Don’t Call Lovie “A Name”

July 11th, 2014

lovie smith 0106bThings get mighty serious when you sit down to talk football with Lovie Smith.

One of the game’s great defensive minds is a staunch advocate of the 4-3 defense and he’s got steadfast rules on how his team should perform.

“You’re calling me a name if you say that we’re a not tough football team that plays hard,” Lovie said recently. You can catch some of Lovie’s laid back tough talk from

12 Responses to “Don’t Call Lovie “A Name””

  1. Wombat Says:


  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Joe, keep this video for the end of the offseason, you will need it when people ask why the Bucs did not resign clayborn. You can just repost this video as to the reason why.

  3. Andrew 1 Says:

    So you’re saying he’s not tough and doesn’t play hard? Are we talking about the same Clayborn? I’m not sure if he is going to make it but I sure hope he does. He’s got to get better at rushing the passer though.

  4. Jaydid Says:

    I have just been rewatching all of last seasons games and Claybourne is a good player. I would equate Claybourne now with Michael Bennett before he left Tampa. So, all of you that want Claybourne gone are just like Schiano. Ooo that hurts.

  5. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    The day Clayborn is able to cover Sproles I want him on my team…IMHO
    Joe can back me on this

    Long Live BQM!!!

  6. Baker Ryan Says:


  7. Hector Says:

    Clayborn, Clayborn Clayborn, not Claybourne!

  8. dabucs Says:

    Im sick of the clayborn gaurding sproles comments.whas it a bad call? Yes,but monte kiffen made the same call verse Marshall faulk an the greatest show on turf back in 2000. On that play it was chidau ahonetu (spelling?) an Marshall lets please stop acting like that was the worst call uve ever seen..

  9. Danati74 Says:

    Clayborn is a good player with a motor. He just won’t live up to his or the teams expectations. Just like Bowers, but Bowers is a bit younger. Which is a plus for him.

  10. Eastsidebuc Says:

    Damn I love this guy!!!

  11. Cody Says:

    Our defense & special teams got better the day Lovie Smith stepped in 1 BuC, I literally expect a Top 5 Defense…

    The Wildcard for our season however is the offense…This Dunkaneer offense is loaded with playmakers; hence a match up nightmare for opposing defenses…If this Telford offense makes an impact like/close to what Chip Kelly did in Philly last season look out NFL…

  12. FanOfBucs Says:

    If Claybournenarnia cannot cover Sproles than why keep him at Corner?