You Need An Offense

May 28th, 2014
The heat is already on Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, says a local columnist.

The heat is already on Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford, says a local columnist.

Joe gets a chuckle from the neanderthal Bucs fans — the type who have this twisted notion that the Bucs would be just as well off with hobbled Carl Nicks at quarterback than a highly drafted or highly successful signal-caller.

These knuckledraggers jump up and down with glee claiming the Seahawks won the Super Bowl with defense-only, as if talented quarterback Russell Wilson is some second-coming of Deiter Brock. Defense wins championships, they claim.

Tom Jones of the Tampa Bay Times has some ugly facts for this 10-man offense crowd. Simply put, if you don’t have an offense, Jones types, you won’t make the playoffs, much less a Super Bowl.

Of last year’s top 10 offenses in the NFL, seven made the postseason. Of the bottom 14 (we’re talking nearly half the league) in points scored, not one made the postseason. Not one.

What does that tell you? You have to score. Even the Super Bowl champion Seahawks, who have an elite defense, still finished ninth in the NFL in points.

Jones goes on to detail this is why the key to the Bucs isn’t Gerald McCoy or Michael Johnson or Alterraun Verner or the Muscle Hamster or Mike Evans, but Jeff Tedford, the Bucs offensive coordinator. (Bucs cornerback D.J. Moore agrees.) If the Bucs flounder offensively, Jones details, it will be yet another playoff-less January around the west coast of the East Coast.

Jones also leaves Bucs fans this thought to ponder on this hump day after a holiday:

This is a league that’s all about scoring and these are the facts: The Bucs are being run by a defensive-minded head coach, an offensive coordinator who has never coached, played or called a play in an NFL game and a journeyman quarterback who has won 16 games in 11 seasons.

What, exactly, about that makes you feel like the Bucs can carve up NFL defenses?

44 Responses to “You Need An Offense”

  1. gatrbuc17 Says:

    When we won the SB our offense averaged 17 ppg and our D allowed 11.
    Case Closed.

  2. You Go Joe Says:

    “Bucs would be just as well off with hobbled Carl Nicks at quarterback than a highly drafted or highly successful signal-caller.” O.o DERP, Joe a quick fix is needed here. Unless I missed something yesterday.

    OT – Last season Seattle D kept their opponents on avg 14.4 points per game, Seattle offense average 24 points per game. It is a passing or scoring league, but if you can keep your opponents grounded it doesn’t have to be a scoring league on both sides of the field.

    Also Chicago D ranked 22 and allowed 26 points per game and they still made the playoffs with part timer McCown. Just a thought. Now the argument still remains, can McCown keep it up for 16 games and will Tedfords offense work… Only time can tell.

  3. Louis Friend Says:

    So who are these fans? I’ve never met a single fan who thinks we can win with a LB at QB. If there are any, they’re misinformed and not worth the time it took for you to write this.

  4. You Go Joe Says:

    I TAKE IT BACK BEARS DID NOT MAKE IT TO PLAYOFFS LOL… needed a refresher in my mind.

  5. DooshLaRue Says:

    Well, I guess with that new information, we are totally doomed Joe.
    I had such high hopes for this season.
    Thanks for bringing me back to reality.

  6. Bucfreak Says:

    8 of the top ten defenses made the playoffs this year. Only 3 of the bottom 14 defenses made the playoffs. Two can play this game of selective statistics. The reality is that you need both a top defense and top offense to make the playoffs. Occasionally a good offense/defense will make up for the crappy counterpart, as is the case for the Packers and Broncos.

    Defense and Offense are tied together through field position and momentum within the game.

  7. Bob Says:

    Joe and the rest of the local media are great at tearing the fans down. My God can we play a game or two before we pass judgement. I’ve never seen a town so dead set against being excited for their team. No one says we have to win a Super Bowl this year. Let’s become relevant first then we can raise our goals. If I listened to the media I’d be depressed.

  8. Bucfreak Says:

    You Go Joe, the Bears did not make the playoffs last year, even with the second best offense in the league.

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Of course you need an Offense…and a pretty good one…but not necessarily a great one.
    How about a bit of optimism?….Sure, Tedford hasn’t made a call in an NFL game….McCown is a journeyman….but stranger things have happened.
    We were 4-12….can’t we agree that we will be better?
    Enough of the negatives…lets watch a game first, please!!!

  10. Eric Says:

    Offense is important, but for Lovie Smith to be successful you have to play great defense. He emphasizes turnovers, a short field for the offense, special teams.

    That is his formula and it works, so the offensive stats are a little misleading when you approach it that way.

    Lovie said it at a recent presser, we have to play great, not just good, defense.

  11. Chef Paul Says:

    Is Russel a damn fine QB? You bet he is.
    Was he a big reason they won? You betcha.
    Is he getting WWWAAAAYYYY too much credit for that superbowl? Absolutely.

    The knuckledraggers are the ones that think all you need on a football team is one QB and a bunch of scrubs.

    Someone needs to tell the Super Bowl champs they are building their team wrong. That defense is such a waste of money. Beast mode is a waste of time and money. To think they gave Sherman all that money. What a bunch of dolts!

  12. Patrick in VA Says:

    We’re those rankings adjusted for points scored by the defense?

  13. lurch Says:

    I will also point out the the great Tom Jones would have given Josh Freeman a 100million contract. But yea, he totally knows what he’s talking about.

  14. Bucfreak Says:

    I don’t think anyone disagrees that you need some kind of quarterback to win in this league. What everyone disputes is that a quarterback is the deciding factor for wins. A quarterback carries a team a long way, but he’ll fail if he doesn’t have a supporting cast. RG3 comes to mind.

    I don’t believe that McCown will be up to the task of winning. In 58 games, McCown has only thrown 4 TDs. This is with Chicago’s monster O last year.

    Glennon already has more TDs, 19, in only 13 games. The Bucs Offense produced an average of 18 points per game, and gave up an average of 24.3 points. An increase of a TD per game puts us on the winning side of the ledger. A stingier defense, hopefully with some pass rush, would increase that margin.

    Have we added the weapons to get another TD per game? I think so, and a scheme improvement will obviously help.

  15. Fritz50 Says:

    While I agree, to a certain extent, I find it hard to determine how much of our offensive woes were due to crappy coaches, a crappy system, lack of offensive weapons, and pure dumb luck ( bad luck, of course. I think putting it all on the 2 QBs is simplistic, at best. I’m no expert , by any means, but that’s my take. We needed a complete overhaul, & got it. Only time will tell how it’ll work out, and I’ll be there watching it all. Hopefully with great enjoyment.

  16. Justin Says:

    @gatrbuc17 Yes they did, but it’s a different game now than it was 12 years ago. Think of the changes from then in terms of speed and how the game is played. Specifically, the game is geared more towards offense now, so odds are you won’t find another team who can hold teams to 11 ppg in this day and age.

  17. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    Two words: napoleon dynamite.

  18. Louis Friend Says:

    Jones is a deliberate contrarian, but in fairness to him it’s a valid point you’ve quoted. Nobody informed truly believes the Bucs will light it up. We all want to see it before we buy in.

  19. MTM Says:

    Joe let refresh your memory. The great Peyton Manning was dusted by a great defense and was beat by a “average” QB. I am not implying McCown or Napoleon Dynamite is going to lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl. But the top passers in the league have been shut out more often than not. The defensive side of the ball has always been easier to upgrade quickly.

  20. Joe Says:


    Joe let refresh your memory. The great Peyton Manning was dusted by a great defense and was beat by a “average” QB. I am not implying McCown or Napoleon Dynamite is going to lead the Bucs to the Super Bowl. But the top passers in the league have been shut out more often than not. The defensive side of the ball has always been easier to upgrade quickly.

    You are missing the entire point of the article. Essentially, as Jones points out, if you are in the bottom half of the league in offense, you don’t make the playoffs. If you don’t make the playoffs, you will not get to a Super Bowl.

  21. Tomcin Says:

    Tom Jones knows nothing. A complete idiot.

  22. Harry Says:

    Some people just don’t get it. Or they just want to argue using twisted or irrelevant facts.

  23. SoonerninTampa Says:

    Great…Tom Jones (Mr. Doom and Gloom) pens a article and we the Bucs are SCREWED!!!! OH NO WE SUCK AGAIN!!!
    We haven’t even made it to training camp and our season is in the crapper.

    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…I swear I have never seen a town so willing to jump off the cliff before the season even starts. This is nothing new, Tampa has been like this forever..or so it seems.

    Joe has written many times that the great unknown is how Tedford’s offense will do in the NFL…now, thanks to Tom Jones we already know…WE ARE DOOMED!!!

  24. BFFL Says:

    Compare the 2012 Saints to the 2013 Saints….defense wins
    Compare the 2012 Pathers to the 2013 Pathers….defense wins
    Bucs 2008: first 13 games great defense 9-3; last 4 games bad defense 0-4
    Superbowl 37: 1st ranked offense vs 1st rank defense….defense wins
    Superbowl 48: 1st ranked offense vs 1st ranked defense….defense wins

    Shall I continue…

  25. Chris Says:

    gatrbuc17 Says:
    May 28th, 2014 at 9:14 am
    When we won the SB our offense averaged 17 ppg and our D allowed 11.
    Case Closed.

    Oh yeah? Back in 2002 when the rules weren’t catered to have an inflation of scoring geared for offenses. 3000 yards is considered the norm these days. And our defense isn’t something that comes along every year. It was one of the greatest of all time. Seattle had one of those defenses. Has one of those defenses. But they had the 9th best offense.

    The glennon mob thinks we can win with great defense and him being average. Glennon hasn’t even proved to me he can be in the 16-20 qb tier. He’s a bottom 4 qb and so is McCown. I’m sorry. I’m a die hard Buc fan but putting weapons around a journey man back up who had 5 games of “good production” but bad film. McCown had about a dozen picks in 5 starts that hit DBS in the hands. He got lucky. And glennon who has inconsistent ball placement and captain 3&out. If you guys go back and watch the film all 22 I can’t see how lovie and co are some comfortable with the qb situation. I’d say it’s our glaring weakness and I would not put out there we could be similar to the 2013 Houston texans. Good football team minus qb.

    That’s what concerns me with lovie. He’s still living in the past where he can surround any qb and take the team to contention level. Not when a guy like glennon is checking down for 3 yards on 3rd &6

  26. ApolloXI Says:


    Josh McCown had 13 TDs 1 INT and an overall QB passer rating of 109 staring 8 games. I have no idea where you got the statistic of “In 58 games, McCown has only thrown 4 TDs.” While I don’t think McCown is the answer, I sure as hell think he was the best option for us compared to who was available in FA and the draft.

    By the way, guys… Joe is still really sour he didn’t get to see his man-crush Manziel as a Buc. He’s gonna whine occasionally this offseason about our current QBs. Waiting to see pop up soon.

  27. Chris Says:

    I’ll be clear. I may not believe glennon is a starter in this league. But I am glad we didn’t draft Manziel. It’s not that I have a problem with his off field character. He’s young and has a good time. It’s his play style and work ethic. The pats leaked the scouting report and film study and first in last out were huge concerns.

  28. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    We have our anointed franchise QB of the future, and the Cannon will have a good career as a starter

  29. Architek Says:

    Joe I would like you to bring this up on your WDAE slot today.

    Here is the thing, no doubt you MUST be able to score and strike in this league. You also must be able to control the clock when necessary. That spells balance and efficiency.

    No one is saying Tedford will succeed or fail but dammit there is no where to go but up. Also, I understand Jones half empty approach but but without any sampling we are all guessing. This is a more mature organization now and will be better prepared to adjust on the fly when teams adjust to us. We were not a 4-12 team roster wise but coaching and in-game we were sub-par.

    We can only get better.

    You’re welcome to call in. 813-990-4620. –Joe

  30. Patrick in VA Says:

    @SoonerninTampa – Somewhere along the line it became a bad thing to be a homer. Because we all have the opportunity to weigh in on a public forum like this, people think that they are big level analysts and they need to maintain objectivity. I don’t get it. It’s become a lot more important for people to have their opinions be right than to cheer for their team to do well. People have gotten it in to their heads that they know what’s best for the team and if their blueprints aren’t followed then they come on here, and places like this, and lambaste them. Seems like a pretty miserable fan existence but I guess they’re allowed to support the team in their way too

  31. JFat Says:

    Of the top 10 defenses in the NFL last year, 8 made the playoffs. I think you just need to be elite on one side of the ball and hope to be average to above average on the other.

  32. Architek Says:

    You’re 100% correct – that’s what I’ve been saying all off-season and that’s my beef with people here and the constant questioning of Lovie and his decision making, NEWSFLASH WE WERE 4-12!!!

    Anything Lovie do should be viewed as optimistic. I just don’t get people, it’s like they want misery and losing.

    I also say – what’s wrong with being bias toward the Bucs?

  33. Chef Paul Says:


    I never thought of it that way, but I think you hit the nail on the head. The simplest answer is usually the right answer, and i think you nailed in just one sentence. I agree 100%

  34. "Skyline" Says:

    Agree with alot of people on here. Ever since we didn’t draft Joe’s mancrush he has been posting nothing, but doom and gloom. I’m looking forward to this season and say to hell with the fans who are doom and gloom. We can only get better with weapons we have added. I think we can take at least 2nd in the division and contend for a wildcard spot.

  35. Nick H Says:

    Yes you have to score points to win, but all of your scores don’t have to come from the offense.

    An historically great defense can overcome their mediocre offense to win a Super Bowl. We know first hand that it can happen.

    Saying you need to score points to win doesn’t mean all the scoring has to come from offense but yeah, your chances are always a little better if your O is juiced up.

  36. Bobby Says:

    So Seattle shut down the #1 ranked offense in the NFL but offense is what wins super bowls? OK… what am I missing here….It wasn’t just the #1 ranked offense, it was one of the best of all time and yet they scored squat against Seattle’s defense. I still say give me an elite defense over an elite offense any time. Nice to have both but if you have to have one or the other I see more evidence of elite defenses winning the battle when matched up against an elite offense. Our Bucs and Seattle are just two examples. The Ravens are another. Even the Steelers get nowhere without the Steel Curtain. One of the few teams to have both an elite offense and an elite defense. Ask Dan Marino which he would prefer.

  37. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Chef Paul Seattle allowed only 13.2 ppg and won the SB!!!
    WOW…………Defense brother Defense

  38. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    gatrbuc17 Says
    “When we won the SB our offense averaged 17 ppg and our D allowed 11.
    Case Closed.”

    OMG. How can you even think that the rules have not changed things completely?

    The Seahawks scored an average of 24 points per game all last season. They had offense.

    They also had the benefit of refs who refused to call them for penalties.

  39. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Jones is right this time around.

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bobby Says
    “So Seattle shut down the #1 ranked offense in the NFL but offense is what wins super bowls? OK… what am I missing here…”

    Here is what you are missing:
    The Seahawks had great defense AND a top 10 offense.

    The Broncos had a great offense AND NO defense.

    It’s really not hard to figure out.

    Add in the fact that the Seahawks got away with things that every other team in the NFL got penalties and fines for, and there you have it.

    Heck, the Seahawks as much as said they were ignoring the rules and sooner or later the refs would get tired of calling penalties on them. They were right.

  41. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    My theory is that you need a top 10 defense and an offense that can score 20-24 points per game.

    Back when we won the SB, that was a time when if our offense scored 14 points per game it was good enough. During that season, Warren Sapp even said so.

    Either way, you need to be top 5 in one and top 10 in the other.

  42. Mike g Says:

    Much as I hate to agree but joe is 100% right

  43. Dreambig Says:

    Way to stir the pot joe

  44. White Tiger Says:

    When we won a Super Bowl – we had an offensive coach that built an offense out of nothing, that got better every week (especially down the stretch). We suddenly had an offensive mastermind that actually matched the defensive mastermind. It all came together when both sides of the ball.

    Tony Dungy never won a Super Bowl until he learned the lesson about balance.

    The offense matters – or you’ll be 9-7 or 10-6 and lose in the first round of the playoffs.

    From the rough review I’ve done – one side of the ball can be elite, but the other side HAS to be – at least – NFL average.

    That’s what happened in Gruden’s first year, it’s why I don’t think Herm Edwards is correct – these Bucs have done nothing to prove that there defense is elite – no way are these Bucs going to the Super Bowl. Both sides of the ball have too much too learn and the competition isn’t rolling over every week either.

    It probable, it’s just very likely.