Lovie Defends Bowers, Praises His Versatility

July 31st, 2014

Lovie disagrees with some Bowers criticism

Those hoping disappointing fourth-year defensive end Da’Quan Bowers has a new team in five weeks, might want to chill out.

Lovie Smith went out of his way this afternoon to not only defend Bowers but praise his versatility.

A reporter’s question about other bubble players in the mix at defensive line prompted Lovie to identify Bowers and say those who have “criticized” Bowers aren’t thinking like the head coach.

“I’ve been pretty pleased with what he’s done on the football field every day I’ve been head coach with him,” Lovie said of Bowers. “He’s done some good things, especially the pass rushing inside and outside on first down.”

Lovie explained that his goal on gameday is to have seven defensive linemen available, broken down as three outside players, three inside players, and one who can do both effectively.

The head coach made it clear that Bowers could be the swingman.

“He’s right in between, big enough that, you know, he could possibly rush inside on third down and a good a good anchor outside on first down,” Lovie said. “It gives us some flexibility. He’s been injured a lot; I know that. But he hasn’t missed a beat since I’ve been here.”

Joe’s very pleased Bowers is impressing. Keep in coming, Da’Quan. But in some ways Lovie illustrated how far Bowers’ career has fallen. He’s healthy in his fourth season as a second-round pick, and there’s not a hint of him competing for a starting gig.


9 Responses to “Lovie Defends Bowers, Praises His Versatility”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    Hey…coach speak/motivation….get the very best the player has to offer….then ..decide if he is among of the best 53 combo…time will tell..in Bowers case…time is running on fumes…


    I’m impressed with his versatility too. He can be on the bench, he can be on IR, He can be fat and out of shape…. And he’s good for single-digit sacks regularly!

  3. teacherman777 Says:

    I wish the Bowers from that one game in Carolina would come back and play like that every week!

  4. gulfcoast Says:

    I’m pulling for Bowers. Hopefully he can do well inside if that’s where Lovie sees his best bet. Also, to be fair to readers and fans alike, just because coach has talked em up doesn’t mean much. Seems like he talked up and endorsed most of the players he turned around and cut soon after. Go Bucs.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    Bowers…if he could…he would have…he Keith McCan’t

  6. gulfcoast Says:

    Rasta mon. Totally agree but not so fast… He’s only been playing inside this camp, to the best of my knowledge. So, lets don’t say he Keith McCant until we give him more than a couple days.

  7. Louis Friend Says:

    When he shows up and succeeds on the field, then we’ll chill out. Right now he’s done nothing, shown nothing and been exactly nowhere as a Buc. Lovie and crew can praise him now – we’ll see if they’re still praising him after the final cutdown day. I root for every Buc, but after years of wondering about this guy and his potential I truly think he’s just a lot of cheap talk and no delivery.

  8. White Tiger Says:

    Whoa, cue the ‘Godfather’ soundtrack – was this the ‘kiss-o-death’ endorsement? You know, the kind where the unwritten/non-disclosed behind the scenes reality has team officials acknowledging that “we trashed him to get him to light I fire under him. We discovered that he’s not that bad, and despite the fact that he responded appropriately, didn’t fight us in the press – and really worked his but off (literally) – we’re going to say a lot of nice stuff about Da’Quan…because we’re so stocked he’s going to be a casualty…”

    Mark the tape – you heard it here first!

  9. Owlykat Says:

    If anyone can turn Bowers around Lovie can!