Lovie Mocks Mock Drafts

March 26th, 2014

lovie smith 0113The Buccaneers’ new head coach has said he spent lots of time during his year-long vacation last year listening to sports radio and soaking up all things that football fans enjoy.

However, Lovie made it clear today that he disconnects himself from inhaling media when he’s a head coach, unless it’s an attack on his players, coaches or organization. And, a solid six weeks from the NFL Draft, Lovie says he’s had enough of the draft gurus.

Lovie had some fun with the concept this morning before Joe and other media at the NFL Owners Meetings in Orlando.

“Have I read your mock draft? I haven’t,” Lovie said. “Believe me, I’ve got mock drafts from grandsons, friends, all type of advice. I don’t need anymore advice. If you knew all the advice I, of course, Jason [Licht] has gotten. We’ve covered it all. Believe me.”

Lovie reiterated that all positions are on the draft table for the Bucs. And he’s very involved in the draft process. He’ll head to get an in-person look at Johnny Football’s upcoming Pro Day in Texas.

Joe gets that mock drafts are pretty annoying and useless for Lovie. But they surely can be useful to a front office. Projecting how other teams will pick can be critical to the Bucs’ overall strategy, as well as preparation for draft-day trades. Sure, teams rely on their well-paid, knowledgeable staff, rightfully so, but keeping the pulse of the league can’t be discounted.

17 Responses to “Lovie Mocks Mock Drafts”

  1. zam Says:

    The Bucs’ early pick in Round 2 makes draft mockups more important. If you prefer a sleeper QB like Fales or Mettenberger, their expected availability by Round 2 may determine who you use your Round 1 pick on.

  2. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Teams trading up can foul up a Mock easily….we have Tennessee, Minnesota needing QBs….If they choose to trade up then all three top prospects will be gone at 7. If that is the case we will have 3 other players off the board when we pick.
    We will have our choice of 4 of these 7.
    Watkins, Mack, Barr, Matthews, Robinson, Clowney, Carr

    We could trade down some and still pick up a great player.

  3. BucsfanNJ Says:

    Mock drafts are nothing more than a psuedo science based on speculation…this isn’t Fantasy Football

  4. Owlykat Says:

    It is fun recreation until real football begins. I am sure the Bucs have their own predictions of who will be picked by other teams. If Licht did it that would be the one I would look at if I were Lovie.

  5. Jordan Says:

    It is a common practice for scouting departments to perform their own mock drafts prior to the actual draft for preparation.

  6. Kalind Says:

    I think trading is going to be exceedingly difficult this year. Everyone knows how deep it is. Why would you want to leap UP the draft and give up picks. I can’t see many people wanting to give up their second or third rds to move up four or five first rd spots. I don’t think the value is there this year. I think the top 10 will stay put with the possible exception of that but in Atlanta (Julio Jones deal). I think this come down to Carr or Manziel, or Evans or Gilbert. As much as I want a big mauling NT I think they go with one of those guys.

    Again, everyone stop with the Mack thing. He doesn’t fit our system. He’s not THAT great of a pass rusher. And he’ll be LOOONG gone before we pick anyway. Just stop. Please. I beg you. Also, as much as I REALLY want him, Sammy will be gone too guys. He just will be. He’s too good, too sure of a thing. It’s done. Those two, Clowney and Robinson will all be gone before w pick. This is a guarantee. Why would they not be? They’re the four best players. Tell me which team would pass on those guys to take someone else. Even if to assume ALL 3 QBs go which is crazy, that still leaves only one of those guys left for us. It’s too far fetched.

  7. JBo$$ Says:

    Watkins if he’s there at 7, if not try to trade back for someone desperate for one of the QBs. If that’s possible, take a late round one WR or offensive lineman and wait til the 2nd or 3rd for QB. I’d love to see what Tedford could do with guys like Garoppolo or Murray.

  8. Kalind Says:

    And there is 0 chance of those 3 QBs going in the top 6

  9. Harry Says:

    Mocks are just fun and give us something to talk and argue about until the real deal. I know I have enjoyed a few debates with a couple of you, lol

  10. pablo Says:

    Mocks are useless . Lovie knows he will pick CJ Mosely

  11. T in Orlando Says:

    @ Kalind:

    “Tell me which team would pass on those guys to take someone else.”

    Answer: Miami, Jacksonville, Cleveland and Oakland.

    All have made questionable draft decisions in the early part of round 1 in recent years, and 3 of them select before us, meaning one of your 4 players could drop. I’m not saying any of those players will be available, but if you’re looking for examples of teams that would pass up “sure things” there’s your answer.

  12. Burg Says:

    Lovie also personnnaly attended Bortles pro-day, we can dream I guess…

  13. You go Joe Says:

    Mock drafts are useless. I really can’t think of anyone in an organization that will use mike mayock mock draft to base and evaluate players. Then why pay for scouts, statistics guy, analysis dudes and other expenses for the draft.

    It is just a good way to stir up a story for every website. Especially the dumb ones that have the bucs drafting a LT after we payed for a starting LT!

  14. Dave Says:

    Of course Mocks are useless. It is for fun only. Nothing more. If anyone thinks otherwise they are ignorant

    As for Bucs, I am thinking Clowney or Khalil Mack if they are there. If not, no idea what they do. Maybe a trade down for someone desperate for a QB.
    I love Watkins at WR but the draft is VERY deep at WR, can’t see wasting round 1 on a WR unless it is a trade down.
    As for the 3 QBs, I can’t predict QBs other than I don’t think Johnny football will pan out. I like Bortles and Teddy in the late first or 2nd round. I would not take any of them as high as 7.

  15. JFat Says:

    Becoming more and more enamored with Ebron. I hope we grab him assuming Watkins/Robinson are gone. Guy is a beast and will make any QB better.

  16. bucsfan85 Says:

    We are taking a QB at 7 no question

  17. BoJim Says:

    Only the Shadow knows.