Tebow A Perfect Bucs Short-Yardage Fit?

February 4th, 2014
tim tebow

An ex-Buc explains his emphatic “No” to Michael Vick but “Yes” to Tim Tebow

There’s a former Buccaneer lobbying for Tim Tebow to join the roster of one Lovie Smith.

That’s right. A year out of professional football and busy with BSPN, TV commercials, appearance fees and charitable endeavors, Tebow is said to be a fantastic fit with the Buccaneers — just not competing for a starting quarterback gig.

That’s the word Ian Beckles, the former Bucs guard (1990-1996) turned WDAE-AM 620 personality.

“I want you to listen to something. Listen to it closely. This is a perfect situation to bring Tim Tebow here and make him a role player. Not a quarterback, a role player, Beckles said. “Short yardage, goal line, put him in at quarterback. You get an extra blocker. It might be four, five plays a game.  He’s scoring touchdowns. He’s popular. He’s pounding his body in there. He’s not a quarterback, but for short yardage/goal line, he would be good. And the most important thing, he’s not going to upset Mike Glennon. You’re not going to take Tom Brady off the field or Peyton Manning, but you can take Mike Glennon off the field.”

Well, Joe can’t offer an official endorsement of this idea, but Joe would surely be open to it if offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford thought it could succeed.

Maybe it would work, but there would be no way to avoid the circus that surrounds Tebow. And Joe doubts that’s worth the trouble for the team. (Perhaps Darrelle Revis’ opinion could be sought for this proposed scenario?)

Joe would hope the Bucs could get a lot tougher in short yardage with Doug Martin’s return and a better (hopefully) playcaller and offensive line.

On avoiding a potential quarterback controversy with Tebow and keeping him as a role player, Beckles delivered a classic response. “Don’t teach him the offense. We already know he can’t do that.”

You can enjoy the full Beckles audio below. He also dives into why Michael Vick is a bad idea.

87 Responses to “Tebow A Perfect Bucs Short-Yardage Fit?”

  1. SoonerinTampa Says:

    What a stupid idea…bring in Tebow for MAYBE 5-10 plays a game…utterly foolish talk.

  2. Kirk Says:

    Much like your taste for crappy lite beer and women you’ll never get next to, this is a very bad idea. Then again, there is nothing that can measure my indifference to anything Ian Beckles has to say.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Im not a tebow fan but he does make a good point.

  4. ander Says:

    the move makes no sense is stupid, its obvious tebow only wants to be a qb if you come to him and tell him hey tebow i want you to come to play for the bucs as a goal line specialist he will be like no im not going to do that, theirfore try to develop glennon and sign vick for competition, the only tebow will come here is if we tell him he has a shot at starting as a qb for the bucs.

  5. ander Says:


    he makes a good point if tebow was willing to do that, but he wont cause tebow wants to be a starting qb not a goal line specialist for any team

  6. Orca Says:

    This is the kind of thinking the Jets ad when they brought him in. That was a disaster.

  7. CJO Says:

    No.. The Bucs don’t need the circus that is Tebow… He’s not worth a roster spot to be a gadget play “QB” for a team trying to find a long term solutuion at the QB position.

  8. MikeJ Says:

    I hope this is a Joe ”stir the pot at the site” post.

    Beckles wasn’t joking, and it’s not like he’s calling for Tebow to play QB. Joe’s merely passing on what’s interesting, as usual. –Joe

  9. MegaDaveUK Says:

    Cmon Joe, you must be bored lol

  10. no Says:


  11. MegaDaveUK Says:

    I see the logic, but we can get one of those with a 7th round pick without the hype and drama

  12. Orca Says:

    We have now entered the part of the year where there’s no interesting NFL news. When does the league year start? March 11th?

    There’s plenty of interesting news. But happenings upcoming in February are the NFL Scouting Combine + decisions on restricted free agents + other free agents being told they’re not going to be welcomed back. –Joe

  13. Barry Says:

    Tebow = No Blackouts.

  14. canadian bucsfan Says:

    Loving it! Bring in Vick, Tebow and then maybe see what Ryan Leaf is doing.
    All kidding aside maybe it isn’t such a bad idea, I still have nightmares about the bucs saints game 2 seasons ago where Blount couldn’t get 1 yard in 3 carries.

  15. theDON Says:

    TEBOW TIme. love it. we havent had a good short yardage guy since alstot.

  16. pick6 Says:

    let’s keep a running tally of how many media types out there throw out Tebow’s name to get listeners\viewers\hits during an otherwise barren news window between the superbowl and the draft

  17. Keirster Says:

    I love the idea! I understand that Tim wants to be a QB, but if he wants to be relevant in the NFL he will have to take a lesser position. I think he is good for a league with a bunch of ME FIRST personality types. The Ultimate teammate and he would sell tickets and would not cost much.

  18. Amar Says:


    I’m a fan of Johnny Manziel as well….Question: So you’re wiling to trade up to #1 overall from #7? Wouldn’t that require more draft picks than Gruden and Keyshawn Johnson combined?

    To my knowledge, Manziel is going #1 overall to HOU.

  19. BuckPuck Says:

    Tebow has actually been working for 6 months and has completely changed his throwing mechanics. He has taken over 100,000 reps with the best QB guru in the country. Dilfer did a video segment on this and said if you didn’t know who Tebow was you would say he had a NFL caliber arm.

  20. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    I have said since before he was drafted, the kid has a nose for the endzone. He just can’t pass. He makes Vick look like Montana.

    The thing is, as far as publicly, he and his people refuse to accept a position switch, so, Ian might as well be talking about taking Joe on a microbrewery tour before stopping off for a dinner of fresh fish and kimchi.

    It’s a moot point.

  21. Clowney Says:

    “Tebow = No Blackouts.”

    Full stadiums chanting “TEBOW, TEBOW, TEBOW!!!”

    Every time the QB throws an incomplete pass. Yeah, Lovie wants that.

  22. mpmalloy Says:

    Hear me out!
    Bring in the Tebow!

    The Tebow will do nothing but help the Bucs
    …and then bring in a pocket type guy to compete
    directly with MG.

    Just say no to drugs and Mike Vick.

  23. Espo Says:

    Right because the league hasn’t figured out the wildcat yet. How about we get our beast guards healthy or replace them with healthy guards and score touchdowns like men!

  24. jojn14 Says:

    wow::::Joe was able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone!!
    You like Glennon but you disparage him(Joe would hope the Bucs could get a lot tougher in short yardage with Doug Martin’s return and a better (hopefully) playcaller) You just want him gone. Dude, the playcaller being referred to was offensive coordinator, not the quarterback.–Joe

    One of your radio friends made it a personal campaign to, in his own words, run Schinano’s ass out of town. that’s what it seems that you are trying to do with Glennon. You keep saying he’s the worse quarterback in our division. News Flash!! So was Freeman, so would be almost any other Quarterback available, but to admitt that, you would have to admit that your standard for Glennon is not fair. As for Tebow, where is the circus now? There is no circus unless the press drums on up. Again, Fairness is not afforded this man, most likely because he is a christian, and we know how some people in the media can’t stand that. Let them bring in anyone in to compete with Glennon if he is beat out, fine{bet he takes it like a ma not like a favorite crybaby we all know], if he wins the job under Lovey, lay off the kid and be the type of fan this web site advertises it to be.

  25. PRBucFan Says:

    I just laughed and laughed and laughed

    But if he wanted to be our FB at the goaline that would be great 🙂

  26. 1976Buc Says:

    If Tebow is on board for the right price this isn’t as bad as first appearance would give. He could sell tickets for the Glazers, be a leader in the locker room and a role model for the community. Wildcat/Fullback/Tight End possibilities?

  27. Beeric Says:

    If your offense needs a “special” player like Tebow to get into the endzone, you have other problems to fix.

  28. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Shocking I tell you. Absolutely shocking that there are only 26 comments to this article.

  29. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Not crazy about this idea either. The only way I think it could POSSIBLY work is if Tebow would agree to be a H-back/fullback as his full time job. Of course he probably won’t, because he is in a delusional world that some team is actually going to want him to be a starting QB. But no, he’s not worth the circus for a few plays a game.

  30. Diehard_Bob Says:

    @BuckPuck – I posted a link to the video yesterday and suggested bringing him in for a tryout to see if he has really changed his mechanics. Bucs have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking a look. @Joe – regarding your comment yesterday about how he hasn’t been able to change in the past. I thought you agreed with Tedford that a QB can still be taught mechanics after becoming a pro, unlike Schiano. Hell . . . a few years ago they did bring in Leaf for a tryout and cut him with no harm done. Better to take a look now than kick yourself later if he has changed and succeeds somewhere else.

  31. Buccanole Says:

    Here’s another idea equally as genius. Let’s hold open try outs for the homeless people of Tampa. You’d be doing it for a good cause and one of them are just as likely to be successful in the NFL as Tebow.

  32. Getaclue Says:

    Hey lovie likes his florida qbs, leak,grossman,might as well get the next one lol.All joking aside though when the game is on the line he is a different player,when glennon had a game on the line he threw 2 picks in the 4th quarter. That’s something either you have or you dont. If tedford is some qb guru who got all this production from guys that busted in the nfl then maybe there is a sun in a dogs ass he would see what he could do. Not saying it would work but it would sell tickets at the least. If we cant draft who we want or pick up viable competition, the best thing we could do is bring tebow in,even if he cant beat glennon out he is going to know if he doesnt get the job done fans will be calling for tebow. If we cant get who we want this year ,that pressure would be enough to see if we have something with glennon.

  33. bwf921 Says:

    This is the dumbest idea Ian has ever had (that I know of). You bring Tebow in for short yardage. It will take other teams about 1/2 of a game to figure out why he is in the backfield. And then what, a trick play where he throws it. He can’t throw the ball. He’s an athlete so if he wants to try out for tight end bring it on, other than that please stop the madness.

  34. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I kind of feel sorry for Tebow. The guy did nothing but win in college, came to the NFL and made it deep into the playoffs…and was benched.

    Makes one wonder if he had to win a superbowl to remain as starter.

    I understand his throwing mechanics were wrong…but he still won games.

    I am not a college fan so I never bothered watching him play, but I see nothing wrong with bringing him into training camp. He could be one of the 80 guys here. If he isn’t good? Cut him. Costs the Bucs next to nothing. Drives up fan interest for the preseason games.

    Lord knows the preseason games need him.

  35. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    And the Bucs could actually try him out at other positions too.

  36. Aubpierce Says:

    Tebow passed for 9,285 yards in college with 88 tds and 16 ints ask the Steelers if he can pass. You don’t forget how to ride a bike or pass .It must be mental or the speed of the game.That being said I don’t care if he plays again,but I did enjoy him in college and that is enough for me.

  37. BuckPuck Says:

    I am telling you guys I work at IMG and we know the guys working with Tebow. He actually trained here for months. He has completely changed his mechanics. Guy is a winner and has all the intangibles, if he has changed as a passer we would be doing ourselves a disservice to not bring him in for a tryout.

  38. BucfaninMO Says:

    If people wanna bring Tebow in to camp why not throw in Mark Sanchez’s name in the mix? He did take the Jets to 2 AFC title games.
    BTW the Jets brought Tebow in for the same exact reasons and look how well that turned out for them..

  39. buccanAy Says:

    what was that phrase you used earlier….”trolling to get a reaction”?
    Seriously, I doubt Smith will want the Tebow circus going on in his 1st season, and doubt he’d be willing to risk his coaching career to JFF. Smith seems conservative by nature, and IMO, will give Glennon a chance with a real offensive staff and some viable offensive players, while concentrating on the DL, particularly DE and CB, and OL, and possibly TE and some speed at WR.

  40. Cmurda Says:

    This is crazy talk.

  41. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    GMs will sign straight up killers, wife beaters, child abusers if they can play and help a team win.

    So, unless you there reading this post think you know football better than the 32 NFL GM’s/coaches, then save your breath.

    It’s like the free market. If he could play, he would. It’s truly that simple.

  42. Kevin Says:

    Just thought of this…the Bucs organization obviously new before the end of the season they were bringing Lovie into town, and Lovie was pretty sure Tedford was coming. Tedford coached Aaron Rodgers, and Rodgers little brother is on the Bucs practice squad. Just saying you never know what’s gonna happen. Could though…

  43. Kevin Says:

    The jets turned Tebow into a circus.cHe didn’t bring it to town…just ask Revis. It was the Rex Ryan Show. I don’t think it would hurt to bring him in for a tryout. He has a winning record I don’t care what everyone say’s. If Christian Ponder can start as long as he has, Tebow should get a tryout with someone. Feel bad for the guy he want’s to play football.

  44. Snook Says:

    I think we need to get an offense that actually gets into goal line situations before we worry about an overpriced and overhyped FB to punch it in the endzone.

  45. Snook Says:

    “Guy is a winner and has all the intangibles, if he has changed as a passer we would be doing ourselves a disservice to not bring him in for a tryout.”


    Then he can play for the IMG’s NFL team. The 32 real NFL teams and their qualified scouts, coaches and GMs have decided to pass on him.

  46. Eric Says:

    Man these QB options get more depressing every day.

    Honestly I’d take Grossman over Vick or Tebow. But that has to be Lovie’s worst nightmare.

    Just no good options. Looks like we pray Glennon improves.

  47. BuckPuck Says:

    Snook, I guarantee you he will get signed by someone this offseason based on the changes he has made. Also way to go on taking parts of a comment to make your point

  48. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    I like Tebow, bu how many years are we going to hear about him changing his mechanics? They’ve been saying that literally every year since the combine, yet his mechanics always look exactly the same. People think that you can just change your mechanics and all of a sudden you will be a totally different player, when in fact it doesn’t work like that. Name me one player in the history of the NFL that has gone from being a terribly inaccurate passer (and that’s putting Tebow’s accuracy mildly) to a very accurate passer (something that is a major requirement in a Tedford offense).

    Until (or if) he swallows his pride and is willing to accept the fact that he will never ever be a starting NFL QB, he will not play in the NFL. Through no fault of his own, he brings too much of a distraction to make it worth it. And no decent WR is ever going to want to play with him, due to the fact that they don’t want to block all game, nor do they want to answer a million Tebow questions after he gets all the glory in a team sport. And most WR’s typically want the ball thrown near their chest, not by their shoelaces or 12 feet over their head.

  49. NY Buc Says:

    …and this is why I think you can bring in any FA qb that will likely be available this upcoming season and Glennon will beat them. There simply isn’t any great options. I will congratulate Joe though, with the panic he has instilled in my from mentioning Mike Vick and Tim Tebow (though at least he seems like a good dude) as Bucs qb’s I’m almost hoping they go for Manziel just to quelch these horrible rumors (even though I’m not sold on Manziel I just don’t want either of the two guys mentioned).

  50. Kevin Says:

    You know what, I say we go get Blaine Gabbert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. mpmalloy Says:

    Blaine Gabbert is a true American.

    Seriously though: I really like the Tebow idea:
    Then bring in McCown to compete w/ Glennon.

    This Tebow idea is shear genius.

  52. chickster Says:


  53. Eric Says:

    Vince Young is 31-19 as a starter.

    If you want a reclamation project better than Tebow IMO.

  54. SteveK (MGM) Says:

    Tebow is worthy of a roster spot.

  55. scotty Says:

    Aaron Murray ? he’s healing nice how about him

  56. gulfcoast Says:

    Please football Gods, combine, free agency, something please give us some solid news to talk about….you could almost SMELL the tebow talk once the Mike Vick talk kicked up…. Please folks. Please stop this before the Vince young or worse talk starts!

  57. Kevin Says:

    Ryan Fitzpatrick should be easy to get as well.

  58. BuckPuck Says:

    @hawaiian buc, you are absolutely wrong. Since Tebow has entered the NFL he has never tried to COMPLETELY change his mechanics. He may have tweaked his footwork or look at shortening his delivery but not his overall style. Google Dilfer evaluates Tebow and tell me you wouldn’t give him a tryout and I will shut up.

  59. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Oh, I get it. So he’s completely changing everything he’s ever done for his entire life, and that’s a good thing to you? So essentially he’s going to have completely different mechanics and in just a few months at IMG he’s going to become a great passer? Interesting, and revolutionary. I think I’m going to attend IMG this year and work on my mechanics as well. Maybe I’d have a shot to be a great passer too.

  60. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    Wait a minute, so I’m supposed to put stock in an evaluation of Tim Tebow by his co-worker Trent Dilfer? That’s almost as bad as having me listen to Jon Gruden’s evaluation. Hmmm, no I don’t think I’ll do that. And just because I’m bored, I did, and he has the EXACT same delivery he’s always had – long, elongated, actually Byron Leftwich-like.

  61. PhantomVash808 Says:

    I say give Tebow a shot. The man just finds ways to win. Plus he would fill Stadiums and would not bring off the field problems.

  62. Doug Says:

    I think the phone lines were dead and it was either Tebow or stadium talk, Ian went Tebow.

  63. Andrew 1 Says:

    Welp, just looked at the free agent QBs and the only one that would pose any kind of serious competition for Glennon and be a solid starter is Josh McCown. So if we dont get McCown then we need to draft a QB within the first two rounds to have a capable starter, otherwise its Glennon all the way.

  64. Andrew 1 Says:

    Unless of course we trade for a QB, which is probably unlikely.

  65. BuckPuck Says:

    He is not training at IMG buddy, read before you comment. He is not changing his will to win, his leadership and ability to make people around him better. Man why do you have so much hate in your heart?

  66. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I’m all for bringing in Mark Sanchez if he gets released. Won’t get a better backup out there.

    And who knows, getting out of NY might help him.

  67. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    Hawaiian Buc, to be fair, Leftwich was a great backup.

  68. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    You’re too emotional. I have absolutely zero hate for Tim Tebow. I’m a gator fan, and I would love nothing more than for Tim Tebow to be a fantastic QB. However, I’m also realistic and understand that wanting something to happen and having any chance for it to actually happen are two entirely different things.

  69. Hawaiian Buc Says:


    Yes, because Leftwich can actually throw the football with some resemblance of accuracy. Can you say the same about Tebow?

  70. BucsFanSince89 Says:

    This QB talk is just getting out of hand! Tebow really? Might as well give Schiano another shot, heck why don’t we try Jamarcus Russell! You want Tebow for what? His Praying Skills cause is sure not his playing! And was the hate with Vick??? I bet you if it was one of you that payed his dues to society would be asking for a chance! Please so hypocritical because he did what he did he’s not a good QB option? The top QB on this FA and yo still ready to crucify him. So glad some of you ain’t the coaching stuff cause good Lord we will be a loosing team for years to come. But hey everybody is a football expert these days! lol

  71. Eric Says:

    Oh my just when it couldn’t get worse, mark Sanchez.

    Just when we need a guy nothing but a parade of horribles are out there.

  72. Jim Bob Says:

    Short yard specialist and a two tightend set would be worth a look. We could use some help there too.

  73. Eric Says:

    Jeff Garcia has been working with Jamarcus Russell…..lost 61lbs…..ready to roll.

  74. Andrew 1 Says:

    And lets just say for arguments sake that there are at most 6 QBs in this draft that you would feel comfortable starting day one. Four teams ahead of us need a franchise QB, so at the very least 3 of those 6 QBs (Bridgewater, Manziel, and Bortles all projected to go top 5) will be gone before we even draft. So realistically there are only those other 3 QB prospects (Carr, McCarron, and Garoppolo who I know is a stretch) and the free agent Josh McCown who would be worthy of a starting job. So with all that being said, for better or worse the odds are in favor of Glennon starting next season. Thats got to make the MGM feel pretty good.

  75. Rob Says:

    I’d be okay with them signing Tebow if it was 100% clear from day one that he wouldn’t be a quarterback. I don’t know if he’ll ever give up on that idea, but if he wanted to play fullback, TE… occasionally throw on a trick play, I’d be for it.

  76. Buc1987 Says:

    Tebow. lol

  77. Mumbles Says:

    I’m going to wake up in the morning and realize this discussion was just a bad dream!

  78. zam Says:

    Given how few QB’s are available in FA and the draft, we are stuck with Glennon, and that ain’t good enough. At least I would bring in Tebow as a camp QB and see if Tedford could work his magic on him.

  79. MTM Says:

    Does anyone think Glennon is better than Tebow? I would rather give Tebow an opportunity than watch more of Glennon is 2014!

  80. gulfcoast Says:

    Bucfansince89.. The Vick hate has nothing to do with hypocrisy nor him paying his dues, have you seen him play lately? No because he’s peanut brittle. Nice agenda though, touché with the “hypocrisy” jab, now back to football! Tebow, no thanks….

  81. gulfcoast Says:

    Give tedford a shot with glennon.. Stop calling for people’s heads so quickly.

  82. Al Says:

    I wish there was a “like” button in the comments section.

  83. BoJim Says:

    Don’t think Tebow plays anywhere that won’t start him as QB. Maybe Vick can’t run but he throws pretty good ans has has enough legs to at least move around in the pocket. Bring him in for competition. I like Glennon and think he will start but bringing in another QB would be good for him.

  84. JJ Says:

    This makes about as much sense as starting Tebow and then bringing in Glennon on downs where a pass is obvious. Yea, that will fool’m.

  85. David Says:

    Really????!!!! Why dont we just sign Jared Lorenzen…..lol…bigger, better accuracy and no dreams of being a starter.

  86. Drew Says:

    This is. Joke right? Tebow has proven he can win in the NFL, more the Glennon can say! Are you worried that Glennon would be hurt if Lovie started Tebow over Glennon? Don’t know about you but the bucs could use some of the Tebow mania that he brings.

  87. chris schiefen Says:

    I’m so confused “we already know he can’t do that” is such an acceptable fable when it comes to Tim Tebow & quarterbacking. His QB rating (forgive me, but it’s the aggregate stat that seems most effective, not some cherry-picking yardage or completion #) is very credible, ESPECIALLY when stacked up against some woeful QBs who started & played this year. Heck, even John Elway & Peyton Manning had worse ratings thru 16 starts, which, wait for it, is all Tebow has played. Guy never got an offseason as the #1 (even though he was a 1st round pick), yet he still made the playoffs on a team that was 4-18 prior. In the playoffs, well who cares (destroyed the #1 pass defense), he sucks right? How’d Glennon do in the playoffs this year?
    The fact is the kid has a winning record, a decent rating, awesome leadership (always underestimated, weirdly enough, esp. for football), & is a very, very good runner (close to 1000 yards). I’ve always said, if you’re starting Blaine Gabbert or, really, Mike Glennon, why not take a chance on a guy whose last two games were PLAYOFF GAMES. Rex Grossman played in a Super Bowl, I know, but he still got plenty of chances after that, & definitely has a worse rating than Tebow. The fact remains the guy was voted most popular athlete 2 years in a row, the guy who drafted him was fired (even though he drafted a lot of Denver’s offensive skill players), & no way is a reasonable team going to bring in Captain Christian to be the backup, when we all know the fans will want him in by week 3. But to me, Russell Wilson (a better player, I’ll give you) was not a reasonable choice at QB…but Seattle has idiosyncratic people running the ship, & they just destroyed Captain Reasonable (Mr. “Best Ever/11-12 playoff record” Manning). But Tebow sucks, you’re right (when’s the last time he had a losing season? When’s the last time we made the playoffs?)