Bucs Practice Notes: Minicamp Day 2

April 23rd, 2014

cheerleaderpenBlistering sun today on the practice fields of One Buc Palace, but Joe’s not complaining.

And, of course, Joe’s got practice nuggets to satisfy your hunger for all things Bucs.

Special teams coach Kevin O’Dea, as special team coaches are known to do, really brought a ton of energy today. He spent a lot of time on the “off returner” role, aka the guy right in front of the designated kick returner.

Jeff Demps and Bobby Rainey primarily worked there. “Run like you got the ball in your hands,” O’Dea barked a few times. Eventually, Demps was praised for getting it right. Eric Page and Skye Dawson worked mostly as the actual kick returners.

O’Dea also was testing guy’s knowledge and versatility. At one point, for example, he yelled to WR Lavelle Hawkins to step in to that “off returner” role.  “We just had an injury, Hawk. You’re in. Know you’re role.” O’Dea also put in his share of hips instruction for the blockers on the kick return team. Great stuff for football junkies.

*During QB footwork drills, Mike Glennon is incredibly smooth. QBs then work on moving-pocket drills.

*During cornerback drills working turning while backpedaling and running for ball, cornerbacks Gil Byrd yells at Rashaan Mevlin, very nice Rashaan, VERY nice.

*Wayne Fontes is here.

*Those chrome helmets really shine in the bright sunlight.

*Few passes throw Brandon Myers’ way, he has hauled in all.

*Safety Bradley McDougal skies high to prevent a pass from getting to Steve Maneri.

*First for Joe: assistant coach wearing a headset at practice.

*Another day of intensity from Byrd with his cornerbacks. No shortage of energy with that guy.

*In 1-on-1 pass coverage work, Josh McCown hit Myers short, which drew a lot of praise from tight ends coach Jon Embree.

*A couple of tight throws and catches from McCown to Bobby Rainey. Mason Foster in coverage. Rainey drew praise from McCown, “Good route, Bobby!”

*First long TD pass of the day, McCown to Tim Wright, covered by safety hopeful Bradley McDougald.

*Cornerback hopeful Marc Anthony pulling jersey of Myers in coverage. Got a scolding for that.

*McCown complete to Jeff Demps. Touchdown with Mason Foster five yards behind him. Foster laughing in end zone with Demps saying that’s “not fair.”

*Lots of praise through the day for Wright from coaches, though he’s reminded to “finish” after the catch. Lovie wants his men running hard long after drill-play is dead.

*Cue the Rutgers fight music Uh, oh, Schiano holdover Ka’Lia Glaud picks off Josh McCown. Then Glaud picked him off an hour later!

*On the next play from scrimmage with seven defenders, Demps beats Glaud badly but drops 45-yard pass. Not a good way to make the team, Demps.

*Tight end Steve Maneri embarrasses Keith Tandy in 1-on-1 work. Tandy is grilled by coaches “no guessing.”

*Circus, smart catch by Louis Murphy. He came back to ball from end zone and got his toes in at about the 1-yard line. Murphy got a lot of love.

*Chris Owusu sighting. He hauled in a nice touch throw from McCown, roughly a 25-yard crossing route.

*Of course, the second practice of voluntary minicamp is way too early to decipher anything from Bucs offense, but it sure seems like Vincent Jackson is Josh McCown’s favorite target.

*Murphy makes a diving catch of a Mike Glennon offering to the right side.

*So far, middle linebackers are covering Doug Martin coming out of the backfield on pass routes down the middle like a second skin.

*Dawson makes a sweet catch of a McCown offering along right sideline.

*Glennon picked by CB Bobby Felder after a juggled, tipped ball by Louis Murphy. Not too bad of a throw, but maybe it rattled Glennon. His next pass was off and nearly intercepted by Johnthan Banks.

*Next play was McCown out sync throwing past the outstretched hand of Tom Crabtree. Perhaps the QBs were feeling the heat in Hour 3 of practice.

*Alterraun Verner breaks up McCown pass to Owusu. Excellent play.

*Glennon hits Murphy in the numbers over the middle.

26 Responses to “Bucs Practice Notes: Minicamp Day 2”

  1. Phillip Says:

    So Greg Auman said starters on the O-line consisted of Meredith and Cousins and Omameh battling as well is that what you were seeing Joe?

    I hope they actually try and use Demps in the returner role and a 3rd down back/gadget player since he is focusing full time on football now and played RB at UF

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    DEMPS!!! Hopefully if he is committed to football, we will have something there… we need his speed….and he will be a great decoy on a number of plays…..

  3. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    (March 16th, 2014 at 3:50 pm)
    Expecting #58 LB- Ka’Lial Glaud to step up this year-kid showed promise last year.

    I’ve been bragging about this kid since last preseason. Glad to hear that his game, is progressing.


    @LUVMYBUCS, HATS OFF SIR !!!!!!! GO BUCS !!!!!!!

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:



  6. duthty rhothdes Says:

    tell you what if demps could get in that sprole mold and run that wheel route from the backfield that the saints always killed us with that will be great stuff…..just not sold on the OL…i want johnny football but I think OL may be our best bet for success

  7. Patrick Says:


    Bucs considering Johnny Manziel

  8. Architek Says:


  9. bucrightoff Says:

    Patrick Says:
    April 23rd, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Bucs considering Johnny Manziel

    Translated through the NFL draft’s BS machine, this roughly translates to:

    Please Minnesota or Arizona or Tennessee come up and get a QB. We want another player to fall to us so every QB picked before we select helps ensure that player falls.

  10. Kevin Says:

    *McCown complete to Jeff Demps. Touchdown with Mason Foster five yards behind him. Foster laughing in end zone with Demps saying that’s “not fair.

    Let’s get opposing D’s saying that this season Lovie!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bucs Draft Says:

    Sounds like Glennon is doing pretty well. Sounds like he beat McCown out. HAHA…I know I know, we are only in mini camp.

  12. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “Here Jerruh, Jerruh, Jerruh. We got a Texas treat for you. ”

    Trade back, fleece Dallas.

  13. BucfaninMi Says:

    Go Glennon. Go Bucs!

  14. Hawk Says:

    Patrick Says:
    “Bucs considering Johnny Manziel”

    Whoa! Where did that come from?! Your lucky that statement didn’t get edited by the moderator here. :^)

  15. PRBucFan Says:

    lol I hate Manchild but it’s no smokescreen

    Lovie loves this kid, no doubt Dungy has a lot to do with that.

  16. Lucky Buccers Says:

    I say we trade back a few spots and take Lewan

  17. Patrick Says:

    Honestly, I’m kind of torn between Glennon and Manziel. I’m part of the Glennon mob but I really couldn’t complain if we got Manziel. The excitement would be incredible.

  18. GlenninGrad Says:

    If we get Johnny Manziel we could trade VJAX since No.2 doesnt need receivers

  19. PutUp Says:

    I visit numerous sites everyday and none of them send me to download some dumb game over and over again. I love this site and the bucs, but come on how hard is it to fix Joe!?

    IF it was easy to fix, you don’t think Joe would have stopped these things by now? Joe gets them, too. — Joe

  20. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Great updates!! Ernest is a crack head, more, more, please. T Wright could have a big year!!

  21. Owlykat Says:

    Glennon outplayed Josh? You’re kidding right? He is still lacking the ability to place the ball in the right place, which is why you read above about receivers having to dive to get to his balls. And Lovie needs to take a long look at how many times Foster is getting beat in coverage! He could be a superstar playing at OLB, where he played so well he was rated the top OLB in the draft reviews the year we selected him. We need Mad Max at 6’3″ and 260 lbs at MLB from Michigan State who would give Lovie an Urlacher Clone, plus he could knock down passes as much as provide good coverage on passes and be a devastating tackler from sideline to sideline. We can pick him up in the second round.

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    According to multiple sources, the Bucs opted not to renew the contracts of college scouts Seth Turner and Justin Sheridan, who spent a combined 22 years working for the team.

  23. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Bucs Draft Says:
    April 23rd, 2014 at 5:15 pm
    Sounds like Glennon is doing pretty well. Sounds like he beat McCown out”

    I really hope that was sarcasm, because I don’t see how you got that impression.

    McCown had picks. Glennon had picks.

    Listen to the 620 JBF show Joe posted.

    QBs are practicing mobile drills. Glennon is not mobile.

  24. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Another interesting thing.

    Tedford travelled to see Bridgewater’s pro day.

    Both Lovie and Licht went to see Manziel and Bortles.

  25. lurker Says:

    trade doug martin for a high draft pick and let james free.

  26. BuccaKnight Says:

    I was a part of the Glennon Mob before we pulled in McCown. Now I am leaning more towards McCown b/c of his leadership and experience (and his ridiculous bball skills…wtf?!?!) Hopefully this McCown plays better than his little brother.
    It may be good to note the fact that Joe is NOT a card carrying member of the glennon mob. From what it sounds like on the Big Dog show the JBF guys could not be more unimpressed. That being said, Glennon seems to be flashing at these practices, so much so that Joe is forced to write about it.

    Interesante amigos. Muy Interesante!

    I hope Glennon performs out of his mind as the backup, always good to have 2 competent QBs on the roster, if nothing else as trade bate. (e.g., nick foles, brian hoyer)