Sapp’s Pick Is Teddy Bridgewater

April 22nd, 2014

teddy bridgewaterBack at the 2014 NFL Owners Meetings in Orlando, Joe joined other media types for a long, cozy breakfast with Lovie Smith.

One question Joe asked Lovie was what glory-days Buccaneers were reaching out to him to get involved with the new regime and the scope of those conversations. It seemed to be a fair question, considering that at Lovie’s introductory news conference he publicly stated he’d be welcoming ex-Buccaneers with open arms.

Lovie’s response was classic. He looked at Joe and playfully said something to the effect of, “Don’t you think Warren Sapp is in my ear all the time?”

Joe paraphrased there, but the message was clear. Sapp, like he did through the Raheem Morris and Greg Schiano regimes, is making sure his voice and desires are heard by the head coach.

And that brings Joe to Sapp’s analysis on NFL Network last night. No. 99 explained why his No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft is Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater. His take came with a tongue-lashing and pointed advice for Jadeveon Clowney.

So is Sapp trumpeting Bridgewater to Lovie Smith? Joe can’t be sure. However, Joe remembers Sapp getting in Joe’s face at Super Bowl Media Day talking about how Mike Glennon was not worthy of the Bucs’ starting job.

Of course, what’s interesting is that, if you believe the draft gurus, Bridgewater will be there for the Buccaneers with the No. 7 overall pick next month. That was unthinkable a few months ago.

Yes, Joe would be very pleased to see the Bucs draft Bridgewater.

59 Responses to “Sapp’s Pick Is Teddy Bridgewater”

  1. Lev Says:

    When TB was playing, everyone was in love with him.

    In the draft “analysis” process, where people look at attributes that have nothing to do with winning football games, TB is falling down the draft boards.

    TB will be a great NFL QB. Who cares if he is not the right size.

  2. QB or burst Bucfan Says:

    The wonderlick test doesn’t lie. Teddy will struggle reading and adjusting to NFL defenses

  3. blind melon Says:

    Ever taken a wonderlic? Try it.

    Also look at the historical scores of Marino, Montana, etc…

    You may be surprised.

  4. Lev Says:

    @ QB or bust Bucfan,

    If you knew anything about TB then you would know that he the most “NFL ready” QB meaning he is the most prepared to read and adjust to NFL defenses.

    He did this in college and picked apart defenses week in and week out. Watch the tape.

  5. Meh Says:

    I’d love Teddy Bay at #7.

  6. bucrightoff Says:

    QB or burst Bucfan Says:
    April 22nd, 2014 at 11:10 am
    The wonderlick test doesn’t lie. Teddy will struggle reading and adjusting to NFL defenses

    Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw and Jim Kelly (all scored 16 or less) disagree, but what do they know?

  7. Nick H Says:

    So much hype, so few facts.

    Please hurry NFL season.

  8. Tom S. Says:

    The only reason the Bridgewater at 7 was unthinkable a few months ago was because some ESPN talking heads and NFL outsiders said so. As the great karaoke singer Mark Dominik pointed out recently that the Bucs front office had their doubts about him a year ago. The post-season just reinforced the fact that TB doesn’t have a good arm and solid enough physical abilities to the point that he be the next Brian Brohm or Jimmy Clausen rather than the next Aaron Rodgers.

    In the NFL you don’t pay for what a player did, you pay for what they’re going to do, and in TB’s case, that’s an open question.

  9. Brandon Says:

    QB or burst Bucfan Says:
    April 22nd, 2014 at 11:10 am
    The wonderlick test doesn’t lie. Teddy will struggle reading and adjusting to NFL defenses

    His Wonderlic score was average, a little below average for the position, Terry Bradshaw, Marino’s, and Vince Young (5) had far worse Wonderlic scores than Bridgewater. A 20 is not too concerning. Is he smart enough to digest a playbook? Yes. Peyton’s was only a 28 (which is average for a QB).

  10. Brandon Says:

    Bridgewater is my top QB on my board and that is one position I’ve had very good success predicting.

  11. Mr. Patrick Says:

    The Wonderlic was changed this year to make it easier. I saw TB play twice last year and thought he was average at best. He plays soft and didn’t appear to be leading his team. Also, didn’t appear to have much zip on his deep passes

  12. BamBamBuc Says:

    QBs fall for various reasones. Matt Barkley was the odds on favorite to be the first overall pick after his Junior season, stayed in college for his Senior year and had several things go wrong. The team lost more games, he suffered a shoulder injury, etc. So his stock fell. Russell Wilson was a first round talent, but fell due to his size translating to the NFL. Kaepernick fell due to low level competition.

    Thing is, it’s difficult to tell how a player will recover from an injury, so I understand Barkley’s fall (especially being a shoulder injury for a QB). But QBs that have fallen due to “measurables” or “competition level” that were winners in college seem to translate well. So, we can talk about the size of Bridgewater or Manziel, but they were both winners, even at their height/weight. Although better than Kaep’s, it’s not like Louisville or UCF had the most difficult schedules in college football… and what does this mean? Nothing really. Kaepernick and the 49ers have adjusted their style to mesh and benefit both the player and team. Can Bortles and Bridgewater? Why not?

    What is difficult to change is a QB that hasn’t had much success winning at the level he played (regardless of measurables or competition). It doesn’t translate well.

    I keep hearing about Bridgewater’s small hands (another “measurable”), truth is he rarely fumbles and hit 71% of his passes. Doesn’t seem to affect his throws or holding onto the ball rushing or in the pocket. He took fewer sacks as his college career went on (either a sign of mobility, pocket presence or both), so maybe that helped keep fumble numbers down, but the year he was sacked the most (Freshman) he fumbled the least. Hand size doesn’t seem to have been an issue in his past, football intelligence (regardless of Wonderlic test) hasn’t been an issue in his past, size hasn’t been an issue in his past and injuries haven’t kept him out of games (although he did play with a broken wrist AND sprained ankle in a game. He lost the game in which he was injured in triple overtime, but won the game he played injured).

    So, whether it’s Bridgewater, Bortles or Manziel… remember, base your draft status of the player on his performance, not measurables or Pro Day workouts. Because if you look at the pre-draft analysis and hype you’ll miss out on a great player like every team that passed on Wilson or Kaep. If Bridgewater falls to round 2 it’s because the teams got caught in the hype and whatever team gets him later in the draft will show “How to get a franchise QB outside the 1st round”. By letting other teams fall for the post-performance, pre-draft analysis.

  13. Bucfan77. Says:

    Joe continues his campaign. Even though this is a piece about Bridgewater there had to be a section that was anti I Gleenon. Why do you have to keep kicking a guy when he’s down? Are you still that pissed that he took your boy Freeman’s job?  William Randolph Hearst  would be very proud of you indeed.

  14. unbelievable Says:

    TB doesn’t have the fire I want to see in my QB. Nor does he have a very stong arm. Deep throws are critical. I saw Blake Bortles come back from 28 down and will his team to a huge win over Teddy. Now that kid has spme fire, a win-at-all-costs mentality. Just dont see that in teddy. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong but he would be my 4th choice right now.

  15. Bucfan77. Says:

    Glennon /\

  16. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Which is more of a sure thing? Mike Evans becoming an elite NFL WR? Or Teddy Bridgewater becoming an elite Q.B.? Or Teddy Football? Or Blake Bortles?

    Are any of these QB’s Andrew Luck like can’t miss? If you believe they are then I accept your pick at #7. I’m not that comfortable gambling a pick that high. I’d rather go for the BPA a guy who will become all pro. I think there are some can’t miss players in this draft, just none playing QB.

  17. phil Says:

    I hope the Texans take him #1 because he will be a bust. We should not even consider him.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Joe- I guess you can’t post anything to your own site. You might offend!
    Get over it people, BLOG=OPINION.
    I’m still not sold on Teddy. The level of competition he played doesn’t scare me at all. All this “pro-style” stuff was against inferior teams.
    I would’ve figured Sapp to be a Manziel guy! What’s up with that?!

  19. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Also, as far as scouts and teams being concerned with TB’s small hands, the NFL football and the college football are not the same size. The NFL ball is a tad shorter and a tad bigger around, more stout overall. That’s another reason some QB’s tend the throw better in college than they do in the NFL

  20. SAMCRO Says:



  21. SAMCRO Says:

    @Mr. Patrick

    That’s interesting, I never thought of that. I wonder if they used NFL footballs at the combine and on their pro-days?

  22. RCH Says:

    Not at 7

  23. RCH Says:

    If we could trade back and get a couple of extra picks and get him around 15 i would be ok with that

  24. Buc1987 Says:

    Should this kid even bother to show up in NY?

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Mr. Patrick…oh how I’ve longed for that football to be the same size. It’s never made sense to me and it needs to be corrected.

  26. RCH Says:

    No disrespect but IMO I think its a good thing that the Joe’s are not in charge of our draft operations

  27. SuperGobaby Says:

    Is Sapp on the Bucs staff? Is he on the staff of any NFL team? ‘Nuff said.

  28. Oingo Boingo Says:

    Is Sapp on the Bucs staff? Is he on any NFL
    staff? ‘Nuff said.

  29. Buc1987 Says:

    StPeteBucsFan…HANDS DOWN Mike Evans. It will be Evans at 7. It just has to be. I think the pick might not be swift and quick though, we will have to sit and wait until the last second as they take on trade offers.

  30. Bubashep Says:

    Sapp wants the Bucs to draft Clowney not Bridgewater – that’s why he’s trashing JC and pumping up TB, so Clowney might fall to the good guys…

  31. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I do not often disagree with BamBam, but in this instance I have to.

    I cannot put my finger on the whys, but I think Teddy will be a huge bust. Call it instinct because I have little else to go on.

    So far as his hands, I wonder if he was using a pro football at his pro day? I wonder because his throws were eradic.

  32. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oingo Boingo Says
    “Is Sapp on the Bucs staff? Is he on any NFL
    staff? ‘Nuff said.”

    Well…um…yes he is. NFL Network.

  33. Buc1987 Says:

    “a pro football at his pro day?”

    Bonzai…Of course he was, atleast I damn sure hope so.

  34. hamilton Says:

    Tb all day.

  35. Buc1987 Says:

    Oh goodness gracious.

  36. Bucs Draft Says:

    No QB at 7. Sorry folks we have other pressing needs. Next?

  37. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    This. See what McCown, Glennon, and even Kafka can do this year. If they aren’t the answer then draft QB next year. Too many real needs on this team (o line and WR leap off the page) to burn a high level pick on a position the Bucs are probably fine on

  38. Snook Says:


    I understand why you like Manziel.

    But what does Bridgewater bring to the table?

    He played against terrible competition in college. He has looked average in workouts against AIR. And he scored a low Wonderlic.

    Why would you be pleased if they drafted him?

    He’s Freeman 2.0

  39. coolman Says:

    Thts was funny blind melon wht u said about ever taken a wonderlic test. Trade dwn and get bridgewater at 15

  40. BamBamBuc Says:

    The NFL Rule :
    The Ball must be a “Wilson,” hand selected, bearing the signature of the Commissioner
    of the league,…
    The ball shall be made up of an inflated (12 1/2 to 13 1/2 pounds) rubber bladder enclosed
    in a pebble grained, leather case (natural tan color) without corrugations of any kind.
    It shall have the form of a prolate spheroid and the size and weight shall be: long axis,
    11 to 11 1/4 inches; long circumference, 28 to 28 1/2 inches; short circumference, 21
    to 21 1/4 inches; weight, 14 to 15 ounces.

    The NCAA Rule:
    The ball shall meet the following specifications:
    a. New or nearly new. (A nearly new ball is a ball that has not been altered and retains the properties and qualities of a new ball.)
    b. Cover consisting of four panels of pebble-grained leather without corrugations other than seams.
    c. One set of eight equally spaced lacings.
    d. Natural tan color.
    e. Two 1-inch white stripes that are three to three and one-quarter inches from the end of the ball and located only on the two panels adjacent to the laces.
    f. Conforms to maximum and minimum dimensions and shape indicated in the accompanying diagram.
    g. Inflated to the pressure of 12-1/2 to 13-1/2 pounds per square inch(psi).
    h. Weight of 14 to 15 ounces. The short circumference is 20 3/4″ to 21 1/4″
    The long circumference is 27 3/4″ to 28 1/2″. The long axis is 10 7/8 to 11 7/16.

  41. BamBamBuc Says:

    If you read the rules, you’ll see the college and pro football is about the same nowadays. Used to be the NFL ball was bigger, but not anymore.

  42. BamBamBuc Says:

    As to level of competition, it goes both ways. The opponent may not be as good, but your teammates aren’t either.

  43. Bucsfanman Says:

    Look at the big brain on BamBam! Nice research dude!

  44. Barry Says:

    Isn’t Sapp a know racist?

  45. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Isn’t Sapp a know racist?”

    Sapp on John Lynch : ““John Lynch is the second-best strong safety to ever play this game, behind Ronnie Lott. “

  46. Hawk Says:

    I do not believe that the Bucs will draft a QB this year. They might have one in mind, but the odds of that player being there when the Bucs believe he is at his ‘value’, make the selection very remote. And I do not see Licht ‘reaching’ for ANY player when they have so few picks. A ‘bust’ (especially in the first round), would endanger his position in the Glazers’ eyes.

  47. BamBamBuc Says:

    Playing it safe and only marginally improving the team will endanger his position more.

  48. Eric Says:

    Another guy who fails to appreciate the allure of Mike Glennon.

    Bridgewater at 7 is an absolute steal.

  49. John Says:

    TB we WIN WIN-WIN situation we are in a great spot !

  50. Hawk Says:

    BamBamBuc Says:
    “Playing it safe and only marginally improving the team will endanger his position more.”

    Playing it ‘smart’ is not the same as playing it safe. So far, he, and Lovie, have appeared to be playing it smart. He should not (likely will not) change his approach. Improving the team from last year is why Lovie/Licht were hired. The Glazers are not expecting a Super Bowl appearance this year. In fact, I’d bet that they’d be thrilled if the Bucs were in contention for a wildcard spot in the last quarter of the season. I don’t know what your definition of “marginally improving”, is, but I believe that an 8-8 record would put smiles on the Glazers’ faces. In fact, with just the changes made so far, if this team does not win more than 4 games, both Lovie and Licht should be fired after the final gun sounds on the sixteenth game.

  51. BamBamBuc Says:

    Nothing in the draft is safe or smart. Taking a Guard in the first round is less likely to flop, but does not impact the team significantly. Taking a NT will marginally help next to GMC. Taking a TE is fairly safe, but may not be a huge return on investment at #7. Now, taking Jadeveon Clowney (if he were to drop) could be a huge improvement or it could be the second coming of Gaines Adams (RIP). Drafting Sammy Watkins at #7 could be monstrous or it could be the next Braylon Edwards/Troy Williamson/Mike Williams selection of the 2005 draft. Drafting Teddy Bridgewater could be the franchise QB we’ve been looking for or the next Blaine Gabbert.

    Thing is, they’re all a risk. Impossible to play “safe” unless you draft a non-impact position at #7 (unless you can find a trade partner to move down and get a “safe” player and add a few extra picks where you can take a bit more risk and still hit on a few). I’m thinking that the coaching changes should add 2 wins at a minimum (probably more) and the personnel changes are about break even at best (Add Collins/EDS, lose Penn/Zuttah/Joseph… add Verner, lose Revis…). 8 wins would be about right with a safe/smart pick.

    I’m not saying Bridgewater IS the next franchise QB, but if the staff thinks he IS they have to take him at #7. If they are right, we should be in the playoffs THIS year unless they sit him (which I’d be perfectly fine with). I don’t think a WR or DE would add enough oomph to drive home an extra 2 to 4 wins on their own and put us in the playoffs, the rest of the team would have to play lights out as well (which I’m also ok with, it is a team sport). But a QB has the “potential” to put the team on his back and carry them to the playoffs. Wilson and Kaepernick are the beneficiaries of good teams, but Luck and RGIII had to elevate their teams to get them to the playoffs their rookie seasons.

    Watkins is no Megatron, and Clowney is no Reggie White… and that’s about the level they’d have to play their rookie season to elevate the team the way an above average QB could (with the future potential to be “franchise”)

  52. White Tiger Says:

    Folks that DON’T earn a paycheck grading prospects seem to discount the Wonderlic test…for ANY position…even QB’s, yet there aren’t many that have been absolute bottom dwellers on the Wonderlic, that have done well.

    If the kid can’t look spectacular at his OWN pro day, AND he struggled with the Wonderlic, AAANNNDDD you did NOT play for an elite team…it means there may be a just reason for concern…i.e., it means you haven’t answered concerns…and you aren’t going to be picked at 7th overall.

    I don’t care how many former NFL DT’s tell me who they would pick for the QB position of a team they no longer play for…he’s not risking anything.

    …which means Bridgewater is NOT going to be the 7th overall pick.

    It’s just as simple as that.

  53. Mr. Patrick Says:

    @ BamBam
    Go to Sport’s Authority and compare the 2 balls and you can see and feel the difference

  54. BamBamBuc Says:

    Patrick = there are several different sizes of football. Everything from PeeWee to junior college and pro. I don’t really care what SportsAuthority sells. The rules state what the football dimensions and weight are for balls used in college and pro games.

  55. BamBamBuc Says:

    If Joe will allow these links…

    NCAA Rules and Interpretations: Rule 1, Section 3, Article 1, page FR-19

    NFL Rule 2: The Ball, Section 1 Ball Dimensions

    Now, you tell me… who you gonna believe? The NFL and NCAA rule books? or Sports Authority? There may be a separation of as much as 1/4″ in length and circumference between the college ball and NFL, but that’s about it…. the ball you’re seeing at Sports Authority is either a Junior ball or isn’t fully inflated to the correct pressure.

    Now again… please tell me how these QBs still have to adjust to the larger NFL football?

  56. BamBamBuc Says:

    One more for you Mr. Patrick…

    From the University of Wisconsin – Madison site:

    Rule Changes throughout the history of college football:


    1869–Round, rubber Association Football (soccer ball).
    1875–Egg-shaped, rubber covered Rugby ball.
    1896–Prolate speheroid, without specific measurements.
    1912–28 to 28 1/2″ around ends, 22 1/2 to 23″ around middle, weight 14-15 oz
    1929–Measurement around middle reduced to 22 to 22 1/2″.
    1934–Measurement around middle reduced to 21 1/4 to 21 1/2″.
    1952–Ball may be inclined no more than 45 degrees by snapper.
    1956–Rubber covered ball permitted.
    1973–Teams allowed to use ball of their choice while in posession.
    1978–Ball may not be altered, and must be new or nearly new.
    1982–10 7/8 to 11 7/16″ long, 20 3/4 to 21 1/4″ around middle, and
    27 3/4 to 28 1/2″ long-axis circumference.
    1993–Rubber or composition ball ruled illegal.

    As you can see, the NCAA, FBS, BCS.. whatever… ball was actually much larger around the middle at one point and has gradually been shrunk to the size we now have for both the NFL and NCAA. And lastly, trivial knowledge of the day from the Smithsonian website…

    The variation in the measurements is due to the fact that all NFL footballs are made by hand. Since 1955 every NFL football has been made at Wilson’s 130-person factory in Ada, Ohio, which produces up to 4,000 footballs a day.

  57. Oingo Boingo Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai, the self-professed “Christian” who is the hypocritical antithesis: back to kindergarten for you. A TV pundit is not part of an NFL scouting/ciaching staff….idiot!

  58. jackpc1 Says:

    As much as Sapp is a homer for his old Buc team – predicting Bucs to win their division next year – he is dead wrong if he thinks Bucs should use their #1 pick at 7 to a draft a back-up quarterback. I rather see an impact letter who can play through this decade and more. That would be an offensive lineman. Not sexy but with teams possibly moving up to get Watkins, Evans, Mack, and possibly Bortles, I am hoping one of the stud lineman is available for the Bucs even if we have to drop down couple of picks to get him and pick up another spare pick later on in the draft.

  59. Jesse Says:

    That’s the first thing I’ve ever agreed with sap on!!! Please get draft teddy!!!