Herm Edwards Talks Bucs

July 30th, 2014

herm edwards

Sometimes, former NFL types who work networks let their passion and relationships get in the way of clear, reasoned, objective analysis. It’s understandable. These guys are not trained journalists, they are football talking heads. Joe gets that.

As much as Joe likes former Bucs assistant coach Herm Edwards, one must wonder if his friendship with fellow ex-Bucs coaching comrade Lovie Smith may be getting in the way of clear thinking. It’s nice that Herm thinks Tampa Bay is a Super Bowl team, but it makes Joe wonder if that is coming from the head or the heart.

In this BSPN video, Herm explains why he thinks the Bucs will have a bright future this season, and what teams the Bucs remind him of.

14 Responses to “Herm Edwards Talks Bucs”

  1. knucknbuc Says:

    I believe everything herm just said. Truer words have never been spoken. Wtf you talking about Joe?

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Perhaps we should be the Tampa Bay “Broadcasters”

    Herm Edwards joins a long list of current NFL Broadcasters…..not all are as kind to the Bucs…..I’d like to hope that Edwards is on target here!!!

    Sapp, Lynch, K. Johnson, Barber, King, Dilfer, Young, Dungy, Gruden, Edwards, Dominick, Edwards, Schiano

  3. Eric Says:

    I hope Herm doesn’t lose his head and start referring to Lovie as a Rock Star or something…………

    Gotta keep these things in perspective and all.

  4. Broy3434 Says:

    I have to agree with herm that we are a Super Bowl team. Not many teams are as good 1 through 22 as Tampa

  5. P'cola Buc Says:

    It’s been an exciting off season. Lovie with his winning record has come home. An accomplished DC in Frazier is part of the team. The Tedford “mystique” gives us hope. Who would have thought after the Buccaneers season last year that we would have come this far. A big thank you to Joe for keeping us informed throughout! No matter what, it will be exciting to watch this team this year.

  6. BigMacAttack Says:

    Joe has PTBSD.
    Post Traumatic Bucs Sucked Disorder

  7. Harry Says:

    BigMacAttack Says:
    “…Joe has PTBSD.
    Post Traumatic Bucs Sucked Disorder…”

    Yeah, I think I have some of that too. I want to believe, its just hard. Too many questions: Oline, Tedford, McCown. But the good news is none of my questions are on D.

  8. Nick H Says:

    I love Herm and I don’t care how off base he sounds to some people, I think we’re all hoping for Super Bowls and it’s harmless to be a little unrealistic about a football team none of us play for, it’s all entertainment

  9. phil Says:

    Come on Joe. I already have made my bet in Vegas that the Bucs will win the Super Bowl. Got 76-1 odds. Are you saying you haven’t place your bet yet?

  10. KeithInTampa Says:

    I want to agree…..I do think that what Herm is outlining is no question the goal! Still a lot of unanswered questions, the biggest question facing the Bucs this year is: “Can The Players Gel Together, Implement and Execute”;

  11. buc4lyfe Says:

    Most important position is coach/gm it’s start at the top. Worse teams have gone to the playoffs and there’s nothing wrong with having a game manager at quarterback unless you think Christian ponder was the reason the vikes went to the playoffs a couple years ago, we got a running game and defense, did Brad Johnson win our Superbowl? I think herm knows what kinda defense we’ll bring this year. Superbowl…. Seattle was no offensive juggernaut.

  12. Joe Says:

    did Brad Johnson win our Superbowl?

    You mean the Pro Bowl quarterback that year? Yup.

  13. St. Louis Bucs Fan Says:

    Take it from me, nobody picked the Rams in 99 (and if it wasn’t for a bad call imo it would have been the Bucs in the Super Bowl that year). I’m not saying the Bucs are a Superbowl team (I hope so) but “YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!!!!!” Let’s Go Bucs!!!!!! BUC IT IM OUT!

  14. Stanglassman Says:

    Did he say Super bowl Team or challenge to win the division? He went on to say that the playing style was like Seattle, Carolina and the Bucs 2002 team but never said this team this year was a SB team.