Shaun Hill On Bucs’ Radar

March 7th, 2014
Lions backup QB Shaun Hill is reportedly on the Bucs radar.

Lions backup QB Shaun Hill is reportedly on the Bucs’ free agent wish list.

Now, don’t get mad at Joe because the Bucs’ braintrust, led by coach Lovie Smith and general manager Jason Licht, talked openly about acquiring quarterbacks at the NFL Scouting Combine. If Joe mentioned this without attribution, the Mike Glennon Mob would go nuts and try to tell Joe the Bucs would be just as worse off with Matt Ryan.

Today, again, this news is coming from the Twitter feed of NFL insider Ian Rapoport of and NFL Network fame.

Rapoport has his ear to the rail and has heard, yes, indeed, the Bucs are looking to sign a quarterback when the free agent dinner bell rings at 4 p.m. Tuesday. And one of two signal-callers they’re targeting is Lions QB Shaun Hill.

@RapSheet: Talked backup QBs on Total Access: Bucs are in the market for a backup. They’ll be looking at #Bears QB Josh McCown & #Lions QB Shaun Hill

Yes, Joe knows what you are thinking: Backup to who? Michael Vick? Glennon? Johnny Football? Derek Carr? Jimmy Garoppolo? Good, fair questions. Obviously, those will be answered in the coming months.

Joe has no issues — none! — with Lovie having a quarterback derby of sorts, and may the best man win. Joe thinks it is safe and fair to suggest that Lovie and Licht are not (yet) sold on a quarterback who led the Bucs to the basement of offenses in the NFL, No. 32 overall.

And just in case the anti-Matty Ice crowd is wondering, even with massive injuries to his offensive line and running backs (just like the Bucs) and even losing his No. 1 receiver (which the Bucs did not), Ryan carried the Dixie Chicks offense to No. 14 in the NFL.

40 Responses to “Shaun Hill On Bucs’ Radar”

  1. Phillip Says:

    And lost his number 1b (White) for most of the season… Dude was out there when he clearly shouldn’t have been and got another injury because of it…Their number 3 receiver Harry Douglas went over the 1k mark I believe… When the highest he had prior was like 600-700 yards(he was there before Julio btw).. That is a QB making his players better… IDC about their record same team was in the NFC championship game the year before..

  2. Snook Says:


    I was wondering how the Bucs would replace the great Dan Orlovsky.

    Shaun Hill. Franchise QB.

  3. Captain Stagger Says:

    Joe, quit putting words in the mgm’s mouth. We all want compitition. We just think Glennon is the best option of what’s available.

  4. MTM Says:

    No FA career back ups please! I don’t want to see a QB battle between 3 career back ups.

  5. Will Says:

    Doesn’t free agency begin 4 PM on TUESDAY?

    Joe fixed it. Might not have caught up to your browser yet. Thanks. –Joe

  6. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Yeah Joe. thats what it is all about, as long as the offense is top 15, who cares if the team is drafting 10 ten overall.

  7. doubting thomas Says:

    The Matty Ice with the HoF TE and the $100 million contract & one of the best coaches in the league. Vs. a Rookie with little training camp work, terrible coaches. Not too sure that is a apples to apples comparison. I’m not a MGM but I don’t think we really know what he is yet.

  8. Jon Says:

    Fact is if they draft a QB at 7 then they don’t think glennon is the guy, if they don’t take a QB at 7 then clearly glennon isn’t the QB of the future. A backup is just insurance. We will find out soon enough if the mob is right or lovie doesn’t believe. Would be nice if they thought glennon is THE guy. Opens up the board and we stole a starter QB in the 3rd round last year

  9. terraj35 Says:

    Joe, I love some of the articles on this site. This is not one of them and it has nothing to do with back qbs. You should’ve never included that last paragraph. If you want to make an argument about a QB getting the job done with nothing around him please mention tom brady, not matt ryan. A guy who proved he has to have pro bowlers around him and who’s team has the 4th overall pick.

  10. biff barker Says:

    Bring in Hill then draft Murray in the 4th.

  11. Hawk Says:

    Yep, Matt Ryan led the Dirty Birds to having the 14th offense in the league. The only problem with that stat is that the league doesn’t send teams to the playoffs based on their offensive standings. So where does that leave the team that Matty Ice ‘led’? Oh, yea, drafting AHEAD of the Buccaneers. You would think that a QB, who is far superior to a 3rd round rookie, would have been able to drag his team to more than 4 wins. Not to mention he has more experience, better coaching, and had a team that was good enough to make a deep playoff run just the year before.
    For the record, I’d rather have McCown than Hill. IMO, McCown has a better shot at being a starter, and if the Bucs are going into the season with three QBs, I want three ‘starters’. Otherwise, you never know when your season will end.

  12. HFXBUC Says:

    Bring in Hill, Vick, McCown, Mark Sanchez an anyone else who’s willing, then draft 2 QB’s this year to compete with Glennon. I bet you dollars to donuts the QB problem would get fixed. Need Proof: Seattle Seahawks brought in Charlie Whitehurst, Tavarious Jackson, Matt Flynn and then drafted Wilson…. they look like wizards with the Wilson pick but really they just played every angle they could and threw money and bodies at the problem. We should do the same.

  13. Snook Says:

    “Bring in Hill then draft Murray in the 4th.”

    Then suck for 5 more years.

  14. Eric Says:

    This is a big yawner, as are any of the quarterbacks available in free agency.

    They are all roughly on the Byron Leftwich level. Either washed up (Vick) or never beens (Josh McCown)

    Draft a QB at seven (or trade up) and if he wins the job Glennon can back him up. These guys are a waste of time and money.

  15. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Shuan Hill may be nothing more than a minicamp body, if this rumor is even true,which I doubt. Josh McCown ould be a horrible signing.

    Why anyon thinks he is good is beyond me. In his long career he’s had one acceptable year. That doesn’t mean he can do it again. Not to mention he’s very old.

    With a minicamp coming up before the draft they might sign a qb, but that means nothing unless its a Matt Shuab or Mark Sanchez. If they brought in one of them to compete I would be very happy.

  16. IMiss#40 Says:

    biff barker…Murray will be the steal of the draft, if he gets a chance to start, he will succeed. Reads the field better than any of the “top 3” qb’s, above average arm strength, very accurate, and anticipates throws…he’s good…reminds me of a guy who came out of Purdue a few years ago.

  17. Westsidebucsfan Says:

    That comparison from Glennon to Ryan is like comparing you (Glennon) to Ian rapoport (Ryan) when it comes to breaking all NFL news. Some people are put in better places/conditions to perform better. Wait until the kid has a coaching staff that can put him in a position to succeed. And for the record, I am not part of “the mob”. Just let the kid get a fair shake

  18. Drew Says:

    But Matty Ice was not a rookie QB.

  19. SAMCRO Says:

    and even losing his No. 1 receiver (which the Bucs did not), Ryan carried the Dixie Chicks offense to No. 14 in the NFL.

    But yet somehow the Dixie chicks and their VETERAN QB finished 4 – 12 and got the 6th pick in the draft! smh

  20. Fuzzy Red Coin Purse Says:

    QB problem solved:
    I know this guy who works at this gas station that makes the best Cubans in the bay area. He played pro as a QB in Greece and has “salon quality hair” . He can chuck the rock like a Greek God! He also can get you a deal on anything. He’ll come cheap. Just sayin’

  21. Mr. T Says:

    If Dan O is out then it makes perfect sense to pick up another vet to take his place and if he can, provide some competition for Glennon. I still say as I have before than MG will be a good NFL QB, maybe not another Brady or P Manning but good enough to get us where we want to go. Whether Lovie and Co. think so as well we won’t know for sure until the draft.

    Somewhat surprised the Bucs have done nothing to free up more cap space with start of FA being just a few days away. Perhaps they are satisfied that the money they have will be sufficient to accomplish what the want to do then.

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Really think it will be McCown….you have to put out a couple more guys in the mix in case it doesn’t work out. Agree that if we take a QB at 7, we are basically saying that we don’t think Glennon is the guy…..I think the likelihood of a QB in the second round is greater, unless the guys we like on the D side of the ball or O tackle aren’t there. And even then, I think a trade down, if we find a trade partner giving good value, is more likely.

  23. mark2001 Says:

    ATL will never win the SB with “Ice” or Dallas with Romo….that “killer instinct” and superior performance with all the pressure…with their back against the wall just isn’t there. Rodgers, Wilson, Kaepernick will always outplay them when the money is on the line.

  24. Jeagan1999 Says:

    @Captain Stagger….couldn’t have said it better myself. COMPETITION is good for everyone, but especially for promising young QB’s like MG8. I’m all for bringing in a solid vet to help push our young signal caller. Then we can use our first round draft pick on an offense weapon ( Watkins or Ebron ). I would also not be opposed to using a later round pick on a young QB…living here in Georgia I saw a lot of Aaron Murray and I think he will go far in the NFL…because he was injured for a good chunk of last season, he will probably fall into round 3 or 4…good value!

  25. J 2.0 Says:

    There is a Mike Glennon Mob here and Tampa.

    The problem is its interpretation. The actual MGM has their torches and pitchforks in hand and are foaming at the mouth to run him out of town.

    The group of people that are commonly referred to as the “Mike Glennon Mob” do not believe that Mike Glennon should be anointed the franchise QB here in Tampa. They simply believe that he deserves a shot to compete for the starting QB position for the 2014 in lieu of being anointed the backup without said QB competition.

    We believe that using our first round pick this year on Bridgewater, Bortles, or even Joe’s tiny little man crush Johnny Football (BTW you’re about to be in the NFL and you are an adult, how about we go by John or Jonathan) would be an incredible waste of a first round pick. Not one of those 3 guys are worth a top pick and none have the guarantee that Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, or Andrew Luck had coming with them. I remember a few years ago the Bucs took a stab in the first round for a franchise QB in a draft where there weren’t any sure fire picks. That year produced Matt Stafford, Mark Sanchez, and Josh Freeman in the first round. Two out of three don’t even start anymore and Stafford is still throwing interceptions to the Bucs as wee speak.

    Point is, I could be classified as an MGMer by your standards, and guess what? If the Bucs grabbed Garropolo in the 2nd round and he beat Glennon out to be the starter for 2014, I WOULD BE THRILLED!!!!

    Also there are better options for QB in the 2015 draft!!!

  26. Couch Fan Says:

    Matt Ryan led the #14 ranked offense in all the NFL last year even with all the injuries. Where are they drafting again? What was there record again? Did they make the playoffs? Oh thats right, he had the exact same record as Glennon.

    Offensive rankings don’t win games Joe. Your failed attempt to try prove otherwise only show just how Anti-Glennon you really are.

    @Captain Stagger

    Putting words in peoples mouths who have an opposite view of Joe is the only way Joe can get his point across in an intelligent manner.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    The problem is its interpretation. The actual MGM has their torches and pitchforks in hand and are foaming at the mouth to run him out of town.


    Agreed. Never have I seen so much hate for a rookie QB who performed admirably in a horrific situation. It’s almost comical to sit here and listen to them list off all the things Glennon had to endure as a rookie and then in the same breath tell us that he will never amount to anything…

  28. Erick Says:

    We already have a backup qb. His name is Mike Glennon.

  29. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    • Free agent to be: Shaun Hill

    • Position: Quarterback

    • Age: 34

    • Years in the league: 12

    What he made last season: $3,250,000 (cap number); $2,750,000 (cash value).

    What he did last season: Hill served as Matthew Stafford’s primary backup last season and because Stafford stayed healthy, Hill barely played. He took two snaps at the end of Detroit’s blowout win over Green Bay, kneeling twice. He has played in 34 career games, completing 591 of 954 passes for 6,381 yards, 41 touchdowns and 23 interceptions. His most extensive action came in his first year in Detroit, when he played in 11 games due to injuries to Stafford.

    His potential market value: Even though he played no snaps of significance last season, Hill is considered one of the top veteran backups in the league.

  30. Bucfan77 Says:

    @ Eric. Last time you supported a quarterback I believe we Freeman! How did that work out?

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Shaun Hill is far from being a camp arm. Very Smart, savvy veteran-Would make a great addition. Especially since there’s a potential bidding war for Josh McCown.

  32. Architek Says:

    If the Bucs draft a qb @7 there will be no competition, he will immediately start!

  33. tiny tim Says:

    @ Joe

    I find it tremendously funny that because you have called out the Glennon Mob so much that they are afraid to admit they are part of the Glennon mob. They write things like, I’m not part of the glennon mob but……….If you are not in the glennon mob then there is no way in hell you fell he “deserves” a shot to start or even compete for a starting spot.

    In any case, Shaun Hill is an intriging candidate. He has played well whenever stafford has been injured. What is interesting is Lovie and Frazier (i know he is the DC) has competed against this guy within the same division. Maybe they know something that the fans who say Hill is just a camp arm or just another backup don’t know. Maybe they know he is better than glennon (which would be decided on the field). Just a thought.

  34. Erick Says:

    Not the same Erick. We are two different people believe it or not.

  35. Mike Aw Says:

    I’m not saying Glennon is gonna be Brady but in Brady’s 1st year the patriots passing offense was ranked 22nd and their numbers were similar. Brady had a better all round team, because the also ran the ball pretty good. Joe you keep saying he lead the Bucs to the 32 ranked offense I guess you don’t consider the bad O-line play by the bucs and actually no run game and very predictable passing offense. No speed, No wide receivers to worry about except Vincent, and I say Vjax because he is the only good receiver we have and He isn’t not really Elite.Then with Schiano always Barking on the man telling him to check down always. He does have a lot to work on but who doesn’t. Tell me How many Qb’s in this draft is better than Glennon and you go compare numbers in college. You are a fan, and you are opinionated I don’t think you been realistic.

  36. Bucfan77 Says:

    @ Couch. The hate on Glennon is because he was put in by Schiano when Freeman was benched. Remember the love Joe and the dog had for Freeman ? When you com pair Glennon’s rookie numbers with Freeman’s that’s ignored and just another jab by saying that’s good for a backup. Sorta remember Freeman was always referred to as the franchise quarterback. I just wounder if this crappie will continue when Lovey puts him in as the starter?

  37. Bucfan77. SOMG Says:

    @ Tiny. I AM NOT A MEMBER OF A MOB! I am a proud supporter of Mike Glennon. Notice the name change.

  38. Lou. Says:

    How can we even hope to compete when we just have the 4th best backup quarterback in the division?

  39. Tiny Tim Says:

    @ Bucfan77 and Mike Aw

    Its funny, when all of the Freeman supporters were saying its not all Freeman’s fault and it takes a team etc., many dismissed it as excuses. Now you want those same people to hear excuses for Glennon when he doesn’t even show the same flashes of possible great play? At least when Freeman was a rookie, he led a comeback victory with no weapons, a weak offensive line, no run game and the 32nd ranked defense and the team won 3 games out of 9. Glennon had a better overall squad (especially defensively) this year then in Freeman’s rookie year and could only win 4 out of 13.

    While inconsistent, Freeman showed he could be a qb and a play maker which is needed in the NFL (see wilson) while Glennon has not shown that play making ability. Yes, he completes passes (as any backup can do), but he doesn’t make plays. Coaches are more likely to work with a QB that flashes greatness and try to help the QB clean up their faults as oppose to work with a QB that is just blah. You can’t blame many for being unimpressed at this time with Glennon.

  40. Bucfan77. SOMG Says:

    POINT MADE! Tiny you nailed it. I told you that your hair on Glennon was all about your love on Freeman. Man he’s gone and it’s not Glennon’s Fault.