QB Insanity Is Spreading Fast

March 5th, 2014

Another respected draft analyst delivers a stunning report

Why is Joe feeling like he’s in the minority when it comes to the Bucs’ quarterback situation?

Is it so hard to see that the Bucs are one of only two teams in the 16-team NFC that have a massive question mark at the most important position on the field?

Jiminy Christmas! The Mike Glennon Mob is going national.

Bucky Brooks, a former NFL player who now serves as part of the NFL Network’s draft guru team that includes Mike Mayock and Daniel Jeremiah, is out with his latest mock draft and reasons (somehow) that the Bucs will pass on Teddy Bridgewater with the No. 7 overall pick.

Here’s Brooks’ order:

1) Jadeveon Clowney (Texans)
2) Jake Matthews (Rams)
3) Johnny Football (Jaguars)
4) Sammy Watkins (Browns)
5) Greg Robinson (Raiders)
6) Taylor Lewan (Falcons)
7) Anthony Barr (Bucs)
8) Teddy Bridgewater (Vikings)

This is almost as wacky as Shaun King’s take yesterday that claimed Johnny Football is a poor fit for the Bucs and they likely would pass on him at No. 7. King believes Bridgewater will be the No. 1 overall pick and the only QB taken in the top 7.

Joe can’t be more clear. The Bucs would be nuts not to draft Bridgewater in this scenario. Nuts.

Team Glazer is always reported to be involved in monumental Buccaneers player decisions, at least through the past five years. Joe strongly advises Team Glazer to get a handle on the possibility that Bridgewater and/or Johnny Football could be sitting there for the taking at No. 7. Schedule a staff meeting now. Bang on a table. Make sure Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have their quarterback priorities in order.

106 Responses to “QB Insanity Is Spreading Fast”

  1. Patrick in VA Says:

    Pretty sure it’s looking more and more like you mean “Make sure Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have YOUR quarterback priorities in order”

  2. zam Says:

    Not taking Bridgewater *is* nuts, passing on the Johnny Football circus… not so nuts.

  3. Mike Says:

    No luck Joe! No QB in this draft is a guaranteed winner or as you like to say”franchise QB”. Not a MGM member. But the truth hurts Joe!

  4. Phillip Says:


    They are all drinking 19/9 Kool-aid instead of looking at all the stats.. Giving him an excuse that he had no help… But look at the other QB’s that had no help Wilson Luck Kaepernick Brady Rivers Ryan Bradford Alex Smith Cam Stafford.. For some reason we don’t hear any excuses for them outside of Ryan and Brady.. The media has a hard on for Glennon because of how bad last year’s QB class was and that’s sad

  5. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Mike – Bingo. People are putting a premium on that position and considering our need for the position and the level to which we covet a great player at that position more than the merits of the actual players available

  6. Solinor Says:

    “The only people who believe in Mike Glennon are those that evaluate talent for a living.”

    Best line I ever heard on here!

  7. Brandon Says:

    Bridgewater is the closest to a sure-fire franchise guy than anybody else by far of the past two drafts. If you guys don’t see that, that tells us much more about you, and your lack of draft acumen, than it does regarding Bridgewater.

  8. Buc Neckid Says:

    I think that they WILL need to be prepared for ALL of the “What if” scenarios
    I have seen mocks that have had at least one of the following Fall to #7
    – Watkins
    – Johnny Football
    – Mack
    – Bridgewater
    – Matthews
    – Robinson
    Draft Day is always crazy
    Especially when the Browns, Jaguars and Raiders are drafting ahead of you

  9. BuccsfanNJ Says:

    While I am in agreement with Joe, that there needs to be kind of selection would come with the expectation that whom ever that QB is should be the starter. I think that doesn’t give a fair shot to Glennon might possibly have what it takes (verdict is still out IMO).

    That being said coming here after our Bucs are off the clock on Thursday April, 10 2014 is becoming an intriguing “Roman Holiday”

  10. Orca Says:

    Don’t encourage the Glazers to get involved in drafting…

  11. nate Says:

    Trade up for clowney we need him badly.. our pass rush is the terrible. With him and mccoy next to each other david behind them.. revis behind him… barron behind him… the right side of the field will be shut down for many years.. now the left side will take some work but its astart…

  12. You Go Joe Says:

    Would you say that this year’s QB is the same as last year if not slightly better??? A lot of people pulled a 180 and mentioned that the top QB prospects are not franchise QBs.

  13. BuccsfanNJ Says:

    and my keyboard batteries we’re dying which was causing words to be skipped so what I meant in english

    While I am in agreement with Joe, that there needs to be some kind of QB competition taking a QB in the first round is not a choice I am in agreement with.

    That kind of selection would come with the expectation that whom ever that QB is should be the starter. I think that doesn’t give a fair shot to Glennon who might possibly have what it takes (verdict is still out IMO).

    That being said coming here after our Bucs are off the clock on Thursday April, 10 2014 is becoming an intriguing “Roman Holiday”

  14. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The first round pick needs to be an impact player. No rookie QB is going to be that behind this OL and with just VJax as a major weapon. Fill those voids and give Glennon an improved scheme with better coaching. He will certainly win more games than some wide eyed rookie. The first round pick needs to step right in and contribute. Too many questions about this crop of rookies to waste a premium pick. OL gets my vote in the first.

  15. Leighroy Says:

    Also mind-boggling is pegging Barr over Mack.

  16. MikeyMacfly Says:

    Joe, I’m really getting tired of your take on our QB situation. Like….really tired. Good thing you’re just a blogger and not a GM. MGM all the way.

  17. Mr. Patrick Says:

    Mock drafts mean nothing right now as we have not yet had free agency, plus they don’t figure in trades that will happen in the top 10. Not quite time yet for people to get their panties in a bunch.

  18. lightningbuc Says:

    ” Make sure Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have their quarterback priorities in order.”

    Ah yes, cuz God knows, Joe knows quarterbacks, as evidenced by him wanting the Bucs to extend Freeman.

  19. Bill T Says:

    Brooks’ draft is horrible anyway. No way Mack isn’t either gone by #7 or Bucs don’t take him if available

  20. Architek Says:

    Wait…wait…wait…Joe, what support can you provide for such a strong endorsement of the Bucs taking Manziel at 7? Obviously your career isn’t on the line with such a risky pick.

    At least king provided some support for his argument and it’s valid.

    Why would the Bucs be nuts for passing on a risky player?

  21. Buc1987 Says:

    I saw on the NFL Network ticker last night that Jeremiah changed his Bucs pick to Bortles.

  22. al121976 Says:

    I would pass on Bridgewater and take Kalil Mack. Maybe get Carr or someone later in the first or second round IF the desire for a QB is there. It would be nice to trade with the Vikings to get another pick and then get Mack at spot 8.

  23. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    A lot of great comments on here.

    It’s going to be the longest March and April on record.

  24. thegregwitul Says:

    Passing on Bridgewater, Bortles and Mack for Anthony Barr? Man, I don’t know, that would be ridiculous. If this is the case, I would hope Tampa trades back, even if it’s one pick so Minnesota can give something up to get a QB. This doesn’t make that much sense. In my opinion, taking Barr over Mack doesn’t make much sense by itself, let alone passing on the two QBs to stay at 7 to make that move.

  25. Lou. Says:

    A crucial point, but one overlooked in most analysis on the draft:

    The gurus may agree on the top three qbacks, but individual teams likely have their own views. Carr might be high in Tedford’s eyes but low in the Vikings’ estimation. Joe likes JF, but might not be nearly as high on Bortles.

    It is helpful to imagine how particular teams rate the current qback crop. I suspect the Bucs might not have Bortles nearly as high as others claim. How high JF is on the Bucs board is unknown.

  26. bucsQcCity Says:


    Better discussing about the draft and FA than Schiano! Even if Joe is filling the content with JF related posts

  27. rush Says:

    Evans made johnny Fooseball look way better than he is. Imagine what he would do paired up with VJax..

  28. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:


    Totally. It will get better as the cuts continue, and when FA starts. I’m trying to self filter all the JF stuff.

  29. buc89 Says:

    Joe, prickly pete prisco has a mock where the bucs pass on johnny manziel and pick khalil mack at 7. The vikings get manziel with the next pick

    Please, Joe’s blood pressure can’t handle such things.–Joe

  30. JT Says:

    Glennon worked his tail off and played better than anyone expected. This kid may not be “sexy” but he has a drive and a work ethic that is impeccable. No hes not manning or brady but he can do great things for this team.

  31. ManzielMadness Says:

    IF we can’t get Johnny…
    Trade back… get C.J. Moseley and shift Foster outside

  32. joseph mamma Says:

    I’m all for drafting a college outside linebacker like Mack or Barr, if they can put their hand in the dirt and play defensive end. Lovie and Leslie don’t have any history of using a outside linebacker(strong side) coming off the edge, like a Von Miller type. Certain player’s can make the transition. Simeon Rice was an outside linebacker in college and he transitioned nicely to DE.

  33. lurker Says:

    need a qb, badly. more-so than d-end. we have already spent picks on d-end and can/will pick up good free agents there. there are no good freeagent qb’s worth a damn coming out this year or in the next few. we spent a third rounder and got the third qb in one of the worst draft classes for qb’s ever. that will not get it done.

  34. stevek (MGM) Says:

    This “Matt Millen” type GM can see far and clear we need EDGE RUSH/OT at #7 overall.

    Fantasizing, and obsessing over the QB position is laughable.

    I honestly believe that the Freemanites (Joe & 620 Darrell Dawg) are bitter about being wrong on “Freeman being Franchise”, and have their minds set to have another 1st round QB….

    Funny stuff!

  35. stevek (MGM) Says:


    We have not had a 10 sack guy since 2005, Simeon Rice.

    Glennon can take care of the ball, and is far less of a problem than our edge rushers.

    Also, the O-Line is terrible.

    Considering the $133 million dollar salary cap, Glennon is a steal.

    Use the cap space, and pay O-Lineman that EARN it.

    Donald Penn @$8m a year is FAR WORSE than Glennon QBing at $700k.

  36. BamBamBuc Says:

    All I keep hearing is how mediocre the QBs in this draft are by “fans”, yet from NFL draft scouts, experts and media people it’s been said for most of the past year that Bridgewater is the best, most pro ready QB and is one of the top prospects in the past decade. I believe it was Matt Miller of bleacher report that said Bridgewater is #2 on his list over the past decade, 2nd only to Luck and in October was even saying he was closing in on Luck as THE best QB prospect in the past decade. That would put him over guys like Cam, Ryan, Flacco, Kaep, Wilson. You don’t pass up the opportunity to get a guy like that at a position of such great importance. If anything you attack that pick, do anything you have to to get that guy. It’s been said about Clowney being a “once in a generation” type player at DE and we should get him at all costs, but if Bridgewater is to the QB spot what Clowney is to DE, why wouldn’t you make every effort possible to get the guy. Because we have Glennon???

    Of course, prospects change as the year goes on. Players rise, players fall. Clowney has had his “motor” questioned. Bortles was a “sleeper” pick at QB in November. Carr was the potential 2nd best QB then, now he’s #4. But Bridgewater has always been the #1 QB this year, and until recently, it wasn’t even by a small margin. Bortles and Manziel have moved up to compete. Bridgewater had a great season this past year, whereas Clowney’s productivity dipped. Bridgewater has a track record over 3 years of continual improvement from very good to great. Every stat kept improving. TD/INT ratio, comp %, rating, yards/attempt. Intangibles also improved, ability to read defenses, pre-snap reads/adjusments, blitz reads, accuracy and touch.

    I wouldn’t care if all 3 QBs were passed up ahead of us and Clowney, Mack, Watkins and Matthews were ALL still on the board…. take Bridgewater. Is it as big a need as DE? No, but you never pass on a guy that can keep your team in the hunt for the next 20 years.

  37. stevek (MGM) Says:


    Teddy Bridgewater would look worse than Glennon with the linemen and receivers he had last year.

    There is no point to draft a “Franchise” QB, if you can’t block for him. He will get hurt and be on IR before half the season.

    Glennon looked pretty good last year, and he should only get better. I am intruiged to draft a QB (not at #7), and let them fight it out.

    Our edge rush and O-Line play are “that bad”.

    We are going no where, Bridgewater included, without edge rush/O-Line IMPROVEMENT.

    It all starts up front.

  38. CHRIS Says:

    Joe, as a Bucs fan I truly appreciate the coverage you provide us. I also thank god that you don’t work in the Bucs front office.

  39. ElioT Says:

    Looks like the Mike Glennon “Hate Mob” is only a regional thing…

    Love the site, but geeze every day it’s more criticism on this kid with no dissection of why any of the coming rookies would give the Bucs a better chance.

    Break down some tape like all the “crazy” experts already!

    Go Bucs!

    Where exactly did Joe criticize Glennon? The kid had a good year. He looks like a solid NFL backup for many years to come. He played like a third-round pick with potential. –Joe

  40. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Finally, the fog is clearing in some peoples heads… JF is the best QB in the draft and he is far from a sure fire number one pick (although I still think Texans will take him). This crop of QBs is just not very NFL ready. Even when looking at the entire pool if draftees I don’t see a huge gap between the first and third founders. Kind of a weak draft class if you ask me, with some of the best prospects still generating question marks in their NFL readiness.

    I for one am looking forward to FA and day two and three of the draft.

  41. Joe Says:

    Glennon worked his tail off and played better than anyone expected. This kid may not be “sexy” but he has a drive and a work ethic that is impeccable. No hes not manning or brady but he can do great things for this team.

    Ain’t about work ethic, it’s about results. You could sign a plumber to work his arse off.

    Frankly, Joe expects a little more from his NFL starting quarterback than for said quarterback to lead the offense to the basement of the NFL (No. 32-ranked offense). But, that’s just Joe.

  42. FB Says:

    Once again Joe. I am sure you didn’t read it in the other post, but you are going the way of Pewter Report in believing your own BS! I was a member there for years and happily jumped ship to you, since you have always been humble and unbiased in your posts and comments.

    Actually, Joe has hardly been humble and unbiased. In fact, Joe is often biased. Joe’s site is driven by Joe’s opinion. So Joe has no clue what you’re talking about. –Joe

    That has changed and you are already loosing your lead on Bucs Nation for quality content. I might as well be reading a Pewter report message board than listen to the insanity here.

    As Joe suggests to all his readers, it’s a free country. Joe writes about what Joe finds interesting, in addition to Joe having live, diverse Bucs coverage from the Pro Bowl, NFL Scouting Combine and NFL Scouting Combine this year. And for the record, while “quality content” is subjective, Joe’s traffic here dwarfs the numbers of those other outlets. It’s not even close. –Joe


    As for this last question, you are making a leap. Joe spelled it out clearly in this post. –Joe

  43. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    If its about “results” then why all the ” don’t cut Penn” and “Penn deserves another chance” articles. Its nice to know that it is a pick and choose around here. Not saying don’t do it. Just be honest about it.

    Again, Joe believes Penn is at least an average NFL left tackle. Joe does not believe Glennon is an average NFL starter.–Joe

  44. stevek (MGM) Says:


    Why do you fry MG8 at all costs, but you GAVE EVERY EXCUSE IN THE BOOK ABOUT FREEMAN.

    I love the site, love your take, but can you please ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT FREEMAN?

  45. Joe Says:

    Why do you fry MG8 at all costs, but you GAVE EVERY EXCUSE IN THE BOOK ABOUT FREEMAN.

    I love the site, love your take, but can you please ADMIT YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT FREEMAN?

    Wrong about Freeman? May want to check Joe’s archives on the day he was drafted.

    Frankly, Joe thinks Lovie and Licht are playing this perfectly. It is clear they want Glennon to earn the starting gig. It’s clear they are going to bring in other quarterback(s) in some form. Joe just doesn’t think a guy who led the No. 32-ranked offense should be gifted the starting quarterback gig.

  46. Drew Says:

    @Joe, your loyal readers are having difficulty buying into wearing jockstraps on their heads at the JF alter. It’s also somewhat demoralizing having to chant Man Crush at the same time.

    All in fun Joe and no pun intended.

    Joe understands. … And this post is primarily about Bridgewater –Joe

  47. Sammy Watkins Mob Says:

    All quarterbacks availabe in this draft will have worse rookie seasons than Glennon, the wild card is Manziel though all others are going to have trouble

  48. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    Teddy is the only top 10 QB on the board. And maybe Bortles would be in there to. Johnny has a lot of red flags for teams to invest high draft picks and millions on. Then you look at game film. Instead of him taking what the defense give him, he whether run around the pocket to look for the big play. Oh yeah I’ve seen when he passes up on a open guy to run. He would be perfect in a Chip Kelly type of offense. Then you have the off the field issues.
    Which might not be as bad as some would think. But it is a red flag for some teams like the Bucs. A team that just got rid of a Josh Freeman. DO ANYONE BELIEVE THE GLAZIERS WOULD SIGN OFF ON A JOHNNY MANZIEL? Last season was a joke for the Bucs nation with all the locker room garbage that went on.

  49. Phillip Says:

    NFL QB comebacks from 2013 and (win loss as a STARTER)

    Not including playoffs

    Brady – 5 (12-4 playoffs)
    Wilson – 4 (13-3 Super Bowl)
    Tannehill – 4 (8-8)
    Rivers – 4 (9-7 playoffs)
    Newton – 4 (12-4 playoffs)
    Luck – 4 (11-5 playoffs)
    Kap – 3 (12-4 playoffs)
    Brees – 3 (11-5 playoffs)
    Palmer – 3 (10-6)
    Flynn – 3 (2-2 as starter for GB and 0-1 at Oak. One comeback was after he came into the game…With 3 different teams pretty impressive lol)
    Cutler – 3 (5-6 left two games early and loss both and counts towards his win loss not McCown)

    It would be so nice to have a QB that could do this for us consistently aside from Flynn lol

    Fingers crossed Lovie Tedford and Licht will pull the trigger and get us a QB in the 1st or 2nd round (Would love WATKINS or trade back and get Evans or Ebron and get the Garoppolo or Carr in the 2nd)

  50. FB Says:

    @JOE, I understand and your opinions and like to hear them, so long as it actually covers the news and reports all the applicable news reports. I love the amount of content you have and it has usually been good. But I can tell you I have been around since the beginning of Pewter Report, and saw a similar slide. Remember they used to be the biggest ones around years ago too. And watching the comments on this site reminds me of the PR message boards and the downward spiral that they took. You have been a breath of fresh air to those old days. I just hope you are humble enough to realize someone else will take the title some day if you become too argumentative like SR was. I am only offering a faithful readers observation. Arguing gets you a lot of attention quick, but it fades when an new option does come available. Ala PR readers flocking to Joe a few years back. Take it for what it is worth I guess. Good Luck!

  51. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Considering Glennon was working without Mike Williams, had a 4th string RB as a starter, no Carl Nicks, a hobbled Davin Joseph, and an aging Donald Penn (along with being thrown to the wolves after the Freeman debacle) I wouldn’t necessarily say he “led” this offense to the basement. Not an MGMer, but I would be very interested in seeing Glennon work with a healthy offense (and maybe a few additions) along with a better OC than the predictable Mike Sullivan. Yes QB’s lead their teams but there was hardly a team to lead last year, not like what Freeman had in 2012. Glennon could turn out to only be a good backup, but he only played in 13 games last year with a crap hand. Give the kid a chance before writing him off. As of right now he is the best QB on the roster.

  52. Joe Says:


    1) Joe is not sliding. Joe is growing.

    2) This is not a message board.

    3) The reason why Joe has tried and added new features in his near-six years, and yes, evolved, is that Joe doesn’t get stale. If one doesn’t evolve and grow, one dies.

  53. Que589 Says:

    I can’t see Lovie & Licht risking a high 1st rd pick on a QB w/ major questions. To be honest none of the QB’s projects to be elite or have an elite pro skill-set. They’re overrating theses guys. They are not R. Wilson, Luck or RG3

  54. Touchdown Gus Says:

    The only way I see Tampa not taking Bridgewater is if they get a good trade with Minnesota to move back.

  55. theDON Says:

    good content. The passion of the fans is why this site suceeds.

  56. BamBamBuc Says:

    SteveK: A couple things. First off, with our O-line and edge rush being “that bad”, it is much easier to upgrade the position. Might not make it go from “that bad” to dominating, but improvement should be fairly easy in FA or late draft. That’s the nature of things, the worse things are, the easier it is to make them better with less effort. It’s improving things that are ok or average that gets more difficult and needs to be addressed much more forcefully. Upgrading Leonard Johnson or Tiquan Underwood is easier than upgrading Adrian Clayborn, which is easier than upgrading Donald Penn (even after a down year) which is easier than upgrading Glennon (who was ok, but not great), which is easier than upgrading VJ or GMC, etc. That first round pick can be used to massively upgrade a poor position, but still leave a lot average or worse, or you can upgrade average in the first and upgrade bad later on. Also, some of the middle group there (Penn, Clayborn, etc) can be upgraded much more easily in FA than in the late draft, and much more easily than upgrading Glennon in FA. It is possible to upgrade DL/OL in FA, QB in round 1, and slot WR/nickel CB in later rounds. That upgrades multiple areas, even decent ones. It also allows for more depth as the decent QB in Glennon is now advanced to great backup (see how depth is affected upgrading decent with great?). Not so much the same on O-line, as we would likely cut the player replaced (Penn, Nicks, Joseph, etc) in favor of his replacement for salary cap reasons.

    Last thing… please explain why Bridgewater would look worse than Glennon based on the situation we had last year? As far as I’m concerned, his mobility would have allowed him to avoid at least a few of those 40+ sacks, it also would have allowed him to gain more than 3 yards on a 3rd and 4 scramble. His accuracy and touch and ball placement should have allowed for more YAC. His pre-snap reads should have given him an advantage on all those blitzes that had Glennon ducking for cover or throwing the ball in the stands. So, what’s your logic for Bridgewater looking worse than Glennon, given the circumstances?

  57. passthebuc Says:

    its because the trees are in the way of you seeing the forest. The bucs needs extend further than the QB. you may be correct regarding Glennon, however if you do not fix the line first, no QB will succeed. Glennon is a good temporary option and may surprise you.
    Joe, you need to stop thinking and look at the whole picture.

  58. Phillip Says:


    It’s because he’s a member of the MGM.. ****MOST**** of them don’t want the Bucs to draft a QB early (1st or 2nd) and would rather us use a 4th or 5th on a QB and let them “compete”… There 3 types to this Glennon mess.. One that don’t want legit competition(MGM), Ones that just want to release him(crazy people), and the ones that want true competition for Glennon(1st or 2nd round QB) and let the best man win.

    Me personally I’m in the 3rd group and if we did draft a Manziel, Carr, or Garoppolo type then I’m all for the loser being a GREAT backup option..

    But ****MOST**** of the MGM are sooooooo crazy they think a vet like Schaub, Cassel, or McCown(But not Vick though hmmm wonder why?) would be “competition” for Glennon and we can always put off getting a QB NEXT YEAR… You know when we will be drafting in the teens or 20’s not inside the top 10 when MOST QB’s go nowadays(excluding 2013 draft obviously)

  59. bucs fan in NC Says:

    Smartest thing to do would be bring in J.McCown. That way Glennon still gets to compete for the job. Draft Mack or Watkins if they’re available, if not pick up one of those beast OT’s. If Glennon and/or McCown stink it up this year then grab J. Winston next year. Winston will turn out better than Johnny or Teddy anyway.

  60. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    Joe Says:
    March 5th, 2014 at 2:46 pm

    “Ain’t about work ethic, it’s about results. You could sign a plumber to work his arse off.

    Frankly, Joe expects a little more from his NFL starting quarterback than for said quarterback to lead the offense to the basement of the NFL (No. 32-ranked offense). But, that’s just Joe.”

    What do any of Glennon haters expect from a rookie who wasn’t suppose to start this past season to do? What a rookie who was drafted in the 3rd round playing with one in a half weapons, and bad offensive line play to do?

    They will bring in some competition to compete with him. But to categorize him as be a bad QB is just a fair assessment.
    yds 2,608
    TD 19
    INT 9
    Rtg 83.9
    Not bad for a 3rd round rookie.

  61. stevek (MGM) Says:


    This team is a “Teddy Bridgewater” from a playoff run? I think not.

    I don’t see Teddy Bridgewater being “that good”. UCF and Bortles beat him last year.

    Teddy may have more mobility than Glennon, but no QB succeeds in our offense last year. We are a wretched football team.

    Can we get an OT that is better than league average, making $8m per, OR can we get a guy to rush off the edge and get 10+sacks for our team.

    What is the point of paying Revis $1m per a game, with no pass rush? We make good on the Revis investment by upgrading the DE/pass rush position.

    Khalil Mack, come on down.

  62. ROBERT6 Says:

    joe this is football. what you have is man love.

    pretty clear to all your readers. you may want to get that checked.

  63. Phillip Says:


    Um Andrew Luck and RGIII took teams with far less talent to the playoffs their rookie year(Luck past 2 years)… Even Tannehill took his team to a 8-8 record this year with a WORSE O-LINE than us and a MUCH BIGGER distraction.. Geno Smith 6-10 record I believe with NO talent on OFFENSE(Maybe Ivory?)

    I’m not saying don’t get a DE in the draft or at all because there are SEMI YOUNG(Griffen Wootton Houston Bennett A. Jones C. Johnson) and older (Allen Tuck Peppers) options that are Free agents this year that can put a QB on his @$$ and that can hopefully teach Bowers Gholston Means Clayborn a thing or two

  64. Phillip Says:

    I understand Luck was a can’t miss prospect but RGIII wasn’t.. Dude wasn’t even predicted to play QB in the NFL before his final season at Baylor(WR) and Tannehill wasn’t a can’t miss prospect either after only playing QB for 16 games in college..

    You can get Tackles in free agency and in the later rounds or UDFA… Look at the Broncos and Packers both lost numerous positions to injuries this year and they just plugged another guy in(QB’s make the line look better than they are)

    You don’t get Franchise QB’s in free agency very often unless coming off major injuries (Brees Manning) you either trade for one or draft one…

  65. Shawnbucfan Says:

    @chris I agree thank god joe nor duemig work in the front office

  66. Burg Says:

    Buc1987 Says:
    March 5th, 2014 at 1:43 pm
    I saw on the NFL Network ticker last night that Jeremiah changed his Bucs pick to Bortles.


  67. chipbuc Says:

    Anybody that thinks Glennon is a future high end QB is in a dream world. Im sorry but when all is said and done, he doesnt pass the eye ball test. At best he is a future good back up QB. Dont pass up a potential great QB (Bridgewater , Manziel ) because we might not get a chance next year, or future years to draft one as good as them!!!!!!

  68. lightningbuc Says:

    “Glennon and we can always put off getting a QB NEXT YEAR… You know when we will be drafting in the teens or 20′s not inside the top 10 when MOST QB’s go nowadays(excluding 2013 draft obviously)”

    If we are drafting in the 20’s in 2015 then that will mean Glennon has taken the Bucs to the playoffs.

  69. SAMCRO Says:


    Quit making crap up about the MGM… we welcome all competition… period!

    including a 1st round pick if he’s chosen at #7 or later without spending future draft picks to move up.

    Why? You may ask? Because if Lovie and the gang move up using future draft picks to select a QB, that QB will automatically become the de facto starting day QB.

    There won’t be any competition for Glennon to win from. He will either have to accept the backup role or possibly ask for a trade.

    So stop telling your fabricated stories …you may fool some newbies on here but most people that visit are not sheep, and they know B.S. when they read it.

  70. Andrew 1 Says:

    If the the bucs do pass on Bridgewater, I dont know what I’ll do. I think I would go all Richie Incognito and take a baseball bat to my car.

  71. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    If Teddy don’t fall to #7, then they’ll pick one up in the 2nd. I truly believe that they want Jimmy Garoppolo in the 2nd.

    I think they will go with players who will make instant impact.
    1. Clowney
    2. Mack
    3. Bridgewater
    4. Watkins
    5. Matthews
    6. Robinson
    7. Barr

  72. Tgregs Says:

    I am sure Team Glazer has eagerly been awaiting Joe’s opinion and recognize he knows more than those silly professional analysts. I can’t believe you give away such pearls of wisdom for free.

  73. Phillip Says:


    No Lovie said he can get us to 10 wins with a great D and special teams… Never said anything about an offense.. So he might have been the starting QB but that doesn’t mean he led us to the playoffs according to Lovie

  74. Chris Says:

    Joe give it up on Manziel. Sit down and watch film with several analysts who are qb gurus. He’s too raw as a passer and he misses open wrs bc he doesn’t go through progressions and runs around the pocket.

  75. gotbbucs Says:

    If the Glazers were ultra concerned with the QB position they would have hired an offensive Head Coach with a track record of grooming “franchise QB’s”. They want the same team that won them a Super Bowl, DEFENSIVELY.

    They hired a GM that has spent his career with teams that have built their rosters around a QB, not the other way around. I really don’t think it’s that hard to see.

  76. gotbbucs Says:

    “Joe give it up on Manziel. Sit down and watch film with several analysts who are qb gurus. He’s too raw as a passer and he misses open wrs bc he doesn’t go through progressions and runs around the pocket.”

    Oh please, none of that matters. He’s a “winner”. He just won so many college football games, unlike any other college QB before him.

    Obviously I’m joking, but thats the excuse people make for these QB’s when their college game doesn’t translate to an organized NFL offensive scheme. Think Timothy Tebow and countless other run around improvising college QB’s of yesteryear.
    And nevermind the fact that if teams actually stick to their draft boards and pick BPA no QB would go in the top 10 this year.

  77. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    If “He’s a winner” is the reason your so much in love with Johnny. Then we should bring Tim Tebow in. Johnny is not a bigger winner then Timmy.

  78. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    Bad franchises like The Jags, Browns, and Raiders make dumb draft choices like Johnny Manziel. But credit to the Jags, they didn’t draft Tim Tebow when every draft expert thought they would.

  79. bucray1 Says:

    sorry for your pain,joe. but as all of us have been pointing out , what is it that YOU don’t understand?

  80. Stevek Says:


    You just made my point. RG3 was by worth the trade up.

    You say the Dolts, Skins and Dolphins all had Rookies “do it”.

    No sir: Colts- Mathis, Dolphins- Wake and Skins- Kerrigan/Orakpo

    All those teams have guys that can get to the QB.

    Jared Allen sacked QBs all the way to te playoffs, woth Christian Ponder.

    Point is, give me Glennon and a stud edge pass rush.

  81. Stevek Says:


    I just don’t think Teddy Bridgwater is a game changer. He looks like a notch below Manziel.

  82. Barry Says:

    MG8 can make every throw at the pro level. He has one of the strongest arms in the NFL. MG8 can read defenses. Glennon earned the opportunity to start. Bridgewater? He ain’t no Glennon.

  83. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    First off, if any of you bothered to do the research, Lovie Smith SUCKS at drafting offensive linemen. I mean he totally sucks.

    He also only took 2 defensive players in the entire 9 years of first round picks with the Bears.

    He has never drafted a QB in the top 2 rounds of any draft, but if Bridgewater is there and he passes he should be fired on the spot.

    I’d be happy enough with Bortles or Johnny, but only because I don’t think Bridgewater falls to us and we should not trade up.

    I would take Clowney over Bortles or Johnny, but not over Bridewater.

    And finally, you can draft an offensive lineman and plug him right in and have him do well. A QB takes time to develop (normally) and so you draft the QB first to make the best use of the time.

    Of course, I’m not in favor of replacing Spence either at DT. Not yet. I think he had a very good rookie year and he might improve greatly this year under Lovie.

  84. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Oh, and Lovie’s favorite position to draft in round two is wide receiver. He drafted 3 in rnd 2 over his 9 years with the Bears.

  85. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I view it like this…if we can address pass rush in free agency, do it there. Save the draft for QB, WR and CB.

    Bring in Allen at DE and have the other DEs fight it out at the other side. Keep McCoy and Spence in the middle. Spence had a better year in his rookie year than any one of Roy Miller’s years.

  86. Tut Says:

    My BPA list is as follows…

    1. Clowney
    2. Mack
    3. Watkins
    4. Matthews
    5. Robinson
    6. Lewan
    7. Evans
    8. Gilbert
    9. Ebron

  87. Cody Says:

    Imho this entire QB class is suspect…I dont see a day 1 starter in the bunch…

    I’d rather run it back with Glennon; sign a vet QB for competition and take a QB in later rounds…Logan Thomas out of V.Tech is very intriguing to me; he should be available somewhere between rounds 4 & 6…

    At 6’5 250 lbs. he definitely has the size, he also has some scrambling ability…he’s not a day 1 starter but a year of seasoning under Telford and he could be a steal…I’d much rather gamble on a late round QB than take 1 of these duds early only to have Glennon beat’em out in camp anyway….

  88. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I think Bridgewater and Manziel are both good QB’s from what I have watched of them, which is’nt a whole lot, same with the other top touted QB prospects. I like Glennon’s potential over the lot of them, still see him as the starter this year. The anti Glennon comments here are laughable, I wonder if you people were watching the same games I was. I think he is as good a QB as the Bucs have ever put on the field, and that is not a very high top to exceed. I could be wrong, but I think not.

  89. BamBamBuc Says:

    SteveK: regardless what you think about Bridgewater, he’s been the top rated QB coming out this year throughout the season. Not my opinion, look at any scouting site big board from August through December. Have Manziel and Bortles closed the gap while Mariota and Hundley dropped out of the race? Yes, but every expert has had Bridgewater consistently at the top and typically top 5 overall. Bridgewater’s team lost one game last year to UCF and Bortles 38-35 in which TB got them out to a 28-7 lead. When UCF went up 31-28, the Bridgewater led Cardinals scored again to retake the lead. Bortles scored a TD with under 30 seconds left to take the win. Maybe that’s part of why Bortles has moved up, but I find it hard to understand how anyone can hold a late 3 point loss to a potential top 10 pick and only loss of the season against Bridgewater…

  90. BamBamBuc Says:

    Tut: your BPA is laughable. To put a TE ahead of ALL QBs is absolutely ridiculous. And I like Ebron.

  91. BamBamBuc Says:

    Cody: it’s nice you think we can draft the next super-steal of the draft, future HOF QB in rounds 4-6… But the odds of it ever panning out that way are ridiculously astronomical. We would have a much better chance (and spend our late picks more wisely) finding a speedy slot WR and nickel CB. And we don’t have a 6th (Carimi).

  92. BamBamBuc Says:

    BF37: if you get the chance, watch the games again… And again. After a few times, the “he’s better than our last QB” goggles come off and the dust from the media “rookie of the month” frenzy settles, and you can actually see more clearly. Glennon could barely inspire a win by his team when the D picked off Stafford about 5 times. Don’t take my word for anything. Watch for yourself. Heck, I don’t trust myself until I’ve watched each game about 3 times.

  93. Phillip Says:


    So by your logic the Rams should make the playoffs every year by having Quinn and Long or the Bears should have because they had Peppers? Who did the Broncos(miller suspended) Patriots Chargers(freeney injured) Saints 49ers(Smith injured and suspended) Philly and GB have then? Pretty sure they all have FRANCHISE QB’S that were in the playoffs aside from the Bengals(Dalton is terrible) I think you just proved my point dude… But you are known MGM guy so there’s no point in wasting any more time.. You fit the category where you don’t care how mediocre our QB is you don’t want real competition just an average offense and stellar D and HOPE it pays off.. And you like him the most because of his cheap rookie deal… SMH

  94. gotbbucs Says:

    You know how many of the supposed best QB’s in so many drafts have sucked in the grand scheme of things? Last year is a prime example. BPA regardless of position in the top part of the 1st round.

    And yes, Ebron is a better prospect than any of these QB’s.

  95. bucrightoff Says:

    Funny story Joe, but Glennon is actually not as bad as you think. He’d start for a good 8-10 teams in this league, despite your belief that he is backup material. This is what bad franchises do, they show impatience when there is no need to. Glennon showed enough last year that with a full offseason as starter and ideally a full complement of weapons and of course and improved offensive line, he could be a good to very good starting QB in this league. Circumstance matters, and Glennon was thrown into the fire because of Joshua (still waiting on NFLPA report…) and he did well. He performed better than any QB at the toughest place to play, Seattle. Bigger issues are at hand, drafting a QB doesn’t matter if he can’t be protected.

    Joe would love to hear what 8 teams he’s start for, and what you think Glennon would command on the trade market before the 2014 draft. –Joe

  96. BamBamBuc Says:

    Gotbbucs, please enlighten me. First lets quantify “so many” drafts. Then lets qualify “sucks” and break that down by round of the draft. To make it even more interesting, lets do the same at every other position on the field. For positions that there are more than one on the field, lets divide the results to balance one to one. For example, there should be twice as many DEs that don’t suck as QBs, because there is a lde and rde to only one QB. When all done with that we will know a % of each in each round that don’t suck so we can determine odds of success for each position by round. Shall we use added value based on position like QB or DE as opposed to center or safety? Let me know when you want to start this little pet project, I’m sure we will both learn something.

  97. Cody Says:

    Reply to BamBam…

    U’r a piece of work son…U basically called everyone on the board out…

    First of all It’s called an opinion…everybody has one…and everyone should respect yours? why?…We need to get to the playoffs and the odds of a rookie QB (especially one from this class) taking us there is VeRy slim…As much as U hate to hear this, Glennon has a better chance of taking us to the playoffs than any rookie QB in this class…that’s not opinion, thats fact…Secondly stop putting words in my mouth; u completely mis-quoted me…

  98. Capt. Tim Says:

    Until Free agency plays out- the draft speculations are all just wild shots.
    I personally believe the Bucs want a young QB, who has been in the league
    I.E.- Ryan Mallet or Kirk Cousins.
    If not- it’s gonna be Derek Carr
    Not saying I agree, or it’s my choice- but it’s who I believe they will pick.

  99. bucrightoff Says:

    You word it well Joe, as if I’m suggesting there is a trade market for Glennon. There is not, so nice try. We could trade him for a 3rd or 4th, but why? Cause you don’t like him to start? Anyways, he would start for Cleveland, Oakland, Arizona (yes, he’s better than pick a game Carson), Guffalo, New York Jets, Houston, Minnesota, Jacksonville. Possibly St. Louis and Tennessee

    Your wood for Johnny is blinding you to the fact this team isn’t close to contending. You win with the lines, see the NFCs Final Four last year. A QB is not turning us into contenders or anything close. Better line play on both sides will. Focus on the needs, not the wants. And ignore all the injuries we suffered through last year (not to mention crappy coaching).

  100. BamBamBuc Says:

    Interesting “fact”. Especially considering there is no NFL data on rookies being drafted because there is none. It’s all speculation, nothing is fact. Only facts are from last year, and even those are extrapolated by opinions. You believe, based on last year, that Glennon is the better option (if I’m reading that correctly), and I believe that there are 3 or more options in the draft, complete unknown quantities in the NFL, that have a better chance of success than last year. My opinion vs yours. I can provide historical statistical data if you prefer. I’ve just read a very insightful research from a few years ago breaking down success rates by position by round over an extended period. DE, WR, DT, and Safety are all greater risks of first round success than QB. And all have much greater chance of success in later rounds than QB. But hey, lets take a flyer on a 4th round guy…

  101. lurker Says:

    lol @cody

    just because you say “fact” doesn’t make it one.

  102. NY Buc Says:

    @ Capt Tim

    I know Rah said stats are for losers, but let’s break it down. We all know Glennon had 59.4% completions, 19 TD’s, 9 INT’s, 2608 YDS passing in his 13 game rookie season.

    Now let’s look at regular season stats on the guys you want the Bucs to ‘upgrade’ at the QB position (from NFL Network):

    Ryan Mallet: 25% completions (1 completion in 4 attempts), 0 TD’s, 1 INT, 17 YDS passing (yes 17 yards!!!) in his 3 stellar seasons with the Patriots.

    Kirk Cousins: 56.2% completions (114 completions in 203 attempts), 8 TD’s, 10 INT’s, 1320 YDS passing in his 8 games he’s played in his amazing two NFL seasons.

    So I have to ask you how can you honestly believe either of these guys is somehow an upgrade to Glennon? Now those two guys are probably career NFL backups, not Glennon.

  103. Phillip Says:


    Okay when you play behind Tom Brady do you honestly expect to see the field? That was just dumb to compare.. I would also rather take Mallet and have said it numerous times on here over Glennon.. Was rated as a 1st round QB till the off the field issues happened has a Cannon for an arm.. Also has gotten to watch one of the top 5 QB’s to EVER play the game for 3 seasons.. That can’t hurt right?

    You are only using positive stats for Glennon as well… Dude had a sub 47 Total QBR and was sacked 40 times I believe in 13 games.. Not good.. Not always on the O-line when you can throw the ball away.. The line preformed much better at Pass protection then Run blocking btw..

  104. Bill Says:

    Lovie = has stated defense wins games, he will pick that way in draft an

    FA. JF an his scumbag agent will holdout for # 1 money regardless of where

    he’s picked. The glazers will not deal with that agent after what he did in the

    freeburg fiasco JMHO THANKS

  105. stevek (MGM) Says:


    Our O-Line is the worst in the NFL when considering the price of the players/performance.

    Glennon looked pretty good, and I think you are not pleased with the inability to twist his statistics to make the “draft a QB fever” blow up.

    Sorry Joe, and former Freemanites. We are not burning the 7th overall selection to reach on a QB.

  106. NY Buc Says:

    @ Phillip

    You’re missing my point about Mallet. Of course he won’t start behind Brady, but much like Matt Flynn bamboozled TWO NFL teams into giving him contracts based on one stellar NFL game I’m trying to get the point across that Ryan Mallet hasn’t done sh!t in the NFL to even be talked about as a QB upgrade on any NFL team. As for Mallet being graded a former 1st round talent so were many other mediocre and worse QB’s (Vince Young, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, and the list can go on and on), so I personally don’t see that meaning much. He and Cousins could be great, but based on their time in the NFL they haven’t shown as much promise as Glennon…based on stats.