Austin Seferian-Jenkins Highlights

May 9th, 2014

Here are some video clips of new Bucs tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins from the University of Washington.

14 Responses to “Austin Seferian-Jenkins Highlights”

  1. Buck Rogers Says:

    Great pick

  2. Kramer Says:

    Giant TE with freaking hands!

  3. Sweets Willie Says:

    Highway robbery!! Taking candy from a baby. Loveboat throwing the hammer down!

  4. Tristan Berry Says:

    Great kid. I’d rather have a guard.

  5. Patrick McV Says:

    You said the Bucs needed a receiver and that is what they took . This guy is another giant receiver . Think what it will like for defenses in the red zone with these guys . Perhaps they feel they already have that 3rd wide out on the team .

  6. doc Says:

    Filling in spots that may be weak,good selection

  7. Gusjackson Says:

    This team will be a matchup nightmare. In two tight end set we would have 4 guys on the field 6’4 and over. Can’t roll coverage towards Jackson anymore. Yes!

  8. Teddy Says:

    Let’s hope he’s a better player, teammate and citizen than the last TE the Bucs had from UW.

  9. Tick Says:

    I’m sorry but I was to busy watching the athletic, elusive quarterback

  10. ChanEpic Says:

    TB is definately headed to BEAST MODE status on Offense and Defense. Vjax, Evans, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Doug Martin. This team will be hard to play against.

  11. dee Says:

    Stocker hit the road jack.

  12. Mike10 Says:

    Ya who’s the QB?!..

  13. teacherman Says:

    Awesome pick!!!

    I was shocked but you know what?

    Why stretch to pick a guard?

    When we can get a GREAT TE, which is now a very dangerous position in the NFL, after he slid because other teams drafted for needs instead of BPA.

    I love this draft. A 6-5 reciever and a 6-6 TE???

    In the same year?

    Damn Tampa fans!! We might finally have an offense in Tampa Bay for years to come!

  14. BoJim Says:

    Damn, he’s pretty physical. Great pick.