Training Camp Notes & Observations — Day 6

July 31st, 2014

LavontetrainingcampTraining camp marches on at One Buc Palace, as your favorite Tampa Bay team was back in pads today after about a 20-hour break.

Of course, Joe was all over it. Here are the highlights and lowlights, including a little skirmish between two big-name Bucs:

*Lots of snap exchange work between Josh McCown and Evan Dietrich-Smith, and Mike Glennon and backup center Josh Allen.

*Short route running drill with McCown throwing. Vincent Jackson goes first and drops an easy pass. Normally, the receiver goes to the back of the line. But V-Jax was called back for another rep immediately. Joe’s never seen that before. No question Bucs coaches want chemistry and confidence between McCown and Jackson. Yes, he caught the next pass.

*Mike Evans with an early drop.

*11-on-11 punt return work began (none yesterday) and Eric Page emerged again as the class returner. He’s just smooth, no drops, and he took one up the gut to the house.

*FUMBLE! rookie Robert Herron. It was so bad coaches made him do pushups, 15 by Joe’s count.

*FUMBLE! Solomon Patton. (No pushups required)

*Charles Sims and Skye Dawson were other returners.

*Lots of work on the running game in 11-on-11.

*Sims impresses repeatedly. Almost unfair the one time he was with the third team.

*Long snapper/linebacker Jeremy Cain gets hearty praise from Hardy Nickerson from a hit on Jeff Demps.

*Major violent collision between rookies Kadeem Edwards and Chaz Sutton.

*Luke Stocker with a textbook block on Gerald McCoy.

*Adrian Clayborn’s get-off again looks a step slow often.

*McCoy intensely yelling at someone on the D-line from the sidelines: “Get your head up.”

*Mike James gets violently clotheslined in a hole by the long arm of Will Gholston. Ouch!

*Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, one of three Buccaneers QBs to lead the team to the NFC Championship game, is in the house. Joe has an educational discussion with King.

*McCown very pumped up by the red zone route running (during a drill) of Vincent Jackson. Chemistry is growing. The 10-yard laser was complete.

*Jackson spins around to grab ball in end zone that was thrown behind him. He’s looking in regular season form.

*Page with a nice catch in the corner of the end zone.

*Streeter on a down and out route had ball in his hands but when he pulled it in, the ball hit his knee and popped loose. Rare mistake.

*Bad pick thrown by Glennon. LB Danny Lansanah, a second-year man out of UConn, read him all the way. Glennon appeared to hold on to the ball too long. On Lansanah’s return, McCown, who wasn’t part of the drill, stepped out of his middle of the field viewing point to challenge Lansanah.

*Glennon bounced back with a nice touch throw in the corner to Tommy Streeter. Get used to seeing lots of those two connecting in preseason games.

*Dawson with a drop, and Glennon with another off-target throw. Not a great session for No. 8.

*Finally. Jeff Demps catches ball in end zone in traffic and secures the ball.

*Demar Dotson handles Clayborn in 1-on-1, man-on-man work.

*Mark Barron playing a step off the line of scrimmage in some defensive looks in 11-on-11

*McCown looks quick on a broken play. He’s no Glennon out there. Perhaps he can run as well as Josh Freeman did?

*Perfect 30-yard strike in corner of end zone from McCown to wide open Chris Owusu. Gorgeous throw. Coverage breakdown. Corner Danny Gorrer was lost and Dashon Goldson was late.

*Glennon short (bounce) to Dawson on 10-yard throw over middle. Glennon complete to Dawson on next play, 8-yard dumpoff.

*Jeff Demps tackled hard by Dane Fletcher on run up the middle with second team.

*Glennon with slant strike to Streeter. Anthony Gaitor was all over him.

*McCown gets intercepted by Barron, out of sync with V-Jax, but simply a throw he shouldn’t have made.

*McCown bounces back on next throw, absolutely threading a 20-yard out through the Bucs’ cover-2 defense. Gorrer and Goldson in coverage.

*Rookie fifth-round pick Kevin Pamphile has nice feet and shows a lot of hustle at left tackle. It doesn’t appear the Bucs will try him out at guard at this point.

*Undrafted defensive tackle Euclid Cummings, out of Georgia Tech, doesn’t look great on third-team D-line.

*SKIRMISH! Adrian Clayborn drives Doug Martin to the ground (looked excessive) on a wide-right run. Martin lands on his head, and he and Clayborn needed to be separated.

*Major Wright tosses a little trash talk at Lavelle Hawkins after Hawkins catches a McCown pass a yard behind the end zone. “All Day! All Day! All Day, baby.” No response from Hawkins.

*Quick cut by Bobby Rainey.

*Keith Tandy breaks up a pass for Mike Evans. McCown should have thrown higher.

*Nice TD toss from Glennon to Louis Murphy on crossing route.

*Bad drop by Page with first team on short pass to right sideline. McCown slaps his hands.

*Connor Barth ends the final first-team drive with a roughly 35-yard field goal that splits the uprights.

*Bad drop by Dawson with second team offense in final 11-on-11 drill.

*Sack (at the least the training camp equivalent of one) for Akeem Spence of Glennon. Spence just imploded the second-team O-line.

Stick with Joe through the afternoon and evening for so much more from One Buc Palace.

26 Responses to “Training Camp Notes & Observations — Day 6”

  1. BamBamBuc Says:

    Love how you follow each bad Glennon pass with “next one was complete” to keep the whiney MGM from complaining that you’re just picking on him because you don’t like him rather than the truth, which is that you’re reporting what you actually see.

  2. Harry Says:

    Great stuff Joe(s)

    From this article and a few others, I am getting the impression Clayborn is not having the kind of camp we had hoped for, huh? That would be a shame. Realist will be happy his daughter’s baby daddy is living up to his low expectations. lol

  3. Couch Fan Says:

    I love how the haters are mentioning the MGM in every article even though I have seen barely any commenting. LMAO. The hate is showing.

    –Long Live the MGM!

  4. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Actually never gave it a thought BamBam until you mentioned it. Most MGM’ers realize Joe is merely calling stuff as he sees it in his opinion. We MGM’ers are pretty thick skinned like Glennon, if we required coddling from Joe we’d be more like a former Buccaneer QB no longer with an NFL team after 3 tries in less than 12 months and his followers 🙂

  5. BamBamBuc Says:

    Gee Couch, didn’t know you missed me…

  6. Tom Edrington Says:

    It is amazing how many passes are dropped, even in practice. The old saying “you play like you practice.”

  7. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    Who will get cut? That’s my biggest question. There’s not enough room at all the skill positions (I’m including TE). With Streeter stepping up, the numbers are getting crunched. James? Rainey? Owosu? Someone that we expected to be there, won’t be.

  8. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    You know who would love the Glennon hate? Glennon. He thrives on it. I like Glennon but, I don’t care who starts. Just win baby.

  9. Joe's Liver Says:

    Going off practice notes so far McCown has looked solid this off season. Hope that continues, and the Shaun King thing should say ” The only Buc QB in history to become severely obese and angry at the world after retirement “

  10. Espo Says:

    One of a kind coverage. Thank you.

  11. buc'd Up Says:

    Why was King on the house? Is he gonna jump?

  12. DB55 Says:

    Is it time for gholston to practice w first string dline?

  13. Hawk Says:

    The fumble by Paige (pushups) and then the fumble by Patton (no pushups) might be a ‘telling’ sign of who the Bucs are expecting good things from.

  14. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    Lets hope so. I really do not want to watch clayborn do nothing , then gets a “late hit” on a QB. then to hear people say what a beast he is on the field. The sooner clayborn is on the bench the better the pass rush will be.

    If you are described as high motor and relentless, it just means you cannot get there.

  15. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Looks like glennon is stinking up the joint. Glad we brought in McCown. Dude sounds like he is really leading this team.

  16. Paul Ch Says:

    Maybe our defense will not be good as we all think? Which I never had a thought it will be even top 10. Didn’t Cowboys run almost the same Tampa 2 defense or however they utilize the Tampa 2 and gave a lot of points now days? I mean we are going against, Brees, Matt Ryan….

  17. Carls Toe Says:

    Shaun King in the house! Oh yeah he was there to take MG8 to dinner at Burger King! Cannon is throwing a lot of passes short creating more divots than Tigger Woody!

  18. Piratic Says:

    “*Former Bucs quarterback Shaun King, one of three Buccaneers QBs to lead the team to the NFC Championship game, is on the house. Joe has an educational discussion with King.”

    –So Joe, what did you teach him, BWAAHAAAHAAHAAA!!!!

  19. Piratic Says:

    BTW, that’s a jab at him, not you.

  20. Piratic Says:

    “*Sims impresses repeatedly. Almost unfair the one time he was with the third team.”

    –LOVE IT!!! I’m stoked about this kid!

  21. Bigbucs1 Says:

    I know it’s training camp but I’m still worries about both sides of the ball. If you think about it, the oline still thin- the WRs are dropping big time- clayborn can’t get there(that’s a big one because everyone will be focused on the other two) – keep messing up the punts and then the Qbs are up and down- maybe I should t get too optimistic after all. Also @paul, the cowboys D doesn’t and didn’t have the caliber of players we did on D, they were more for a 3-4 type of calling playing a cover 2- however, if you used the bears and Vikings as an example, I believe you.

  22. JonBuc Says:

    Joe realizes that Frank Middleton is actually Shaun King…

  23. Skyline Crew Says:

    Offensive line is awful. If they can’t stop our guys how do we expect them to stop anyone else?

  24. Buccfan37 Says:

    Good job Joe on calling it like you see it.

  25. Piratic Says:

    Skyline Crew Says:
    July 31st, 2014 at 9:24 pm
    Offensive line is awful. If they can’t stop our guys how do we expect them to stop anyone else?

    –How is it that you do not realize that the Bucs have VERY talented players on the D-line? Are you new? smh

  26. Buc the Haters Says:

    I’d fn cut clayborn for sh!t like that. U know it was excessive if Martin responded like that. & Clayborn’s arms looked kibda weak when I was at practice last sunday. He’s obviously frustrated with his semi-weak camp so far, but u can’t take it out on martin. Not a classy move, sir.