Quick Observations Of New Bucs

March 12th, 2014


OK, the new Bucs players have not even snapped on a chin strap, have not taken a practice field, only stood and spoke before the Tampa Bay pen and mic club.

Here are some very quick observations Joe made from talking to a few of the new Pewter Pirates, Bucs general manager Jason Licht and Bucs coach Lovie Smith.

* Licht emphasized he really, really wanted Darrelle Revis to stay on the team. Really bad. But, Licht had to use his head, not his heart. He mentioned the very real possibility that one or three of the players introduced today would not be with the Bucs if the Bucs had kept Revis.

* Licht said Lovie’s scheme did not factor into Revis’ departure. In fact, Licht went into the offseason looking forward to building a defense around Revis as one of its three cornerstones. But negotiations were too tough and at one point, Licht said, he knew the negotiations were going nowhere and the Bucs had to move on. Licht wouldn’t talk about when that point came.

* Licht said there was a salary figure he had in mind with Revis where he would have been comfortable keeping the Revis, but he would not reveal what that figure was, short of suggesting said target didn’t seem approachable after several rounds of negotiations with Team Revis.

* Licht referred to Lovie Smith as the best sales pitchman and best salesman the Bucs have. The players Joe spoke with did not disagree.

* Joe will write about this later, but defensive end Michael Johnson is all about sacks. He spoke about it during the press conference and afterwards, his eyes gleamed when speaking about sacks. In fact, Johnson says he often watches tape of a former noted NFL sackmeister to try to pattern his game.

* Though Michael Johnson loves sacks more than Joe loves cold beers on a hot Florida Friday afternoon, he explained in great detail he is no one-trick pony. Stopping the run is equally important as rattling a quarterback’s nerves.

* Johnson was with the Bengals when they went from the Bungles to an annual playoff team. He said he knows how hard the work is to turn around a franchise and he believes that experience and knowledge will be invaluable for the rest of his teammates that have never even sniffed a playoff game, short of buying a ticket.

* Alterraun Verner said one of the reasons he chose to play for the Bucs, aside from a paycheck, of course, was naturally, Lovie. But also, Verner thought the 4-12 record of the Bucs in 2013 was very misleading. He believes the Bucs are ripe for a quick turnaround and he wanted to be part of that.

As you should expect, much, much, much more from Joe to come on this important day in the franchise history.

24 Responses to “Quick Observations Of New Bucs”

  1. Bucamania Says:

    Michael Johnson NOT Chris Johnson!

  2. Drew H. Says:

    chris johnson….you mean michael johnson?

  3. Arealbucsfan Says:

    I believe it’s Michael Johnson….

  4. Joe Says:

    Thanks guys, Joe corrected it.

  5. snook Says:

    Revis is a “me” player. No interest in being here or in winning.

    He’ll sign with some crappy team that gives him the most money.

  6. stratobuc Says:

    Very impressed by the moves in free agency. Actually surprised, since they dropped the ball so bad with the new uniforms. I guess if these guys start winning in them, they will look a whole lot better. Go Bucs!

  7. Roscoe the Pirate Says:

    @ Snook

    “He’ll sign with some crappy team that gives him the most money”.

    Maybe that will will be us. How good would it be to get him back for less $$$ and get our third rounder back?

  8. MTM Says:

    Let’s see the new regime releases one player then acquire’s three starters. The Bucs as a team and organization are better off for the next 2-3 years with talent that was acquired in the last 2 days and none as these players will be trying to renegotiate at the end of the season.

  9. BOb Says:

    joe, golden tate signed with detroit

  10. Cmurda Says:

    Now Roscoe, you sir, sound like a dreamer like me. Revis is done. There’s no way even if we hardcore opened up the purse that Revis would be back here. Revis wants to get paid and wont take much less but might take a tiny bit less to go to the Patriots. Im not buying for a second that Revis wants to go or will end up with the Jets.

  11. Buc1987 Says:

    * Licht referred to Lovie Smith as the best sales pitchman and best salesman the Bucs have. The players Joe spoke with did not disagree.

    Joe I think this part is a big, big deal.

  12. BucsQcCity Says:

    I don’t care about Revis anymore . 70M$+ and not happy? Go to hell

  13. BFFL Says:

    I think MJ will learn that it’s much more difficult to be a playoff team in the NFC.

  14. Anzac Buc Says:

    Nice factual article Joe.

    I am getting a great feeling about this new regime. Take away the Revis situation – it is not ideal letting him go, but business is business and Licht has made the best decision for the team moving forward.

    $16M a year should buy you a corner that doesn’t blow coverage’s at any time, ever. Revis blew a couple of notable ones last season – the one I recall was when Larry Fitzgerald triple moved him for a TD. A $1 million a game man should dominate every receiver without question. Blown coverage’s, healthy or not, indicate a lack of value for dollars spent.

    Revis left the Jets and they were still a top tier defense in the league.

    Lovie & Licht are clearly attractive propositions to free agents. This is exciting and a massive contrast to the Schiano dictatorship.

    Really looking forward to the next round of free agents coming in, lets hope the offensive line is a priority.

  15. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    We improved our depth on the DL, no more, no less. We added a TE who is better than Stocker but not as good a receiver as Wright. Net result? Depth at TE. We added a second string QB with more experience than the number two we released, Orlovsky. No more, no less. And finally, we regressed at CB in a huge way. The net effect of all this is we are still in roughly the same cap situation as when FA started. So, will the Glazers spend up to the cap and stay there? Or, are they going cut vets in favor of draft picks and more cap space?

  16. Joe Says:

    Bucs Fan Since ’76:

    If the Bucs do bring in another tight end it will be a guy who can block. Licht told Joe at the combine he believes Tim Wright very well could be a big-time weapon. He was impressed with what he saw from a guy who was a neophyte at tight end.

  17. Bucs Fan Since '76 Says:

    Joe, my main concern has been and still is that the Glazers are not all in. I do not doubt Lovie and Licht, but if the Glazers tie their hands and Man U remains the family’s top priority, we will be wallowing in this mess forever. I am more pissed by the Revis release than impressed by the signing of his replacement and these depth players. I just cannot shake the feeling it is no coincidence the Bucs’ fortunes have been falling ever since the Man U buy.

  18. Steve from Oregon Says:

    Bucs Fan 76….you can’t really believe that Man U factors into their decisions.

    That reasoning is so outdated.

  19. Brandon Says:

    Michael Johnson… Simeon Rice 2.0… Alterran Verner…Ronde Barber 2.0… Josh McCown…Rich Gannon 2.0… it may be wishful thinking on my part but these moves are HUGE!

    This year’s Bucs will go into this next season with more depth and potential than any Bucs team since 2003. We are on the right track!

  20. BrianW Says:

    Man U has nothing to do with anything! When will people realize the Glazers have made a few billion $$$’s off them? How can that hurt the bucs? A hedge fund just bought 2.5% of Man U (only 10% available on stock exchange) the other day. That values the team at $6 BILLION!!!! They owe $500mil in 5% long term bonds. Source: BBC. End of story financially. Now, do the Glaxers make all the day to day decisions and work at the offices everyday, neglecting us? Of course not.

  21. BrianW Says:

    Sorry, to clarify, hedge fund paid $150 million for 25% of available stock. Add in that people lined up last year or before to buy out the high interest debt, and you see, all is well. Nothing to see here.

  22. BrianW Says:

    Sorry, to clarify, the fund paid $150 million for 25% of available stock. Add in that people lined up last year or before to buy out the high interest debt, and you see, all is well. Nothing to see here.

  23. Niko Says:

    Bucs fan since 76
    Stop with the Man U crap.
    That’s so 2009.

    If you don’t see effort on part of theglazers then you cannot see what’s in front of you

  24. Bill Says:

    This fan hate on the Glazers is ridiculous. Local media salesmanship at its finest, and it seems many people bought into it big time. The Glazers are businessmen, not GM’s….you wanna be the Cowboys? Redskins? ….. Do you “really” want the Glazers heavily involved in day to day operations? —– It’s the NFL and competition is fierce. If a team fails to satisfy its fans expectations, I can guarantee you it’s not due to a lack of ownership interest.