Drafting By Zip Code

May 4th, 2014

So Joe’s sunning himself on a lounge chair drinking Beck’s Dark and reading BSPN The Magazine’s NFL Draft issue today. And what does Joe come across? Analysis by some noted stats geek explaining how Blake Bortles’ hometown zip code is part of the equation of why he’ll be successful in the NFL.

Joe’s about had enough of the extended 2014 draft buildup. It’s painful enough, without the growing invasion of the stat geeks trying to chip away at good ol’ fashioned scouting.

Did you know “the NFL’s 32 primary starting quarterbacks from 2013 come from ZIP codes with a mean income of $95,198, more than 85 percent above the national average?”

Dear BSPN, Joe doesn’t give a crap — even about how your stats geeks say it’s important to value 40-yard dash times down to the hundreths of a second.

Yes, Joe read all of the ZIP code analysis, which tried to guide Joe to believe that because Bortles comes from a wealthy county like Mike Glennon and Andy Dalton, therefore Bortles is the “The Man.”

Ironically, this waste of ink came a few pages after a fantastic feature about Teddy Bridgewater building his character in a rough South Florida neighborhood mowing lawns to help support his family through his mother’s bout with breast cancer. (Joe highly recommends that read. And count Joe among the staunch Bridgewater backers.)

Joe sure would love to hear what Warren Sapp, pride of Apopka High, thinks about this BSPN stats drivel.

24 Responses to “Drafting By Zip Code”

  1. BucFanForever Says:

    Another stat – In general, the gross household income for the starting quarterbacks in the NFL corresponds to the amount of success they have experienced in their careers.

  2. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    As you know joe, if your kid wants to be recruited properly. He must seek the services of various positional specialist (not cheap). As seen in 60 Minutes CBS, Sports Illustrated, Men’s Journal, ESPN the Magazine, HBO, the New Yorker and the NFL Network, The Steve Clarkson Quarterback Retreat is the most prestigious and elite event a quarterback can be a part of.

    The Same Steve Clarkson that’s coached may prospects

    (NFL Quarterbacks)
    Ben Roethlisberger-Pittsburgh Steelers
    Jake Locker- Tennessee Titans
    Josh Freeman- Minnesota Vikings
    Terrelle Pryor- Oakland Raiders
    EJ Manuel- Buffalo Bills
    Nick Foles-Philadelphia Eagles
    Jimmy Clausen- Carolina Panthers
    Matt Cassel- Minnesota Vikings
    Matt Leinart-NFLFree Agent (Former QB for Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders)
    Matt Barkley- Philadelphia Eagles
    Tim Tebow-NFL Free Agent

    (Current Collegiate Quarterbacks)
    Brett Hundley-UCLA Bruins
    Max Wittek-USC Trojans
    Blake Bell-Oklahoma Sooner
    Jameis Winston- Florida State Seminoles
    Teddy Bridgewater- Louisville Cardinals
    Nick Montana- Tulane Green Wave
    Jeff Lindquist-University of Washington Huskies
    Jared Lebowitz-UNLV Rebels
    Chase Rettig-Boston College
    Hayden Rettig-LSU
    Zack Greenlee-Fresno State

    But his camp is just one of many.

  3. BucFanForever Says:

    So many stats are pointless.

  4. thunderchunkyPA Says:

    Now they are just filling time for the draft. Joe, I agree, I guess all the hall of famers came from ” good neighborhoods” . This is a slap in the face of anyone who has had to work their way to a good place in their life, including me!

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    From a checks and balances analysis-Stats are just another useful tool used in your overall talent evaluation

  6. Frank Says:

    For the love of God please no Bridgewater. Joe, I get your obsession with JFF, I really do, but Bridgewater is not a franchise QB. Great story, nice kid, adequate physical ability…but not a man to lead an NFL team. Did you really watch him last year??!

  7. P'cola Buc Says:

    Joe, it’s proof positive that the waiting for this draft has become too long. Nothing left for them to write, nothing left for us to read. Let’s face it’s time for the draft already….let’s get on with it!

  8. Espo Says:

    I never thought of it that way. I want to argue, but those numbers don’t lie.

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Women Lie, Men Lie
    Women Lie, Men Lie
    Women Lie, Men Lie
    Women Lie, Men Lie

    Numbers Don’t Lie

  10. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Just curious, what exactly are we supposed to feel down about Teddy by watching him play last year? He threw for 4000 yards, with 31 TD’s and only 4 picks! Is that bad in your world? Was it his 12-1 record that disappoints you? Look, I get it that he had a pro day, and that is a legit concern. However, to say to look at what he did last year does nothing but further backup the claim that he is a very very good QB. Obviously he didn’t play against the greatest competition, but the league is full of QB’s who didn’t play against great competition. If that were the case, only SEC QB’s would be NFL signal callers. He sure didn’t have any problem torching Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

  11. Eric Says:

    I’m with Joe, Bridgewater can play.

    Who cares about the underwear session.

    And I haven’t heard anybody mention much about him at OBP, but they brought him in.

    So, that’s who they like under the smokescreen theory.

  12. Eric Says:

    Raiders don’t want a QB.

    Now just need somebody to trade up with Cleveland to take Watkins and were within a gnats ass of JF!

  13. Barry Says:

    Bridgewater = Blackouts

  14. Stu Laake Says:

    Bridge can stand up and deliver in the face of pressure, he can read defenses, he is clutch, will play hurt…yah you’re right he is not a guy that I want leading my team.

  15. Joe's Liver Says:

    some please help me………

  16. Tony Says:

    @ Hawaiian

    The stats for Bridgewater look great but you have to look at a few things…the level of competition he played along with the film. I watched every single game of Teddy’s last year and absolutely nothing screamed ‘must have’ while watching. Bridgewater will set us back 4 years. Forget it.

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    If you believe in stats…..Everyone should have one tit and one nut…..

  18. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The zip thing is just fluff. However, I wish instead that they would have compared QB’s success rate to their Wonderlic scores

  19. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I will settle for any of the top 4 QBs, but I prefer it not be Bridgewater. My fav is Carr…which is ironic because a year ago I would not have felt that way.

    12,000 yards in what? Three years? Dude is accurate AND mobile. Smart.

    But I can see a case for Manziel…he would mean no blackouts.

    And Bortles has potential as well.

  20. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    So you think Teddy’s stats are misleading because he played against weak competition? Ok, so we should also eliminate Khalil Mack, Blake Bortles, Derek Carr, etc.? So you want to watch him and have something scream at you? They beat the hell out of damn near ever team they played – what more do you want? I think you want to see him throw the ball down the field more, but that’s just not how their offense is built. They don’t have those types of receivers.

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    Manziel doesn’t equal no blackouts. Winning does.

  22. JohnnyNo Says:

    @Hawaiian Someone this last week called you Steve and mentioned your show, You seem to have a good background and privy to a lot of stats, are you really the top dog of radio? Got me wondering.

  23. BoJim Says:

    More meaningless stats.

  24. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    No, don’t have my own show.