Matchup Nightmares Coming

May 11th, 2014

What should be a sure thing about the Bucs’ offense is the nausea and vomiting it will induce in opposing defensive coordinators.

How would you try to match up against Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans split wide and a double tight end set of Tim Wright and gargantuan rookie speedster Austin Seferian-Jenkins, with Charles Sims? Doug Martin in the backfield?

Of course, the Bucs will have to pass block and rely on Josh McCown and/or quarterback of the future Mike Glennon, but the skill positions are nasty dangerous.

Pat Kirwan, the former Bucs scout and Jets personnel man, who also coached linebackers in New York under Monte Kiffin, likes the film and speed of Seferian-Jenkins. Kirwan smells what Joe revealed about offensive coordinator Tedford long ago: his fascination with two pass-catching tight ends after his study session in New England. The following is Kirwan’s pre-draft look at the Bucs’ new second-round pick:

2. Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Washington: The 6-foot-6, 271-pound Jenkins recently ran 4.56 and definitely got the attention of many clubs. He was trained in a pro offense under Steve Sarkisian and there’s plenty of film of him run-blocking. As a receiver he did grab 146 passes and 21 touchdowns in his three seasons. I watched his final three games of 2013 (Oregon State, Washington State, BYU) when he had nine receptions and two touchdowns. I think in the NFL he has a chance to be a complete tight end and his basketball skills are visible on tape. In the right NFL offense — like New England — he could explode in production. I see him as an early second-round pick.

Joe was most pleased to read about the run blocking film. That can’t be discounted, even though it’s more fun to think of the aerial assault from the Bucs’ new giant, high-flying, athletic receiving crew.

Tedford can’t moan about limited weapons, unless he’s talking about quarterback and offensive linemen. Joe finds himself saying an extra healing prayer for Carl Nicks this morning. C’mon, big fella.

77 Responses to “Matchup Nightmares Coming”

  1. Harry Says:

    I love our new weapons. I just hope the Oline can perform, especially the OGs.

  2. 911bucs Says:

    I just hope they will utilize the players as you explained above. That will be tough for any team to defend

  3. deminion Says:

    So happy with the skills positions… Finally!!! Threats on O and a Lovie smith D this year we have depth lets go bucs!!!!

  4. TheShaz Says:

    Ok…..Vincent go to that pylon, Evans go to the other and ASJ, you cross the middle of the end zone. The one paired with the shortest defender gets the ball.

    Wow, I can draw up offensive plays too.

  5. Destinjohnny Says:

    Ya feel we need a little more diversity at the wideout postion.maybe heron can be that guy. I think they feel good about the wideouts they have to tell u the truth.’ Evans is a monster I sat in the stands at the bama and was like who in the hell is this savage. He has that it factor.’ I still wonder if we should have grabbed lee out of USC.

  6. Bigbucs1 Says:

    Joe I agree- I am excited about this group- the twin towers??? More like he bucs are building a new downtown on Ray jay

  7. Lou. Says:

    Could someone please explain why Mike Evans is such an improvement over Mike Williams? Aren’t they both slower, larger receiver-types? While I am glad such optimism is in the air, I don’t see how this particular move makes the Bucs’ offensive attack qualitatively better.

  8. William Says:


    This really makes 2013 old news. I’m in awe with the possibilities. I’m even looking forward to pre-season.

    Go Bucs! Thank you Glazers!

  9. Kevin Says:

    Man Lou….you must not have been watching much Bucs ball. What is the difference between Evan and Williams REALLY??? I’m not even going to explain it. If you can’t figure that one out on your own…than you don’t deserve to know.

  10. Lou. Says:

    @Destin —

    Steve White did a nice analysis and write-up on Lee. His opinion was that the guy shows bad hands. He concludes at the end that Lee is just not neear first-round material, but that he would have value later on — “that’s what the lower rounds are for.” Seems a lot of other scouts and teams shared his opinion.

    After studying the tape, White also was low on Ealy (not very good moves) and high on Benjamin (excellent speed AFTER the first few steps). He reviewed Nix, Sam, Sammie, and many others, too. You might enjoy looking up White’s scouting reports.

  11. Barry Says:

    MG8 winning ROY with just 1 starter (VJ), can you imagine what he’d do with this group of guys? NFC champions i’m thinking.

  12. SteveK Says:

    Mike Glennon is the ultimate weapon, don’t ya know, Joe.


  13. William Says:

    Mike has great hands like William’s at a 4.54 40 yard dash. His height creates havoc for defenses with v-Jack next to him. He is definitely an upgrade.

  14. SteveK Says:

    All the MG8 haters (Freemanites) should be known as the “Mighty Mighty Butt Hurts” after the draft spoke the truth about the Bucs and BPA.

  15. Jordan Says:

    How does a team defend against 6’5″, 6’5″, 6’5″ and 6’7″(Maneri)?

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I’d rather have some of the best weapons in the league and an average line than a great line and average weapons. Sure, having both would be awesome, but in today’s NFL with free agency and the salary cap it’s impossible to have every part of your team be a strength. You have to pick your poison and it’s obvious Lovie, Licht & Tedford wanted nothing to do with a big, slow, aging line and average-at-best offensive weapons. I concur.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    Tedford can’t moan about limited weapons, unless he’s talking about quarterback and offensive linemen.


    Joe’s butt still hurts that MG8 is here and is the future. If the weapons were limited, why did they wait until after the draft to bring in a QB? They had many chances to draft Joe’s “franchise QB” but never did.


  18. Miguel Grande Says:

    I would be so excited with these new “Dunkaneers” if they had Brady or Manning throwing to them but they don’t.

    Is Connor Shaw coming to Tampa?

  19. Dean Says:

    There are going to be some very good OL players, that have made their mark in the NFL and are cut for cost/younger players. This next round of free agency is where the Bucs will put the frosting on the cake. New weapons, solid FA’s so far and there are a couple more pieces to come. This really is shaping up as the most dramatic overhaul in Buc’s history. Now it’s up to this great team of coaches to MAKE THIS WORK!!!

  20. Pewter_Power Says:

    LOL I love the picture of Rob Ryan. Everytime I see it I think of that announcer screaming “Where’s the beef!?”

  21. bornandRAYSed Says:

    Aww Joe your butt still hurt? Its been a few days figured someone would have rubbed some powder on it by now.

  22. Robert7 Says:

    Mighty mighty butt hurts….. Me like it.

    Wait….. I am being redirected to

  23. Rex Says:

    Lou… I really can’t believe you are asking this question. For one when mike Williams was out vj was double teamed and sometimes triple teamed and if williams was inter whole year we would have done a little better. But you can’t go and say how is mike Evans an improvement, 1. He is 4 inches taller than Williams, 2. He has a higher vertical leap than Williams and 3 he’s probably less injury prone. So there you just got 3 reasons to make your question look stupid.

  24. bucrightoff Says:

    The Bucs should probably be a top 10 scoring offense in the red zone. Four guys 6’4 or taller down there should be virtually impossible to stop. Between the 20’s it’s about the speed in space guys but inside the 20s its about the guys who can catch it in traffic. And with Lovie’s D this offense just needs to be in the 10-18 range to make the Bucs a very difficult team to play.

  25. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    When is the last time the Bucs’ offense was a matchup nightmare?

    Hint: never

  26. SeanyMac in SC Says:

    Love the pic of Slob Ryan. Carl Nicks – please get well soon!

  27. Bucfan#37 Says:

    After reading the Tom Jones column in Saturday’s local smear rag The Bitter Times, his take on the Bucs QB situation and lack of drafting a real bona fide field general reads just like the anti Glennon mobs comments here at this site. Widely held opinions are sometimes proven wrong.


    With all this Height we just acquired,America will soon see the new “TAMPA BAY SKYLINE”!!!

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    Tis the main reason why I wanted Evans in the first place. Yes Evans over Watkins I said. I’m not arguing with anybody on this either. It’s my opinion.

  30. Kevin Says:

    Cant wait until Carl Nicks contract and our punters contract are gone. How stupid was M.D to pay those guys that kind of money. Especially the punter. Lot of good that did for the win loss column. I am hoping they take ANOTHER monster at receiver next year as well being that Vjax will probably not stay in Tampa past this season. We’ll see. These next couple months are gonna really suck

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    A guy Evans size that runs and 4.53 40 is fast enough for me. Jenkins runs a 4.56 40 for a guy that size as well. You’ve GOT to be kidding me when I read that one.

    “The 6-foot-6, 271-pound Jenkins recently ran 4.56” Wtf WOW!

  32. biff barker Says:

    The up tempo will favor our OL especially with two mauling TE’s, a pair of huge physical WR’s and the speed of Martin.
    We’ve got the size and skill, Tedford needs to mix up the plays and then exploit to soft spots.
    This O will has the ability to wear opponents down.

  33. William Says:

    @brocktacular – and don’t forget about our twin towers in the D-line Johnson & Golston (excuse the type-o). Sky high baby!

  34. William Says:

    Remember the SF game when Glennon did so well with the no huddle offense. Can you imagine that scenario with our new weapons? And that was the great SF defense. To bad we are not playing in the HOF game.
    Go Bucs!

  35. Mike Says:

    I had an interesting read last night……
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    They have a playoff-ready defense, and needed to add offensive talent to balance out the squad. They are awful in the red zone, and needed to add physical talent. Done and done. Wide receiver Mike Evans, tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins and running back Charles Sims add explosiveness to a promising offense. They didn’t draft a single defensive player, which says a lot about how confident Lovie Smith is in his group. Plus, we liked the decision to hold onto Mike Glennon. He’s more promising than any quarterback in this class taken after the first round.

  36. Mike Says:

    That was from NFL network

  37. Mike Says:

    @ William….. Can you imagine us not stopping that because we didn’t practice it? Schiano lost me after that

  38. Waterboy Says:

    Where does Brandon Myers fit in?

  39. William Says:

    McCown should do well with all this height available. I’m hoping to see him continue his latest success.

    I know we are not practicing yet but 8-8 seems reachable at this time.

  40. Mike Says:

    Lovie said D can win you 8 games. What did we not add in the draft? I’m actually going with 9-7/10-6. And I haven’t said that in long time

  41. Buc1987 Says:

    My final draft grade on L&L is a B+. That might change as those players take the field. Didn’t like the Sims pick until I saw the highlights. Now I’m all in on him.

    Something just told me weeks ago that The Bucs would not draft a QB. I thought they really did like MG and it showed on draft day. Those 2 L&L are tough nuts to crack. Not as tough as Schiano was when trying to figure stuff out, but still pretty damn tough.

    I’m just glad I got 2 things right on draft day. Evans and “the Bucs will not draft a QB in this draft”. Considering last season I was entirely wrong about Freeman, and wrong about Schiano as well.

    I was also right about Revis, and Mike Williams too. Not patting myself on the back, it just feels good to have a better gauge of this team once again.

  42. William Says:

    @ Mike. Me too. But really it was probably the beginning of the end for Schiano.

    I like we’re we are right now.

  43. tmaxcon Says:

    all the weapons are awesome and I am really excited for next season until McCown reverts to McCown and Glennon does his best Statue imitation while fumbling, getting sacked and can’t get out of his own way with the grand finale being blowing games in the 4th qtr.

    In order to be good in the red zone you must get to the red zone. QB is still a HUGE need.

    I love all the shots mob takes at us non-believers in 8 but you will all come around when he wilts in the 4th quarter like last year. This time you wont have all the excuses and made up awards to make for him.

    Smith has more upside in his big toe than any qb currently on the roster. Will he be good who knows actually no one knows but we darn sure know that Glennon wilts in the 4th qtr. Make all the excuses you people want. My favorite is the made up Rookie of the year bs…. Since when does every single position get rookie of the year awards. I guess you guys are the same people who feel everyone should get a trophy and they should not keep score in games.

    I Love my BUCS! But until they address the qb position it will be a rocky ride. BTW, using the word hater for people who just don’t like glennon’s game is asinine.

  44. Mike Says:

    @ 1987
    I gave an A- due to not needing a RB, but I loved this draft. That’s another thing I haven’t said in awhile. I mean I’ve enjoyed some picks, but haven’t enjoyed an entire draft as I have this one. I was with you on them keeping Glennon as well. I don’t know if he will beat out McCown, but I’d like to see what he can do with actual play calling and legit weapons on the field

  45. Buc1987 Says:

    Mike…I have not combed over the schedule yet to try and make a prediction. That takes me awhile to get done. Over a couple days span actually. It’s a well thought process for me. Last season I predicted 10-6 so I really have to comb over this one like crazy this season. Take everything inot account and all.

    Right now without looking at the schedule. I can see 8-8. That’s a safe bet right now. It might go higher it might go lower for me. I’m excited once again though. So far I can thank L&L for one thing this offseason, and that’s for taking me out of the depressed state I’ve that I carried out of the season and into the offseason. I happy again.

  46. Buc1987 Says:

    Sorry for the typos…my wife was squawking in my ear.

  47. Mike Says:

    @ tmax
    See I don’t use the term haters, because I’m not sold on Glennon. With that being said, you can’t tell me that he had actual weapons last season. I was one of those that said no QB would’ve had a good season with our team last year. You know it’s bad Whalen I could sit there watching the game and call a lot of the plays. Made me sick just watching it! Most of what I read besides JBF or anything in Tampa, says Glennon can be very good. So I’m willing to give the kid a shot. It does seem to me tho IMO that many posters on here just use blind hate. I could be wrong, but I like to look at things from all angles

  48. BuccoBill Says:

    “As the Tampa Skyline approached the line of scrimmage, The opposing defense dug in, hoping that their secondary would be able to leap these skyscrapers in a single bound! But to no avail. The Skyline was built to live in the stratosphere where no mortal could reach for the gifts put forth by the Quarterback Gods!”
    (In my head I picture this in the NFL Films style)

  49. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Buc1987… Good call that no QB’s would be taken in the draft.

  50. stanglassman Says:

    ’87 Your self importance amazes me.

  51. Mike Says:

    1987, I find myself in the same state right now. I’m actually excited for the season to start. I can’t wait for the final roster! You’re right about L&L being hard to read tho. I still can’t believe no D player was drafted. It tells me Lovie is cooking something we ‘ll all like out there! Lol

  52. tmaxcon Says:


    you are absolutely right by looking at all angles. I just don’t see the same potential in Glennon others do. If I am wrong so beit, will not be first or last time that happens that all being spewed, I just can’t buy into 8. It’s not personal. If I had a daughter he’d be a good choice lol….

  53. Mike Says:

    Lol I hear ya tmax! I just can’t help but wonder what he may be able to do with these( what’s looking like a nasty group) WR/TE/RB. I am curious

  54. Nybucsfan Says:

    The O should be better I hope we are on our third starter in less than two years hope the third is better than the first two

  55. Nybucsfan Says:

    That would be 3 QB in less than two years

  56. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Prediction 1 – Glennon wins the starting QB spot during preseason, prediction 2 – McCown will be a consummate pro and team guy about his demotion, and prediction 3 – we will be getting used to a lot of well thrown back shoulder TD grabs from VJax, Evans, and our TE’s. Sims as a hybrid slot WR/RB could be dangerous too. Can’t wait until camp starts, but please L&L address the O-line a bit more.

  57. Buchead407 Says:

    Please nicks be healthy I bet our season depends on two things this year. Oline and qb play. If we can run block consistantly and stay healthy we have a shot I see McCown having a good year with these giants and Herron will be our slot guy

  58. lurker Says:

    great height for the red zone, but if glennon is qb, how will we get there?

    also, mgm said glennon was better than a rookie because he had nfl experience, and yet that doesn’t apply to the receivers? williams is better than evans because evans hasn’t played an nfl game. you guys are silly.

  59. Mike Says:

    Hey lurker…… Like to place a bet on that? I don’t care about Glennon, but Evens is much better then what we had sir

  60. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Great Draft-trading for Evan Mathis would be a nice feather in the cap.

  61. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Lou. Says
    “Could someone please explain why Mike Evans is such an improvement over Mike Williams? Aren’t they both slower, larger receiver-types? While I am glad such optimism is in the air, I don’t see how this particular move makes the Bucs’ offensive attack qualitatively better.”

    I’m a Mike Williams fan.

    That said, I DO believe Evans will be leaps and bounds better than Williams. I know everyone was yelling that we needed speed. That’s really not what was needed. What we needed was WRs that would actually fight for the ball and make catches.

    Speed does zero good if they don’t catch the ball.

    MeShawn? Not fast but caught the ball. Keenan? Same. Ike Hilliard? Mr. Reliable on catching the ball. JJ? Same. Go down the list.

    You don’t want them slow as molasses but you don’t have to have blinding speed either.

    We needed tall WRs on the outside because they have better reach, which is what a young QB needs.

  62. tonybuc Says:

    I can see us keeping 4 or 5 tight ends and no fullbacks on the roster we are very deep at tight end and that’s something that was a very underrated need going into the offseason, we haven’t had this kind of depth since dare i say Jeremy Stevens k2 combo, which wasn’t that great, but now we are stocked there, great offseason so far L&L , now let’s translate that into wins!

  63. Grudenite Says:

    New Orleans Saints
    Added: S Jairus Byrd, FB Erik Lorig
    Kept: OLB Ramon Humber, WR Joe Morgan, T Zach Strief
    Lost: FB Jed Collins, CB Jabari Greer, S Roman Harper, S Malcolm Jenkins, DT Tom Johnson, WR Lance Moore, OLB Will Smith, RB Darren Sproles, ILB Jonathan Vilma
    Carolina Panthers
    Added: WR Jerricho Cotchery, S Roman Harper, TE Mike McNeill
    Kept: QB Derek Anderson, CB James Dockery, DE Greg Hardy, OLB Jason Williams
    Lost: WR Ted Ginn, WR Domenik Hixon, WR Brandon LaFell, T Jordan Gross, S Mike Mitchell, CB Captain Munnerlyn, ILB Jordan Senn, WR Steve Smith
    Atlanta Falcons
    Added: CB Javier Arenas, G Jon Asamoah, KR/PR Devin Hester, DE Tyson Jackson, DT Paul Soliai
    Kept: DT Jonathan Babineaux, C Joe Hawley, DT Peria Jerry, G Mike Johnson, DT Corey Peters
    Lost: TE Chase Coffman, S Thomas DeCoud, CB Dominique Franks, ILB Omar Gaither, G Sean Locker, OLB Stephen Nicholas, CB Asante Samuel, T Jeremy Trueblood
    the BUCS are easily the most improved team in the NFC South.

  64. Grudenite Says:

    @JOE, nice pic but I think Sean Payton will have that look more when our defense stymies brees and company. Our “D” last year did a good job at home against Brees and we have only gotten better.

  65. lurker Says:

    trading williams pigeonholed us into taking a receiver. you may argue about evans being better, but he has yet to take a snap. you all can’t have it both ways saying glennon is better because of experience but williams isn’t. hell, stevie johnson was traded for a 4th and people on here wanted him.

    also, we are still stuck with the biggest weak area…qb.

  66. lurker Says:

    the bucs had the most improving to do. also, atlanta had a very strong draft to improve its weaknesses and carolina and the saints did well too.

  67. BuccoBill Says:


  68. White Tiger Says:

    How can anyone issue instantaneous draft grades? The is something that will take time to review. What if you passed on Johnny Foitball and find out he was a superstar…and the world remembers you for having an opportunity at picking acquiring him at 7 overall and instead…you selected his wide receiver!?

    I’ve learned to treat Buccaneer coaches and GM’s with skepticism and hold their drafts at arms length until they prove something.

    Lovie hasn’t proven anything more than being able to build a middling success…kinda won as many games as Gruden, went to as many playoffs as Gruden, and lost his only Super Bowl.

    He drafted terrible QB’s, and he brought in awful free agent QB’s, he was stubborn and intractible – and like his mentor – he was fired for it.

    Guess what…he’s still going to “get by” on offense, and win with defense (a defense he inherited).

    It’s almost funny watching the mind-numbed “fans” come full circle.

    This was a no surprise, no risk, offensive draft. Those usually result in unsurprising, no risk offenses.

    Giving a positive assessment at this point is about as practical as putting lipstick on a pig!

  69. tgregs Says:

    As usual, negative on Glennon. Seems the only folks that don’t like him are the local media. With all possible disrespect, a negative vote from Jones and the rest of the local yahoos is a positive to me.

  70. Brandon Says:

    Just to get it straight, because public perception seems to matter so much with NFL viewers… Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was officially measured at 6054- which is 6’5.5″at the Combine and therefore should be listed, if listed accurately, as 6’6″… plus is sounds more impressive.

    On another note, last year, Mike Glennon measured in officially at 6071, or 6′ 7 and 1/8 and yet he’s listed at 6’6.

  71. White. Tiger Says:

    …which may (or may not) be a positive for the Glennon jock-strappers – as the list of successful QB’s over 6′ 5″ is very, very (very) short.. And when you add in that you’re 6′ 7″ but have to hold a ham sandwich to make 200 lbs (when soaking wet)…the list is even shorter.


  72. AM0621 Says:

    We went 4-12 last year, but lost 4 games by a combined 9 points. I can pretty much guarantee that the upgrades we drafted for offense will gain us at least those 9 points. That brings us to an 8-8 record. Add to it that our defense will be properly coached this year, and we should easily pick up another 2 wins. If every thing works the way it should, 10-6 or greater is a definite possibility.

  73. Ghost Says:

    We’ll I’m glad to see the Johnny football posts have stopped now if we can just get past the Carl nicks debacle.

  74. Jim Walker Says:

    Without an o-line those giant receivers will be standing on the field watching their QB getting hammered.

  75. Canabuc Says:

    Check out this video and then see why Evans was such a great pick for us!

    Joe is not a message board. –Thanks.

  76. Canabuc Says:

    What does that mean?
    It was an awesome video about Mike Evans

  77. BoJim Says:

    Glennon haters are hurt. We didn’t draft a QB, Waaaa. Man I’m glad L&L are in charge and not some of you guys.