No Nicks — Day 2

July 25th, 2014

NickssmileJoe’s partners at WDAE-AM 620 had Lovie Smith on the air this afternoon and later reported that Carl Nicks will not be at training camp today, the opening day of on-field activities.

Feel free to speculate.

Joe’s heard loud rumblings that Nicks’ Bucs career is over. Stick with Joe through the night for all kinds of news from training camp.

28 Responses to “No Nicks — Day 2”

  1. teacherman777 Says:

    He tried to come back.

    Just impossible.

    May he enjoy a wonderful retirement that the rest of us can only dream about.

    Omameh and Meredith.


  2. Snook Says:

    Anyone calculated how much money he’s going to get from the 9 games he played?

    Or do we want to know?

  3. T-DUB Says:

    I know we all loved the move when he first came, and that first drive during the MIA preseason game was fantastic. But unfortuantely, he is only one man. It’s time to move on.

    New season is here, NOW!

    and so is Anthony Collins and Dietrich-Smith… LETS GO BUCS!

  4. kh Says:

    If he retires the Bucs dont have to pay that guaranteed money right?

  5. Phillip Says:

    Joe didn’t you say yesterday in a comment it was family related? If that’s the case everyone needs to relax..

  6. Nick H Says:

    You don’t say!

  7. Nick H Says:

    If you really believe that it’s “family related” or “personal reason” you would not make a very good HR person.

  8. Snook Says:

    In the neighborhood of $3.5 million per game played?


  9. Phillip Says:

    @Nick H

    Maybe you shouldn’t speak for awhile…

    Joe Says:
    July 24th, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    It is family related.

  10. nate Says:

    If its family related fly them down here.. you had all off season.. I dont want this drama queen on my team anymore…unless sum1 is about to die.. I dont want to hear it…

  11. Tom Edrington Says:

    Still waiting for Gerald to return his robe.

  12. Nick H Says:

    Anyone can say it’s family related. It matters not it’s very, very clear why he’s not there.

    You can say it’s related to the end of the world and it doesn’t make it true.

    Dude’s toe is done, he’s done.

  13. Phillip Says:

    and here come the ignorant comments…

    Not directed at you Tom I found yesterdays comment funny as well as that one

  14. Nick H Says:

    Please enlighten me how everyone tells the truth always, all the time no matter what?

    Cmon now don’t be naive.

  15. Nick H Says:

    hahahahahah here’s quote for you bud

    Jay Glazer @JayGlazer
    Pro Bowl guard Carl Nicks’ time with the Bucs is over. He and the team have agreed on an amicable settlement.

  16. Phillip Says:

    Why would Joe lie about that? Or why would Nicks lie about that? If he’s hurt then they would have put him on PUP list does them no harm in doing that right now…smh

  17. Nick H Says:

    I’m sorry it’s really not that funny, we need that guy. REALLY could’ve used a true pro bowl O lineman too so I wish him the best, just not ALL the best if he plays somewhere else later in life

  18. Love and Warrick Dunn Says:

    @Nick, watch out, the comment police are on scene.

  19. Miguel Grande Says:

    It is family related, his wife won’t let him play on one foot.

    “If he retires the Bucs dont have to pay that guaranteed money right?”

    The chances of Nicks retiring are about the same as you winning the Powerball twice in a row.

    Still say the gauntlets toughens up those sissy football players?

  20. Couch Fan Says:

    If he could still play he’d be here with us I’d imagine. Don’t think he’ll ever play again.

  21. Phillip Says:

    Well it was family related as he said it would be best for him and his family lol

  22. Nick H Says:

    Lol yeah all the time in the world to take care of those personal/family things, with a whole boat load of cash he stowed away too

  23. Phillip Says:

    He couldn’t help the MRSA thing though and whatever the hell happened to his now famous big toe..

  24. Nick H Says:

    I agree, nothing he could have done. Just a real, real bad hand he was dealt. Why couldn’t Free be the MRSA casualty??

  25. Phillip Says:

    Well I think it is just his big toe in general not the MRSA thing that is causing the retirement thing.

  26. Phillip Says:

    Atleast that is what everyone is reporting

  27. Nick H Says:

    Yeah you’re right, the chronic toe thing was the deal breaker.

    Just disdain for Freeman showing through

  28. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    “The chances of Nicks retiring are about the same as you winning the Powerball twice in a row.”

    Awesome someone here will be winning the Powerball twice then! Might be time for a new crystal ball? 🙂