Coach Earnest Graham

July 10th, 2014

earnest grahamDown in Southwest Florida, where Earnest “Insurance” Graham was a high school star who ran off from there into Florida Gator history, Mr. Graham has returned and is super active in the community.

Graham is involved in all kinds of charity events and is a frequent speaker all over town on various levels.

In fact, Graham even has a full plate this weekend, being honored by a charity tomorrow night, where he’ll join fellow local Sammy Watkins on the big stage.

But in addition to his insurance company and other ventures, Graham, 34, has gone back to his roots, taking over the North Fort Myers High School football program.

You can enjoy head coach Graham in the video below.

Chucky approves of Graham’s latest effort.

“Anyone who knows me knows Earnest is one of my all-time favorite players,” Gruden said. “He’s into thorough preparation. I just hope that every kid in the school goes out for football to say they played for Earnest Graham. He’s got a tremendous ability to get along with people, to teach and to motivate.

“Times are different now. Coaching needs guys like him. It just fires me up to hear that he’s in the profession and taking over a program of this stature and helping to re-establish them as a force in the state of Florida.”

15 Responses to “Coach Earnest Graham”

  1. Buccfan37 Says:

    I am a big fan of Earnest Graham also. He put a lot of effort into his time with the Bucs and is a pleasant and likable guy.

  2. Louis Friend Says:

    What a great Buccaneer and pillar of the community this man is. Every step of the way, Graham worked hard and squeezed every ounce of potential he had into his performance.

    It’s too bad the miscreants and drug offenders get the headlines (though I understand bad news sells) – this guy is the kind of role model kids need.

  3. RastaMon Says:

    simply put….he is a good man !

  4. Tom Says:

    One of my favorite Buccaneers all-time. Talk about a humble, dependable, hardworking dude.

    Really happy to hear he’s coaching. Though I know he’s a local community guy, I wouldn’t mind seeing Graham moving up to coach college or pro-level football. This guy deserves all the recognition in the world

  5. Keith Says:

    Awesome. Thanks. Joe

  6. Snook Says:

    Great story, Joe.

    Love #34. Hard to find many players like him anymore.

  7. Tom Edrington Says:

    High School football coaches are the backbone of the game. George Steinbrenner started the annual event here that honors all high school coaches.

    Earnest Graham will bring a lot of experience and credibility and he should have no problem putting together a good staff down there.

    My days as prep editor for the Tribune were most enjoyable, made many lasting friendships that still exist today.

  8. Ladyfan Says:

    It took me years to forget that #34 was no longer Ernest Graham. Loved everything about him including his smoothie store!!!! Hope to see him moving up the ladder to the collegiate level maybe at UF. Hope he has a long and successful career. We miss you Mr. Graham.

  9. Buccanr1 Says:

    Gator grad here. Love EG!
    What a player.

  10. Patrick Says:

    I love Earnest Graham. Too bad that we never gave him the ball more when he was very good.

  11. buddy777 Says:

    Have always respected this fine man. But it is hard for me to wish success for North Fort Myers High ever since they kicked my tail all over the field in the 70s in the state semi finals.

  12. McSiD Says:

    I love it, living in Naples I will defiantly catch a few games. What a great athlete and class guy. You just know he is going to succeed.

  13. Bucbob Says:

    You gotta love this guy. He waited patiently for his chance, and when he finally got it, he made it count. Maybe someday he can come back and coach on the Bucs staff!

  14. owlykat Says:

    The most versatile player ever on our roster!

  15. owlykat Says:

    HE DESERVES TO BE ON OUR RING OF HONOR RIGHT ALONG WITH MIKE ALSTOTT! He will excel at anything he tries. I would love for him to be a position coach for us as RB Coach or Special Team’s Coach and one day be HC when Lovie retires. He is just as inspirational as Hardy Nickerson and as unselfish as they come and always gave his all to anything he was asked to do. I love the guy too.