Sitting Up

May 11th, 2014
There was one draftee this weekend that got Lovie interested in offense.

There was one draftee this weekend that got Lovie interested in offense.

Bucs coach Lovie Smith joked yesterday that after his team drafted nothing but offensive players in his first draft with the Bucs, that it proved to fans they had him pegged all wrong. That actions speak louder than words and showed he really does like offense.

Bucs general manager Jason Licht once joked that in meetings, whenever the discussion focused on offensive linemen, Lovie would lean back in his chair and become disinterested if not bored, twiddling his thumbs and looking at the ceiling and artwork on the walls trying to pass the time.

Well, Licht noted, there was one time that Lovie wasn’t dozing off when discussing offense; that’s the time the two were looking at tape of newly drafted tackle Kevin Pamphile.

“I think we were going through the offensive line, Lovie and I, we did that back in March,” Licht said. “We had the reports on Pamphile, we knew what he was, but when we got together and watched him together, he was one that Lovie wasn’t sitting back in his seat.”

In case you didn’t know it, Pamphile was a high school basketball star. So it seems, to find a Jeff Tedford type of a Lovie Smith type of a player, always look to the basketball court.

While Lovie may or may not be a fan of offensive football, it appears he’s fond of hoops.

11 Responses to “Sitting Up”

  1. BucsFan007 Says:

    Figures …. this is the year they outlaw the Goalpost dunk

  2. pablo Says:

    Did they ban goal post lay-ups ?
    Also joe can u write an article about our rookie Jersey numbers ??? Will Luke stocker give up #88 . If not guess he will just be cut lol
    Also I know #13 is available but a big guy like Mike evans should wear a # in the 80s .. teen #s should be for faster shifter guys (Sammy Watkins #14)

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    Pablo you can pre order #13 mike evans jerseys already so he is 13. Stocker will be working at food lion 88 will be available lol

  4. chef paul Says:

    I think these guys did some espionage so covert, even Edward Snowden didn’t know about it.

    Kudos to them.

  5. Cmurda Says:

    food lion lol. That leaves Publix all to Crabtree?

  6. lurker Says:

    are numbers not associated with positions in the nfl anymore?

    80’s for wr.

  7. gatrbuc17 Says:

    LOL you guys are tight work with the last few comments. Good thing we Bucs fan can be light hearted right now. Looking forward to 2014

  8. Joe Says:

    Also joe can u write an article about our rookie Jersey numbers ???

    Likely won’t know them until this weekend.

  9. owlykat Says:

    I like Evans because when VJax retires, Evans will take over his spot, and also, because Josh excelled last year in Chicago with two towers of WRs, which we now have duplicated here, and if Glennon starts all he has to do is throw the ball up there and these receivers will compensate for Glennon’s lack of accuracy. I even like our new TE who has 4.5 speed and is a complete TE, which gives us our own “Graham” eventually, and he can even shadow block which can really help if our LT has trouble stopping Clowney one day. But we needed a Tampa 2 MLB big enough to stop the run, and we did not get Mad Max, so look for Foster, who had dropped his weight to 230 to help stop passes, to get run over in the Charlotte game and lose his position to our New England Free Agent. Foster should have been learning SLB at 145 lbs. instead. Also, we needed a backup 3 technique like Jay Bromley, who is now playing for the Giants. So we needed those two defensive players, and not another RB, and while our 5’9″ WR with 4.3 speed sounds intriguing, with five 4.3 WRs already we should have gone defense then too.

  10. Anzac Buc Says:


    In my part of the world, the word ‘hoop’ is slang for a gentleman’s rectum. Eg; “Wow that curry last night gave me a wicked burning hoop”.

    I certainly hope that Lovie is not fond of hoops. Haha.

    Thanks for the schoolboy chuckles though Joe. This will keep me coming back!

  11. Oingo Boingo Says:

    Joe, please write an article about Johnny Manziel.