Glennon’s A “Not Contact” Standout

May 30th, 2014
Former Bucs QB Shaun King offers a take on the where the Bucs stand at the quarterback position and under what scenario Mike Glennon could take over as the starter

Former Bucs QB Shaun King offers a take on the where the Bucs stand at the quarterback position and under what scenario Mike Glennon could start

What stands out most in underwear football, aka spring NFL practices without pads, is body type, mechanics, technique and execution.

It looks especially good when you’re a 6-7, smooth-footed quarterback.

Former Bucs QB Shaun King, one of three QBs to lead the Bucs to the NFC Championship game, talked about that during an assessment of the Bucs’ quarterback situation on WDAE-AM 620 yesterday.

King offered plenty of healthy fuel for the Mike Glennon Mob, explaining that he could see a quick hook for Josh McCown, if the Bucs offers falters this season.

“I think because of Lovie’s understanding of who Josh [McCown] is from an intangible standpoint, he wanted that on this team regardless. So when they first took over they really hadn’t had a chance to get to know Mike Glennon, per se. So he went and got the guy he was comfortable with,” King said.

“Now I think what’s happened is Mike’s surprised them a bit. I think Mike’s a little more talented than they thought. And Mike’s a guy that’s always going to look good when it’s not contact, because he’s big, he throws the ball correctly, he has good footwork. I think his only crutch is going to be his lack of athleticism. Lovie and Jason and Tedford have said that they want to be in a system with an athletic quarterback.

“So I don’t know if [Glennon] fits what Tedford is going to do. I do think Josh is the [opening day] starter, but I don’t think it’s so entrenched that if Josh was to struggle that Glennon couldn’t take over. And then I think it would be up to him as to how long he remains a starter, if that ever happened.”

Joe very much agrees with King here.

McCown is “the guy.” He’s 100 percent the opening day starter. But it’s a blank slate from there.

Joe believes Glennon has the respect of the organization, and they’d be comfortable putting the ball in his hands this season the moment they believe McCown isn’t the guy to lead Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl. Will Lovie have a quick hook? Doubtful with a brand new offense.

Hopefully, that hook never comes. Not because Joe doesn’t want to see Glennon in the game, but because Joe would like to see the Bucs play great football and at least have a middle-of-the-pack offense this season, up from 32nd in the league last year. (You can listen to King’s full take below.)

97 Responses to “Glennon’s A “Not Contact” Standout”

  1. Jack Burton Mercer Says:

    Sounds like a fair assessment. I’m willing to give McCown a chance. As a fan from the very beginning, I was also willing to give Glennon a chance this season to see what he could do. I’m trusting the coaches but I hope they’re not yanking us around. They really won’t know what they have until several games into the season so I hope they’ve chose correctly now.

  2. pablo Says:

    Mike Cannon was a “Regular Season” standout as well. 19 TDs 9 INTs. .

    Pablo is just sayin’.

  3. Derick Says:

    Pablo. Over inflated stats. How many sacks did he take when he should not have? How many checkdowns did he have? How many 300 yard games did he throw?

  4. pablo Says:


    He was a rookie, he went through growing pains ..

    Mike Cannon will have a Nick Files type year.

    Josh McCown will have a Matt Cassel type year.

    Pablo has seen this happen to many times in the past… Pablo thinks we should just let Cannon start from day 1 instead of switching mid season..

  5. Fishfries Says:

    Pablo. Over inflated stats. How many sacks did he take when he should not have? How many checkdowns did he have? How many 300 yard games did he throw?

    He was a rookie for crying out loud! What did you expect him to do? Rookies are known to take sacks and throw check downs. Learn football!

  6. MadMax Says:

    ….still laughing at you anti Glennons…nothing wrong with checkdowns when your O line wasnt doing so well in protection, or the play call from the shtiano group failed, and only one legitimate WR in VJax!….yeah, whatever…smh

  7. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Wow I think this is the first credible thing Shawn king has said in the past year or two.

  8. SteveK Says:

    Cannon is the future of the Buccaneer QB position.

    Kudos to the Buc fans that a came to Glennon’s defense against the Freemanites.

    Long live the MGM.

  9. buc4lyfe Says:

    See Pablo there you go losing credibility again great start quoting, forgot to mention worse offense in the League. Worse than Jacksonville….dear in the head lights, get him the best line, best run game, best coach, best receivers, best right end, best defense in the league, I’m sure he’ll show some talent cuz Glennon mob blames everyone else for our offense stats, worse than jags, raiders, Texans and falcons who lost both starting receivers…..umm yea Stop quoting touchdown to int ratio if you’re gonna use the Schiano control freak excuse

  10. al121976 Says:

    Well said INDY

  11. BucFan20 Says:

    And what else would you expect Joe to say? We could not play great football or have a middle -of-the-pack offense if Glennon had to go in. We will be that bad? May as well forfeit the season as soon as anythig happens to McCown. But then again. Maybe we could swing a deal for Johnny Football somehow!

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    You know what I find amazing?

    If King had said something negative about Glennon the MGM would be insulting him and saying he doesn’t know what he is talking about.


    Good or bad, King is a horrible source for football information. Talk about Burger King? He’ll nail it.

  13. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    You nailed it.

  14. Bucfan77. Says:

    As a great man once said to Jimmy Carter “there you go again”. @Joe: why do you have to always throw in your zinger at Glennon even when you do a positive price on Glennon? Oh, I forgot, you like Glennon. That’s like I’d say ,”I like Joe”, and then do everything I could to tell people your Web site stinks and by the way if anyone who thinks Joe should be given another chance to prove why his site is worthy of reading, is a member of mobsters. Just wondering, how many anti Glennon stories this month?

  15. biff barker Says:

    Nice to hear Glennon is making a favorable impression even if it is in underwear. As far as the sacks go, some of it being a rookie, some of it Schiano and lack of weapons too.
    No matter. Those days are long gone. I hope Tedford is creative enough to exploit each QB’s strengths.

  16. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    The Ginger Cannon is the future in Tampa Bay. Get over it already. Done deal.

  17. buc4lyfe Says:

    It’s sad Glennon mob hasn’t learned anything from the freemanites but this franchise has had so many franchise qb’s oh but wait they all left to win championships somewhere else but ok if he turns out to be nothing more than a backup none of you better backtrack, own it because it’s pretty stupid to act as if that’s impossible, he hasn’t shown enough to think otherwise yet, no one wants him to fail

  18. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    If you ever once called Freeman a franchise QB, perhaps now is the time when you should question your ability to assess QBs.

  19. Brandon Says:

    pablo Says:
    May 30th, 2014 at 10:54 am
    Mike Cannon was a “Regular Season” standout as well. 19 TDs 9 INTs. .

    Pablo is just sayin’.

    And a big 4 wins in 13 starts despite having a way better defense than the year before. I think Pablo needs to learn that QBing, and sports in general, aren’t just about numbers.

  20. Jeffobrien Says:

    Joe you said on big dog show geno smith had a better year last year than Glennon. What was better his 12 tds 21 int his 55% completion. His 65 qb rating. Just curious what made him better in your opinion. He had one of the worst years of any qb to ever play the game.

    Wins, rank of his offense with lesser weapons. –Joe

  21. BoJim Says:

    buc4lyfe. It’s great to have some good football knowledge like you on the board. Guess we best give up. We have stats and you have your own stats. Six of one half dozen of the other. Mike’s gonna play sooner or later. Boo fricken hoo.

  22. Jeffobrien Says:

    Brandon so when Matt cassell went 11-5 with the patriots. Does that make him one of the best qbs in the league cause he won 11 games in your theory. Matt Ryan went 4-12 last year is that because of Matt Ryan being awful or the defensive sucking and losing Julio and toddy for most of the year. You don’t have a valid point on wins drew breed has thrown 5 tds and 400+ yards and lost so that’s his fault No it’s a team game the qb can only do his job. Is Glennon great no but will I take 19-9 td to int ratio with the defensive we are suppose to have hell yeah. How many Super Bowls would dingy have won if he had a qb with that production.

  23. buc4lyfe Says:

    @Oil Derrick Brooks

    Yea because no one has ever mentioned Freeman as a franchise qb in the bucs organization or in televised games or media…..You sound like a hater too, it’s just as ignorant to say Freeman is done after his short career as it is to say Glennon is is some kind world beater…..don’t be angry at Freeman, Dominick is the one who drove the bucs into the ground with his drafting, that idiot Schiano surely could have used ronde barber in the slot that that first game against the saints when once again Johnson got beat on coverage. You mad at Brian price or ogletree or any other these other bad moves made? I’ll get behind Glennon as the franchise as soon as he takes us from dead last offense to middle of the pack atl….too quote the famous words of Pablo “I’m just sayin”

  24. lightningbuc Says:

    buc4lyfe should change his name to:


  25. Buc1987 Says:

    “I think because of Lovie’s understanding of who Josh [McCown] is from an intangible standpoint, he wanted that on this team regardless. So when they first took over they really hadn’t had a chance to get to know Mike Glennon, per se. So he went and got the guy he was comfortable with,” King said.

    SOMETHING BUC1987 SAID 2 MONTHS AGO! Maybe Shaun read my post from 2 months ago or is he really that sloooooow.

    The writing was on the wall for me, but some people including Joe thought it spelled doom for Glennon. Especially since they were letting 1/2 of the roster go. Yet Glennon still remained.

    I stood my ground when it came to the draft, by saying “the Bucs will NOT draft a QB in the draft”. My reason : Mike Glennon.

  26. Buc1987 Says:

    buc4lyfe : “If Schiano remains the coach, I’m finding a new team”.

  27. Captain Stagger Says:

    If win total is how you rate QB’s then you don’t believe football is a team sport.

  28. buc4lyfe Says:

    Unless Glennon starts? Only Glennon mob rooting for the backup quarterback, I’d rather Glennon take that job in training camp and preseason, that’s more than enough for me but until then Glennon is nobody

  29. Pierce Says:

    Glenon seems to go down pretty quick when pressured. Hope Tedford can teach him how to break out of a tackle when he’s hurried.

  30. Captain Stagger Says:

    Joe, I hear you and Steve often rag on Glennons accuracy with the deep ball on 620. Then I read stats like this from sportsbreak.

    Not sure if “rag” is accurate term when discussing Joe’s talk of Glennon’s deep throws. –Joe

    ” On attempts on which the ball traveled 20 or more yards in the air, Glennon threw seven touchdowns and was intercepted just once. That compares very favorably to the 12 touchdowns and eight picks he recorded on shorter throws.”

    So is the writer of the article making falsehoods, or is Steve when he said “for every deep ball touchdown Glennon threw 2 picks”

    Joe doesn’t speak for Steve Duemig. You’re welcome to call his show. Not sure the stats you’re quoting actually speak to accuracy. –Joe

    Just curious, I don’t write a blog or have a sports talk show, so I don’t have the time or responsibility to look up stats.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Vinny set the damn record for most INT’s in a season. Yet people did not give up on him after one season. Just sayin.

  32. buc4lyfe Says:

    @Captain Stagger

    Nice…..particularly enjoyed the sarcastic tone

  33. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    “don’t be angry at Freeman, Dominick is the one who drove the bucs into the ground with his drafting”

    Ironically, Dominik drafted Freeman (traded up, even!), so, in a way, you’re right.

    I missed the rule that only one could suck. Whether by stats or by wins, Freeman sucked. He’s currently fighting it out with a 4th rounder to be a backup. More importantly, he received 57, I repeat, fifty-seven, starts to prove his worth. He was given every opportunity money could buy (It’s all about #5) to be great. Highest paid tight end of all time (at the time), and $55 million receiver, and hugely compensated offensive line, first round RB. I have never seen a guy do less with more. Terrible accuracy, no heart, not a hard worker. He relied on his physical gifts, and nothing more.

    It’s FAR more ignorant to say Glennon can’t improve his game than to say Freeman, after 5 seasons can.

    The offense would not have been dead last (though still low) if not for your boy Freeman. When he washes out of the league soon, I’ll make a toast to both of you.

  34. robert8 Says:

    I think some of these local writers saw the cannon in the shower and are now insanely jealous. just sayin…

  35. SAMCRO Says:

    Buc1987 Says:

    I stood my ground when it came to the draft, by saying “the Bucs will NOT draft a QB in the draft”. My reason : Mike Glennon.


    Yes you did. You are probably the only Freeman supporter who soured on Freeman and came into the light. After you switched allegiance your support for Glennon never wavered. Once I allowed myself to get over Freeman, and quit taking it out on Glennon I was also able to see Glennon in a different light. He showed a lot of promise for a perennial pocket passer. i.e Flacco, Bradee, Mannings etc… No he’s not a RGIII, Wilson, Kap type QB but neither are Flacco, Bradee, and Mannings. And out of those two distinct groups which one has won more Super Bowls in the last decade?

  36. SteveK Says:


    Have you read any of tickrdr’s posts? Glennon’s #’s + Freeman’s #’s= dead last offense.

    Glennon,in 13 games played, average mid to late twenties in offense.

    Point being, he wasn’t as bad as some make him sound.

    Dead last offense= farce

    Glennon was slightly better, and I expect him to have improved this year. McCown’s job to lose, and MG8 the heir apparent.

    So glad we took BPA in the draft. Dunkaneers won’t be last in offense this year.

  37. SteveK Says:



  38. buc4lyfe Says:

    Oil Derrick Brooks

    Ok so for all the stats you’re spitting out, freeman still was inaccurate yes but sucked. His first game ever as a prop against the eventual superbowl champions was a comeback victory and you’re a liar if you say you weren’t excited that day, Freeman had lots of names among them was his ability to have comeback victories, Glennon got worse in the second half, Schiano and raheem Morris we equally bad and inexperienced coaches but only difference is Freeman he’d Maurice stovall his rookie year, Freeman had a 25-6 touchdown ratio but that didn’t make him good and oh he won 10games that year not 4and never came close to having worse ranked offense lol more mobile and they have him vjack, he promptly went out and had 9 ranked offense on the league 7in passing behind rodgers even with ask the picks in the same offense…..Freeman was a mental head case but to my point Glennon start means nothing off you win 4 games and your offense ranks dead last, if we bench mccown and Glennon had a year like last year which ifs just as possible as mccown sucking then what’s next for the bucs, he’s too young to hype like every other rookie

  39. Bman Says:

    All I’m going to say about the anti-Glennon comments is “when is the last time a professional qb had the stat line of 19-9 (in his first year) and it equated to Bad Quarterback? We have no way of knowing the future but sweet Jesus give the kid the benefit of the doubt!

  40. Andrew 1 Says:

    Been thinking about it and for better or worse, it looks like Glennon really is going to be the QB of the future. I dont know if I necessarily agree with that, but I think he will eventually get his shot in a season or two. That should be plenty of time to prepare to be the full time starter.

  41. jr Says:

    Joe sometimes u say things that make me wonder. U would rather have a guy who’s been known as a career backup mediocre at best rather than a second year qb who had statistically one of the better rookie campaign’s in the last two decades with a piss poor offense.

    So would Lovie Smith. Don’t hang the QB situation on Joe. –Joe

  42. Andrew 1 Says:

    Its like anything else, you become better with more experience.
    I just hope all of the experience Glennon gains will make him good enough to be a full time starter.

  43. buc4lyfe Says:

    Based on our history no quarterback of ours should get benefit of doubt

  44. Eric Says:

    Man folks are just wild about the cannon.

    I’m looking forward to pre-season to see what the heck I missed.

  45. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Tell you what BFL,

    Let’s check 7 seasons into each of their careers and see what they’ve accomplished.

    That will be 2015 for Freeman and 2019 for Glennon. My money is that the third rounder outperforms and wins more games than the first rounder.

    And, if McCown and Glennon don’t got it, then they move on to somebody else. I just think Glennon deserves a shot. I’ve never said more. He’s a fighter. He’s a got a chip in his shoulder. I like guys like that.

    We shall see, won’t we??

  46. robert8 Says:

    Here’s the real deal straight from the source.

    I hate Freeman for what he pulled and how it effected the team and my Sundays. F him.

    I like Glennon for his work his intangibles as much as anything, but he does have huge upside provided he can become the pocket passer that is soo 2001. I’ll take it all day and twice on Sunday if it works. And he has the tools.

    That being said, the freeman we saw in 2010 I would take over either of them and most NFL QB’s right now. Problem is 2010 wasn’t real. It was sandlot football. Sandlot football does not win CHAMPIONSHIPS!. As soon as the other teams schemed for him he was a one trick pony. And now…..YEARS, and YEARS later many still cling to his jock out of lust or their own ego assume.

    So please forgive this Mike “the Cannon” Glennon fan for rooting for the guy who “still” has a LOT of potential and is showing all the intangibles freeman never had and never will.

    and is Josh McCown lights it up. GOOD FOR HIM AND I WILL STILL BE HAPPY.

  47. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh so this is where everyone is at. Hang on.

  48. Nick H Says:

    So, so much ignorance flows. Geno a better QB than Glennon is literally the rotten cherry on top of a foul, hater baked cake.

    If you honestly think Geno is a better QB than Glennon then maybe horse racing is more up your alley, it’s embarrassing to say I’m a fan of a site that suggests that garbage.

    Good luck finding where Joe wrote Geno Smith is a better quarterback than Glennon. –Joe

  49. Buc1987 Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    May 30th, 2014 at 1:26 pm

    ODB..yes there was always hope. Freeman did flash potential more than once. Even Couch Fan would have to atleast admit that. I think that’s what the number 1 problem some Buc fans have with Mike when they compare Glennon’s non flashes to Freeman’s flashes of potential. I don’t think Glennon flashed any “potential” or atleast not as much as the roller coaster Freeman did.

    So that’s where I’m at with these anti Glennon folks. To them Freeman showed flashes of “potential” and Glennon showed none. Freeman never took the Bucs anywhere with his “potential” and since Glennon showed no “potential”, surely Glennon won’t them anywhere if Freeman couldn’t.

    Do you think I’m on to something? There are fans that saw those flashes of potential and hoped for great things from Freeman. Some even expected it to happen, like me. I’m just willing to overlook all that for different reasons than just “potential”. Many different reasons that have been stated over and over again on this site. I’m not going to re-outline them again either. This is a lot of typing for me right now.

    I am now part of the MGM. McCown had better step up and play his veteran ass off or it’s bring in Napolean and let’s hope he plays like dynamite. Then we can smear it all over many peoples faces. Radio hosts included.

    @Robert …Long Live the MGM!

  50. robert8 Says:

    I remember bashing freeman and wanting MG in when you still were a freemanite 87′

    oh how times have changed lol

  51. Bman Says:

    I say everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt unless they have repeatedly let the team down. After Glennon’s first season, anyone that can solely blame the losses or worst offense crap on him, is closed minded and buying into someone else’s evaluation that was based on something else. Personally, I think most of the hate for Glennon is based on his looks. Most of the haters think that a goofy looking kid can’t be a good qb and the face of the franchise.

  52. cobraboy Says:

    I don’t understand the hate of a rookie surrounded by little talent and wearing a tight Schiano choke collar…

  53. buc4lyfe Says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. Lovie preached competition at each position so may the best man win, Glennon was anointed the starter day one because he was taking first team reps….let’s see him earn it. Forget the Glennon Freeman debate or last year’s starts, cam newton, rg3 an many other qb’s have had sophomore slumps, Andrew luck is horrible inn post season, i don’t think Glennon can get better on the bench, he needs action, learn by doing not watching and he has alot of learning too do

  54. SteveK Says:

    jr Says:
    May 30th, 2014 at 1:29 pm
    Joe sometimes u say things that make me wonder. U would rather have a guy who’s been known as a career backup mediocre at best rather than a second year qb who had statistically one of the better rookie campaign’s in the last two decades with a piss poor offense.

    Strong points! However, Joe(s) is a man of his convictions and he wanted Johnny Manziel. I respect the fact that he stands by his opinion. Glennon has the opportunity to change that one day, with the Bucs hopefully.

  55. Eric Says:

    Andrew Luck horrible in post season?

    Catch the chiefs game last year?

  56. Bucsfanman Says:

    You “doom and gloomers” crack me up. I’ve never seen so much negativity towards a 2nd year QB in all my day. Stats are being thrown around like Glennon calls his own plays, blocks, receives, and runs the football! It’s ridiculous. Just say what you really feel; you don’t like Mike Glennon! The problem for you is that your dislike can only be bolstered by the same numbers the “MGM” uses that were achieved whilst he was playing a TEAM game(most sacked, blah, blah, blah). Your dislike is so overwhelming that you are not even able to concede that the young 2nd year QB is even able to improve, improve for crying out loud (for the record I don’t think anyone has “anointed” him as yet!)!!!
    Why bother reading these articles and blogs if you hate the guy so much? Go read about Alterraun Verner, or Chaz Sutton ANYTHING to cheer you up. If and when Glennon starts, I hope you will be cheering for “those” Bucs too…just sayin’!

  57. Buc1987 Says:

    ” Personally, I think most of the hate for Glennon is based on his looks. Most of the haters think that a goofy looking kid can’t be a good qb and the face of the franchise.”

    @Bman…Oh you can certainly throw that in the blender too.

    @Robert…yeah well. lol I’m there now. I really do believe what Lovie said that Glennon is the QB of the future. (although he did not say which teams future) I think he means the Bucs future and I believe him. Silly me I don’t think everything is a smokescreen or conspiracy.

    @Couch the Bucs are going to be Winnin with Glennon.

  58. buc4lyfe Says:

    Here we go blaming everyone else, Schiano had a choker on one person? Just sAy Schiano threw for less than 3000 yards and get it over with, boy how long will it take before mgm mob calls for mccowns head just to hear them make excuses if he sucks just as bad. Now i see why the media hates our qb situation

  59. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    I will say it again, I believe in Glennon because Schiano is very good at recognizing talent in the draft. Say what you will about some of his coaching moves, but the two drafts he was a part of were a part of netted a lot of Bucs starters with only a 6th and 7th round players no longer in the NFL. Lovie, the experienced HC, seems to agree as I believe Michael Smith was the only Schiano drafted Buc let go under the new regime.

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    When you do start Mikey have fun with all these new toys(weapons) to play with kid. It will be a whole new ball game out there, with more than just undrafted rookie TE Wright and VJax for weapons. I can’t wait for the season to get here!

  61. Buc1987 Says:

    It’s going to be jags4lyfe if Glennon is the starting QB for the Bucs.

  62. buc4lyfe Says:

    Guess front office doesn’t count when it comes too building a winner, recognizing talent meant he wouldn’t have fourteen rid of experienced guys like Roy Miller and Bennett. Free agent or drafted doesn’t matter, getting rid of barber, for Leonard Johnson, letting Dallas Clark walk for Crabtree and Luke stocker wow yea Joe it’s really lol Schiano good At recognizing talent he couldn’t get a job in Cleveland, they choose to hire a college coach instead of him….,coincidence i think not

  63. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    Actually my bad Smith was a 7th round pick, so two drafts and only two 7th round picks no longer in the NFL. Glennon will succeed as a NFL franchise QB , bank on it.

  64. robert8 Says:

    If L&L wanted an athletic wonder veteran QB for this year to just come in and play, not concerned with intangibles and him teaching the rook, then why the hell did they sign McCown when they could have had Vick.

    it is what it is…

  65. Buc1987 Says:

    buc4lyfe….Lovie Smith went 10-6 and got fired. No one picked him up after he was fired from the Bears. He sat unemployed for year too. Yet you somehow can come up with Schiano sucks so bad even the Browns didn’t want him. Yeah the Browns. Is that the same team that didn’t want Bill Billichick?

    Again Lovie was unemployed for a year too. So no need to go down that silly road as an example.

    Fins4Lyfe if Glennon is the starter?

  66. buc4lyfe Says:

    Whoa uncharted territory lol wait is someone comparing lovie Smith to Schiano wow that’s what it’s come down to yes lovie got fired in the same manor the great Tony dungy did which shows only the high level of standards, Schiano just was sorry excuse for a coach lol how do you coach a team and not know it’s history umm mvp of the only superbowl we ever played in. You must be joking

  67. Moving On Says:

    Bucs didn’t have the worst offense last year. Perhaps in yards per game, yes, they ranked 32nd. Last time I checked its about scoring and the Bucs were 30th with 18.1 per game. Now that’s nothing to be proud of but I wouldn’t be proud of any offense that gains a ton yardage but fails to score. Some say the offense was worse than Jacksonville which is false. The jaguars were the absolute worst in points per game with 15.4. Sure you could be bitter and negative deciding to overlook this and rank the offense by the yardage category. That’s fine whatever, but to put all of what happened offensively last year squarely on glennons shoulders, in my opinion this is just folks wanting to play the blame game. In the great words of tony montana “Y’all just need someone to point your f***ing fingers at and say that’s the bad guy!”. And at the end of the day if that’s what you need to do to feel at peace with yourself by all means go ahead. I think you’re wrong, past assumptions in the NFL sometimes last but Not For Long.

  68. Buc1987 Says:

    buc4lyfe…you don’t need to twist my words. You can read right?

    You’re saying : “Schiano good At recognizing talent he couldn’t get a job in Cleveland, they choose to hire a college coach instead of him….,coincidence i think not”

    I’m saying Lovie went 10-6 and Schiano went 4-12 they both got fired. Somehow you think according to this above statement of yours that Schiano sucks so bad that he was passed up by a college coach in Cleveland.

    If that’s your point. Then how come no one hired Lovie for over a year? There’s no comparing who’s a better coach or what not going on. Lovie is clearly going to be a better coach. That’s you trying to twist words for some odd reason.

    I’m saying that’s a piss poor example to use for Schiano’s drafting cred. That he’s still unemployed as well. (and getting paid millions by the Glazers)

  69. Buc1987 Says:

    Sometimes even coaches that go 10-6 or 9-7 or 8-8 and get fired stay unemployed for a long time. Some longer than most. Who in there right mind would think Schiano at shot at another HC job after last season right out of the gate after being fired for going 4-12 with the Bucs.

    Apparently bucs4lyfe is one of those people. He has to be in the great minority. Maybe .05 % of fans that thought Schiano would land a job right out of the gate. Cleveland maybe.

  70. Bucsfanman Says:

    @1987- It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to rescue buc4lyfe from the dark side! He’s angry and he’s staying angry! Dang it!
    Seriously dude, lighten up! Do you not see ANY hope for the Bucs this year? Or, do you just choose to be negative about everything?
    Nobody here is Nostradamus! Nobody can tell you emphatically that Glennon is the next Bledsoe or the next Mirer. The same can be said of each and every player that dons a uniform.
    This is what Buc fans have to hold onto year after year; HOPE! Just like you, we all want them to win, or at the very least compete. It’s not lost on all of us, we’re Buc fans! This is who we are.
    Find the bright side dude, it’s better on your constitution!

  71. buc4lyfe Says:

    Aaah once again great stat

  72. buc4lyfe Says:

    Last time i checked hating Schiano had nothing too do with the bucs….he’s in discussion of worst coach in bucs history so what if i chose too think he is hello he’s not working in the nfl and my point on Glennon is he hasn’t problem anything yet, nothing more nothing less so please if you’re going comment pay attention

  73. Buc the Haters Says:

    I love this quote by scott reynolds: ‘From what I’ve seen of Tedford’s offense I think it’s going to take the NFL by storm and place the Buccaneers in the top 15 offenses in 2014. I also expect quarterback Josh McCown to be a breakout star in the NFL this year.’

  74. buc4lyfe Says:


    Your Argument is stupid whoever you are lol the difference is lovie can sit out if he wants, he can pick and choose the team he wants to coach, Schiano can’t

  75. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “my point on Glennon is he hasn’t problem anything yet”

    This isn’t English Comp., but it’s sometimes hard to even follow what some of you are trying to convey. Capitalization, grammar, punctuation and paragraphs, how I miss thee.

    I’ll say this much, as bad as Schiano was at certain things (in game adjustments, stubbornness, micromanagement), he knows 10 times more about football than Dominik ever will. I expect that he will wind up as an assistant coach again in the near future.

  76. Jim Says:

    “Cement Shoes’ may not lose many games but he will not do much to WIN games!

  77. buccinstopit Says:

    From all the posts:
    Shiano- was a stretch to become a NFL football coach-coached a marginal college team from a marginal conference. His assts were suppose to help with the NFL.

    Freeman- was a stretch to be a franchise qb, first round pick-marginal success, in at the time, worst defensive conference in college football. Rah wanted a drinking buddy from back in da day.

    Dominick- was a stretch to be NFL GM- just because you were an understudy for 16 years in the organization doesn’t translate to success. Plenty of asst. coaches fail as head coach.

    All in the past, lets move forward…Go Bucs

  78. lightningbuc Says:

    Man, some people, even weeks after not drafting their favorite college QB, still have a bad case of “butt hurt”!

  79. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    “Shaun King, one of two Buc Quarterbacks that lost a NFC Championship Game when his defense gave up 11 or fewer points.”

  80. Patrick in VA Says:

    @bucfanman & 1987 – The Confirmation Biased Bucs Fans (see, I can come up with names to lump groups together too) who are perpetually down on the team (here’s looking at you Joes) are really more interested in their opinion being right than about cheering for their team. Nobody in a position to make a decision cares what we say on here, especially when it comes to who should be drafted/signed/starting, but these folks seem to think that if they google enough stats or find enough interviews that support their version of what the team should do then they’re right and everyone else is dumb. I’m not sure why they bother really. Clearly this isn’t enjoyable for them anymore. Perhaps they’re just gluttons for punishment

  81. Nick H Says:

    Good luck finding where Joe wrote Geno Smith is a better quarterback than Glennon. –Joe

    Really Joe? Seriously? It’s been in the comments section and no doubt others have read your comment where you undoubtedly say Geno was a better QB/had a better year.

    C’mon man.

    Might want to check your reading skills on that. Joe’s compared the two, saying Geno had lesser weapons and came up with more wins. But Joe has never proclaimed Geno Smith a better QB.–Joe

  82. Nick H Says:

    I realize that I might be mincing my words with the “better QB” or “better season.”

    But I have 0 doubts others have seen and read your comments stating Geno had a better year at least, you might have me that you didn’t say he was a better QB though, fair enough.

  83. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Or fired their favorite GM.

    “I give Licht a D so far”

    Really? we’re 0-0…..

  84. BucfaninMi Says:

    Go ginger cannon! GO BUCS!

  85. BucFan20 Says:

    Of the 9 picks Glennon had 2 were in his first game. But not against a bad team. It was the Cardinals. And final score? 13-10.
    Now I know a lot of fans had on their NASCAR style headphones the NFL now has. The ones that allow them to hear every play called into the QB and that the fan learned from the play book. These are the people that know he did the wrong thing. The rest are some of know it all fans that know what he saw, should have seen ( because they were down there) standing behind him with the REFs. They could see who was open and Glennon was blind as a bat.

    The rest of us are real, did see rookie mistakes, we have no idea the play that was called and him break many tackles Freeman would never get away from.
    It’s easy to judge from a TV or the stands. But the Team experts kept him here.

  86. lightningbuc Says:

    “I give Licht a D so far”

    Really? we’re 0-0…..



    I hear ya! 0-0 is .500 which is about 20 percentage points of a better winning percentage than a certain “rock star” had.

  87. Kevin Says:

    I think as long as Vjax, Evans, Tim Wright and the new TE have three out of those four healthy we’ll be all right. If they find a speedster for the middle of the field that will only help. Just hope the injury bug doesn’t hit us too bad this year.

  88. tickrdr Says:


    Kudos for the “shot” at the Cannon in the prior thread. It seems I’m the only one who noticed the picture of the broken wheel cannon from “F Troop”. LOL
    At least you’re consistent, smh.


  89. TRUE Bucs Fan Says:

    I believe this is a fair assessment as well and what I have believed all along. The issues I have had is the venom from this site with regards to Glennon. It seems every other article is trying to roast the kid and or making fun of the so called ‘Glennon Mob’. I believe JBF is so enamored with Manziel and that fact that Glennon will always have the ‘Schiano’ stigma that this will be something JBF will never be able to put aside, which is completely unfair to Mike Glennon. But at the end of the day my point has always been to give this guy a shot as I feel he has earned it. Not just because of the almost 3,000 yards, 19 TD’s and 9 INT’s he put up last year but also taking into account he came in after 3 games with virtually NO off season what so ever (3rd string reps), in a horrible system and still managed to do some very good things. And here’s a news flash…He was a ROOKIE! All I ask is to give this kid a real shot and see what happens from there. He’s a smart kid, a hard worker and has talent. Let’s see what he can do.

    Good luck finding Joe being venomous toward Glennon. There’s a whole mess of archives here for you to view. Stop blaming Joe for the new coach coming in and ousting Glennon as the starter in favor of a journeyman. –Joe

  90. lurker Says:

    since when is a “party popper” a cannon?

    why is a pro qb who thriws ducks regularly and needs receiver to bail him out as much as they dropped balls, a good thing? thank goodness for mccown.

  91. Duffous finder Says:

    I wonder why it is that when people cant win an argument on facts they resort to name calling?

    I wonder why people when caught in a misstatement or blatant error they resort to deigning they said that?

    I wonder why people like to make themselves look good by tearing down another persons name and character?

    I wonder why people who dont get their way try to blaim everyone else for their own stupid choices?

    I wonder if this list of questions Lovey’s fault or Schiano’s fault?

  92. owlykat Says:

    QB stats mean nothing when you lose. What makes a great QB? 1. Fast eyes to quickly asses your progression and the defense, makes fast decisions, then gets the ball out quickly to avoid sacks. Glennon lacks fast eyes, takes too long to make a decision, and is slow to get the ball out, resulting in unnecessary sacks which the mob then blames the OL for as scapegoats for Glennon’s holding the ball too long. 2. Throws the ball with accuracy in small windows. Not Glennon. He has poor accuracy due to poor foot placement. Why players often have to lay out to catch his inaccurate throws. 3. Stays cool under extreme pressure. Not Glennon who can’t bring back a team to win in the fourth quarter where he whithers under pressure. 4. Ability to keep plays alive with your feet. Something Glennon will never have and can’t be corrected by coaching. Sack magnet Glennon doesn’t have any factors to become a great QB. When you don’t you lose lots of games, have high sack totals, low yardage per game, throw way too often to check down receivers, low first down totals per game, and your mob has to make excuses for your blatant incompetence: he’s very smart, has a cannon for an arm, he works very hard, look at his completion percentage, its the line’s fault, he was just a Rookie–give the kid a chance, but he’s our QB of the future, you just don’t like his looks, he’s a nice guy! Sound like anyone you know? The proof is in the pudding and there the proof is Glennon is just as incompetent as the coach who made him his pet. They both are losers.

  93. Jordan Says:

    owlykat – I guarantee that I could look at the stat lines of all 32 starting NFL Quarterbacks with their names “blacked out” and I could predict each QB’s win total with a higher degree of certainty than you ever could by watching them. Go ahead and rely on your ability to track a player’s”fast eyes” and “ability to stay cool”, and I will show you the foolishness of your methodology. Passer rating is 5 times more highly correlated with winning percentage than sack totals, and 3 times more highly correlated to wins than yards per game. Glennon, 6th best passer rating for a starting rookie QB ever – Mike Glennon, the QB of the future.

  94. JBuc Says:


    You continue to say Geno Smith had a better year than Gleenon due to their better record and better offensive rankings. Such a bogus way to judge these QB’s. By that logic you would take Geno over Matt Ryan? Glennon played in a better division and had wins over Buffalo, Miami, and we all know what should have happened at NY (and yes I know the NY game was Freeman). Gleenon also had to face the NFC West which is likely the best division in the NFL now. I also can’t believe you say he had better weapons. A crappy o-line makes most weapons useless (even if we had more than 1) which is Lovie felt the need to completely overhaul on day 1. The Jets had a much better line than the Bucs.

    C’mon, just admit that Glennon had a decent year for a rookie. It does not mean he’s the next Joe Montana but it would mean you have some sense.

  95. lurker Says:

    “Glennon, 6th best passer rating for a starting rookie QB ever ”

    this is made up nonsense that correlates with nothing…

    “Passer rating is 5 times more highly correlated with winning percentage than sack totals, and 3 times more highly correlated to wins than yards per game.”

    just because you say it doesn’t make it so, either!

  96. Joe Says:


    Passer rating may be the most bogus of all stats. Just look at the career passer rating list and your ribs will hurt from laughing.

  97. WobbleBuc Says:

    One of the best comments I’ve heard from King in a long long time. I’d bet that Lovie had his eye on McCown before he even knew he was coming here. It was highly likely that he was going to go to a place where there was no entrenched starter because most of those places won’t have coaching changes. This year only Detroit was the opening with a sure starter on their roster that had a coaching change, that I can think of in this moment at least.

    Lovie also made the comment that basically said ideally you want to get a guy that can sit and learn behind someone and even though Glennon was thrown in before he was ready doesn’t mean that trend needs to continue. He knew McCown and didn’t know Glennon so it makes all the sense in the world why he went out and got McCown. Now that he’s had the chance to spend time with Glennon he realizes that he might have something with this kid.

    Glennon does have all the tools except mobility which might be high on the Tedford list but that doesn’t mean he can’t be successful. The stats look good and so does some of the tape. Glennon had his fair share of bad plays as well. Glennon didn’t lead the 32 ranked offense, Freeman and Glennon did. We had a coach that stopped the hurry up that was killing the world champs because we didn’t practice it. This was a mess of a team last year between Freeman, MRSA, injuries, lack of coaching, etc that we just don’t know what we have with him.

    I don’t want Glennon given anything, I want him to come in and take it. Let the best man win!