Pamphile To Be Tested At Guard, Too

May 10th, 2014
Bucs GM Jason Licht talks offensive line after the Bucs finished their drafting Saturday.

Bucs GM Jason Licht talks offensive line after the Bucs finished their drafting Saturday.

One element why the Bucs traded up into the fifth-round to draft Purdue tackle Kevin Pampphile was that he possessed a desired trait of the “Dunkaneers,” in that he was a stud high school basketball player and a good football player.

Being an athlete (a basketball athlete?) apparently means the player is also versatile in the eyes of the current Bucs brass.

Joe knows Bucs fans tonight will be growling at their bartenders because the Bucs did not draft a guard earlier, a position of dire need. To assist local bartenders with unruly customers, Bucs general manager Jason Licht offered that Pamphile, while targeted as a tackle, will be given an opportunity to show his wares as a guard.

“We will experiment with that,” Pamphile said. “There has been a lot of discussion with that. It is definitely worth working with him [at guard] at some point but right now work with him at tackle. We felt like we needed tackle depth and that third tackle, that swing tackle, we feel is a pretty valuable piece of the puzzle.”

Bucs coach Lovie Smith also tried to calm the nerves of Bucs fans and temper the fear of waitresses by noting there are a lot of starting offensive linemen in the NFL who were not drafted in the first three rounds.

Licht stated there are other opportunities to add guards, whether it be as undrafted free agents, or NFL free agents down the road.

18 Responses to “Pamphile To Be Tested At Guard, Too”

  1. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’ve had enough…gotta refocus on work.

    Only complaint from me is lack of a QB.

    They should have acquired Sanchez. A change of scenery will prob help him.

  2. RJBucnut Says:

    Lmao Joe ur too much. The Dunkaneers!!! Well w what we will b putting on the field at reciever and TE we don’t need a qb. Just throw it up and let our BEASTS do the rest. I trust that this regime made us a better team this weekend. I don’t think any team in the NFC south can compete w the NFC west yet but we’re getting there. Very impressed w the Rams draft.

  3. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ Bonzai’s

    Sanchez!? We agree on a few things, but obviously QB’s is not one of them. Two words for anyone even thinking Sanchez Butt Fumble. I am confident that he is yet another flaming bust from that wonderful draft class of QB’s

  4. Blastoise Says:

    Okay it doesn’t feel like the building is on fire anymore but we will see how these OL pan out. The 49ers have spent alot of first round picks on their OL to make it as good as it is now. You can’t always win on the gambles and OL is the offense. Nothing works without it, running game or passing game.

  5. Robert7 Says:

    Our team has played some of its best ball in previous years with patchwork o lines. The one constant is the over priced and overhyped oline, when on the field, has sucked out loud!

  6. Bucs fan in NC Says:

    I agree, give him a chance at guard…. security guard!! We gave up 2 picks to move up and get a guy that we could have picked up from the pool of UNDRAFTED free agents. L&L get a B in free agency and a D in the draft

  7. Dougy balls Says:

    Fire the cannons !!!!

  8. RutgersAlumni Says:

    Very concerned about the upcoming season with what we have on the O-line. Nothing left in free agency to go after, this could be Schiano 2.0

  9. Nick H Says:

    Purely offensive draft to aide the league’s worst offense. I can live with that.

  10. Pvine Says:

    Been with the Bucs from the beginning. Don’t remember them ever having a real top tier offensive line. That, I think, has always been the biggest problem with the franchise!

  11. unbelievable Says:

    hahahaha Hell NO to Sanchez !

  12. BoJim Says:

    Sanchez? Puke.

  13. biff barker Says:

    Sanchez? Next thing you know someone will be calling for Ponder. Oh wait….

  14. Robert7 Says:

    Looking at the write ups and ranking would lead me to think he may just beat out the G they drafted before him. And either Nicks is healthy(which I would not go into the season banking on no matter what) or they are bringing back Davin. Also liked the write ups someone mentioned on our other rarely mentioned G who was just resigned to 2 years. Doing the math the could get decent starting lineup out of their options and get Backup OL before the season.

    We all know good play calling and some playmakers and a quick release can make an online look good.

  15. Buchead407 Says:

    Yea if you want Sanchez you clearly have issues or don’t kno what sport you r watching

  16. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    Sanchez for qb? A “D” grade for the draft… BUCS have to many GM’s for fans

  17. Mikeck Says:

    These guys spend hundred of man hours pouring over tapes and scouting reports but you guys know better. This guy would have been available as a free agent??? How could you possibly know that? We can all agree that Lovie S is a talented coach right. Presumably he has watched every Bucs snap last year in evaluating talent and talked to a lot of people. He is keeping almost Ll the staters including Glennon. That should tell you that he thinks the talent level is good.

  18. WarRoom Says:

    UDFA Patchan is a far better athlete then either Pamphile or Edwards. Checkout his combine, size and experience in 3 different college offenses (last year at BC – straight ahead run blocker). Patchan is that athletic swing tackle that can also be moved in to guard the Bucs say they want. Past injuries kept him from being drafted – but he played all of his senior season.
    Had Lovie known Patchan would be available – no way he wastes next year’s 5th moving up to take Pamphile.