Do The Bucs Want A “Dinosaur?”

March 17th, 2014

The Bucs appear in no hurry to sign a fullback. And Joe wouldn’t be surprised to see them enter 2014 without one.

While Saints bountymaster Sean Payton is sniffing free agent Erik Lorig these days, the Bucs only have former FSU star Lonnie Pryor on the roster. He’s listed as RB/FB and is under 230 pounds with no NFL game experience.

Joe frequently listens to SiriusXM NFL Radio. What a wonderful home for an NFL junkie! Joe can’t remember how many times in the past year he’s heard the “fullback” position referred to as a “dinosaur.” Former head coach and 2013 Bucs special teams coach Dave Wannstedt dove into the that subject a big way recently.

Just look at the two Pro Bowl fullbacks last season, Marcel Reese (Oakland) and Mike Tolbert (Panthers). Neither is really a fullback. Bucs offensive coordinator would love to have speed like Reece’s to play with.

Bucs fans may not realize, but the Bucs used Erik Lorig quite a bit over the past two seasons, more than most teams used a fullback. Lorig had told Joe when Mike Sullivan took over the offense that the fullback’s role in Tampa Bay would be one of the most involved in the NFL. Thankfully, like the dinosaurs, Sullivan’s offense is extinct.

“Speed-in-space” Tedford likely has other ideas, unless he can find a true multi-threat fullback. Joe thinks Mike James, who many Bucs officials likened to Earnest Graham last season, could fill a role like that. But who knows? Little is known about the “fresh” attack to be led by Josh McCown.

21 Responses to “Do The Bucs Want A “Dinosaur?””

  1. Thibs5599 Says:

    Lonnie Pryor seems perfect for that roll then.

  2. Jwayne Says:

    I like Trey Burton from Florida. He can fill that fullback/h back role and can play TE as well. Would be a solid special teams guy and could be there in the 6th 7th round.

  3. theDON Says:

    yeah, burton

  4. BirdDoggers Says:

    I don’t suspect Lovie and Licht putting a high value on the fullback position. It’s clear they’re looking for value and with the low demand at the position they can bide time and sign a player on the cheap.

  5. Tampabaybucsfan Says:

    At one time last year we had 4 FBs on the active roster… Absurd!!!

  6. biff barker Says:

    I sold Mike James well short last season. Not anymore. Tedford needs to figure out a way to get the ball in this guys hands.

  7. BucNasty!!! Says:

    That would b real iffy to go in a season relying on a rookie rb who broke a ankle last to learn a new position and b consistently good at it especially considering he’s about 20-30 pounds to licht…… Lol did u see what I did there Joe lol. But with that being said I wouldn’t b upset to see him and Martin spas to both sides of the qb dual option passes to the speed backs n the flat. The defense better have 2 fast sideline to sideline solid tackles or it will b a long day to keep up with the multiple options. Imagine the matchup from those two n the back field with a new England double tight end formation wow talk about being able to run and throw out of that unbalanced formation. If tedford can b creative which I thibk he will b I say he has a good shot to make a top 10 offense top 15 at the least an with a top 3 top 5 defense smells like playoff aspirations to me

  8. lightningbuc Says:

    “Thankfully, like the dinosaurs, Sullivan’s offense is extinct.”

    Really, Joe? Two years ago you were telling us we’d have to worry about Sullivan leaving to be a head coach.

  9. Macabee Says:

    If the Bucs consider a FB in the draft (probably won’t), there is only one FB that I would consider in the late rounds, JC Copeland/LSU. Former D-line player with a nasty attitude. Can catch out of the backfield and has a little shake and bake. At 272lbs is agile and a fierce blocker. Similar to Vonta Leach.

  10. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree with the Trey Burton pick but will he really be around in the 6th round?

  11. Jwayne Says:

    Burton is projected to be a 6th-undrafted . I really think/hope we can snag him in the 7th. 6’3″ 230. Good size and can help out in a lot of areas

  12. Couch Fan Says:

    Burton was money whenever the Gators needed him a score. Very dependable.

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    JC Copeland is a beast, but I think Chad Abram (FSU) gives you more versatility.

    Converting (RB)’s in (FB)’s :

    • James Wilder Jr. (FSU)
    • Jerome Smith (Syracuse)

    Converting (MLB) to (FB) -who was productive at RB in HS

    • Jeremiah George (ISU)

  14. rush Says:

    Bucs need to look at le’ron mcclain

  15. William Says:

    LB Dane Fletcher was also used as FB on red zone plays by the Patriots…

  16. Grace Says:

    Funny Free Agent Fullback, and former Seahawks’ Super Bowl Champ, Michael Robinson, talked on NFL Network about this same thing, i.e. Fullbacks being a “dying breed”. What do you guys think about him?

  17. skipper Says:

    James Wilder would look good as the Bucs fullback

  18. Hawk Says:

    Mike Alstott may have one of the first ‘hybrid’ FBs that made teams think about the position in a different light. That is the kind of player that needs to be found.

  19. Hawk Says:

    Whoops! may have “been” one of…

  20. Espo Says:

    Lol @ James wilder.

    I’m hoping mike James gets the gig

  21. owlykat Says:

    There is a reason Wilder underachieved expectations at FSU. I was a big fan of his Dad, but the Bucs will be making a big mistake if they take his son. I think both Pruit and Leonard can handle it.