Evans Will Be A Force… Later

May 22nd, 2014

mike evans 0522

Just two days ago, Bucs general manager referred to first round draft pick Mike Evans as “a Godzilla” in practice. The wide receiver very well may breathe fire on defenses and stomp on defensive backs in his path to the end zone.

Joe has only seen significant Evans practice time against camp meat — future bartenders, insurance claims adjusters and longshoremen. And yes, he terrorized them just like the reptile in the hit movie does mortals.

(Evans “tweaked” his hamstring so early in practice against the vets, Joe couldn’t get a grasp of how he fared against professional cornerbacks.)

Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski has high hopes for Evans, too. The WHFS-FM 98.7 sports personality fully expects Evans to go all horror flick on defenses. In three years, though, not so much this season.

Rookie wide receivers typically do not put up huge numbers their rookie season because of the adjustment from college defensive backfields to pro defensive backfields, and I do not envision that being different for Evans. With Vincent Jackson on the other side, Evans will have an opportunity to make some plays as a rookie, but by year 3, Evans has the potential of being one of the most dominant receivers in the game today.

Evans’ blend of size, speed, and hands gives the Buccaneers a legitimate threat that opposing defensive coordinators will have to game-plan against for years to come.

The Bucs will stick with Josh McCown and Mike Glennon for now, but if they do decide to ever invest in improving that position with a talented rookie, the positive for that young quarterback is that he’ll have Mike Evans just scratching the surface of stardom.

Joe sees where Justin is coming from and agrees and disagrees. There may be too much hope put on Evans’ shoulders this fall. Expecting any rookie to be a Pro Bowl player is a bit much. Perhaps we should tap the brake?

But if a rookie quarterback can depend on Evans in the Bucs’ future, does that mean a rookie quarterback couldn’t depend on Vincent Jackson? Joe is not sure he follows that line of thinking.

14 Responses to “Evans Will Be A Force… Later”

  1. Owlykat Says:

    The Bucs have had rookie WRs do well before, so why not Evans?

  2. biff barker Says:

    So he’ll be ready when the Cannon is? Super Bowl!

  3. RustyRhino Says:

    78 catches for 1224 yards 7 TD last season sure sounds like Jackson had a rookie QB depending on him.

  4. Chef Paul Says:

    I keep thinking Evens will be one of the exceptions to that rule. A rookie WR plays really well every now and then. But I’m sure I’m just being an optimistic homer. Either way, glad we got this guy.

  5. pablo Says:

    We had Clayton and Mike Williams have rookie success. Now let’s see if we can have a guy who can be good for more than just their rookie season

  6. biff barker Says:

    It’s not all about the numbers, it’s about making the timely catches. Also remember his number of touches will probably be less. VJax, ASJ, Wright, Myers, Sims, and the mystery slot guy will all be seeing their share.
    I’m really hoping Tedford is going to spread the ball around.

  7. Gusjackson Says:

    I see Evans getting 700-800 yards and about 5-6 touchdowns. If he does anymore than that I would estatic

  8. dmatt Says:

    He don’t necessary have to put up huge numbers to contribute and to make a difference. However, rookies may not typically put up huge numbers, but historically, some have put up some decent numbers during their rookie season i.e. Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, A.J. Green, Joey Galloway, Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, so, give him at least the end of preseason before making a case regarding huge numbers and dominant.

  9. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Cannon to Godzilla in the end zone, touchdown!!! Fire the cannons!

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Wright was a rookie with a new position and see how well he performed….I think Evans can be the exception mainly because of the other talent around him it will be very hard to double-team him.
    One-on-one….I’ll take Evans against other team’s smaller CBs (taller covering VJ)…..

  11. Netwalker Says:

    If Evans can’t be covered 1 on 1, that will spell problems for a defense trying to cover Jackson and and TE such as Wright or SJA, all specializing in winning jump balls, all at the same time. It all depends on whoever is QB finding the single coverage. I can see a lot of pass interference calls coming this year as smaller defenders have to climb up the back of the trees to defend a pass.

  12. sharkcoasttactical.com Says:

    Interesting take by the Commish..I think Evans will be a beast his first year..I’m still butthurt over not drafting Manziel..hoping though Manziel looked good because of Evans..love the Jersey number!

  13. tiny tim Says:

    Hey there is AJ Green, Julio Jones all recent high 1st round draft picks. There is no reason to think Evans can not have the same immediate success. I am not sure why people have not noticed. It is not 1984 where the rule is most rookies take a while to transition. The game has changed and a lot of rookies come out in their first year and ball out at various positions. I’

  14. Mike Glennon Mob Says:

    Right now we just need him to be a good number 2 receiver.