Fans Focused On Wrong Vikings DE?

March 6th, 2014

everson griffen

For almost a year, some Bucs fans, in a perverse way, were looking past the 2013 season to the free agency season of 2014, hoping, drooling that Vikings defensive end Jared Allen would become a free agent and the Bucs could land him.

As the Vikings circled the drain, the possibility of Allen’s freedom increased. Then, after Bucs coach and defensive-minded Lovie Smith hired Allen’s former coach Leslie Frazier as Bucs defensive coordinator, the potential of Allen coming to the Bucs became all too delirious to ignore.

Even Joe has been on the bandwagon carrying Allen from the frozen north to the warmth of Florida’s gulf coast. But maybe, were we all focused on the wrong Vikings defensive end free agent? Could it be, rather than Allen, the Bucs are eyeing Everson Griffen? It seems NFL analyst Evan Silva of believes Griffen, not Allen, would be the perfect signing by the Pewter Pirates.

@evansilva: No better FA fit for #Buccaneers than Everson Griffen. Leslie Frazier tie, fills huge need, young, versatile, tremendously high ceiling.

Forgetting about Griffen’s checkered legal history for a moment, Joe, not knowing a whole lot about Griffen’s on field activities, went to Google for research. And, well, if the Bucs are counting on Griffen to be their dominating edge rusher, he’s no Allen.

Griffen, 26, has never been a starter in the NFL but, per, has “flashed” potential dominance. That’s no ringing endorsement. Then Joe checked his numbers, which aren’t any better than Adrian Clayborn’s. Last year, playing in all 16 games, Griffen had 5.5 sacks, the same as Clayborn.

So if Clayborn’s numbers were, as Lovie said, “solid” which will get you 4-12, what does that say about Griffen, who has never started in the NFL?

Could the Bucs sign Griffen? Yeah, as a backup, but the Bucs still need a reliable, double-digit sack guy from the edge. Griffen doesn’t appear to be that guy. Yet.

24 Responses to “Fans Focused On Wrong Vikings DE?”

  1. DontBucN8 Says:

    I like Everson Griffen

  2. biff barker Says:

    Is he that much of an upgrade over Gholston? We already have lot’s of upside on the roster.
    Upside doesn’t count unless it’s dirt cheap. We need proven double digit talent and that’s Allen.

  3. Scott Says:

    Stafford (or whoever that is) looks dead in that pic. Must have been a monster hit.

  4. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    look where the other dudes crotch is. of course he is going to stay down. I would be trying to sink into the grass.

  5. BucsQcCity Says:

    Nice pic Joe!

  6. Ra'Shad Says:

    It sounds like he got that as being apart of a rotation. What he if got the playing time Clayborn got?

  7. Kevin Says:

    If for some reason they trade Clayborn, I could see this going down. Until that happens though, I can’t see any rationale other than he wants to sign with us for dirt cheap.

  8. The_Buc_Realist Says:


    If Claybon is traded, do you think the Bucs could get a 4th round pick for him?

  9. Joe Says:

    Yes, Joe thinks that’s Clayborn’s market value.

  10. zam Says:

    Evan Silva has never impressed me much. Much better analysis from Joe.

  11. bucs4lyfe Says:

    throw money at jared allen who’s past his prime….or perhaps greybeard julius peppers, lets throw huge money at free agents instead of drafting and developing our own players lol sure sounds like alot of people miss john gruden. that 4-12 season is more of an indication of the pathetic coaching staff we had not the players because those same players in playoff race midseason of greg schiano coaching staff but oh we actually had a quarterback who was 9th in passing yards instead of a guy who completed 67% of his passes even though most of them were checkdowns. i bet this same exact team we have now WITH a better quarterback can bounce back, i hope their thinking long term because only person worth a long term contract is michael bennett since he’s the youngest of the 3 ends ive mentioned but at 27 he’s yet to hit double digit sacks in his career and his last two seasons were the only two sack dominant seasons of his entire nfl career, i like the idea of quality depth and watch the cream rise to the top because even with any of those top defensive ends or even clowney no one sees this team going to the superbowl and no one sees this team going 4-12 so why overpay. revis is overpayed enough and i think clayborne will come back to his rookie form….no one seems to mention that his rookie year he had more sacks than bennett meaning he outplayed bennett as a rookie? in terms of sacks and motor yep and 5.5 after an injury i mean seriously come on thats more than michael been ever had in his career except in that contract year with the bucs…

  12. Jonny 2.3 Says:

    @Joe, the difference between Griffen and Clayborn however is that Griffen accumulated those 5.5 sacks playing as a back up and a situational pass rusher. Not saying he is an upgrade or anything, but he is worth a look.

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Buc’em, even though it would be interesting to see if Frazier tries to utilize Means as rusher backer. Similar to the way he used Everson Griffen at times. Seattle did the same with Bruce Irvin this year.

  14. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *RUSH BACKER..smh

  15. bucs4lyfe Says:

    not everyone is a star from day one. michael bennett is an example so we shouldnt need to bring in anymore high priced stars, lets just get guys who wanna do whatever it takes to win and make a name for themselves…competition is what we need, not what greg schiano called competition

  16. BucfaninMi Says:

    We already have Gholston. Get Allen, Clayborne will get better, light the fire under Bowers ass!! If that can’t be done, let him go! Most important, we need a QB killer!! I miss Simeon Rice!!

  17. BoJim Says:

    Sign Allen.

  18. Cobraboy Says:

    I don’t see this as “either/or.” Could be “both.”

  19. Barry Says:

    We need a guy who can knock people out, not think they can.

  20. k1ngfish1 Says:

    With Allan and McCoy on the line together and Clayborne playing to his strengths and being healthy he will improve from last year

  21. Couch Fan Says:

    I hope not. We dont need another young guy with potential. We need a vet that can still deliver as welll as help bring the new guys along.

  22. b.Bruce Says:

    Clayborn will have a break out season.remember this when no one can stop him.

  23. Skipper Says:

    I’ll take Allen over Griffen any day regardless of Allen’s age. Allen is a bonifide 10 sack guy, we have enough back-up quality defensive ends.

  24. Jeremy Says:

    Joe – We should beg Jared Allen to come here. This guy is just an awesome person. He cares about winning. He is an animal in practice as well as gameday. That type of attitude is contagious and will spread. That is what we need friends