Bucs Add To Defensive Line

March 11th, 2014

The Bucs weren’t just satisfied signing defensive end Michael Johnson. Today’s upgrade to the defensive line continued when the Bucs tapped the world champion Seahawks, not to land defensive end Michael Bennett, who the Bucs let walk away for no good reason, but instead for a defensive tackle.

Adam Schefter of the four-letter claims the Bucs just signed Clinton McDonald.

@AdamSchefter: Former Seahawks DT Clinton McDonald reached agreement on a 4-yr, $12M deal with Buccaneers, per ESPN sources.

Now Joe doesn’t know if this is in any way a response to Akeem Spence’s driving ways in Alabama or if this is an upgrade or a look at depth. But McDonald is making starter-level money.

McDonald, 27, had 5.5 sacks last season and is a fifth-year player and former seventh-round pick of the Bengals in 2009, 16 selections after the Bucs took Sammie Stroughter.

This should be an interesting next few hours.

45 Responses to “Bucs Add To Defensive Line”

  1. Kansasbuc Says:

    this is whay Licht needs to cut Revis… He has no idea how to do reasonable contracts so he needs Revis’ contract money to overpay trash to moderate players.

    One thing I liked about Dom was his ability to do contracts

  2. Kansasbuc Says:

    We also signed TE Brandon Myers…omg… this is a terrible waste of money

  3. Harry Says:

    almost double the sacks of Michael Johnson from last year…

  4. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Kansasbuc, that is only $3 million per year. That’s not bad for a player entering his 5th year who could be on the verge of breaking out. At worse he is solid depth.

    I still think Spence will be good, but we need depth.

  5. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Do you thang LOVIE & LICHT-

    Improve the play in the trenches-So we can impose our will.


    GO BUCS!

  6. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I don’t like Revis leaving but I understand it. If they land Tillman I will be much happier.

    Big Dog made a solid point earlier about Banks. He played with MRSA meds most of the year.

  7. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    Roy miller was making 3 million the last year he was here. What are you guys crying about. We need 8 good to great D-lineman. So we can rotate them constantly to keep constant pressure.

    Fix this mess Lovie, and Be a Legend!

    Its a Great Day in Tampa Bay!!!

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    DT-Tony McDaniel (29) 6-7 305

  9. Hawk Says:

    @ Kansasbuc

    TE Myers contract is a ‘good value’ deal. Remember, last years’ starting TE was a former WR… who was undrafted.

  10. FLBoyInDallas Says:

    I truly and honestly wish the idiots who come out from under their rocks only during free agency and draft season would never come out in the first place. Your opinions are usually nothing but whiny bitching. Go back where you came from and let the real Bucs fans discuss things.

  11. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Thats right tell’em -WE NEED TO IMPROVE OUR ROTATION!!

  12. DallasBuc Says:

    This team has no quality depth anywhere. Bring in as many superbowl players as you want Licht!

  13. Kansasbuc Says:

    @Buccaneer Bonzai

    Yea, You’re right…lol

    I’m just so upset about this whole trading Revis thing that anything they do will anger me unless they keep Revis…

    However, TE Brandon Myers for 2yrs 4mil is dumb. Tim Wright is emerging a solid/consistent target. There was no need to spend money on a one-year wonder like him

  14. Kgh4life Says:


    What leads you to believe that Licht doesn’t know how to structure contracts. This guy might be a starter for the Bucs and will be making 3mil a year, hardly gonna break the bank. Licht said he wanted value in free agency and that’s what he got with this signing. The Revis situation is also about value. Revis is a great player, however, it’s hard to pay a player 16mil a year who doesn’t touch the ball every single play. Dominick was probably great at cap management but where is he now?

  15. Kansasbuc Says:


    Although I usually don’t comment on this website I’m on here everyday. I can express an opinion that is contrary to yours and still be as much of a Bucs fan as anyone else.

    Just cuz you express your opinion about EVERYTHING does not make you a true bucs fan. lol

  16. Fritz50 Says:

    ” a former WR… who was undrafted.”

    Did a pretty decent job, too. Whadda’ya want, DJ Toes on the line ?

  17. Vincente Says:

    Just wait. These guys are gonna blow y’all’s minds with what they have planned. This D is gonna be brutal we’re gonna party like its 1999! Ok that was dumb but this D will be great

  18. Kansasbuc Says:


    We keep talking about Revis getting paid too much. Well, who else are we paying??? lol. We don’t have a quarterback.

    At most all you will get a maybe one average starter and some rotation guys for the price of having an elite CB on your team.

    Who needs depth when you don’t have any starters to speak of. lol

  19. Bangkok Buc Says:

    As much of a Bucs fan as I am, I’m sometimes embarrassed by the amount of negativity I read by so many of you pions.

    We just added a potential game changer at DE and solid depth acquisitions at DT and TE within the first 20 minutes of the market opening. You bitch that the Bucs don’t spend enough alllll the time and now it’s “this guy is a waste of money”

    You lead sad live pions, sad life indeed.

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    December 24th, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    Sign Blocking TE’s (That can catch of Course)

    Name: Brandon Pettigrew DOB: 1985-02-23 College: Oklahoma State Height: 6’05″ Weight: 263 Drafted: Annual NFL Draft Year: 2009 Round: 1 Selection: 20

    Name: Brandon Myers DOB: 1985-09-04 College: Iowa Height: 6’04″ Weight: 250 Drafted: Annual NFL Draft Year: 2009 Round: 6 Selection: 202

    I Never forget when we played the Raiders a few years back-That kid Myers smashed Us! (Even though We won)

  21. SAMCRO Says:

    I don’t know if this is a precursor on what to expect in the draft but I find it odd that the Bucs have only filled defensive positions with FA so far, even QB. Could this mean that our first draft pick be on the offensive side of ball?

    Kind of looking that way. ..maybe OT, WR, G

  22. pick6 Says:

    so far the pattern has been to overpay players where we had good-enough production from guys on rookie deals in the last 2 years. and we will fund it by cutting darelle revis. next up, mccown for $7 million.

  23. Steve from Oregon Says:

    This is a great find for our team as a difference maker on the line. Somebody that can spell Gerald and line up next to him.

  24. BFFL Says:

    There are a lot of very very stupid people on this blog. First of all regarding MJ, it’s not all about sacks. He had 56 tackles last year (34 solo) and 10 passes blocked. Secondly, Meyers is one of the most underrated TEs. He’s an excellent route runner and will get open. Remember that the Giants do not feature TEs in their scheme. Third, McDonald is a pure interior force. Why do you think Seattle was able to play 7 man fronts and still stop the run.

    There is no question these signing have greatly improved the team today.

  25. pick6 Says:

    this guy had zero sacks in his career until last season. is there a bigger red flag in free agency than a d-lineman who suddenly becomes an impact player in a contract year? i understand lovie’s “spend to the cap” desired approach. i don’t think he understands that the players have to actually be worth what you spend. we are going to be strangled by dead money or deadbeat players within 2 seasons if the trends continue. but hey, at least we won’t be paying a potential defensive MVP $16 mil. i mean, do you know how many scrubs we could overpay with that cash?

  26. Kgh4life Says:


    Who are we over paying exactly? Educate me!

  27. Kansasbuc Says:

    All I’m saying is that, had not this discussion come up about trading Revis I would be fine with Clinton McDonald (still not so much Myers). But when all you hear is about your team trading one of its best players for no other reason then “he makes too much” then that pretty dumb considering we really don’t have anyone (like a QB) we have to resign.

  28. Kansasbuc Says:

    Per bleacher report:

    Packers C Evan Dietrich-Smith is heading to Tampa on a visit

  29. Johngru Says:

    I want to trust licht and lovie in these selections. They must see something or know something to be making these moves. At any rate problem areas from last year are being addressed. Have to wait until the first few games of the season to accuratley gauge these moves. BUt I trust they would not make them if they did not know something that we may not know.

  30. Johngru Says:

    Hope they pick up one or both of the Saints O-Lineman FA’S, we need our O-line fixed in the worst way.

  31. pick6 Says:


    we overpaid in terms of guaranteed money for michael johnson, probably in terms of base pay as well due to market pressures. the guy has exactly one season where he’s been more productive than adrian clayborn behind the line of scrimmage, and we are married to him until he’s 31 (equivalent of 3 yrs guaranteed). we paid starter money to a DT whose 5.5 sacks last year are the exception and not the rule, and who may or may not have been the product of one of the best team defenses in NFL history. whether he’s projected as mccoy’s backup or a starting NT, he is overpaid unless mccoy misses significant time. We are probably about to pay Josh McCown as a starter to “win” a bidding war over his services, having learned nothing from every backup QB in the last 3 years to shine in limited action but fail as a #1. i don’t know enough about brandon myers or the new system to comment on that, but if he’s anything other than the starting TE $2 million is generous.

  32. BoJim Says:

    Some people just gotta whine.

  33. Bangkok Buc Says:

    How can you you possibly know that we overpaid on any of these 3 guys? Guys like you make me laugh. All you do is bitch and whine no matter what the Bucs do. I find it sad that we come out of the gates flying with additions and all you can think of is negativity. Sad buddy. Sad

  34. muchacho Says:


  35. bucrightoff Says:

    Bangkok Buc Says:
    March 11th, 2014 at 5:25 pm
    How can you you possibly know that we overpaid on any of these 3 guys? Guys like you make me laugh. All you do is bitch and whine no matter what the Bucs do. I find it sad that we come out of the gates flying with additions and all you can think of is negativity. Sad buddy. Sad

    Someone posted this on PFT, but…

    2013 Free Agency Big Players = Dolphins; Result = missed playoffs
    2012 Free Agency Big Players = Bucs; Result = missed playoffs
    2011 Free Agency Big Players = Eagles; Result = missed playoffs
    2009 Free Agency Big Players = Redskins; Result = missed playoffs

    Winning free agency usually means losing the games that matter.

  36. Trubucfan22 Says:

    5.5 sacks for a 5 tech is pretty darn good. Add that to McCoy and we will have a dominant interior line. Now we just need that splash DE. I hope Johnson isn’t the only DE we get today. We need more help than that. Although I’m very happy we have Johnson, he is a true pass rusher, just needs to get a little quicker and his sacks will increase, but the talent is there to be a good DE.

  37. kgh4life Says:


    When you put it that way i see your point. The Johnson signing is based mostly on potential, however, he has great physical attributes that many teams want in a DE, so it is a risky signing on some levels, hopefully Lovie and the coaching staff can help him take that next step. The Myers and Mcdonald signing i am ok with. What is really evident is that Licht and Lovie is targeting the weak spots of the team. Hopefully they do get value for the money.

  38. Bangkok Buc Says:

    Agree with you. being a winner in FA doesn’t necessarily translate into wins. But it doesn’t guarantee losses either.

    Bucs fans universally agree that we require improvements at DE, TE and QB along with depth in the trenches. Some of that was addressed on day one today.

    Call me ol’ fashioned but I’m a glass half full kinda guy.

  39. pick6 Says:

    @bangkok buc. believe it or not i’ve been the ultimate bucs homer\apologist in my 15+ years of supporting the team, i’m certainly not part of the ” All you do is bitch and whine no matter what the Bucs do” crowd. heck, i got excited about every flicker & glimpse of promise in the forgettable raheem\schiano eras. but i have to acknowledge that my initial feeling is that we are overvaluing free agents.

    i can’t predict the future any more than an NFL GM or HC can. but the terms “overpaid” and “underpaid” are functions of the market, individual production, and a player’s anticipated spot on the depth chart short & long term. thus:
    -look at the player’s historic production
    -look at what other guys producing similarly are getting paid
    -adjust for intangibles\circumstances\expected playing time as knowledge allows

    the money says we expect Michael Johnson to be better than michael bennet for longer, and is a satisfactory starter for the next 3 years. the market says $3 million is not customary for a starting NT or backup 3 technique. my gut tells me that we are not going to get what we pay for in josh mccown.

    they could all be well worth it and i will be thrilled, but what i think i’m seeing is costly band-aids and setting ourselves up to push some better value draftees to the side for the crime of playing under terrible coaches in the past.

  40. bucrightoff Says:

    Outside pass rush, we need corners the worst, and that was before we’re about to cut a top 3 one. Signing Tillman as a replacement is far too big a gamble (injuries, age, year to year on retirement).

  41. pick6 Says:

    in (hopefully) my last post on this thread, i just want to clarify: i wasn’t demanding\seeking a bonanza of big names, the only reason that the notion of “overpaying” bothers me today is that the more aggressive FA contracts are being done presumably because the team feels comfortable dumping revis and freeing up $16 mil in cap room. if the bucs flip revis and our 1st to cleveland for both their #1s, i’m a happy guy because we can get much better on draft day for our troubles. if we just cut #24 outright and misspend the savings, it just exacerbates our talent shortage

  42. Hawk Says:

    @ Fritz50

    ” a former WR… who was undrafted.”

    Did a pretty decent job, too. Whadda’ya want, DJ Toes on the line ?

    Sorry I didn’t make my point a little more clear. *I* have no problem with the signing of Myers. I think it’s an excellent ‘value’. It’s important, if for no other reason than the fact that the Bucs were down to using a former WR who wasn’t even (considered) good enough to be drafted in the seventh round.
    Wright did MORE than a pretty decent job. But the Bucs can’t start the season with one ‘pretty decent’ TE.

  43. bornandRAYSed Says:

    I am so happy that none of you get paid to make football decisions for the Bucs. If you were happy with the Lovie and Licht signings, then let them do their jobs and trust that they know more than any of you.

  44. Orca Says:

    Fu*king whiners already calling for Lovie and Licht’s heads. So predictable. What a bunch of jacka55es.

  45. mark2001 Says:

    Alterraun Verner…yes