says:

    It is the Fabsugar ad on this page.

    Never heard of it. Must be a Google ad. Glad you solved the issue Harry.

  25. Harry Says:

    No problem Joe

  26. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    My point is that every coaching job is very hard in its own way. If you don’t think the media has anything to do with a coach’s job, I suggest you ask Jon Gruden, as well as a bunch of other coaches. It’s naive to think otherwise. Coaches do know what’s going on with the media. If they say they don’t, they are lying. I can’t count how many coaches have admitted such in retrospect. Hell, Coughlin has admitted it affected him, and he’s still coaching. As to them not caring what is written – you obviously have lived on another planet if you believe that. How many coaching rants directed at certain members of the media must you see to believe otherwise?

    Obviously it ended terribly for Freeman, but it wasn’t always terrible for Freeman. Just 2 years prior to Schiano’s arrival, he had the best season of any Tampa Bay QB ever. I’m not at all blaming him for what Freeman became, but I can say Schiano dealt with the situation miserably – as bad as a situation like that could ever be dealt with. It was an embarrassment to our team – and trust me, fans around the league were laughing at us for it. Just cut the guy and move on!!! And make no mistake, Schiano was gung ho for Freeman when he took the job. He has even said lately that he drafted Glennon to trade him,and he wanted to give Freeman a huge contract, so let’s not make Schiano out to be the victim here. He got very lucky that Freeman did what he did, or we would be screwed as an organization.

  27. SAMCRO Says:

    This wasn’t the right team for Schiano to make his NFL debut. He needed a team that he could start from a clean slate. A team that he could have installed his own QB. If there is one thing that he should probably had done and probably wishes he had done, was stomp his feet, throw a temper tantrum or whatever to get what he wanted. He didn’t and it cost him his job. Mark Dominik kept Freeman in the picture, and Schiano was basically forced to use him, and in the end it cost him and Dominik their jobs. Schiano should have selected his own QB in his first year. Actually if he had, Barron might not have been our first draft pick. Maybe Ryan Tannehill instead.

  28. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I will absolutely club him at every opportunity. Then when I feel like I’ve said enough, I’m going to club him some more. It’s fun, justified, and the right thing to do. I hope Joe comes out with multiple Schiano articles daily, because I’m going to enjoy bashing him in every single one of them. If you really don’t like to keep reading about it, it’s very easy to scroll past it. After I’ve had enough of one subject (ahem, Johnny Football), I just skip right past it. It’s a pretty easy process.

  29. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    So Goldson (no ‘H’ this time) says Schiano was a good coach and some guys didn’t know how to deal with him wearing his heart on his sleeve and others just focused on football…sounds like a complete mutiny I say 🙂 Best thing Schiano can do is either take a DC job on some NFL team and if successful the opportunities to HC will be there. That or take over a college program. Anyway that chapter in Bucs history is closed. Maybe while we’re digging up stories of ex-Bucs we can get an update on the mother of all mysteries…who was the real leak in the Freeman medical records saga, has the NFLPA made any headway in their investigation, and what was the real cause of the mental collapse that a few here insinuate they know the real deal?

  30. Andrew 1 Says:

    I’m not trying to make this a big deal or anything, but I did find it interesting. I remember a videos clip of a post bucs practice last season were You know all the players gather around in a big circle with one person standing in the middle and that person happened to be Schiano. Well during this huddle to break for the day, While Schiano was chanting something, I could clearly see Davin Joseph mutter something at the back of the huddle, and it was CLEAR as day, Penn gave him sharp nudge to the ribs, as if to say “stop it”. Like I said I’m not trying to make this a big deal or anything, but it did show me the lack of respect that some players had for him.

  31. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    I think the silence from that investigations says it all. As much as I wish it were Schiano (and I believed it was him at the time), all signs point to that being from Freeman’s camp. What an idiotic move!

    As for the mutiny, you really have to understand the dynamics of professional sports. Although I never played, one of my best friends is a long time pro basketball player overseas. He’s told me a million times it’s nothing like college. Players are employees. While you may not like that, it is reality. Most call their coaches by their first name. It’s not a sign of disrespect, it’s just the way it is. I’m pretty sure most of us call our bosses by their first names too. As much as we’d like for it to be different, it isn’t. Point is, if your employees don’t respect you, they won’t work hard for you. It’s human nature. When I lived in Tampa, I had the most miserable excuse for a boss ever. This guy was the biggest jack arse I’ve met to this day. I’m an extremely hard worker, but even I gave a much lower level of effort than I could/should have given. I just wanted to get the hell out of there everyday. I’d imagine that’s how a lot of the players felt last year.

  32. owlykat Says:

    Let’s talk about the myth that Schiano had any talent picking personnel. I am sorry but Schiano picked Sherman to elevate to DC when he bombed at being the DL coach for the Giants and he was such a fool no NFL team would hire him this year. On the other hand he gave away two thousand yard rushers and they both are thriving with other NFL teams, and but for Schiano we wouldn’t be stuck with Glennon–our albatross. Instead, we would have a future Franchise QB on our roster right now for Josh and Tedford to train and develop. and Schiano wanted to replace Freeman at the end of 2012 but the Glazers would not allow it. Isn’t it odd that Freeman lost weight and then lost his escapability, got depressed and hit the bottle and lost his career. Wonder who got him to lose weight? Guess! A good coach would have told him not to do that, but Schiano was wanting Freeman to fail so he could fire him!

  33. Couch Fan Says:

    Schiano conspiracy theories never fail to entertain with the absurdity.

  34. BigMacAttack Says:

    I like the Hawk. He’s a damn good player and the kind you want at safety. He’s a smart guy and thinks before he speaks. We are going to have a good team this year. I’m stoked and ready for some “Fooozball”.

  35. Stevie Blart Says:

    Wow, Joe you really shouldnt be putting words in people’s mouths. I thought you were better than that.

  36. LoggedontoSay Says:

    Make all the excuses you want for Schaino; he just was not qualified!

  37. Harry Says:

    You left off the crappy job Sullivan did. But I understand. There is only so much room to list all the Schiano bs.

  38. Bob Digital Says:

    I love Schiano bashing. I hated him from the first time he forced GMC and the boys to bull rush the victory formation. His .344 winning percentage (actually worse than Raheem) speaks for itself.

  39. Bucsfanman Says:

    @owlykat- Your contempt is palpable bro! You’re definitely out there man!

  40. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    I hear what your saying on the topic of not giving an a-hole boss 100%, which is one of the many reasons Lovie (on paper) should succeed in Tampa. I guess I’m just of the mindset that Schiano did more good for the Bucs than bad, so I don’t have the same hatred for the guy that some others do. Some problems he brought on himself, but a lot of last year’s mess weren’t his doing. Regardless I liked the dude but am behind Lovie now (unless he fails to get the job done at which point I’ll be looking forward to the next hire)

  41. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ Owlykat

    Might want to recheck your facts on Sheridan since this is the second time I’ve seen you post he was a DL coach with NY. He was actually the LB coach (which he did a decent job at) and then promoted to DC there where he was horrible. I too questioned Sheridan’s hire with the Bucs, but perhaps there wasn’t a lot of available candidates with NFL experience at DC that were available? Sheridan was a X’s and O’s guy in NY that routinely overthought the situation to the point of making bad in game decisions instead of just letting players play, and I think the same knock can be said of Schiano.

  42. BoJim Says:

    owlykat Said:

    “but for Schiano we wouldn’t be stuck with Glennon–our albatross.”

    Neener neener neener. 😉

  43. Tom Says:

    I think I could stomach one more suspension for Goldson if the hit injured Drew Brees. I’m not a vengeful or malicious person, except when it involves the Saints, the coddled babies of the NFL.

    Any big hit on Brees is always ruled unnecessary roughness or “roughing the Brees.” E.g. Clayborn’s completely legal hit that was penalized and probably lost us that game last year.

  44. Bradentuckey Buc Says:

    Schiano will get his chance again, but he’s going to have to work his way up the coaching tree as he should. He could DC a top 5 defense with the right players and after a few years the phone will ring again.