Kyle Van Noy In The Second Round?

April 21st, 2014

Van-NoyEven with all the talk of the Bucs needing or wanting to draft a quarterback, an offensive lineman and a wide receiver, the option of Bucs general Lovie Smith getting wowed to his defensive core by a college prospect shouldn’t be discounted?

What if ferocious Khalil Mack is sitting there at No. 7? And what about Brigham Young linebacker Kyle Van Noy?

Bucky Brooks, one of NFL Network’s three full-time draft gurus, pegs the versatile athletic Van Noy as a second-round Buccaneer man in his latest mock draft.

38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Kyle Van Noy, OLB, BYU
Lovie Smith inherits a loaded defense, but needs a versatile SAM linebacker to fill out the line up. Van Noy is a disruptive defender capable of creating chaos as rusher or in coverage

Joe can’t agree that the Bucs need a SAM linebacker. They do have Jonathan Casillas and Dane Fletcher, a couple of young veterans the team signed this offseason. The Bucs surely have more pressing defensive needs. Is there is a legitimate backup for Gerald McCoy? Another cornerback sure would help Joe sleep at night.

Van Noy stands 6-3, 243 pounds. His motor has been questioned but not his diverse talent and potential. Here’s an excerpt from a Desert News story on him this winter.

Van Noy has already impressed at the Senior Bowl in late January. NFL analyst Phil Savage, a former general manager for the Cleveland Browns, ranked Van Noy as the top outside linebacker during the Senior Bowl game and practices.

“Kyle was the most complete outside linebacker on the North and South rosters because of his combination of athleticism in space, his ability to stack the run at the point-of-attack and his overall pass rushing skills. He can play on or off the line of scrimmage and appeared equally secure in defending the run or pass,” Savage said.

“In reality, he is versatile enough to fit the 3-4 or 4-3 systems and play in Sub as a rusher or coverage defender. Kyle should become a starter early on and enjoy a productive NFL career.”

Again, Joe can’t read Lovie’s mind when it comes to how exactly he wants to build the Buccaneers, but this proposed pick surely doesn’t seem to fit, not this year. It’s too early for a strongside linebacker that might have limited versatility and lacking the wiring to become an elite special teams player.

For those who want some insight into Van Noy, he penned an interesting diary entry for USA Today.

22 Responses to “Kyle Van Noy In The Second Round?”

  1. Brandon Says:

    I’ve never seen any questions about his motor. His speed in space is not outstanding, but he is very quick and athletic. I think if he were drafted he would be brought in to replace Foster. He’s played inside and out in the 34 so he is very versatile.

  2. phattitudes Says:

    Well the Bucs are down a linebacker but using a high pick to grab one makes no sense. Now if they trade down in 2nd round and pick up a 4th round pick or two, it could make some sense to grab Jones from FSU to challenge Foster. At a minimum he would be depth and a special teams freak.

  3. BucsFanTim Says:

    This guy is a 3rd round talent at best and I thought it was already established that Bucky was the worst mock drafter on the planet.

  4. 1Gr8Buc Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is down on Mason Foster. The dude had a great season last year and you guys just want to back the bus over him and kck some dirt on him when you’re done. In all honesty am I missing something?

  5. Colin Says:

    If he got Miss Utah to agree to marry him he must be a competitor.


  6. gatrbuc17 Says:

    It was really interesting what he wrote to the NFL in the link Joe provided

  7. finishers Says:

    if Mack is there at #7 LOVIE will grab him! Imo

  8. Scoobs Says:

    Did someone say Miss Utah? What if we take KVN and she meets Johnny?

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am OK with us picking the BPA regardless of position (ex. RB & S)
    We could use WR, TE, OG, QB, LB, CB

    I agee if Mack is there at 7…Lovie could not resist and who could blame him….I like Sammy at 7 but he probably won’t drop to us.
    Because of all our needs and a deep draft…I like trading down for extra picks if the deal is right.
    You can’t have enough good LBs or CBs….what if Foster or God forbid, LVD get injured?

  10. gatrbuc17 Says:

    Long as she doesnt meet Johnny in Tampa I could care less Scoobs

  11. finishers Says:

    can’t stand them moving the draft back!!! THIS SUCKS!!!

  12. PutUp Says:

    The Bucs, like Kansas sort of did, are building backwards or ( the new forward), getting rid of overpaid (under-performing) vets by trading, acquire draft picks, then sign many young free agents (who have been tested), fill holes with the draft picks as opposed to….keeping team intact (resigning vets), building through the draft (long term), then eventually filling holes with free agency

  13. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    No thanks on Van Noy. And no way Mack will be there at #7. He could end up being the #1 pick in the draft. He is the best all around defensive guy in the draft. That would be the steal of the draft if he somehow slipped.

  14. Scoobs Says:

    Gatrbuc17 you must be a friend of robert6!!

  15. bucray1 Says:

    the only LB prospect I would draft is mack. other than that we have bigger fish to fry with OL and WR the top priority.

  16. Jeagan1999 Says:

    I’ve been on the Van Noy bandwagon for a while! He’d be a great addition to our David/Foster LB corp. He can rush the QB or drop into coverage.

  17. gatrbuc17 Says:

    @Scoobs. Im not a friend of anyone here. No offense. We are just e-companions. I think JF is the Worst thing we can possibly do for this team. My parents bought season tix in 76 , 2nd row 40 yrd line when I as 9. I speak from my heart not from my head, Ive learned that the head and TB don’t go together so well. Peace man and Go Bucs

  18. BuckPuck Says:

    First off she is a knock out, second I really enjoyed his perspective on improving himself and his view of the NFL

  19. BC Says:

    Here’s a wild scenario that COULD play out:

    1. None or 1 QB is taken in the first 3 picks (let’s say Clowney – Robinson – Mack happens)
    2. The Bucs want Watkins and he’s still available
    3. The Browns are in love with 2 QBs equally and on the board
    4. Bucs trade UP to 4 and take Watkins. Browns know that, at WORST, 1 of their 2 QB faves are still on the board at 7 because the Falcons at 6 will not draft a QB and they will stay there to get Mathews. And amass more picks.

    Ammo for trade up? Anyone not named McCoy, David or new players.

    Could happen.

  20. lurker Says:

    trade up to 4 for Watkins…interesting.

  21. Bob Digital Says:

    Bucs resigned Casillas and brought in Fletcher. They’re not going to blow their 2nd round pick on another LB.

  22. gianluca pesole Says:

    Kyle van noy is a great linebaker perfect fit in 4-3 scheme underrated guy like lavonte david.