Michael Johnson: Community Man

March 18th, 2014
michael johnson 0315

Preparations have started

So what has new Bucs defensive end Michael Johnson been doing during his vacation time since scoring a gigantic pay from Team Glazer and the Bucs?

Johnson revealed yesterday on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he’s not been sipping cognac in Aruba or making it rain on Dale Mabry Highway.

Johnson is known in NFL circles for his community work, specifically with kids. You can check out his website to be impressed.

NFL Radio host Bruce Murray gave Johnson a chance to plug an upcoming kids camp in his hometown of Selma, Alabama, and Johnson referenced that he’s been busy making plans to serve his new neighbors in the Bay area.

“I’m excited to get down in Tampa in their community as well. I was talking [Monday] to their community relations people and it’s going to be a very smooth transition, so I’m excited by all that,” Johnson said.

Joe thought that was pretty cool. Johnson isn’t even a Buccaneer for six days and he’s working with the Buccaneers’ community relations team already. Wow. Johnson likely doesn’t even have a place to live in town yet.

The Bucs report back to work on April 7. It seems Johnson will be a fantastic addition to the community. Now if he can only rack up 11 sacks and scare NFC quarterbacks …

9 Responses to “Michael Johnson: Community Man”

  1. Yar Says:

    That’s nice, now go sack a QB.

  2. big007hed Says:

    I have read into him and found nothing but good things about him off the field. Outside of a few instances on field performance has not been questioned either.

    Great pickup.

  3. zam Says:

    pretty awesome, nice to see the community role model legacy from Dungy is more than just lip service like it was under Schiano

  4. Buc1987 Says:

    My cousin played for the Bucs for 2 years. He told me that the team pretty much makes players get involved in certain organizations and charitable work. So it’s not always just a generous player and a good guy situation.

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    True, most agents will demand certain players get involved in the community to help; polish their image (valuable commodity in contract negotiations). That’s simply not the case with this young man; he’s the real deal. Glad to see Lovie bring in some country boys (humble & grounded).

  6. Theodore Says:

    I agree. Community work is just a front by teams and agents to make themselves look good. Now excuse while I go back to sitting on my a** surfing the internet doing nothing.

  7. mjmoody Says:

    Awesome Theodore. My trick is to read what the fans say when they lose a guy. Every post said a GREAT community guy. I think the Bucs’ did a good job with this P/U. 4-12 is hard to swallow, but at least it doesn’t have the Miami Incognito BS to go along with it.

  8. Pewter Bullion Says:

    Michael Johnson is a very impressive young man. Keep it up Mike!

  9. Gt40bear Says:

    I’ll be happy if he can sniff 10 sacks and play the run strongly! The community stuff is icing on the cake. Sounds like a good guy. Liked him out of college, hopefully Lovie and Rod Jr. can get the most out of him on the field too.