It’s Josh!!

March 12th, 2014

Nobody’s going to convince Joe that Josh McCown was signed this afternoon as your newest Buccaneers quarterback to back up Mike Glennon.

It’s simply preposterous to think the Bucs would pay McCown $10 million over two years to hold a clipboard for No. 8, who is not up the task of leading the Bucs to what Lovie Smith says he desires immediately: to be “relevant.”

McCown, 34, seems like a wonderful, God-fearing family man. He’s learned plenty of NFL offenses and earned the blessings of many head coaches and coordinators during his 11-year NFL career, plus the one season he spent coaching high school football before Lovie revived him in Chicago. The Bucs are McCown’s sixth NFL team since he was a third-round pick of Arizona in 2002.

McCown has a 16-22 record in 38 career starts, a better percentage than the last Josh in the Tampa Bay area, but there is no way to spin it that McCown is a good starting NFL quarterback. Stack him up against the other NFL starters — let alone the nasty QB crew in the NFC South — and McCown is not the guy you want leading your offense.

Hopefully (Joe’s almost praying), McCown is here to do the job for which he is fantastically suited: to mentor/groom/guide/teach/foster a quarterback drafted in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

If not, then Joe suspects McCown will win an epic preseason battle between him, Glennon, Mike Kafka and, perhaps, a rehabilitating Aaron Murray, or another late-round quarterback. That should have Bucs fans at the edge of their seats.

22 Responses to “It’s Josh!!”

  1. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Oh, he’ll start. Until Lovie realizes how bad he really is.

  2. bucrightoff Says:

    Of course you’re praying Joe. I give slight credit for keeping the hope Johnny is coming, but he’s not and deep down you know it. JoeBrownsFan starts May 8th everyone.

  3. BucNasty!!! Says:

    Now that’s what I call a competition. Now draft Teddy B at 7 and let t he games begin that’s the best case scenario but highly possible wouldn’t you think Joe??

  4. cmurda Says:

    Look, Joe is right. I also share the man-crush with Joe regarding Johnny Football. I think the guy is pure magic. We still need a franchise Qb. Im selling on Glennon being that Franchise guy and obviously McCown is just a stop gap. I dont believe at all this puts us out of the running to draft a QB possibly even with the 7th overall. Praying Johnny is available.

  5. lightningbuc Says:

    “It’s simply preposterous to think the Bucs would pay McCown $10 million over two years to hold a clipboard for No. 8”

    It’s equally preposterous to think the Bucs would pay McCown $10 million over two years to then draft a QB in the first round of the 2014 draft.

  6. ThePhoenix Says:

    I have to admit that when I was in the other article and at the top I saw a link to the next article that “It’s Josh!!” I thought it was talking about Freeman….I got queasy

  7. Matthew Says:

    Lighning Buc: not necessarily. If they get a chance at JF or Bortles or someone and don’t see them NFL Ready day one, 2 year deal for McCown make complete sense. Veteran stop gap who maybe even can give your team some success while you groom the young QB to become the franchise…this could apply to a 1st round QB or Glennon if they think he has the potential to be one. However, to think it rules out a QB being drafted on Day 1 is ridiculous.

  8. bucrightoff Says:

    Sorry, but the Bucs are not committing a top 10 pick to a guy who could end up #3 on the depth chart. And I mentioned it before but the last first round QB to not start right away was Tebow. Now in todays NFL when you draft a QB in the first round, with the rookie cap as it is, its to start. Bucs have more pressing issues now that McCown is in the fold. Drafting a QB in the first round now would be moronic.

  9. rawr Says:

    i was wondering does Glennon have trade value? maybe they want to trade him draft a QB which by now everybody think we wont and make Josh the stop gap.

  10. Orca Says:

    Damn Joe, we still have only the 4th best QB in the division. We’re doomed!

  11. zam Says:

    They must be targeting a QB in draft that’s not a guaranteed starter on day 1. JF may be considered needing some polishing and not a day one starter. Also a later round QB like Murray or my personal favorite of Mettenberger would fit the bill.

    But yeah no way they feel they’ve figured out QB with the Glennon-McCown-Kafka trifecta.

  12. Dick2111 Says:

    Just guessing, but perhaps Coach Tedford sees something in Josh McCown that he believes the Bucs can win with? Lovie and Licht wouldn’t have committed $10 mil (given our other pressing needs) if they didn’t think Josh could provide the leadership they want to get them into the winners’ circle. Folks need to lighten up and give him a chance.

  13. Harry Says:

    After cutting Revis loose a little while ago, if we don’t draft a QB with the 1st pick, I don’t know if I can stay a Bucs fan

  14. Adrian Says:

    Why did we spend money on him?? D:

  15. Trubucfan22 Says:

    It would be moronic not to draft a qb in the first round, if the guy we want is there. McCown is a stop gap and mentor to the guy we draft. Plan and simple. Glennon will never be ready because he doesn’t have the talent nor instincts to play qb. Glennon will not even be on the field on game days. He’ll be lucky to have a job at all come august.

  16. NY Buc Says:

    MGM’er here and I am glad with this move for a couple reasons:

    (1) Hopefully this ends the Mike Vick to Tampa insanity
    (2) We have a solid backup for Mike now
    (3) Hopefully we don’t waste our first round pick on a luxury (QB…we’ve got decent ones and Lovie went on record about defense/ST winning us 10) when we might have a shot at Clowney, Mack, Watkins, or even the potential to trade down and get picks.
    (4) Wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucs draft a QB on day 2…let him develop and compete for the starting job (though Mike will beat his ass down as well…GO MG8 YOU ARE GREAT GO MG8 IGNORE THE HATE)

  17. Orca Says:

    This guy can win games. He’s the starter for the next 2 years. Meanwhile, they can draft a QB this year or next to groom, along with Glennon… McCown is a bridge to the future. And if he plays like he did last year, that 5 million a year looks like a bargain.

    I don’t understand what people are complaining about.

  18. Mr. T Says:

    Now the competition starts, may the best man win.

  19. 4th and long Says:

    So how does this make us better? We had the 32nd ranked offense and 1 day into free agency we still have the fourth best Qb in the South. We don’t have a 3rd or 4th Wr and our 2 is really a 3. We still have an average TE. Myers really??And yeah no O line to speak of. Smells like a ball control, boring, play not to lose offense. I guess people forget that is the reason we got rid of Dungy. Offense sells tickets and is alot more enjoyable to watch on Sundays.
    Plus we toss the best Cb like trash. And dont even get me started with the UGLY uniforms.

  20. tickrdr Says:

    Love this signing! Love all of the other signings even more.


  21. Tye Says:

    Just as with the Bears for years, Smith focuses on the defense and seems to believe he can pull off wins with a mediocre offense…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Smith sees Josh McCown as his Rex Grossman of the present so he can focus the top pick on a defensive player… Smith doesn’t have a good history record when it comes to QBs…. If that changes now it will be a pleasant surprise…

  22. Bobby M. Says:

    4th best QB in the division secured….check