Pro Day Lunacy Surrounding Bridgewater

March 18th, 2014

lovie smith 0112Yes, the Bucs could sure use a studly young quarterback, a potential “franchise” guy in the mold of division rivals Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton.

Draft lovers have been bombarded the past 24 hours or so with news that QB prospect Teddy Bridgewater was subpar in his Louisville Pro Day and is now in freefall on team draft boards.

Joe can only hope this is the case so Bridgewater can fall to the Bucs. But it’s not reality. So what if Bridgewater didn’t wow the crowd of scouts watching him throw scripted passes in shorts with no defense involved. Any NFL team interested in Bridgewater will bring him in for a private workout and run him through the ringer on the field. That’s how they will evaluate him most outside of his game film.

Ryan and Peyton Manning are known for having so-so Pro Days. JaMarcus Russell looked like a legend at his. It’s not a big deal.

The bigger story is the emergence of players like Khalil Mack, Jadaveon Clowney, Sammie Watkins and Greg Robinson into the realm of can’t-miss picks. That improves the Bucs’ odds of getting a shot at Bridgewater or Johnny Football — a shot Joe believes Tampa Bay has to take.

If you want to watch Bridgewater throw the football — some good, some ugly — Joe recommends the Kentucky TV news video below.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

72 Responses to “Pro Day Lunacy Surrounding Bridgewater”

  1. biff barker Says:

    Some will write it off as a bad day, most won’t.

  2. Bucks_Sam Says:

    Those throws looks just bad.

    A base to start with? Maybe, a starter year 1 if need be? Nope. This isn’t the throws of a guy who can fill in when senior citizen McCown goes down hurt.

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Throws like Burger King…lol.

  4. snook Says:

    I’ll pass on Bridgewater. Listen to any interview with this guy. All BLAH. No enthusiasm at all. He’s quieter than Freeman.

  5. Fatmosh Says:

    We can only hope this causes him to fall to us. Ultimately though, I think they’ll watch the tape and realize he’s the most pro ready QB in this draft.

  6. SAMCRO Says:

    If Bridgewater can’t wow the crowd of scouts watching him throw scripted passes in shorts with no defense involved, then how do we expect him to perform with defensive lineman hanging around his ankles? Yes, unfortunately this was a precursor of what to expect, and I hope before the draft gets here that every armchair GM realizes that outside of Bortles intangibles (size) the other two candidates are not really consensus first round QBs.

    and they certainly are not better than 4th best in our division.

  7. bucray1 Says:

    joe, for the most part I agree with your take on TB’s pro day. I usually rely more on actual game film than these dog and pony shows , but man , did you notice how bad his grip was on the football ( it looked like a pop warner kid trying to throw a regulation football ). also , his foot placement and dropback seemed way off too. maybe he’s altering his style and hasn’t quite perfected it yet. still want mack or Watkins if there at#7 though. just my humble opinion

  8. warren Says:

    Never was on the Bridgewater train. He looks labored in his throws, and he plays weak competition. I am not a scout, but the guy doesnt pass the eyeball test, IMO. He looked horribly skinny and a lot of his throws were awful. No way this guy holds up at the NFL level. I call a big free fall here.

    I think a play for Johnny Football or Garrapolo in the second are the two best options if QB comes into play for us this year.

  9. nate Says:

    Ummm no thankyou to bridgewater…. yes to mack clowney and barr… we need pass rush we did not address it with a backup from the crappy bengals… please get some real pass rush..

  10. Mumbles Says:

    The #7 pick is going to be a bonanza for the Bucs. We’re going to trade that puppy! Watch and see!

  11. iamabuc Says:

    I’m gonna go on record by saying that I believe this Bridgewater gqwuy is going to be a bust. He reminds me of Vince Young, has bust written all over him, I rather go with Johny Manziel or Dereck Carr.

  12. Buc the Haters Says:

    His arm looks weak. I don’t think he will ever be a successful NFL QB. I wouldn’t draft him in any round. There are many other guys I would take before him.

  13. kaput Says:

    We need a quarterback, and so need to take a guy if he’s there. If it doesn’t work out, repeat the process in two or three years. You keep rolling the dice until you get what you need, which in this case is a franchise quarterback.

    I’m not sure that I buy Manziel’s potential in the pros, but a lot of guys who work in professional football for a living do. The game is changing, and has changed. Perhaps a smallish play maker, a guy who plays with a sixth sense is just the type of player the Bucs offense needs.

    If it’s Bridgewater that fall to Tampa, pull the trigger on drafting him. His game tape is very good, from what I understand. And I watched him three or four times over the past couple of seasons, and always came away impressed.

    In this era, you need a quarterback to consistently win games.

  14. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    so while other teams are selecting ” can’t miss picks ” Joe wants the bucs to select a miss pick. Sometimes Joe, I wonder which side you are on?

  15. phil Says:

    We need Johnny Football not Bridgewater.

  16. BucsfanNJ Says:

    Joe is going to have to make an open thread the night of May 8th, becasue after the bucs pass on one of these QB’s, hes gonna need all of us to talk him down from a ledge… Oh and allow for all the “I Told you so’s”

  17. Braheem Says:

    Better off re-signing Freeman than Drafting this guy

  18. Kalind Says:

    Thanks a lot Schiano. Really loved those 4 useless wins. Now, again, we are juuuuust outside the realm of the super talent. Mack, Watkins, Clowney, Bortles, Robinson will all be gone when we pick. Hooray.
    Now, as a consolation prize I’d like to see us take one of the following, (forget a QB at 7 there simply is no value there and Lovie doesn’t want to tether himself to the success of one of these guys ala Dominik-Freeman.) Justin Gilbert-the only legitimate CB in the draft and potential top 5 guy at his position in a few years. Louis Nix, can you imagine the dominance of that line w him next to GMC? Same same w Hageman. Or, wild card, Kelvin Benjamin….even I couldn’t miss he and Jackson running around out there….

  19. Surf Buc Says:

    Could be nerves. I just don’t want another Freeman.

  20. Kalind Says:

    I can’t shake the concept that drafting a mccarron, or garoppolo, or another groom able QB isn’t a better way to go. Especially if you pair that up w Gilbert/Benajmin in rd1 and get. Daniel McCullers in round 3 or 5 (look at the sheer size of that man. Tell me he wouldn’t eat up two blockers!) and then get one of these receivers (assuming you take Gilbert). That’s a pretty solid team guys.

    They DO need to address OG somehow soon…..dunno where

  21. Stevek (MGM) Says:

    Glennon is a better, more seasoned option.

    We are not drafting Teddy Small Hands.

    OT/ edge pass rush / Sammy Watkins. Book it.

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I never wanted him anyway. However, BD gave a nice quote yesterday. Something to the effect:

    If you have to rely on Pro Day results, you haven’t done your job.

    Think he said Big Tuna said it.

    I HOPE Bridgewater is taken when we pick. I still think Bortles is the best option at present. Johnny is a wild card. He could be incredible…or he could go either way. I suppose that’s the case with every pick, but it seems more so with Johnny.

    I would take him though, except even if he is there, I doubt Lovie does, simply because it looks like they are assembling a passing offense.

  23. Tye Says:

    Wisdom says, “those who do not learn from their past mistakes are destined to repeat them!”

    It will be another sad couple of years as a Bucs fan if the Bucs draft yet another flop at QB…. If all the top QBs were still available when pick 7 is on the clock, I would go Blake Bortles… But he could bust just as quickly as Johnny Football or Teddy Bridgewater!

  24. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Kalind Says
    I can’t shake the concept that drafting a mccarron, or garoppolo, or another groom able QB isn’t a better way to go.”

    I’m starting to lean more and more toward Carr…and he might be there is round 2.

  25. Sneedy16 Says:

    I would go with Aaron Murray. The kid has mobility and an arm, plus he can sit and fully heal and learn behind McCown. That’s just my opinion, and I’m not to big on Barr. I’ve some of hit games and he gets shut down too easily. Once someone engages him, he is done for like Gaines Adams, all speed rush.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Tye, I like Bortles as well. But really, no matter what position you draft, it will be a risk. Watson could be a flop too. Any player could be.

    That’s why when MGMers make that argument, I shake my head.

  27. Couch Fan Says:

    Justin Gilbert-the only legitimate CB in the draft

    I Disagree. Dennard from MC State is a stud CB and better than Gilbert

  28. rush Says:

    McCarron is better than both Bridgewater and Johnny Fooseball as well as more experienced and prepared for the NFL

  29. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Sneedy – I’m right there with ya

  30. Brandon Says:

    Brett Smith-3rd round… #4 QB in the draft.

  31. Andrew 1 Says:

    It does look like he’s struggling to grip the football, which is not a good sign. That might be the reason why he usually wears gloves on game day, which is fine. All the other stuff, like footwork and mechanics, he can work on while sitting on the bench for a year. idk I think I would still draft him if he was available at 7, but I’m confident with whatever decision Lovie and Licht make.

  32. Barry Says:

    We have a franchise QB currently on the roster, that’s right MG8. Only problem is MG8’s coach, Thurston Howell III’s better half Lovie is a QB Incompetent.

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I cannot believe defensive end Jared Allen hasn’t been signed by a team yet. I wonder if the Bucs have even made an effort?

  34. Barry Says:

    If Thurston Howell III’s better half Lovie drafts Bridge over troubled Waters, then it proves his complete incompetence concerning QBs. IMO.

  35. Andrew 1 Says:

    Could he possible fall to the second round, like Geno Smith did last year? If so, I would have no problem taking him in the second round, or any other QB for that matter.

  36. Mumbles Says:

    Watch on-site team visits. Nobody drafts a QB without up close personal looksee. Scheduled team visits will be out soon!

  37. mpmalloy Says:

    This is great news for Joe and his betrothed fiance mancrush.

  38. deminion Says:

    watkins mack robinson or trade down and get moseley

  39. deminion Says:

    @brandon i like brett smith too

  40. ManzielMadness Says:

    Damn. The Saints got Lorig.

  41. SAMCRO Says:

    I cannot believe defensive end Jared Allen hasn’t been signed by a team yet.”

    He wants to much $ to be a situational part time player. He won’t budge on his price and has even threatened to retire if he doesn’t get what he wants. That’s a huge no no and turnoff to team GM’s. especially when they want starter money for part time work. Eventually a team will cave in and give him a one year for what he wants. At least that’s seems what Allens agent is depending on.

  42. ButIt941 Says:

    I know we need a QB but i don’t want to reach and take one just for the sake of taking one. I believe there are 12 players (outside of the QB’s) who belong near or in the top 5 this year. and 4 that are can’t miss prospects, being Clowney, Mack, Watkins, and Robinson. None and I mean none of the QB’s out side of Bortles needs to even be discussed in the top half of this years 1st round draft. The only reason we are even having this discussion is because of the QB crazy NFL of today’s game. Everyone is on the look out for that next franchise guy and are willing to squint so hard and see one even if there are none to be had. I am sorry to say it, but a franchise QB is not guaranteed every year, every draft. This just happens to be one of those years. I feel the F.O. knows this and that’s why we even went out and gambled on a career back up for at least a year. This draft class reminds me of the 09′ class of Sanchez, Stafford, and Freeman. Stafford being the only thing remotely close to franchise caliber but also has a bunch of fixing up to do 4 almost 5 years into the league.

  43. Theodore Says:

    Those were some flying ducks if I ever saw one.

  44. ButIt941 Says:

    point being, I would be upset to see them reach for any of these QB’s at the 7th over all pick unless some it was Bortles. I personally just feel that the rest of the QB class isn’t much of a drop off in talent and has just as much potential to be great as any of the top 3. D. Carr, AJ McCarron, Jimmy Garrappolo, Brett Smith, and Aaron Murray all look just as good to me and can be had in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds.

    This year is one of the deepest pools of talent in the 1st and 2nd rounds I’ve seen in year. Anyone you grab will be an immediate impact player at a position of need. I say either get one of the top 4 can’t miss players via falling to you or trading up to grab him. Or trade down even as far as mid teens stock up on draft picks and plug as many holes with BPA’s as possible.

  45. Bucfan#37 Says:

    I’ll stay on the Glennon bandwagon until I see a reason otherwise to jump off. Have’nt seen it yet.

  46. BamBamBuc Says:

    I guess nobody understands that many of these young kids are encouraged by their agents to get somebody to “coach them up” for pro days and “change things” to make them “look better” to pro scouts. Two years of film or one day of throwing with possibly adjusted throwing motion or mechanics. Not saying he can’t be coached, but some adjustments take more than a few months to change if they even needed to be changed in the first place. Simply changing release point from 3/4 to something higher could have caused bad passes at a pro day, especially if that’s what his mind/concentration were on instead of just throwing a pretty ball on target.

  47. DWE Says:

    i would not have gambled on bridgewater in the first place and after seeing this poor display of passing, I am more convinced. I like watkins or drop down and take a QB in the second. of course i would love to have Kahil.

  48. Architek Says:

    The interview doesn’t scare me or the pro-day overall but that footage would scare me back into the film room to review every snap he took and throws made.

    WOW – those balls came out slow and wobbly. I cant see using a premium pick on this sort of display. I’d rather trade down with Chicago or Dallas (who will be fighting for Donaldson) to draft Carr or trade back again and use a second on Garapollo.

    Either way both of these guys throw the ball better than Teddy B. This is not to say he wont do something but at #7, I’d pass banking that we will never be in that position again to take a franchise qb early.

  49. c-spann Says:

    i dont understand all the love for Mack. IMO he is way overrated. the same with bortles, he has gabbert written all over him. i believe bridgewater will be good, the tape doesnt lie. i am fine with drafting teddy. if not him then we wait to draft mccarron or murry.

  50. Orca Says:

    Watch all of the big 3 QBs drop. The more I read, the more I’m convinced these guys are not slam dunk franchise QBs… Bortles might have the best chance of going high because he has prototype size and skills… Mark it down – the Bucs will pass on QB in the first round. Joe is continuing to beat the drum despite good reason to suspect the Bucs will pass… and Johnny Fruitball is not going to be playing in Tampa.

  51. Warren Says:

    Watch youtube film of Teddy…he is legit. Still with Joe…either Manziel or Bridgewater will be a huge coup for us. Not seeing anything special in Bortles personally. Seems like another Dilfer to me…goofy name included (though, yeah…that’s a low blow).

  52. zam Says:

    why wouldn’t the Bucs want a can’t-miss player too? Didn’t we gamble enough when Chucky, Rah and Schi were here?

  53. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    I want Sammy in the first, Aaron Murray at some point after that, and i’ll be one happy Buc fan.

  54. Random Sports guy Says:

    I like aaron murry over all this schlubs johnny football i used to like until joepessimistic rammed him down our throats. I dont see IT in bridgewater.

  55. bucrightoff Says:

    Remember when JaMarcus threw it 60 yards from his knees at his pro day? And it mattered because….that makes him the biggest bust ever to throw it 60 yards from his knees?

    This is just another element of the BS parade that is draft season. This performance will not change his standing, and if the team that passes on Teddy to draft another Qb based off who did better in shorts in ideal conditions, that team is utterly moronic. Remember why Mark Sanchez went ahead of Freeman? Cause Rex was impressed more guys showed up to Sanchez’s pro day to catch passes….yeah….

  56. Rob Says:

    The kid probably just psyched himself out. Based on his full body of work, I’d absolutely draft him if I were Jason Licht and he was sitting there at 7.

  57. Lucky Buccers Says:

    I’m not a Manziel fan but I like him better than Teddy. Everyone talks about Manziel’s size but he actually outweighs Bridgewater. I’m not sure any qb’s in the draft can be better than the 2 we have.

  58. JFat Says:

    Clowney/Watkins/Mack/Robinson/Ebron/trade down before we even look at any of these “top 3 QB’s” @ 7 please.

  59. mjmoody Says:

    This team is being built to have the future starter allowed the luxury of sitting for a year. That’s not debatable. That is EXACTLY what they are doing. Now, who is that lucky bench warmer?? Is he the 7th overall pick? Is he currently rehabbing a knee? Does he need better QB coaching than they have at VT? IDK. I’m lucky I figured out as much as I did. But I believe it’s a bigger pick than just those top 3. Again, copycat league and Seattle has the ring.

  60. Cobraboy Says:

    I have NEVER been impressed with Bridgewater, even his highlight reels.

    Carr and Bortles look more “pro” to me, and I wouldn’t go Round 1 on either.

    Not a huge believer in all the draft hype. It’s a crapshoot, pure and simple. No matter how much “science” is attached, numerous “Can’t Misses” bomb, and late rounders & Free Agents flourish.

  61. Hawk Says:

    I want to start by saying that I have not held a ‘college’ football for several years. I don’t know if they have changed to the pro size, but they used to be smaller than NFL regulation. That is why so much importance was in a QBs hand size. If the difference, in ball size, is still there, Teddy could look a lot like Shaun King.

  62. Matthew Says:

    Any person claiming Teddy can’t handle pressure or make all the throws go put on the 2013 Sugar Bowl vs Florida, with one of the best D’s and Secondary’s in the NCAA that year. Teddy torched that defense all on his own, quick release, strong arm, mobile, and accurate. I say this as a Gator Alum who walked away impressed. If the Buc’s get a miracle and get a shot to draft him they better not screw it up and pass on him.

  63. Matthew Says:

    For those not wanting to google it; watch it: Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater vs Florida

  64. BirdDoggers Says:

    Bridgewater was a fairly accurate passer in college. Why change his mechanics? This kids head will be spinning before getting to the NFL. Stick with how you play your game. Accuracy is one thing you can’t teach. Freeman was inaccurate in college and it continued in the NFL.

    It’s an underwhelming draft class for QBs. Non of them have a true draft grade of a high first rounder. You need a QB to win so teams overdraft them every year. Look at the 2011 draft as an example. Gabbert, Locker and Ponder were taken in the top 12. The results haven’t been good. It’s too early to tell how this years crop will pan out. I say draft Clowney, Mack or Watkins if available, which isn’t likely.

  65. My Buc-O's Says:

    Typical talking heads were trying to make him look great…as usual not having a clue what they were talking about…weak division… weak teams…truth will always come out when these pro teams check them out first hand when they invest big money in these guys…epic fail media talking heads…wonder how many will confess their stupidity….

  66. BFFL Says:

    The Bucs are set at QB..move on please.

  67. Patrick Says:

    I don’t think they’re going to pay McCown $5 million to sit on the bench. Sadly, he’s gonna be our quarterback next year.

  68. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Wow! This guy is gonna drop in the draft.

    And Bortles is gonna fly up. Unreal tbh. To imagine a UCF QB going as the top QB… who would have thunk it?

  69. RJBucnut Says:

    Would pass on Bridgewater too. Does not have that “IT” factor. Watkins,Evans, Khalil, or any 3 of the OT’s.

  70. Buc1987 Says:

    Clowney or trade down.

  71. Burg Says:

    Buc Fan #237 Says:
    March 18th, 2014 at 6:25 pm
    Wow! This guy is gonna drop in the draft.

    And Bortles is gonna fly up. Unreal tbh. To imagine a UCF QB going as the top QB… who would have thunk it?/////

    Anyone who has seen him play could think it, god I hope he ends up with the Bucs, if not bring on Watkins and a mid round qb to develop….

  72. BoJim Says:

    BPA at 7th or trade down to get more picks. Take Derrick Carr in the second.