Keyshawn Pinched For Domestic Battery

April 21st, 2014
Former Bucs WR Keyshawn Johnson was pinched for domestic violence.

Former Bucs WR Keyshawn Johnson was pinched for domestic violence.

Joe used to mock Keyshawn Johnson until Joe got a chance to meet him. Johnson couldn’t have been nicer or more cooperative. As a result, Joe thought it no longer fair to mock him.

Nor is now the time. A key cog to the Bucs lone Super Bowl win, Johnson, it seems, is in a pickle today. Per Joe’s good friend, Jason McIntyre, czar of, Johnson was pinched for domestic violence, McIntyre learned by way of

The former NFL star wide receiver was busted in Calabasas, CA early Monday morning. According to law enforcement … Keyshawn was involved in a fight with his ex-girlfriend when things allegedly got physical. Sources say he smashed her phone, causing a gash to her hand.

Our sources say the two had an up-and-down relationship and were arguing over marriage.

Johnson was formally arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and booked.
Bail was set at 20K. Keyshawn made bail and is now out.

Joe is sad to learn this. Sad if anyone is involved. Sad for Keyshawn.

It seems Keyshawn lives in a swanky area of Los Angeles and has brat Justin Beiber for a neighbor and the two have clashed repeatedly. When Joe met Keyshawn at the Bucs media workroom last fall, someone mentioned Beiber’s antics and Keyshawn smiled and said, “It’s being taken care of. It’s being taken care of.”

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25 Responses to “Keyshawn Pinched For Domestic Battery”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    Justin Beiber’s neighbor. LMAO. What a clash!

  2. tiny tim Says:

    So smashing a phone is domestic violence now? Wow!! I guess putting a child in “timeout” is considered child abuse as well. Good grief!!

  3. Barry Says:

    I hope he loses his job , like some other people would.

  4. duthty rhothdes Says:

    Sad dude and many others in situations like this are guilty before all the facts come out, he broke her phone which could be anything, and she called the cops, cops see blood on her hands and broken phone he gets rung up. If he is guilty then he deserves all that will come with it along with losing his job, but I am guessing this is blown out of proportion by a jilted ex girlfriend

  5. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    What is wrong with these football animals anymore?

  6. Colin Says:

    Sad for keyshawn? Hes not the victim. Aparantly joe sympathizes with men who “get physical” with women. Stick to reporting the facts and leave your opinion on DV out. Thanks.

  7. Joe Says:

    Sad for keyshawn? Hes not the victim. Aparantly joe sympathizes with men who “get physical” with women. Stick to reporting the facts and leave your opinion on DV out.

    So you are happy for Keyshawn? It’s sad that anyone would resort to this. Joe doesn’t see how that’s such an evil statement.

  8. Colin Says:

    Well joe i guess we just disagree on this one. Im deff not happy for key or sad for key.

  9. Architek Says:


    Smashed her phone and gashed her hand…SMH.

    This is not news.

  10. Greg Smithwick Says:

    Tiny Tim:

    Yes. Smashing her phone usually indicates that she was trying to reach out to law enforcement, or another support system, and he intervened to make that impossible or difficult for her. It happens often.

    Smashing things that belong to the victim is also a common type of DV.

    Your comparison to ‘time out’ for a child is inappropriate to the discussion. Are you saying that children and girlfriends or wives (adult women) are the same, and need their behavior corrected?

  11. zam Says:

    maybe he thought the woman was actually Justin Bieber. easy mistake to make.

  12. Espo Says:

    Lol @ zam

    Seriously though. He needs to be a man. Whether it was accidental or not (let’s hope it was) there is no reason to treat a woman like that.

  13. phil Says:

    At least Bieber has been arrested for beating up women.

  14. Tampa2 Says:

    Maybe he found out the woman was cheating on him, texting other dudes. There is nothing on this earth that will cause a man to act irrational more than a woman. Quite frankly if she was double crossing the dude she deserved to get her phone smashed. Not like he back handed the crap out of her. Honestly, if my girl caught me doing something and she smashed my phone, and i got a little cut on my damn finger or something then I don’t think it warrants calling the cops. Its weak, and I’m not giving someone a record unless they deserve it no matter how much I hate them. I find it to be vindictive and weak

  15. Scoobs Says:

    The #19 is cursed!! Once you put that jersey on the right leg comes up and starts kicking. The girlfriend just got a text from Beebs or was it Johnny, either way Keesh was pissed!!

  16. Greg Smithwick Says:

    Well, Tampa2…Act that way with a woman who knows her rights, then enjoy your six months in DV classes. Men have been assigned to them for exactly that.

  17. Tampa2 Says:

    I’m aware of what a person’s rights are, etc. Doesn’t mean you have to call the cops for something rather benign. 20k bail for a man that prob got cheated on. (just a guess.) Most stuff should be handled in house. Like I said, if I cheated on my girl and stabbed her in the back, then I can accept whats coming to me. Smashed phone, getting cursed at etc. Things within reason. I’m not giving someone a permanent record over BS

  18. Eric Says:

    Gruden’s fault.

  19. Greg Smithwick Says:

    If you think it’s alright to smash someone’s phone because you don’t like their behavior, then, NO, you do NOT know what a person’s rights are.

  20. wayne Says:

    You do not have to smash the phone for it to be dv.
    If you take or keep phone from her you go to jail
    for dv

  21. Colin Says:

    You have quite the imagination Tampa2. You just made up a whole scenario to support your first instinct which is clearly to blame the woman.

    They will have their day in court.

  22. Greg Says:

    @ Tampa2, you are exactly right, but it is what it is, nothing a guy can do about it.

    @ Eric, as usual, you are right as well, it’s Gruden’s fault!

  23. Ghost Says:

    It’s George Bush’s fault.

  24. Buccos Says:

    Tampa2- still a douchebag after all these years.

  25. Yusef A Taufiq Says:

    Sorry Joe I don’t have time for Keyshawn Johnson…he screwed us over the last few years he was with the Bucs….he was selfish..bad mouthed Jon Gruden…don’t get me wrong soild player..but the guy was nothing but a cancer in the locker room…don’t feel sorry for him at all.. I got rid of my Keyshawn Johnson Jersey once he screwed us…after the things he said I couldn’t keep it……..sorry Joe not a fan at all!