The Answer Is In The Digits

April 3rd, 2014
Mike Florio believes the evidence is clear what the Bucs think of backup quarterback Mike Glennon.

Mike Florio believes there is clear evidence of what the Bucs think of backup quarterback Mike Glennon

Somewhere in a near-empty bar in the Tampa Bay area, as closing time inches closer, a member of the Mike Glennon Mob sits in the corner and softly mutters to himself. “Yes, I’m pleased with the way the Bucs have reshuffled their roster.”

But there is one roster move that gnaws at this MGM member. It’s that Mike Glennon was benched in favor of journeyman free agent quarterback Josh McCown.

The MGM crowd believes Glennon got the shaft, despite leading the Bucs offense to the NFL’s basement.

This subject came up in a recent airing of Pro Football Talk, which Joe knows his readers enjoy weekdays on NBC Sports Network. In a roundtable discussion about the Bucs, the creator, curator and overall guru of, the great Mike Florio, was asked if Glennon is being mistreated by the signing of McCown.

Florio said the answer to what the Bucs really think of Glennon is as easy to find as the digits on your hand. In this case, the digits are the eight figures on McCown’s check cut by the Bucs.

Erik Kuselias: Josh McCown is in and Mike Glennon is to the bench. Are you convinced they upgraded the quarterback position?

Mike Florio: Oh, I think they have based on what they plan to do. If they really liked Mike Glennon, they wouldn’t have gone out and given $10 million to Josh McCown. And McCown, at least in the last year, has shown he is capable of getting it done. Now you have to have the right offense for him and you have to have guys suited to his strengths. He had 13 touchdowns against one interception and was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week after a great Monday night performance against Dallas. This guy has a lot of tread left on the tires because he hasn’t played much in his career. And he would be a major upgrade at quarterback for the Bucs.

The money speaks volumes. The Buccaneers didn’t have to bring him in. The Buccaneers didn’t have to give him that money. They could have just stayed with Mike Glennon. But they believe they can get out of McCown what we saw last year. And they are excited about the possibilities.

Yes, the Bucs have handed their offense to McCown and, for the time being, Glennon has been sidelined. Still, Joe senses the Bucs are still going to draft a signal-caller. After all, McCown only signed a two-year contract; the Bucs must not be 100 percent sure McCown is the future if they only inked him to a two-year pact.

Of course, we all know who Joe hopes the Bucs draft at No. 7. That may not happen. But at some point in during the three-day draft in mid-May, Joe expects the Bucs to call the name of a quarterback.

65 Responses to “The Answer Is In The Digits”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I do think we will draft a QB but not at 7…..we may trade down & pick one or pick one in later rounds.
    If that happens, there’s a good chance we will trade Glennon. He may never get a chance to proove what he can do for the Bucs with an improved Oline and healthy players along with a competent 3rd WR.
    Such is life in the NFL. Lets just hope that Lovie & Licht are right and that the QB they pick in the draft is better than Glennon.

  2. dee Says:

    Mike glennon is a starter in this league like all the qb that left us he will win a super bowl.

  3. Cannon Fire! Says:

    I believe that the Bucs will draft Carr. All coaches seem to go with what they know, like Lovie and the Bears players and Schiano and Rutgers players. Tedford knows Carr, Carr needs to be molded. Carr has a cannon for an arm and he needs time to develop. Licht is on board with this because he is a value with upside. I would be shocked BTW if the Texans don’t keep Manziel in Texas, it’s clear that is what the Bush family wants.

  4. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I agree with Tampabaybucfan. We’ll probably pick up a QB in the draft but not at 7.

    Nobody can honestly say that any of these QB’s coming out is a “sure” thing. They could become the next Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Brady Quinn..well you get my drift.

    Picking a Q.B. at 7 puts the spotlight squarely on the Lovetrain/Licht machine.
    Josh Freeman was as much a cause of Dominik’s fall as any other single factor.

    If they pick a Q.B. @ 7 and he’s a bust then so are the Lovetrain and Licht.

    OTOH if they pick a great pass rusher or even a dominant OL people will give them time to continue building the talent base.

    Johnny Football may be the coming of the next Colin Kaepernik but I don’t want to take that chance. I can’t imagine the Lovetrain and Licht want to gamble their entire Bucs legacy on that one pick.

  5. joseph mamma Says:

    I think we probably have two good backup QB’s in the long run. On another note, we have what 4 or 5 picks in this draft. San Francisco has 11 picks are you fricken kidding me?

  6. jvato24 Says:

    Where are these Mike Glennon mob people ??? I think they existed when Freeman was starting and they wanted the space cadet gone, otherwise I see some people that just feel he did a decent job in the position he was put in with horrendus game day play calling.

    Joe, entertain me why dont you with Mike Glennons rookie stats with Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning pick any top QB and compare the numbers and post them on this site. That said he should not be named starter, but did well with what he was given

  7. SteveK (MGM) Says:


    I hope the Bucs draft BPA. No need to reach.

  8. brandonbucfan Says:

    Sorry Joe- #2 will be gone by our #7 pick.
    Hous- Clowney..St.Louis- Sammy… Jax,Cleve,Oak will take the three Qbs. Atl-Mack..
    Now it’s decision time…OL or trade down. Would love to plug in Matthews or Robinson for 10 years…but we will draft a Qb with our 2nd pick – Carr or Shaw (South Car) and we need another weapon for him. Last year they really stacked the box against Martin don’t know if Evans is the answer (described as VJax only slight slower). We need a burner to open the field or Josh or the new QB will have the same problem that MG8 had. So we draft #5 in the third round and that’s where we get the WR. The analysts say that starters will still be there in Round 3. IMO

  9. Phillip Says:

    The app re-direct thing isn’t just your site it’s happening all over even on major websites like NBC and Facebook… I know you don’t want people to go away from your site but this was on a MMA site…

    Good news is people are working on it! I personally have never experienced it because my S4 is rooted and I have ad-away…

    About this article..

    Love how you paint a picture of the MGM being in a bar muttering stuff lol

    Fingers crossed our draft goes like this…

    Rnd 1 – Manziel/Bortles
    Rnd 2 – Brandin Cooks/Jordan Mathews/Paul Richardson
    Rnd 3 – Richardson/Thomas/Yankey
    Rnd 5 – Michael Schofield
    Rnd 7 – Colt Lyerla (take a shot on the kid its a 7th round pick)

    Personally I’d love to get Jeremy Gallon(Steve Smith comparison ALL DAY)/Dri Archer/ De’Anthony Thomas late if we can pick up some extra draft spots by trading back a little in the 2nd round or 3rd…

  10. panhandle buc Says:

    Trade back and get the extra picks, after the top 10 guys are gone the talent is really around the same for rest of the 1st and top half of the 2nd round. Only way we should not trade back is if Watkins or mack are there at 7.

  11. Phillip Says:

    @steveK(I just roasted your ass! Never forget! lol)

    QB is only a reach to you because you want Glennon to start because as you have said… He’s good enough…

    But if Lovie and Licht feel like QB is BPA at 7 are you going to wine about it? Tons of Draft people/experts have those 3 QB’s in there top 15 overall… Now we are drafting at 7 so that might be considered a “reach” to you but despite your lack of football knowledge you must know that the QB position is the MOST IMPORTANT position on the field right??


  12. Phillip Says:


    Did you actually just say DRAFT CONNOR SHAW in the 2nd?!?! Please put the crack pipe down if you think that… Fingers crossed you meant like him in the 5th-6th round area… He’s terrible too btw I’d rather take Tom Savage or Brett Smith if we are going project QB’s..

  13. robert6 Says:

    the MGM is simply made up via this site. I could be included I suppose, but frankly McCown is fine with me. whatever makes the team better. once the filth that was jfro was removed the MGM does not exist anymore. let it go joe

    team first

  14. bucrightoff Says:

    Lovie loves McCown so much he once cut him for Jason Campbell. Unfortunately McCown isn’t bringing Marc Trestman and Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey with him. Then I’d be excited about McCown. As it is, he pretty much is a pure gamble and without an improved offensive line, a pointless signing.

  15. william Says:

    I’m with you brandon …

    1st mathew, 2nd shaw, wr on 3rd rnd

  16. biff barker Says:

    No need to speculate, the Bucs wiped out that sad excuse for an OL and will upgrade at WR too.

    Glennon will get his shot in camp and will be better than McCown in the short to intermediate passes too. It’s going to come down to mobility and mentality and the starting nod will go to McCown. Both can make good decisions with the football IMO.

    If we do draft Carr, we simply trade Glennon. He’ll be starting somewhere in the next couple of years anyway.

  17. lightningbuc Says:

    “This guy has a lot of tread left on the tires because he hasn’t played much in his career.”

    LOL! Yeah, Dan Orlovsky has a lot of tread on the tires too. There’s a reason for it.

  18. biff barker Says:

    Dan O signed by the Lions. I’m happy for him.

  19. Architek Says:

    Guys Broytles is not ready to start and I’m not sure that’s the move you make with 7.

    There is probably not much of a grade difference between the top three and the Zach Mettenbergers, Murray, McCarron, Carr and other which carry better value in the second or third rounds.

    Value! Let’s focus on that and see because whomever they select doesn’t have to start now.

  20. Architek Says:

    I agree Biff trading of Glennon is a must because we need picks

  21. Harry Says:

    More Mike Williams (bad) news on the way… Damn this kid is just out of control

    $54,500 kitchen fire?

    It’s old news. And yes, when you live in a ridiculously expensive home, replacement costs can be ridiculously high.–Joe

  22. Harry Says:

    “…Lovie loves McCown so much he once cut him for Jason Campbell…”

    True. And since Lovie is designating McCown as the starter, that doesn’t speak well for MG8 does it?

  23. Destinjohnny Says:

    Considering Glennon had the worst o-line the worst wide receiving crew the worst tight end situation no run my game he played well.

  24. tonyBuc Says:

    Wow just read about Mike Williams getting sued, what kind of off-season he’s having, I love Mike as a player but he’s got to stay out of the headlines if he wants to continue his career, feel bad for him, maybe he needs help, we definitely need another receiver because at this point, you can’t trust him anymore, I’m on the Johnny Football bandwagon like Joe but I’m starting to lean more and more towards Sammy Watkins, especially with VJ getting up there in age too.

  25. teacherman777 Says:

    Glennon is backup for two years.

    We wont draft a QB this year.

    If McCown plays bad this year. Then we will draft a QB next year.

  26. Drew Says:

    Josh is the starter going into training camp. MG was not benched… Open competition at QB is not being benched. Geesh!

  27. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    No Mike Williams being sued story?

    No Minnesota Vikings scoffing at ur boy Johnny Manziels sideshow of a workout article?

  28. ander Says:

    I think joe would trade lavante David for jonny manziel if he could

  29. Celly Says:

    Destinjohnny Says:
    April 3rd, 2014 at 9:02 am

    Considering Glennon had the worst o-line the worst wide receiving crew the worst tight end situation no run my game he played well.

    Sorry, that excuse isn’t allowed now, just like it wasn’t allowed when Freeman was in the SAME situation and everyone’s excuse was “the QB is supposed to make everyone better”

  30. johnny Says:

    ‘ The Mike Glennon Mob ” Ha Ha Ha ..Is nothing more than real fans like myself that have watched the team since 1976 with Horrible QB play through its history and never had a rookie QB due Squat and just got a Little excited that maybe Glennon could improve on his numbers and play .. I have Noticed the Anti Glennon Folks seems to be Bucs fans from 1997 and sooner and under the age of 40… Ill trust Lovie that Mcown is a improvement and hope he is right cause if he is wrong we will be crying for a new coach again in 2 years .

  31. Brain Says:

    Always let the talent dictate your approach to the QB position. If Bridgewater fails to us at 7 Licht has to draft him because he won’t get another chance at a top QB in the draft without getting fired, and good QBs don’t hit the FA market anymore. I know you guys just follow the media breadcrumbs instead of actually doing your own scouting, but Bridgewater is the real deal and would be a steal if he fell to us. If not then yeah I agree that we should wait a year to draft a QB.

  32. Oregon Buc Says:

    It was Mike Williams brother that started that fire!! That brother is going around speeding in his cars, breaking doors, breaking houses!! That brother is making Mike look really bad.

  33. GoNoles Says:

    Which is exactly why we will not draft a QB with the 7th pick and instead we will take Sammy Watkins “OR” Mike Evans. We do not have enough quality weapons for McCown to win on offense. Lovie likes big physical receivers and 2 top tier receivers are right there for the pickings! Sorry Joe, still no Johny Football. If we are in the win now columb than we are not going to spend a high pick out of our limited picks on a guy who will not play right away. So yes you may have shown the Glennon is not the man, but you also proved that they are most likely not going to waist a top pick on a bench warmer.

  34. lightningbuc Says:

    The Mob is something Joe contrived as part of his shtick when his boy JFro, whom Joe wanted to give a new contract to last off-season, was in the process of sleeping his way out of the NFL.

  35. bucrightoff Says:

    Harry Says:
    April 3rd, 2014 at 9:00 am
    “…Lovie loves McCown so much he once cut him for Jason Campbell…”

    True. And since Lovie is designating McCown as the starter, that doesn’t speak well for MG8 does it?
    Actually it tells you Lovie should stick to defense and never, ever be involved in offense. After all…

    “Rex Grossman is my quarterback” – Lovie Smith

    If Lovie chose McCown over Glennon cause he thinks McCown is better, than I now know Glennon is better.

  36. Hawk Says:

    Folks, if Lovie/Licht didn’t like Glennon, he would have been up for trade the very second ‘after’ McCown put his John Hancock on a contract.
    He is NOT trade-able now, because it would give away the Bucs intentions and make moving up VERY expensive. Also, any team wanting a QB, would try to jump ahead(a lot of other teams have the picks to make that kind of move).
    He is NOT trade-able after the draft because all the other teams just have to wait like they did for Revis, etc, to be waived. Glennon is going nowhere before the end of preseason. And then, he could very well be the backup, starter, or future of this franchise.
    BTW, McCown has NOT been anointed ‘The Starter’. Both Licht and Lovie have back-tracked to naming him the #1 QB for the first day of camp only. On the second day…

  37. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    On the Mike Williams story, wasn’t this old news from July 2013?

  38. ander Says:

    @ celly

    that is not true that is why freeman got 5 years unfortuantely he always choked, also freeman had a worst rookie year then mike glennon with much better talent than glennon last year.

    once again and i will always say this we shouldnt judge mike glennon as a back up qb because last year even though joe tends to never bring up this point. bucs had no receivers besides vincent jackson and an undrafted te who is just learning the position. also our offensive line was pitiful, as a result our running game was average. i still believe in glennon as a starter in the future.

  39. Thunder Sack Says:

    One thing I have not really seen anyone talk about yet is how Licht said there will be a QB competition. I don’t really think that is true since they have already anointed McCown the starter. They will also probably pick up someone somewhere in the draft to solidify this problematic position.

    What happens if Glennon actually beats out everyone fair and square?

  40. Tackleblockwin Says:

    McCown> Glennnon > Freeman. See we are getting better, lol. Just let the competition play out and maybe by 2025 the Bucs will finally find a stud QB. I honestly like both Glennon and McCown. They will give this competition 100% effort and won’t miss practice or sleep in late…lol.

  41. ander Says:


    they better make it competive because mccown is not no peyton manning for us to just hand him the job like that

  42. Eric Says:

    Glennon will be fortunate to make the final roster.

  43. Thunder Sack Says:


    “Glennon will be fortunate to make the final roster.”

    That really does not make much sense. You don’t have the success he did as a rookie unless you can play in the league. He proved he could play with a porous offensive line, 1 starting caliber WR, and a calvacade of RBs that were one game and done due to injury.

  44. Bucfan#37 Says:

    Glennon fan since he arrived. Don’t know anything about a mob. Does’nt matter my thoughts, don’t make the decisions. I’ll just have to accept whatever will be. A better team, more wins is all any Bucs fan can ask for or expect.

  45. bucrightoff Says:

    I do believe that a good 90% of the people who hate Glennon and/or want him gone are scorned Freemanites. The most annoying part is gonna be if they draft a QB and his numbers are worse after 13 games than Glennon (and there is a very good chance that happens), they’ll want to give that QB another full season, at least.

    Glennon on the Cardinals could be nightmare time. Give Bruce Arians a year or two to coach up Glennon and the Bucs are likely to look stupid for dumping Glennon.

  46. BoJim Says:

    Shaw in the 2nd? Rather have Carr in the 2nd but I don’t think we’ll take a QB that high. It would be interesting to see what the Bucs would do if one of the big three QB’s fell to them at 7.

  47. Eric Says:

    I think if the bucs draft a QB in any round, Glennon is a goner.

    he will be competing for the back up spot vs. a coach’s draftee having been drafted by the previous regime.

    That is a tall hill to climb. If they were happy with Glennon then no McCown. Same is true if they draft a QB.

    If they draft QB in the first three rounds might not make it to camp. Lovie seems to release guys early to give them an opportunity to catch on with another team.

  48. Harry Says:

    @bucrightoff Says:
    “…Lovie loves McCown so much he once cut him for Jason Campbell…”

    True. And since Lovie is designating McCown as the starter, that doesn’t speak well for MG8 does it?
    Actually it tells you Lovie should stick to defense and never, ever be involved in offense. After all…

    “Rex Grossman is my quarterback” – Lovie Smith

    If Lovie chose McCown over Glennon cause he thinks McCown is better, than I now know Glennon is better.

    hmmmmm, a coach who has been to the SB with a mediocre QB (who is also better than MG8), and you think you know more than he does? Sounds like of silly.

  49. Harry Says:

    @Bucfan#37 Says:
    “…Glennon fan since he arrived…. Does’nt matter my thoughts, don’t make the decisions. I’ll just have to accept whatever will be. A better team, more wins is all any Bucs fan can ask for or expect.”

    I am more for drafting a QB in the first (if L&L think there is one worthy), but I had to say your statement was one of the more intelligent ones on here, and I agree.

  50. bucrightoff Says:

    Uhh Harry…All of us know more about offense than Lovie does. Nobody is worried about the defense. We’re worried about the offense. Lovie consistently had a top 10 defense, and that’s great, because he consistently had a bottom 10 offense.

    But you then decided to totally invalidate anything you said by saying Rex Grossman is better than Glennon. I mean hate Glennon, fine whatever, but don’t be a total moron. It discredits your valid points and makes you look delusional.

  51. Eric Says:

    Lovie put together the Cutler/Brandon Marshall tandem.

    If he can duplicate that kind of offensive talent here I will be delighted.

    Of course the delusional Glennon mob probably believe that Glennon is better than Cutler.

  52. bucrightoff Says:

    Why would anyone say Glennon is better than Cutler? One has 13 games and one has 8 seasons. And how did Lovie to with Cutler/Marshall (and Jeffrey was there as well lest we forget)? Did the Bears rank 28th in offense that season? They sure did. And then Marc Trestman comes along and makes only schematic changes, little change to personnel and…they’re the #8 offense in the league. Trestman is a great offensive coach, I would very much like it if he was the Bucs coach right now. Be nice having a great offense for once no?

    Lovie’s defense will be fine. But he did have 4 offensive co-ordinators in 9 seasons. Lovie doesn’t really care about offense. He cares about defense, which is fine, but anyone expect some offensive dynamo needs to temper their expectations a bit. A functional offense will suffice.

  53. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Yes, Dan Orlovski, who is Polish, went to Detroit. He will be a “happy camper” in the Detroit area, because good Kielbasa is to be had on every street corner, unlike Tampa.

    It seems like Tampa is “destined” to always have a starting QB named Josh.
    Josh Freeman, and now Josh McCown.

  54. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Connor Shaw is so injury prone and he sucks. Id rather keep glennon and not waste a 2nd on a sorry qb

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Yes, the Bucs have handed their offense to McCown and, for the time being, Glennon has been sidelined. Still, Joe senses the Bucs are still going to draft a signal-caller. After all, McCown only signed a two-year contract; the Bucs must not be 100 percent sure McCown is the future if they only inked him to a two-year pact.” – Joe

    I agree. I’m hoping it will be in the first round, but if I’m being honest there is just much a chance that it will be in round two.

    I think if the right guy falls to them, they jump on him. If the right trade offer comes in, they’ll trade down, acquire an extra pick and take Carr.

  56. Brandon Says:

    dee Says:
    April 3rd, 2014 at 7:29 am
    Mike glennon is a starter in this league like all the qb that left us he will win a super bowl.


    But his ring will come like most of Steve Young’s, as a back-up.

  57. Eric Says:

    The stats I like from Lovie and the bears with Cutler was the 2010 NFC North Title they won with an 11-5 record, edging the Packers.

    They then blasted the Seahawks in round one (putting up 40+ points) before losing a close game to Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game after Cutler was injured.

    Sounds like excellent football to me. Especially with what weve seen around here.

    Glennon is incapable of such play……….

  58. lurker Says:

    dee Said:
    April 3rd, 2014 at 7:29 am

    “Mike glennon is a starter in this league like all the qb that left us he will win a super bowl.”

    I would say “all” is a stretch. and glennon sucks.

    2013 Mike Glennon (13) / Josh Freeman (3)
    2012 Josh Freeman (16)
    2011 Josh Freeman (15) / Josh Johnson (1) [1]
    2010 Josh Freeman (16) [2]
    2009 Josh Freeman (9) / Josh Johnson (4) / Byron Leftwich (3) [3]
    2008 Jeff Garcia (11) / Brian Griese (5) [4]
    2007 Jeff Garcia (13) / Luke McCown (3) [5]
    2006 Bruce Gradkowski (11) / Chris Simms (3) / Tim Rattay (2) [6]
    2005 Chris Simms (10) / Brian Griese (6) [7]
    2004 Brian Griese (10) / Brad Johnson (4) / Chris Simms (2) [8]
    2003 Brad Johnson (16) [9]
    2002 Brad Johnson (13) / Rob Johnson (2) / Shaun King (1) [10]
    2001 Brad Johnson (16) [11]
    2000 Shaun King (16) [12]
    1999 Trent Dilfer (10) / Shaun King (5) / Eric Zeier (1) [13]
    1998 Trent Dilfer (16) [14]
    1997 Trent Dilfer (16) [15]
    1996 Trent Dilfer (16) [16]
    1995 Trent Dilfer (16) [17]
    1994 Craig Erickson (14) / Trent Dilfer (2) [18]
    1993 Craig Erickson (15) / Steve DeBerg (1) [19]
    1992 Vinny Testaverde (14) / Steve DeBerg (2) [20]
    1991 Vinny Testaverde (12) / Chris Chandler (3) / Jeff Carlson (1) [21]
    1990 Vinny Testaverde (13) / Chris Chandler (3) [22]
    1989 Vinny Testaverde (14) / Joe Ferguson (2) [23]
    1988 Vinny Testaverde (15) / Joe Ferguson (1) [24]
    1987 Steve DeBerg (8) / Vinny Testaverde (4) / John Reaves (2) / Jim Zorn (1) [25]
    1986 Steve Young (14) / Steve Deberg (2) [26]
    1985 Steve Deberg (11) / Steve Young (5) [27]
    1984 Steve Deberg (13) / Jack Thompson (3) [28]
    1983 Jack Thompson (13) / Jerry Golsteyn (3) [29]
    1982 Doug Williams (9) [30]
    1981 Doug Williams (16) [31]
    1980 Doug Williams (16) [32]
    1979 Doug Williams (16) [33]
    1978 Doug Williams (10) / Mike Rae (5) / Mike Boryla (1) [34]
    1977 Gary Huff (6) / Randy Hedberg (4) / Jeb Blount (4) [35]
    1976 Steve Spurrier (12) / Parnell Dickinson (1) / Terry Hanratty (1)

  59. Harry Says:


    Ok, fine, I admit the Grossman comparison to MG8 with an exaggeration. And I agree Lovie is not an offensive minded coach. However, a good coach takes advantage of the strengths he has in his players and trys to hide their weaknesses. He did that with Grossman and ended up in the SB. Chucky, whom everyone loves, and is an offensive minded coach also won with defense, bc that was the strength of his team. He also never developed a franchise QB, which was his mandate by the Glazers. Father Dungy was an D coach, but when presented with the likes of Manning, he adjusted. My point is I think you greatly undervalue Lovie’s intelligence as a coach, be it D or O.

  60. BFFL Says:

    McCown is an insurance policy in case Glennon can not evolve into what they want. They never promised McCown the starting job but only said he is the starter right now. This will take pressure of Glennon and allow him to learn and progress at a natural pace. After all, he is still very young and Tedford’s offense has a lot of complexity which will be easier for a veteran to pick up. The GM/coach and McCown himself have acknowledged that Glennon will start if he performs better in camp.

    You have to actually read all the facts and not just pick and choose what you want and take quotes out of context just to support your agenda.

    Yes I think Glennon can be a great QB, but I also think Manziel has more upside because of his mobility and accuracy. Hell, I think Manziel has more upside than any starting QB in the NFL, even Payton Manning. So if Manziel is there then take him and trade Glennon. Just because you have a man-crush on Manziel doesn’t mean you have to trash Glennon.

  61. bucrightoff Says:

    The Bears had exactly one season where they ranked in the top half in the league offensively under Lovie…and even that was barely (15th). Lovie will have a good defense, I suspect we all believe that. But the reason he got fired in Chicago is he really never did enough with a great defense. A .333 playoff apperance percentage, and only 1 appearance the last 6 years and 4 of those years in 3rd place or lower. A great defense only goes so far.

  62. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    BFFL… good comment.

  63. Tristan Berry Says:

    I think that in a draft this deep, it’s insane to not trade down to pick up more picks. We have only a few holes left at starting positions now after free agency, but our depth is deeply worrying, so being able to add 7 or 8 guys to our roster in the draft versus the paltry 5 picks we currently have is probably the “value” approach Licht is prone to favor.

    I’ll be surprised if the Bucs end up going after one of the top-rated QBs in the draft. Not upset, but surprised.

  64. Hawk Says:

    I agree, somewhat, with Tristan. If one of the top O-linemen are there at #7, take him. If not, then try to trade down and start picking up receivers (very good ones in first 2 1/2 rounds). Receiving (WR, TE) is a little thin.
    Lovie is determined to give Glennon all the weapons he wants. :^)

  65. kinpin Says:

    Glennon would beat out McCown for the starting job if given the an opportunity and Lovie and Licht know this, but since they WAY overpaid for a career backup they have to start him.He will be a good Mentor for Glennon and Glennon will be our eventual starter! Glennon has already proven he can play. Otherwise im sure some other team would be very grateful if we got rid of Glennon and that wouldn’t surpise me at all.