Bucs Have About $17 Million To Play With

March 19th, 2014

checkbookThe numbers aren’t exact, but ProFootballTalk.com, with help from the NFL Players Association, published a team-by-team look at available salary cap space.

What’s important to remember is teams must hold back cash to sign their 2014 draft picks.

Here are all the teams with $10 million available under the salary cap:

Keep in mind the Bucs signed veteran long snapper Jeremy Cain yesterday, so his cap total, likely about $1 million, is not included.

Oakland Raiders: $32,299,198
Cleveland Browns: $31,828,788
New York Jets: $27,899,282
Cincinnati Bengals: $26,607,666
Jacksonville Jaguars: $25,239,764
Miami Dolphins: $19,185,752
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $17,558,206
Green Bay Packers: $17,024,449
Indianapolis Colts: $16,730,795
Philadelphia Eagles: $16,203,629
Buffalo Bills: $15,590,046
Minnesota Vikings: $15,489,099
Seattle Seahawks: $15,213,737
Atlanta Falcons: $10,194,447

Whether the Bucs have $16 million or $17 million, the key is the Bucs have room to get creative/active with more signings, draft day trades, etc.

This list also lets Joe know there are plenty of teams out there that could afford Jeremy Zuttah’s roughly $4 million salary, if the Bucs are indeed shopping him.

It’ll be interesting to see where the Bucs land when the season starts, considering Lovie Smith said he expects to spend nearly every nickel of available cash.

46 Responses to “Bucs Have About $17 Million To Play With”

  1. Couch Fan Says:

    After all we signed in free agency, we still have $17 mil to spend? Wow.

  2. You Go Joe Says:

    Something not right…I read in other sites we have 11 mil or close to it. I’m not calling Joe a liar or false info, especially that these are the numbers NFLPA received and filed. But from Overthecap.com it mentions 9 mil in free space and that includes Jeremy Cain and other FA signed.

    With 9 million of free space we can give McCoy an extension (well deserved extension) after Suh gets his. I do think David deserves some money more than 900k, he supposed to earn that.

  3. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    More good news in those stats. You have to drop down pretty far to reach the Dixie Chicks at 10 million and I don’t even see the Aints or the Panzies on the list at all.

    Why am I getting the feeling that the Aints are having a bad off season? Wishful thinking on my part?

  4. Captain Stagger Says:

    Well that leaves plent to make that trade for DJax…..

  5. TB Rican Says:

    Why not sign Devin Hester? I know he’s asking for 4 mil.. but I’m sure for Lovie he will come cheaper.

  6. Bill T Says:

    need at least $3m to spend on the draft

  7. T in Orlando Says:

    @ you go joe

    FYI, the Bucs and Lavonte David cannot even talk about new contract until next off season. Under new CBA, Rookie contracts cannot be renegotiated until after 3 years.

    You’re right, he does deserve more money, and it would be nice if we could extended now, as the price is likely only to go up.

  8. You Go Joe Says:

    @T in Orlando

    I figured he might not be eligible for upgrade 🙁 but like we agree he deserves it.

  9. Macabee Says:

    You go Joe,

    McCoy’s 15mil cap hit is already counted under the cap. If his contract is extended, it will lower the cap hit and in effect, put money into cap space, not take away.

  10. SAMCRO Says:

    Why does Joe seem so giddy about trading Zuttah?

    Let Joe stop you there. Joe has never once been giddy about trading Zuttah. Joe has, in fact, celebrated Zuttah’s versatility and intelligence. That’s a tough thing to toss overboard in a veteran but still young O-lineman. He’s got value. It’s not Joe’s $4 million, and there’s nothing wrong with Zuttah’s work ethic or attitude. –joe

    Can it be that Joe is still butt sore over the release of Joe’s eskimo brother Donald Penn? Zuttah was not the problem on the line last year. In fact he is rather versatile and can backup center and play well at guard. He’s well worth his measly 4 million salary and almost half of Penn and Joseph’s 6-7.5 million salary respectively. You should be advocating against his trade rumors not acting complicit about it. What did the Big Dog say? Oh yeah …JoePessimistFan.com 🙂

  11. Jordan Says:

    I’m curious where that additional 7-8 million is coming from. Were there any reworked contracts that we are unaware of?

  12. You Go Joe Says:


    yeah I was told of that before and with 9 mil in the cap space can give around 3 mil extra for the Pro Bowler or 4 and keep 5 mil for rookies and practice squad guys.

  13. bucsQcCity Says:

    Sign Draft Pick. Extend McCoy.

  14. kh Says:

    Yep – we need to holdback to extend McCoy as much as signing draft picks

  15. louden Says:

    Like you guys, i think Lavonte should get new contract as soon as possible, no matter if its not right business – he simply deserves it and should get the “love” and respect by the bucs (so that he will feel comfortable right away to finish his carreer here^^)
    GMC also should get his contract, i think even before Suh.. Just show the players that hard work and loyalty and stuff gets rewarded.
    Bucs could even think about giving Hester 3Mio this year – he is a threat every time he get the chance to return and Bucs and afford it and next year is another year (maybe he could add another year then on the cheap..)

  16. Bill T Says:

    Just read elsewhere, they have $9.4m in capspace ($3m area must be used for draft). The $17m doesn’t account for recent signings. Since Joe doesn’t like posting other sites, can’t link the page lol

  17. teacherman777 Says:

    Eric Page is servicable. And super cheap.

    No need for Hester.

    I want to save our money and extend GMC NOW. Before Suh.

    6 years, 70 million. 40 in guarantees. With 15 up front.


    I think guaranteed money is the way to keep players longer for cheaper.

    More guaranteed money will keep players happy. And it can keep his salary down.

  18. tmaxcon Says:

    extending mccoy will had significant cap space considering his number is 15.6 now couple with the projected increases over the next few years. I feel and think the bucs are in outstanding cap shape with a nice blend of younger players.

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    ADD not had my bad

  20. coolman Says:

    We need speed

  21. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    “More guaranteed money will keep players happy. And it can keep his salary down.”

    In some cases, yes. But, in other situations, you get the Chris Johnson effect. He shut it down after he got his $.

    The flip side of making them happy, is keeping them hungry. It’s not an easy call no matter what. Not saying that will happen specifically with McCoy, but, more in general.

  22. Macabee Says:


    Nice to know that there are others among us that understand how cap management works. Hats off to you!

  23. Kalind Says:

    Why do we have to wait for Suh? Is that some sort of unwritten rule I’m not aware of? Lets just sign he and David now. To hell with waiting for Suh.

  24. Lucky Buccers Says:

    Hey Joe, How do you feel about Watkins at #7?

  25. tmaxcon Says:


    I would guess that it’s McCoy’s agent pushing to wait for Suh not the Bucs. Suh’s deal will set the market value. They will always be tied to each other in that regard in my opinion due to same position and draft status. as long as their play is close that is.

  26. Lucky Buccers Says:

    We have a new gm, all new coaching staff and coordinators, half a new d line, half a new o line, new quarterback, te, and probaby a receiver. We shouldn’t get our hopes up too much for this season, though I do think we can do better than 4 wins.

  27. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Speaking of Watkins, are the Panthers looking to trade up for him? They have zero receivers right now. I’d take that call and the picks.

  28. pick6 Says:

    hmm…so the bucs could have made all the same moves and kept revis for a year if they really wanted to do so as they’ve expressed. they could still free up cap space for a couple more additions by doing a new deal for mccoy and shopping mike williams or dashon goldson. how much nicer would it have been to keep revis and force another team’s hand in a trade sometime over the next 12 months? we parted ways with him at the absolute low point of his value.

  29. DontBucNH8 Says:

    I like getting Desean Jackson. He’ll be V Jax replacement next year and he’s a good Return man also. Jackson proven, fast and Tedford would love that kid.

  30. Mort Says:

    The difference between these numbers and overthecap.com likely comes from the fact that the nfl and PA only count the top 51 salaries right now.

    We have more than that on the roster by a long shot.

  31. Oregon Buc Says:

    We are young again! We are hungry! We are Youngry again!

  32. Jordan Says:

    The Panthers trading up to select Watkins would be similar to the Falcons when they traded up for Julio Jones. The Falcons sent two 1st rounders, one 2nd rounder, and two 4th rounders.

  33. Orca Says:

    The cap space is actually less than 10 million…


  34. JFat Says:


    Good reference for tracking the cap. We’re at 8.8 before the long snapper, so 8 mill give or take. Apologies for the link post Joe, I only wanted to put this here so people like pick6 don’t start the “we could have kept Revis” argument up.

    Bottom line: the accuracy of all of these are in question, from OverTheCap.com and others, especially now when things are in flux. –Joe

  35. Buc Weet Says:

    Pick6 I wish Mevis had some pick sixes!! We lost a draft pick cause he wouldn’t restructure! We are a better team without the selfish one.

  36. FB Says:

    Dude, lies, misrepresentations and baseless attacks on Joe don’t belong here. –Joe

  37. ryan Says:

    I’d trade for desean jackson . Trade zuttah for a 6th round pick. And try to extend Mccoy during the season

  38. FB Says:

    I have been editited! LOL #mathsucks!

  39. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    I just read an article that said Licht said they have 9 million… not 17.

  40. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    Here is the link http://www.bucsnation.com/2014/3/19/5526182/buccaneers-salary-cap-space-at-9-4-million-no-17-million

    It explains why in case you want to know why. The NFLPA is behind in updating their database.

  41. RED MAN Says:

    Article needs to be updated. Bucs nation has the accurate figures. Not close to $17M

  42. kaput Says:

    Does this surprise anyone? They’ve been cheap for better than a decade now, this is nothing new.

    Many of you guys fall for the never ending stream of off season signings, and point to that as proof that the Bucs spend with the best of them. But when the rubber meets the road, it’s all just a shell game – they cut other players, and those guys rarely get mentioned or considered.

    They’re about right where I expect them to be when the season starts. They’re going to cut or trade away more salary, and then sign their draft picks.

    The Bucs will absolutely be a bottom ten spender in 2014, just as they’ve been for a long time now.

    It’s just the way these guy operate.

    If I were a Buccaneer writer, I’d lead off every article with, “The Tampa Buccaneers, who are 17.8 (or whatever the number actually is) under the salary cap this season, have just announced . . . ” It’s only fitting.

  43. Kevin Says:

    I’d sign lance moore fot the slot. not a big flashy receiver but good little slot guy that won’t break the bank. Sign him to a one year contract see how he does. He’s a first down magnet tough with good hands.

  44. zam Says:

    hey we could even afford a $16 million cornerback!

  45. pick6 Says:

    @all, if the number is more like $10 mil then i take back my comments. $17m did seem like an alarmingly high number

  46. ToesOntheLine! Says:

    How disheartening to see the Bucs on another list with the Browns, Jags, and Raiders.