Jeff Tedford’s Offense To Be “Fresh”

March 13th, 2014
jeff tedford

Jeff Tedford, the next Chip Kelly?

Some cloaks of secrecy for the 2014 Bucs are being unveiled. In short, the Bucs roster is getting a complete and total makeover.

The offense, however, is shrouded in mystery. Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford has never coached a snap in the NFL, never had a whistle in his mouth for one NFL practice; his only professional experience came in the CFL and that was over 20 years ago.

Today, Bucs starting quarterback Josh McCown sort of lifted the veil a little bit to allow Bucs fans a sliver of what to expect from Tedford this fall. If you are thinking Chip Kelly in the NFL, that’s not a terrible guess.

McCown admitted to the Bucs pen and mic club that he was suspicious of Tedford, indirectly, when he met with Bucs coaches yesterday. But McCown said he was won over by a combination of things: the pitch Tedford sold, his answers to the many questions McCown had, and Kelly’s success in his first stab in the NFL last season with the Eagles.

“I am going to be honest with you: Looking at [college coaches in the NFL], and some of the college stuff [used in college], I don’t know how this translates?” McCown said. “Then I went up to Philly on a Sunday night and watch them hang 42 on us. So I was really intrigued by what Chip did. I love the game. So I would watch Philly all the time, going, ‘Do you believe what they are doing?’ The college game is a little bit different. What Philly did made me a believer that guys can come to this league and have success doing that.

“So as I learn Coach Tedford’s offense, I come with an open mind. I think there is value for both of us. He has had so much success at the college level. He has shown his capacity to understand plays, call plays come up with things, develop quarterbacks. If we can come together — and Marcus [Arroyo], too, our quarterbacks coach who in two days has thoroughly impressed me. So, I think it will be a group effort. I think we will come together. And I think that’s when it is it’s best, man. When you are working together and pulling in the same direction, it is special. We will draw on my experiences; I will draw on their fresh takes of the game and what they experienced in college and hopefully we will put together something great.”

But the mystery and intrigue continues. Nobody knows if this will be a run-heavy offense, a wing-it offense, a spread, really nothing. All we can go by is the past, and in the past, Tedford liked to run the ball, too. So does Kelly.

Maybe with as many talented running backs the Bucs have, could it be that Tedford and Lovie Smith will want to play ground-and-pound ball?

61 Responses to “Jeff Tedford’s Offense To Be “Fresh””

  1. unbelievable Says:

    Every defensively strong team relies heavily on the run game.

  2. Dennis Says:

    Its weird that we dont have any blocking Tight Ends… hmmm

  3. Espo Says:

    Or possibly a fullback…

  4. Espo Says:

    What Josh can bring on the field for us is yet to be seen but let me tell you I love everything I’m hearing and reading from him in these interviews. He seems like a class act who, if nothing else, knows what he SHOULD be doing on the field.

  5. Trubucfan22 Says:

    Crabtree is a blocking TE…

  6. Thibs5599 Says:

    If it is run heavy or not I can assure one thing…the bucs most likely won’t be giving Martin the ball 30 times a game and allow him to run into the backs of his offensive line time after time without trying something new like Schiano did last year. I look forward to more sweeps, getting the ball outside instead of straight up the gut.

  7. Trubucfan22 Says:

    And stocker is a terrible recieving threat, so he must be a blocking TE. Idk the guy never sees the field.

  8. Barry Says:

    With McCown you better hope its a 70-30 run to pass ratio.

  9. lurker Says:

    interesting to read. the thought that tedford, et al, will use mccown’s nfl experience as a sounding board for their ideas makes great sense. it seems no one has a major ego. with a round 1 qb rookie sitting back and learning the ropes as this develops will be awesome.

  10. BirdDoggers Says:

    The offense is definitely a mystery. At least we know the offensive line will be vastly different.

  11. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Tedford’s “speed in space” doesn’t sound like pounding the rock to me.
    Lets go get Sammy!!!

  12. zam Says:

    Key difference is Kelly has Nick Foles, whose throwing mechanics are second only to Brady imo. Vick was 2-4 in that scheme and had a passer rating of 80.

    From my perspective, McCown’s mechanics are not good. It’s not everything, but it’s a very good predictor of success. He was 3-2 in his best year. 😐

  13. brandonbucfan Says:

    Agree wit “unbelievable says” haven’t seen a defense oriented team yet that doesn’t want to run the ball first. We don’t have anywhere near the offensive weapons to do anything else. All new weapons MUST come from the draft..draw your own conclusions

  14. Drew Says:

    Zam have you considered being a QB coach? You seem to a lot more the coaches.

  15. Bucfever40 Says:

    Uhm….we just signed a pretty good blocking TE in Myers who just happens to be pretty good at catching the ball too.

  16. Mr. T Says:

    don’t forget we signed 280 lb. Maneri at TE that Becht called “tough as nails and a punch you in the mouth kind of guy” now that sounds like a blocking TE! So we have 5 TE’s now on the roster: Myers, Wright,Stocker,Crabtree and Maneri. I think Stockers days here are numbered and it’s possible they may convert Wright to WR which he played in college. We”ll see how it all plays out.

  17. Kevin Says:

    No matter how you twist this I’ll bet anyone anything our offense will look light years better than it did last season. I’m excited. whether it be Josh, Glennon or a new rookie behind center, I think a big part of an offense working is the coaching and more so the play calling. You can have the best guys in the league but if you can’t fool the other team they’ll always be ready for you. If you simply try and impose your will and be hard headed doing the same crap with different results your not gonna win a whole lotta games. We should at the very least have a competitive season to watch ahead of us.

  18. Unbelievable Says:

    @tbbf, the eagles utilize speed in space and run the ball quite a bit.

    But I would love to see Sammy watkins on the field next season. Will depend what else they do in FA

  19. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Says:

    Many new Offensive Coordinators have initial success in the NFL, until the NFL gets film on them.
    How they then respond to efforts to stop them, is the difference between a great Offensive Coordinator, or one who will soon be replaced.
    The NFL caught up with Sullivan, and we never responded.
    Let us all hope that Tedford is far more Cerebral then Sullivan was.

  20. Theodore Says:

    The Bucs will be a running team with a QB that can move chains when asked but not win games when asked.

    Lovie doesn’t care for an offense that wins games. He listed offense behind defense, special teams and I think equipment managers as the keys to winning games.

  21. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Apples and oranges here… Redford is known for creating offenses that allow his playmakers to makes plays. Builds it around their strengths. When he had Lynch it was a lot of inside draws, with Jackson he utilized the Speed in space…bChip Kelly’s claim to fame was the speed of his offense. His offense is very west coast, just a LOT faster. With Tedford it will be more about timing of the play calls. He’ll have to be patient for the right times to call his end around and screen passes.

    Chip Kelly’s style is more about attacking a defense and getting them off balance, where as Tedford will focus more on getting big plays from his best talent.

  22. Burg Says:

    Like Mccown signing, though imo his success last year came from throwing to Marshall and co.

    We still need to find a way to draft Bortles….

  23. Matt Says:

    We will sign Emanuel Sanders, and Peanut Tillman and be done with free agency..Bank on it!

  24. bigpoppabuc Says:

    Burg, you and I see QBs in a totally different light. We just signed a lifetime backup, and now you’re saying we should draft Bortles a.k.a. Timmy Freeman? No thanks.

  25. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Jacoby Ford?

  26. BamBamBuc Says:

    A couple things… first off, I don’t think this will be a very “west coast” style offense. Maybe some form of spread, but I’m thinking more a two TE running and passing offense. Similar to what the Patriots were trying to do with Hernandez and Gronk. Myers is an acceptable receiver, as is Wright. Neither is great at blocking, but having two “TE’s” in the game forces defenses into a “heavy” set. If we can have two WRs and two TEs that can all get out in routes and a RB that can pass protect (or a TE that can pass protect and a RB that can get out in outlet routes), then it will be difficult to defend. Myers and Wright can beat LBs on routes, and can block nickle CBs on run blocking. Tedford did study Belichick’s coaching a couple years back.

    2nd, I do think Bortles is a project, but if McCown is a “bridge” QB, then Bortles may be perfect for 2015. Just be prepared to be patient and let our 1st rounder sit. I still think Bridgewater is the better option for a QB. Also, I know there’s a whole “Watkins crowd” out there, but if we’re looking for a two TE spread offense, I think dropping down (if possible) and getting Evans might be the better option. He’s a matchup nightmare. Size of a TE, speed of a WR, attacks the ball at it’s highest point, willing blocker in the run game. Just think of the size matchup of VJ, MW, Evans, Wright, and even Myers against multiple DB’s/LB’s. No way they can cover all that height, just throw it to the guy against the smallest defender…

    3rd: I think Sanders would be a decent FA addition, as well as Tillman/Munnerlyn. Dietrich-Smith as an interior lineman could top it all off. Not sure if we could add all 3 spots (WR/CB/OL) and still have enough cap for rookies and in season operating expenses (in case of injuries, etc). But those 3 would complete the FA period for me.

  27. Buc a Deer Says:

    Living on the left coast have seen a lot of Cal games with Tedford. Offense will be creative. Sullivan never called plays before. Tedford has his own huge book of plays. Sullivan was predictable, that will not be the case now. Martin and James will split carries. Multiple formations and packages. Huge because Sullivan was run up middle twice and all vertical routes on third down.

  28. Kevin Says:

    Anyone notice how much better the uniform looked at the press conference being held up by the players?

  29. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Good Points BamBam

    August 30th, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    Time to call- Philly about TE Brent Celek.

    We have some phenomenal athletes on the outside with Mike Williams & Vincent Jackson. So we’re going to continuously see double high safeties; just like last year.
    We have to have some type of inside option for Josh. Something to keep the defenses honest. So that he can manipulate the match up.

    *I like the New Englandish double TE/HB/FB look we been displaying (“Y” tight end — blocking like a third offensive tackle with the ability to catch passes over the middle of the field — and the “Move” tight end — facilitating as a wide receiver, slot receiver, in-line tight end, fullback and halfback –….

    Add the Hurry Up element to offense-It becomes extremely difficult for a defense rotate coverages,

    Very affective offense

    Remember Tedford went to New England to study the Patriots Tight End Formation & Hurry Up offense/So did Chip Kelly

  30. Andrew 1 Says:

    I expect to see an uptempo offense with unconventional plays and formations. an offense where we create mismatches by using the “speed in space” mantra. Maybe even an offense that actually uses the pass to set up the run, instead of the what we have grown accustomed to where the run sets up the pass. Thats something we’ve never really had around here, so its exciting. Thats also the kind of stuff that Chip Kelly’s offense is all about.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Yeah you right about Dietrich-Smith- He’s a solid zone blocking center-Gets to the second level in a hurry-which make a very affective screen blocker.

  32. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    Sammy, Clowney, and Bridgewater would be the only ones I would trade up to get. Sammy and Clowney would be the 2 that would have an impact right away.

  33. JBFstalkingjohnnyfootBALLS Says:

    Sammy Watkins would have this offense threaten for top 10.

  34. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Yeah- outside of Tedford/Chris Ault/Chip Kelly

    (West Coast has some strong innovative offensive minds)

    • Noel Mazzone
    • Chris Petersen
    • Mark Helfrich (Wanted him to be our QB coach-A few years back)
    • Steve Sarkisian
    • Mike Leach

    Some pretty good young offensive line coaches too

    One of my favorite-Cameron Norcross (Nevada Reno)

    Now thats a jacked Up Offensive Line Coach-lol

  35. BamBamBuc Says:

    With teams switching away from the old Tampa 2 (and us kind of returning to it), it might not be a bad idea to implement more of a west coast offense style. The Tampa 2 was created specifically to counter the WCO, and it did a tremendous job. Although I still think I’d like to see us work a TE spread/mismatch offense. Fast pace, yes, fast players, not necessarily. Height is as much of a mismatch as speed. Calvin Johnson (although he is speedy enough) has made a living of man-handling DBs for the ball. We already have two good size WRs in MW and VJ, and a TE/WR hybrid in Wright. That’s 6’5″, 6’2″, 6’4″… add Mike Evans (drop down a few spots in the draft) and we’d add another 6’5″. Enough speed to spread the field, but the size to move the chains. Nothing like a big target at the first down marker except 4 big targets…

  36. Harry Says:

    At this point, we don’t have a dominant O-line for a punishing running game; heck, who is at the guard position – either one? Many question marks yet on the O-line that need to be answered (don’t even know if Collins can fill Penn’s average shoes), and still no strong 3rd WR. Where are you Emmanuel??

  37. Andrew 1 Says:

    A quick read offense that creates formations with favorable matchups and gives you an advantage numbers wise. thats what I think of when when I think of Chip Kelly’s offense. This website does a really good job of explaining it.

  38. BamBamBuc Says:

    Absolutely, Harry. Which is why I’m hoping they can work something out with Dietrich Smith for a few Mil/year. He can play both C and G, so we can find what the best fit is for him and Zuttah. Drafting a G on day 3 of the draft is not a huge risk and actually pans out more often than most any other position. So, we can figure interior O-line of Zuttah, D-S, and probably a rookie, with Meredith being the fill in.

    WR is unsolved as well, but Sanders is scheduled to visit. If not there, we have a deep draft at WR and day 3 could net a slot WR just as easily as day 1. There’s also the possibility of Hester still as a return man/slot WR (not my first choice for a WR, but did anyone really expect the team to cover every gaping hole on this team in one off-season?)

  39. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    I hear you

    • TE Brandon Coleman 6-6 220 (4.5) (Conversion)

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Man I tell you, after watching how Seattle utilized LB K.J. Wright 6′ 4″, 246 lbs( yep same 4th round pick out of Mississippi State) on Grahamn. I can see how molding such a prospect can pay huge dividends down the road.

    Simliar to the way Michigan State’s (DC) Pat Narduzzi lines up in the same 4-3 base on almost every got damn down. Matching up one of the bigger linebackers on the TE, then killing you with the zone blitz…smh.

    A lot of teams have been using Big Nickel packages- to give them more flexibility as well.

  41. Brandon Says:

    Update on my favorite late round QB gem…

    Wyoming Pro Day today… according to the Tribune, the Wyoming newspaper, he wowed the scouts in attendance.…55ded3f1a.html

    According to Benjamin Allbright, the Eagles had a large contingent in attendance, including OC Bill Musgrave.

    Brett Smith’s official numbers: 6016 207, 10 inch hands. 4.51 official 40 time.

    That 6’2 207 is plenty big and his 10 inch hands are downright huge. You can add .08 to .1 to his “official” time and his 4.59-4.61 is good for best at the Combine.

    You can’t doubt his athleticism or size nor can you question his production or competitiveness. I’d really like to find out if the Bucs sent representatives to the event.

    Brett Smith is a playmaker, the closest thing to Manziel since Manziel… but bigger, faster, and with less maturity issues.

  42. unbelievable Says:

    @bambam pretty much completely agree with all 3 points from your first post. The problem with taking Bortles in the 1st— is if McCown/Glennon/whoever is struggling, there will be controversy, which probably leads to him playing before he is ready. I think that would ruin his potential. If the kid could sit for a year, that would be awesome. Don’t think Bridgewater is still available by time we pick at #7 imo.

  43. Couch Fan Says:


    Retweeted by The Pewter Plank
    Benjamin Allbright ‏@AllbrightNFL 7m
    #Browns #Broncos #Bucs #Panthers #Eagles all with serious legitimate interest in Brett Smith per info gathered today during/after pro day.

    Think that should answer your question.

  44. BamBamBuc Says:

    Unbelievable: it would likely require a trade up with rams for Bortles or Bridgewater. Not considering standing pat if we add D-S @ G/C, and maybe Sanders.

    Couch: thanks, good info.

  45. DontBucNH8 Says:

    David Fales anyone? Accurate, good foot work,Handles pressure well, not the strongest arm, but might be a good 5th 6th rd pick to groom and develop behind McCown. Looks like a Tedford guy.

  46. Jordan Says:

    I don’t think you can name McCown your starter, and proceed to draft a QB in the 1st round. This would make for guaranteed QB controversy. I am beginning to think that if Mack/Clowney are off the board, the Bucs trade back a few spots in order to acquire a few more picks.

  47. NY Buc Says:

    One thing that seems likely in Tedford’s offense is that he will design it around a pocket passer instead of a running around/make plays with his legs QB. Nothing is set in stone obviously, but it seems highly unlikely the Bucs draft a QB in round 1 now that they went out of their way to convince McCown he is the starter. McCown and Glennon are pocket first guys. Sorry Manziel, Bridgewater fans, but signs point to the Bucs going for a QB in the mid to late rounds if they select one this year.

  48. Richard Barnes Says:

    Joe, How about adding a like/dislike counter to the comments like PFT (Florio) could be interesting…

  49. BamBamBuc Says:

    Bridgewater is the best pocket passer in the draft. Has similar mobility to Aaron Rodgers.

  50. Eric Says:

    One thing we now know, no one knows what Lovie Smith is thinking.

    Anything can happen on draft day.

  51. BamBamBuc Says:

    So true, Eric. And I’m ok with that. This regime has impressed me thus far.

  52. lurker Says:

    but does it take much to impress considering how far we have fallen since da bowl? lol.

  53. $acbuc$ Says:

    We have a 6″5 WR name Streeter and he’s a beast. I seen him in preseason. He’s a down field threat.

  54. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “The problem with taking Bortles in the 1st— is if McCown/Glennon/whoever is struggling, there will be controversy, which probably leads to him playing before he is ready.”

    I’m not 100% sure of that. Lovie is a Tony Dungy type of guy. The kind of coach that has a plan and sticks with it.

    And the Glazers know that too.

  55. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t think they need another starting WR if they plan to go 2 WR/3 TE sets.

    Or, certainly, Lovie won’t pick one in the first round, which he has NEVER done.

  56. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Eric Says
    “One thing we now know, no one knows what Lovie Smith is thinking.

    Anything can happen on draft day.”

    You got that right. I’m going to change my mock to a wish list and hope for the best, lol.

  57. owlykat Says:

    The Wyoming QB is made for a West Coast Offense but not for accurate deep throws. Bortles and Carr both have very strong arms and are accurate deep unlike Glennon. We need to take either one and let them sit and learn for a year at least. Remember sitting before starting benefitted Rogers and didn’t create a QB controversy in Green Bay. Look for this well coached team to be as successful as Kansas City was this year. The free agent prospects know that too plus Lovie is a player’s coach also, which explains why free agency has gone so well thus far, plus Licht knows how to best evaluate prospects. The thought of us deploying a two TE offense along with our tall wide receivers is very exciting. The Defense won’t be able to just double team VJax anymore to stop Tedford’s offense.

  58. lurker Says:

    ummmmmm greenbay had someone named favre in front of Rodgers. we have mccown/glennon in front of round 1 qb. there might not be time to sit and learn unless lovie has written off year one as a learning year. though I do hope the new rook has time to develop.

  59. Sqeeky Says:

    So, when are you and Duemig going to start deriding this new “college coach” for having come from a college background and remember he has never been in the NFL as Schiano had, although he had “college coach” hung around his neck like an old tire set ablaze over in a third world country. Where is the fairness? Oh that’s right , your not, you just don’t want to piss off an old drinking buddy. If this action didn’t hurt people and cost people their jobs it would be funny.

    What exactly are you talking about? If you listen to the audio, you’ll hear Joe disagree with Duemig on a handful of fronts.–Joe

  60. MadMax Says:

    Could move up in the draft for Robinson, a road grading machine….with our core of rb’s, he would be a huge pick!

  61. Unbelievable Says:

    While I completely agree they would both benefit from sitting a year (or more) like Rogers did, there is one huge difference… he was sitting behind Brett frickin Farve! Mccown / Glennon is not the same.