Another Peek Into Jeff Tedford’s Offense

May 14th, 2014
jeff tedford 0514

More clues to what the Bucs offense will look like under offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford.

Ever since Jeff Tedford was named Bucs offensive coordinator, people have been trying to figure out what his offense will look like.

Joe has written many posts claiming if you base your projection on the traits of Tampa Bay’s offensive lineman, then it appears the Bucs will pass.

A lot.

This seemed to be reinforced over the weekend. Many Bucs fans were puzzled — still are puzzled — why Bucs general manager Jason Licht selected a running back in the third round with Doug Martin on board and a stable full of productive running backs. Bucs coach Lovie Smith said the following morning that the Bucs were looking specifically for a running back who could catch. Enter Charles Sims.

The following day, Licht seemed to crack open the door a little bit more for people to squint at Tedford’s offense.

“He’s no different than most – he wants fast guys, he wants athletic guys, he wants guys that can catch the ball,” Licht said. “He wants to be versatile, he wants to keep teams off-balance. Guys it kind of starts at the root – they got to run and they’ve got to be able to catch. They’ve got to be able to be versatile in this offense. We felt like we are on the road to accomplishing that.”

See where this is going? An offensive line known more for pass blocking than run blocking. Targeting a running back who can catch the ball. A wide receiver, a tight end (known more for receptions than blocks) and a pass-catching running back with the first three picks of the draft.

A starting quarterback signed as a free agent right away. An offensive coordinator who wants versatile pass catchers.

Looks like if you are a running back with the Bucs and cannot catch the ball well, then you will be watching the game from the sidelines more than you will be playing.

44 Responses to “Another Peek Into Jeff Tedford’s Offense”

  1. pablo Says:

    Charles Sims reminds me a lil bit of Reggio Bush in a way.

  2. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Analyst: “The guy can run and catch.”
    Tackleblockwin: I would hope so…lol.

    Football talk is so freakin funny sometimes.

  3. Joe's Liver Says:

    Should be an exciting offense

  4. Nick H Says:

    I don’t think I have any issue with a pass happy offense down here, especially if it works.

  5. RastaMon Says:

    1st Clue is free…..the “League”….is holding the door open on scoring…turning a blind eye on most of much prevents scoring…..are you dea dumb nd blind ?…

  6. Kevin Says:

    Wonder who catches more passes this year…our T.E’s or our WR’s???

  7. Eric Says:

    Amazingly, these are relatively new concepts around here.

  8. William Says:

    If our defense jells quickly, playoffs might be reachable.
    AirBucs offense will be ready come Sept.

  9. nate_tweetz Says:

    I like Doug Martin a lot but… He did not play well last year. Even before he got injured. He definitely didn’t catch the ball well either. I recall some wide open gimme drops that he had that were complete drive killers. I know his O-line didn’t do him any favors, but the other RBs ran behind the same line and showed some flash. L&L are not married to Doug and I’m sure they were not impressed with his film last year (including his catching ability). I hope Martin can adjust and get back to being the stud that he is. But you can’t blame L&L (and Tedford) to get their guy at RB just in case they don’t get what they like from Martin. I hope they both get to play and play well.

  10. 1bucfan88 Says:

    To which TE are you referring? Wright is an atrocious blocker I agree, but ASJ keeps being hyped as a 3 down guy.

    It sure looks to me like we’re going to have a variation of the New England-style offense. If both guys can stay healthy I think we’ll be in for a heavy dose of twin TE sets.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    I’m now taking applications for a new mob. It’s called the LSM. The Lovie Smith Mob. Who’s with me?

  12. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Doug Martin will be just fine, as long as we don’t continue to send him on wheel routes over and over again. We should also avoid throwing at his ankles, or 2 feet over his head, or maybe avoid throwing the ball 100 MPH when he’s 3 feet away from the QB. That’s the only reason he had trouble catching the ball last year.

    As for Tedford’s offense, I have to admit I’m pretty excited to see it. I don’t recall ever being this excited about our offense. Good news is, even if Tedford is a mediocre coordinator, our offense should be 10 times better than last year’s offense under Sullivan and Schiano. I say that with full confidence.

  13. Buc1987 Says:

    “As for Tedford’s offense, I have to admit I’m pretty excited to see it. I don’t recall ever being this excited about our offense. Good news is, even if Tedford is a mediocre coordinator, our offense should be 10 times better than last year’s offense under Sullivan and Schiano. I say that with full confidence.”

    Hawaiian Buc ….alas we agree on something. It was only a matter of time.

  14. BucfaninMi Says:

    Air Bucs. I like that.

  15. Yar Says:

    I don’t care how they do it, just score some points, get a lead and let the D keep it.

  16. nate_tweetz Says:

    In 2013 Martin was targeted 24 times, had 12 receptions, with 5 drops… Don’t think those numbers were ALL the QB’s fault. Those numbers definitely don’t get Tedford excited I’m sure. Especially if RBs catching balls is a big part of his game plan, which is looking pretty obvious. Like I said earlier, I think Martin will be ok too, but if you’re not a homer and your’re a new coaching staff watching tape, you weren’t too impressed with Martin last year.

  17. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    No where but up to go. Hard to do worse than the worst in the league.

    It looks like they are building to fit in with the new pass happy league. Whether it works or noy, time will reveal.

    Personally, it’s hard to get excited when I believe McCown cannot carry the load and Glennon still has to go thru growing pains.

  18. voice of reason Says:

    love it!

  19. Shawnbucfan Says:

    Is he going to run the triangle ?

  20. mark Says:

    I just hope there is some down field passes and it is not the ‘dink and dunk’aneers.

  21. Eric Says:

    Sure hope Tedford can handle some adjustments at halftime, and not just go to the restroom and stuff like Schiano said.

    Also be nice to score every once in awhile in the second half.

  22. Dougy balls Says:

    Lovie it

  23. tonybuc Says:

    I’ve heard over and over look at what the eagles do with their offense, I say that’s incorrect look more into our own division in what the saints do on offense, they are a pass happy offense, with multiple running backs who can catch and run well, they have “speed” and a huge tight end who creates what “match up nightmares” and a tall receiver in colston , not to mention we have carl nicks when healthy was a beast in new Orleans offense that got him a huge contract in Tampa, Pierre Thomas caught like 70plus balls last year, it’s not out of question to think that’s what tampa envisions for sims in our offense, I say look at our division foes for a look at our new offenses! What do you think Joe?

  24. Eric Says:

    I’m hoping we don’t have to use the cannon too much.

  25. Macabee Says:

    Just hearing the word speed and offense in the same sentence is enough for me to get excited. I see the players, I can visualize the offense. I’m not taking the defense for granted, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pumped about the possibilities of this offense! Bout damn time!

  26. STANK Says:

    I have a feeling this offense will be more New England than Chicago…

  27. Alan bucs Says:

    People seem to forget that Doug Martin even in a down year behind a underachieving offensive line had one game where he ran for almost 150 yds and 88 yds. Not close to his rookie year but those were difficult numbers to duplicate.

  28. You Go Joe Says:

    Nate you have a not so great argument why Doug Martin didn’t put up great numbers.

    Part of it is Doug fault. I but majority is coaching and defenses getting to douggie. In his rookie year, mid season, Doug exploded! Then it calmed down and next year defenses knew they had to eliminate the only running back we had. Because James and Rainey weren’t even considered threats before they both busted out. Point is that defenses did their job and eliminated Doug Martin. Add on that Williams got hurt, Wright was not a starter, no WR depth. So yeah you got numbers, but there’s a whole story to them stats. Look at some videos when Doug played and you’ll see 6 or even 7 players in the box. Martin just had no room.

    There’s also the coaching but that can explain itself.

  29. bigpoppabuc Says:

    This offense is going to be fun to watch. With the addition of Evans and AS, we’ve got guys to move the chains. Throw in plays for guys like Demps and Sims and Murphy when a defense is on it’s heels, and you’ve got some serious straight line speed and the potential for some well timed homeruns.
    lets just hope Tedford knows how to use all his new toys and coach up “The QB of the Future”.

  30. Joe Says:

    Then it calmed down and next year defenses knew they had to eliminate the only running back we had. Because James and Rainey weren’t even considered threats before they both busted out. Point is that defenses did their job and eliminated Doug Martin.

    Very solid take. Defensive coaches just don’t sit around bars and grope waitresses all winter and spring. They have all offseason to study tape to figure out ways to stop opponents. Perhaps defenses adjusted to Doug Martin and after a game or two, there was a book on how to slow him down and Martin (or Bucs coaches) didn’t adjust. Knowing how Schiano’s coaching was loathe to adjust, it may be both Martin and Bucs coaches were to blame.

  31. Trauma Murse Says:

    if you watch the highlight reel sims is a clone of matt forte

    i like it

  32. Buc1987 Says:

    Holy crap Joe I just saw Licht on NFL Network and he mentioned again what he said a while back about not asking us fans to be patient. He took it a step further by essentially saying they expect the Bucs to win it all this season. YOU have to do an article on this one Joe. Brian Baldinger agreed with him. Casserly said the Bucs are a QB away and McCown or Glennon still has to prove it to him, but the team is loaded with talent.

  33. Joe Says:

    if you watch the highlight reel sims is a clone of matt forte

    That’s exactly what Lovie implied.

  34. C Rock Says:

    I wonder if Tedford could have found a way to put Galloway and Antonio Bryant on the field at the same time? Cause I know Gruden wouldn’t have found a way to put Evans and Vincent Jackson on the field at the same time.

  35. Dustin Says:

    I would have to disagree about the wr and te. They both are know for their blocking more than the other top players at their positions. Why the hell would you want a wr know more for blocking? Michael Clayton didn’t produce. It will prob be a 60/40 pass/run o that I am stoked for, and I never been stoked for TB o. As for qb i always thought they would look to next yr with better prospects. But hell I’m pretty sure i could get the ball to these new kids. GO BUCS

  36. Dustin Says:

    And as soon as Sims catches a few TD’s no one will ask WHY. I believe we have to trade one of the other backs not name Doug, but I will gladly take a catching back over just having 2 decent run only type backs.

  37. Kevin Says:

    I can’t help but notice that the coaches aren’t wearing the Buccaneers new putrid colors and designs. All the pics I see of coach Smith and coach Tedford they are wearing our Super Bowl winning emblem.

  38. phil Says:

    It sounds like the spread offence without a quarterback to run it.

  39. Rich Says:

    I say we use Licht’s connection to Arizona and trade Doug Martin for Daryl ILB Washington and move Foster to the outside.

  40. Rich Says:

    That was suppose to say ILB Daryl Washington. He’s a beast!

  41. Frank Says:

    Love the offense, problem is we have 4 backup QB’s and not one true starting Franchise QB. Should be another average season. Yawn.

  42. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    @ Frank

    The current QB’s just might pleasantly surprise us? Lovie and Licht are betting their jobs on it, so they must see something very good with them both.

  43. Bucnjim Says:

    Frank, How many Franchise QB’s come out of the draft & free agency every year? My guess (not fact) would be an average of 1-2. There is a lot of luck involved when 15 teams every year are looking for the same thing.

  44. biff barker Says:

    Martin had an off year like the rest of the Bucs offense. That chapter is closed. But what befuddles me is the “reach” here.

    All this crap about this regime’s lack of love for Martin reminds me of the Glennon scenario. From goat to QBOTF in a matter of hours. Just about every guess here on JBF as to what these guys are really thinking has been dead wrong.

    Keep dreaming folks. Tedford knows Martin is a three down back who has the ability to terrorize defensive coordinators. Why? With all the size and speed we have with the WR’s and TE’s a stacked box is virtually impossible. What you are going to see is a spread offense … l not like NE but NOLA. Thing about a better version of Sproles.

    And while the opposing secondary has it’s hands full, Martin, into the second level is havoc.